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Impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity
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25 June 2016

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In science it is called "simulation". Namely, if scientists wish to get to know better what actually happens in some real situation, then they build so-called "model" that can be researched. This "model" simulates a given real situation and also simulates processes that take place in this situation. Then scientists watch on this model what actually does happen in there. It can be noted that something very strange happens in present times with the entire human civilisation. Many people begin to ask "what God is doing that matters went so bad?" So let us build on this web page a "model" of God, and then let us "simulate" putting ourselves into the situation of God. Thus probably we are going to notice what actually does happen around us. This in turn is to provide us with the answer as to whether God really lost His control over humanity. Or perhaps whatever we see happening around us is simply caused by the God's iron hand and by His strict control over the goals and destines that He already pre-planed for us.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page is very simple. Namely it depends on an attempt to put ourselves in the situation of God. In turn, due to this putting ourselves in the situation of God (or "simulating the God's position"), we will attempt to understand what actually does happen in the present world, and thus what should be our role in present events, how we should help God by volunteering right roles for implementation, and also what we should expect that most probably it awaits us in a near future.
       An additional goal of this web page is to make the reader to realise several facts about God, which facts directly result from the scientific simulation of the situation of God. Because the realising of these facts is an outcome of the simulation of the God's situation, it does not remove the free will from people who learn about these facts. On the other hand, such a scientific simulation gives the level of correctness similar to the level that would create a manifestation of God and His personal summarising these facts to us. But simultaneously the simulation is not as unambiguous and as threatening as would be the perception of a possible message from God Himself. After all, a scientific simulation can be accepted, rejected, or interpreted as anyone wishes - means according to anyone's free will and the anyone's philosophy of life.

#A2. What motivated me to prepare this web page:

Motto: "Technical development minus morality is equal to macabre world that the to-date human science created for us at the beginning of 21st century."

       Practically each one of us is wondering whether God does exist, whether we have eternal soul, what is the goal of our existence, what awaits the humanity in a near future, how we should act in our lives, etc., etc. I also belong to the group of people asking this kind of questions. But there is a significant difference between myself and others who ask. After all, because I am a professional scientist, I managed to find not only the answer to these questions, but also identify a wealth of scientific evidence which confirms that my answer is this correct one.
       Probably I am the only researcher on the Earth who have found a key to the scientific understanding of God and to a rational getting to know this superior being with the use of modern scientific methods. This key turned out to be the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is because of this "theory of everything", that I managed to determine where, when, and how the self-evolution of God took place. Outcomes of this determination are described in item #B1 of the web page evolution.htm - about problems of natural evolution. It is also because of this "theory of everything", that I managed to formulate several formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, soul, other world, etc. These formal proofs are described: in item #B3 of the web page god.htm - with scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God (see in there the "formal scientific proof for the existence of God"), in item #C1.1 of the web page nirvana.htm - about the totaliztic nirvana (see in there the "formal scientific proof for the existence of eternal human soul"), in item #D3 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see in there the "formal scientific proof for the existence of the counter-world"), and in several further totaliztic web pages. Only because of findings of this "theory of everything" I was also able to indicate to other people an entire wealth of empirical evidence for the existence of God, which (the evidence) so-far was either overlooked, or intentionally ignored by the official human science. (Descriptions of this empirical evidence are provided on the web page entirely devoted to it and named god_proof.htm, as well as in items #F1 to #F3 of the totaliztic web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised-inspired by God Himself.)
       When formulating these formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, and while researching God with scientific methods, I had numerous opportunities to have a close look at what would happen if all people unanimously recognised my proofs and rapidly started to believe (as strongly as I do) that God in fact does exist. A positive consequence of such a rapid converting of all atheists into the belief in God would be, of course, that almost instantly all people would begin to act morally. Means, that would disappear: crime, lies, cheating, killing, exploitation, wars, etc., etc. However, in the present situation of our civilisation, when people still just only "worship God" instead of researching Him and instead of obeying laws that He established, various undesirable consequences of such unanimous belief in God would also appear. Namely, almost completely would then diminish the accumulation of knowledge and the human motivation to investigate the universe. After all, in present circumstances, for so-called "typical bread eaters" the consequence of being sure that God does exist is to loose the motivations for investigating and for analysing the world around us - see item #C3 in the further part of this web page. For every question about anything, for these ones who strongly believe in God is just a single reply, namely "because God created it so, and He controls it in just such a manner". Believers in God notoriously keep ignoring the well-known principle that "God helps only those people who help themselves", and that by failing to act even saints get nowhere. In order to summarise the above, typical consequences of increasing the faith in God in present circumstances are: an increase in morality of people, which is accompanied by the simultaneous decrease in knowledge, disappearance of scientific research, and the lack of motivation for creative searches.
       Of course, if these are us who put ourselves in the position of God, we would NOT like the situation when all people believe in Us and all people worship Us, when all people act morally, but simultaneously the progress of knowledge and technology rapidly falls down. After all, in such a situation the human civilisation would never advance to a higher level of development. So in our interest as God, would lie finding a way to inspire in people somehow the creative searches and the increase in their knowledge. As it turns out, this way depends on persuading some people into the so-called "atheism". Atheists from the very definition are forced to find out which mechanisms hide behind events around them. After all, they negate God as the source of these mechanisms. As such, the "atheism" is the propelling force for the progress of knowledge and for the technical development of our civilisation. Unfortunately, the "atheism" has this drawback, that it causes also a moral decadency. This is because without believing in the existence of God and without believing in the existence of eternal soul, atheists try to gain from the life as much as they only can for as little as they manage to get away with. But since the morality stands on their way, then to hell with the morality. In order to summarise the above, typical consequence of "atheism" is the increase of knowledge and the fast technical progress, which, however, is accompanied by the simultaneous drop in the level of morality amongst people.
       Each one amongst two situations on the Earth described before has its drawbacks. Namely, if all people are believers in God, then the science, progress, and motivations of people to improve their situation would diminish on the Earth, while the average level of morality would increase. In turn, if all people on the Earth were atheists, then the science and technology would bloom, while the morality would fell down. The main reason is, that when something undesirable affects believers in God, these typically state that this is the "God's will" and do NOTHING to improve their situation. In turn when something undesirable affects atheists, then they try to determine what is the reason for this and they fight with it. So what God should do in order to make the humanity to stay on the path of morality, but simultaneously people keep motivations to continue research, progress, and improvement of their situations. Well, on the present level of human awareness the only choice is that a correct balance between the number of people who believe in God, and the number of atheists, must be maintained on the Earth. Expressing this in other words, if someone puts himself into the position of God (means speaking scientifically - if someone would "simulate the situation of God") then he would discover easily that God to the same degree is interested in a correctly balanced propagation amongst present people both the "atheism" as well as the "belief in God". In turn the best evidence for this interest of God in a balanced propagation of both, atheism and the belief in God, is the so-called free will of people, and also the so-called canon of ambiguity which God displays in everything that He does. The "free will" which God gave to all people causes that each one of us has the right to interpret everything on any way that he or she wishes. In turn the "canon of ambiguity", which is embedded into every action of God, depends on such doing everything God decides to do, that every person can interpret later this God's action according to his or her own view of the world and according to his or her personal philosophy - means in any way that a given person wishes to interpret it. (Please notice that descriptions of the "canon of ambiguity" are provided in subsection JB7.4 from volume 7 of my monograph [1/4].)
       Unfortunately, the maintenance of the correct balance on the Earth between the number of atheists and the number of believers in God, is immensely difficult. After all, people display so-called "sheep mentality". Furthermore, on the Earth works inertia, fashion, tradition, etc. Therefore, every now and again this healthy balance becomes disturbed. So what God does in such cases. Well, he must take various corrective measures. What these measures are we already saw in the period of medieval times, and we also are starting to see it in the present time. After all, similarly like previously this happened already once near the end of antiquity, just recently again the disturbance of this healthy balance took place. In the result of this disturbed balance, the number of atheists grew to the level that it endangers the moral progress of humanity. So God again must intervene, and in fact He already intervenes. But He cannot appear openly in the sky and start to electrocute atheists with lightnings. After all this would destroy the "free will" of people - and thus would force every atheists to become a believer in God. In the result another fall down of progress in knowledge and technology would take place in the future of the Earth. Therefore God have chosen another method for restoration of the balance. It is based on an old finding which is excellently expressed by the proverb which states that there are no atheists amongst frightened. This method represents only a slight modification of the method that God already used once on the humanity during medieval times. In a short run it is going to turn very painful for individual people. But on a long run it is going to turn very beneficial for the entire human civilisation. This web page is going to try to describe systematically and scientifically what this method is all about. Furthermore, this page shares with the reader my answers to questions that are stated at the beginning of this item.

Part #B: Goals which God posted for Himself for accomplishing:


#B1. The "free will" - why God gave it to people:

       If we consider this carefully, people have access to several indicators which allow them to deduce the intentions of God. One amongst these indicators is the so-called "free will" which people received from God. (Notice that it is from this "free will" that the name of this web page will.htm originates.) The "free will" is the right to form and to adhere to any opinion on every subject and to undertake actions that are aligned with this opinion.
       It is NOT difficult to deduce, that the right to a "free will" given to people by God represents simultaneously a very serious limitation which tightens methods of God's action. After all, in order to NOT break in people this "free will", God is forced to act in a strictly defined manner. It means, that whatever God does, He is forced to do this in such a manner that every person is later able to interpret this on his or her own manner - means as he or she only wishes. (This principle of highly ambiguous acting of God is called the "canon of ambiguity" and it is discussed more comprehensively in item #C2 of this web page.) For example, if a view that is spreading amongst people is NOT in a long-term interest of God, then because of the giving to people this "free will" God cannot appear in clouds and hit with lightning bolts all people who disseminate this inconvenient view. After all, if God appear to people and act in such a manner, then all people would be so scared that they would loose the "free will" and would start to do exactly what God ordered them to do. Of course, there must exist a very important reason for which God for the good of His own interests decided to impose on Himself these additional limitations in order to give a "free will" to people. If one analyses the matter thoroughly, this reason can be deduced. Namely, people received this right to "free will" from God, because God needs the inspirational variety of human opinions on every subject. In turn this variety of different opinions can be important for God only in case when the most important goal of God is to increase His knowledge.

#B2. The intellectual development of the universe - means one amongst the most important goals which God tries to accomplish through the creation of mankind:

       Our simulation of intentions of God carried out in previous item #B1 allows to establish that "the most important goal of God is to increase His knowledge", and thus to develop intellectually the intelligent universe. What even more interesting, this goal explains also exactly what God created the physical world and man. After all, if God alone tries to increase His knowledge about the universe, then in His lonely search for knowledge He would overlook a huge number of interesting aspects. This is because with knowledge is like with discussion on any topic. Means when we alone consider any topic, then it looks much poorer than when this topic is discussed constructively with other people.
       So if we consider the existence of man from the point of view of the intellectual development of the universe being the most vital goal of God, then man turns out to be a kind of "God's technician" who prepares future objects of research. Of course, this role of man in plans of God places a series of requirements onto the humanity. In turn these requirements could be met, God is forced to direct the development of man in a strictly defined manner.
       The "pursue of knowledge" as the main reason for creating a man is discussed on a number of totaliztic web pages. For an example of these pages it is worth to reach to item #B4 on the web page named tornado.htm.
       Of course, the gathering knowledge is NOT the only reason for which God created man. A whole array of almost the same vital reasons for creating humans by God is listed and explained in item #C5 from the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm.

#B3. Mankind - means working ants to which God entrusted cleaning the complex outlines of knowledge that are hidden amongst shadows of possible overlooking:

       If we ask ourselves the question "why ancient people did not build a gun or a glider", then the most vital reason for this would turn the lack of awareness that a gun or a glider can exist. In other words, in order to increase one's knowledge in any area, one firstly needs to be aware that such an area of knowledge does exist at all. So if this finding we extrapolate to the situation in which is God, then in order God is able to continually increase His knowledge, firstly people must exist which are to realise to God that such new areas of knowledge do exist at all - so that God then can increase His knowledge in these areas.
       Let us illustrate the above in more picturesque manner. If we look with e.g. God's eyes at still not researched area of unknown, then this area resembles a "black mass" inside of which hides a complicated "white skeleton of knowledge". So in order this "white skeleton of knowledge" is revealed to eyes of God, there is a need for a sworn of laborious ants, which are to pounce onto this "black mass of unknown" and gradually "eat" all shadows which hide the knowledge. People are performing for God just such a role of "sworn of laborious ants" which gradually reveal a complicated skeleton of knowledge hidden inside of the black mass of unknown.

#B4. Which evidence confirms claims of the philosophy of totalizm formulated on basis of findings from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that "the reason for which God created people is easier, safer, faster, and more accurate getting to know Himself, as well as the increase of His general knowledge and level of perfection":

       In item #C1 of totaliztic web page god.htm - with scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions regarding God it was explained that the getting to know Himself and the increase of His knowledge, is the main reason why God created the physical world and man. Of course, totalizm developed this tradition, that whatever it states it always provides also for this the appropriate evidence and logical deductions which reveal in what manner and on what basis totalizm reached a given conclusion. This is so, because only through presenting evidence in support of its claims and also presenting the logic behind its deductions, totalizm is able to give to its followers the possibility to verify the truth of its statements. So let us now carry out the review of logics and evidence that stands behind the statements of the philosophy of totalizm that "God created man in to make better and more efficient His pursue of knowledge - especially this part of knowledge which portraits to the God's own attributes and behaviours".
       1. The totaliztic extension and extrapolation of the "Theory of Superior Beings" by the Polish genius named Adam Wiśniewski (pseudo-name "Snerg"). Almost everything that is slightly more complex, God arranged into kinds of pyramidal structures and organisations. Examples of these include the so-called "periodic table of the elements" (also named the "Mendeleyev Table") - and the composition of subsequent chemical elements illustrated by it, or the so-called "Cyclic Table" described in chapter B from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5] while briefly discussed in items #B1 to #B4 of the web page named propulsion.htm - and regularities in the development of propulsion systems that are illustrated by this Cyclic Table. Various regularities which are embedded into such pyramidal structures already were noticed, and utilised, by numerous researchers - including into this number also a genius researcher of the Polish origin, named Adam Wiśniewski (which in his writings used the pseudo-name "Snerg"). Mr Adam Wiśniewski (1/1/1937 - 23/8/1995) noticed that there is a high regularity into which are arranged subsequent levels of God's creatures. This regularity which he discovered is now called the "Theory of Superior Beings" (the Polish name "Teoria Nadistot"). Statements of this theory are already published in a number of Polish publications - although (similarly as almost everything that because of the Polish origin is NOT appreciated by Poles themselves and thus is NOT promoted by them in the rest of the world - for details see also items #I1 to #I6 of the separate web page named mozajski_uk.htm), in the western countries this extremely vital theory still remains largely unknown or ignored. This is pity - because the genius of this theory and its significance to the "totaliztic science" require that it is vigorously promoted throughout the entire world - which promoting I already joined enthusiastically (e.g. see this item, totaliztic publications to which this item refers, and also see item #I6 on the abovementioned web page named "mozajski_uk.htm"). This genius theory reveals e.g. that every higher level of existence "nourishes itself" with products earned by a lower than itself level of existence. For example, us people have the opportunity to watch in action on everyday basis as many as several different levels of existence that surrounds us. These include: (1) minerals and chemical elements from which our planet is composed, (2) vegetation, (3) animals, and (4) intelligent being - means people. As we also know, each lower of these levels of existence is unable to notice with its senses the existence of the level that is higher than itself. Therefore, for example, minerals and chemical elements from the level (1) are unaware of the existence of vegetation from the level (2), in turn vegetation from the level (2) is unaware of the existence of animals from the level (3), etc. But chemical elements from the level (1) form various compounds and substances which later are "eaten" by vegetation from the level (2). In turn this vegetation from the level (2) forms various complex organic compounds which subsequently are "eaten" by animals from the level (3). Etc., etc. So if the above regularity discovered by the Polish genius Adam Wiśniewski is to be extrapolated further - as this was done by the totaliztic science, then it stems from it that also people from the level (4) earn something as well - and that this something is later "eaten" by some even higher level of existence (which people are unable to notice with their senses). Of course, this higher level of existence is God. In turn the only product which God is able to allegorically "eat", is the "knowledge" which people generate during their lives. Everything else, apart from the "knowledge", God is able to generate by Himself - so in order to acquire it He has NOT needed to create neither people nor the physical world. In other words, the totaliztic extension of the "Theory of Superior Beings" by Polish genius Adam Wiśniewski, in the understanding of logics represents the so-called "theorem" which states that "if God does exist, then allegorically He nourishes Himself with the knowledge generated by people". Thus, in combination with the formal proofs that "God does exist", which already were developed and published by the totaliztic science, the genius "Theory of Superior Beings" by Wiśniewski transforms itself into a formal proving procedure, that "God created people in order to pursue knowledge more effectively". Although this procedure was explained here with the use of rather simplistic terminology and logical deductions, still it unambiguously proves the findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the totaliztic science discussed here, that the "pursue of knowledge" was just this major goal for the accomplishing of which God originally created people, while currently he continually teaches and protects them, and also supports, supervises and controls their fates - for more details see also the web page named antichrist.htm.
       Because of the immense philosophical importance of the genius "Theory of Superior Beings by Wiśniewski" - as presented above, this theory, together with findings of the new "totaliztic science" which it proves and which states that "God created people in order to pursue knowledge more effectively", are also discussed on a number of totaliztic publications, e.g. in item #B1 of the web page named antichrist.htm, in item #F1 of the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm, in item #C2 of the web page named humanity.htm, or in subsection A3.2 from volume 1 and subsection NF5 from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       2. Our knowledge of so-called "relative imperfection" of God. This "relative imperfection of God" is explained more comprehensively in item #M1 of the web page evolution.htm - about the process of evolution. (e.g. see the quotation from the Biblical Book of Genesis 18:20-21, in which God openly admits, that He does NOT know everything). In turn the fact, that also God continually learns and improves his methods of action, is additionally confirmed by deductions and evidence presented in item #D5 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm. But because the comprehensive understanding of this "relative imperfection" of God is also a prerequisite for understanding and acceptance of explanations from this web page, I am going to summarise here briefly what is the essence of this "relative imperfection" of God. Let us begin from the primitive concept-word of "imperfection". This highly imprecise concept was introduced by people in order to describe some people and some products of human activities. As such, it is highly inadequate for describing the superior being of the universe, whose knowledge is so immense, that this being was able to create every atom, every heavenly body, and every living creature of the universe. Unfortunately, this is the only concept-word that we have so far, as people did NOT develop yet a similar word which would be appropriate to describe God. Therefore, in order to describe God I use the modified term "relative imperfection". This modified terminology does NOT mean at all that God is imperfect - in the same way as imperfect can be some people. It only means that the knowledge of God still is subjected to improvements as time elapses. Therefore, if this knowledge is estimated in comparison (i.e. "relative") to the knowledge of God, estimated - let's say, after another million years have elapsed, then it is going to turn out that the knowledge of God was increased in the meantime. In other words, this "relative imperfection" means, that if we compare God to man, or even to all people taken together, than God is going to turn out infinitively more "perfect" than people. But if the same God in the state of His knowledge from today, we compare to this God in the state of His knowledge that is to appear after, let's say, one million of years, then it is going to turn out that today God is "relatively imperfect". The consequence of this "relative imperfection" of God is the need that God continually increases His knowledge.
       3. A kind of knowledge that God does NOT know yet. If we try to describe what God already knows, then our list would be infinitively long, and probably still would miss various vital items. Even if we describe only what God knows in addition (and above) to what is known to all people taken together, still the knowledge listed e.g. in the Biblical "Job" 38:4-27 would turn out to be a small droplet in a huge ocean. So in general we could state that God knows everything about which He is aware that it can be known. In other words, "God does NOT know only this knowledge, about which He still does NOT know that it can be learned". But in order to learn "what He still does NOT know", God needs someone to realise to Him that this something can also be learned. This function of "hinters what God still does NOT know" is to be performed by people. It is just for this purpose that God created people, so the humans would keep realising to Him what He still does NOT know. In turn when people hint to God (usually in an unaware manner - means just by a "pure coincidence") that He still does NOT know something, then God finds methods and manners to learn this. So after certain time elapses God already begins to know it. Such a process of hinting to God that something requires learning, and subsequent learning this by God, is continuous. In this manner, due to the inspiring functions of people, God continually increases His knowledge.
       4. The human knowledge about "modelling and simulation". Another group of confirmations that "God really created the man to be able to increase His knowledge - especially the knowledge about Himself", are findings of human scientists on the subject of so-called "experimental modelling and simulation". Namely, if people wants to learn exactly attributes of an object, then typically they make so-called "model" of this object, then they "simulate" various situations to which this real object is (or is going to be) subjected in the real life. Then people watch how this "model" behaves in subsequent kinds of such simulated situations. From the real life we know jolly well, that "the most difficult is to get to know oneself". So if we relate the above to God, then it becomes apparent that God wants to learn well about Himself, but is aware that getting to know oneself is extremely difficult. Therefore God created man as a kind of "model" for Himself - means created man "on his image and similarity". In turn now He subjects this "model of Himself" to various simulated situations, in order to be able to get to know Himself better.
       5. Statements of the Bible. As this was explained in the totaliztic web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, the Bible is a kind of "autobiography" which God gave to people so that people could get to know Him better. In this "autobiography" God indirectly confirms that in fact the reason for which He created man is knowledge - especially learning by God about Himself. Verses in the Bible, in which God confirms this fact, are Acts 17: 24-25, quote: "The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Neither is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all life and breath and all things." Expressing the essence of the above quotation in other words, God does NOT need anything material from people, but otherwise, it is Him who gives to people everything that humans need. But because God needed to have a reason for which He created man, this reason is a different kind than gaining temples or other material goods from people. What is this reason, God indirectly suggests this in another place of the Bible, namely in "Genesis" 1:27 God states, quote: "So God created human beings, making them to be like Himself, He created them male and female." So if we translate this verse into present scientific language, it turns out that God created a "model of Himself" in the form of man. In turn the only reason for which an intelligent being creates "models", is to learn the behaviour of these models in specific situations, and later deducing from the behaviours of these models, how behaves the object which is represented and reflected by these models. So the model of God in the form of "man" is to serve God for a better learning mechanisms that rule over the behaviour of God Himself.
       6. NDE - "Near-Death Experience". In a significant proportion of so-called "Near-Death Experience", people who went through the clinical death describe their meeting and discussion with God - Who after the death shows Himself usually in the form of a beam of light. In this first talk to a dying person God almost always stresses the importance and significance of learning and accumulating knowledge. Reports which reveal this significance which God places on knowledge, are contained in practically every book that describes "Near-Death Experience". Thus from these reports clearly stems that for God the increase of knowledge is the most vital reason for which He created people.
       7. Situations and experiences to which people are subjected. If one analyses thoroughly what happens to individual people, then it always turns out that many situations and experiences to which specific people are subjected, are NOT fruiting with anything beneficial for them. So these situations and experiences God probably "simulates", amongst others, also in order to get to know Himself better. Examples of these include: mosquitoes and other blood-sucking creatures, suffering, wars, depriving people the certainty that God does exist, cheating on people, stupid political leaders, persecutions, so-called "curse of inventors" the nature of which is described in items #G1 to #G3 (while the self-defence against which - in items #H1 to #H3) of the web page eco_cars.htm - about pollution free cars, and in item #K3 of the web page fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells, and many others. In fact if these experiences do NOT exist, the humanity still would develop and increase its knowledge - sometimes even faster that presently (especially with the existence of the "curse of inventors", stupid leaders, or mosquitoes). This is because the majority of destructive experiences does NOT teach people anything! (As a perfect example for this consider "wars" which people carry out from the beginnings of time and still did NOT learn anything from them.) It is known that everything that happens to people God controls with an "iron hand". So if we consider more thoroughly these destructive situations and experience, if God eliminates them completely, then it would have only beneficial for people consequences. This in turn means, that such destructive situations and experience are served to people by God not for the good of these people, but mainly because God wants to learn something from them.
* * *
       From the practice we know, that if any intelligent creature puts a lot of attention, work, and troubles into something, then this creature has vital reasons for doing this, which (reasons) can be defined and described. It is known that in order to create man, to give to people religions and to teach them to seek knowledge and to behave morally, to rule intentionally over the fate of humanity, and finally to justly judge lives of people, God puts in these a huge amount of attention, work, and troubles. So it dopes NOT require a genius to deduce, that God does all these for some extremely vital reason. The philosophy of totalizm determined, that this reason is to "increase knowledge". Of course, because e.g. the need to "keep people in the lack of certainty about the existence of God", as described in item #F2 from the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, and also because of several other reasons, God Himself cannot appear on the sky and explain to us that the increase of knowledge is what He is after. Therefore, let us hope, that the evidence and logical justifications provided in this item, convinced the reader that "seeking knowledge" is in fact the true goal of all efforts of God. As this is going to be explained in the next item below, the awareness of this fact is able to transform completely our lives.

#B5. The present phase of gathering knowledge by God concerns "experimentation on evilness and consequences of it":

       In spite of the complexity of God's intellect, which allows God to complete billions of different actions at the same time, still empirical data indicate that in His efforts to seek and to gather knowledge God distinguishes separate periods and stages. For example, in medieval times, very clear period can be distinguished in which God experimented with plagues on humans. In turn in present times, clearly a period can be distinguished when God experiments with uncontrolled use of technical devices by people. On the other hand, the entire latest phase of God's experiments on the Earth, which already lasts several thousand of years, clearly depends on "experimenting with evilness and the consequences of it". In this concentration on carrying out experiments with a clear subject area and a clear leading idea, God is NOT different from human scientists. After all, when human scientists carry out experiments on any subject, then in order to minimize influences of uncontrollable factors which differ from factors just subjected to research, these scientists also distinguish clear periods and stages of research, and they also concentrate in each period and stage on a thorough researching a single factor only.
       There is a lot of evidence in support of the fact, that our civilisation is just in the middle of phase when God experiments on people with evilness and with consequences of it. For example, God indicates this fact even in the Bible (which is a kind of "autobiography of God"), letting people know in there that He temporally gave to Satan the power over the Earth and over people. This experimental phase is also confirmed by numerous evil creatures which God "simulates" on the Earth. (Such evil creatures are described, amongst others, in chapter JJ from volume 6 of the second edition of my monograph [8/2] "Totalizm".) God's experiments concerning evilness are also confirmed by the existence and action of a whole array of experiences and phenomena that are NOT needed for the development of people, for example the existence of mosquitoes and wars described in subsection JF5 of that volume 6 from my monograph [8/2], or the existence of so-called "curse of inventors" described in there in subsections JF3 and JG5.5. Finally the experiments of God with evilness are also confirmed by the present system of rewards and punishments that God uses at people. God serves these rewards and punishments to people according to the so-called "method of carrot and stick" - described in subsection JG5.2 of that volume 6 from my monograph [8/2], and also mentioned in item #D1 of the web page god.htm - about scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions regarding God. Namely, in the presently used by God version of this "method of carrot and stick", God in a clear way gives evident and immediately identifiable rewards for immoral actions, while in the visible and easily identifiable manner God punishes mainly for moral actions.
       Independently from this item, the "experimentation on evilness and consequences of it" is also discussed in subsection JF6 from volume 6 of my monograph [8/2].

#B5.1. Intentional and repetitive subjecting people to painful and unpleasant experiences has also another goal - namely grooming "hardened in fire" future companions of God:

       There is a proverb in English stating "spare the rod and spoil the child". This proverb represents the translation into present language of the God's method of upbringing people, which in the application for human children God recommends us in the Biblical "Book of Proverbs", verses 13:24 (quote from NIV: "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him"); but which God Himself uses also for upbringing the adult people. When this method is used by God for upbringing adult people, its features are such that it can be called the "principle of reversals" - for details see the description of it provided in item #G3 from the totaliztic web page named wszewilki.htm. Because of this method, the present phase of gathering knowledge by God via the use of "experimentation on evilness and on consequences of it", has also another, equally important goal. Namely, God uses it also as a method of "grooming" people into righteous, hardened in fire, and reliable future his soldiers-companions, through shaping in them desirable attributes of character with intentional and repetitive subjecting every person to various unpleasant and painful experiences. The illustrative explanation why it is necessary to subject people to such a "hardening of character", is provided in item #A3 from the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm. In turn the explanations why God needs the battle-hardened "soldiers of God" is provided in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm.
       Notice that the method of "hardening character of people" implemented by God through intentional and repetitive subjecting each person to various painful and unpleasant experiences, is also described in item #K2 from the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of souls. In turn the "principle of reversals", that constitutes a philosophical foundation for that God's method of upbringing people, is described in item #F3 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm.
       The Bible places a significant emphasis on the primary educational principle that the "character of people should be shaped like we harden steel". This principle is repeated in the Bible in many places. For example, apart from the verse quoted before, in the Biblical "Book of Proverbs" it is also repeated e.g. in verses 19:18 (quote: "Discipline your children while they are young enough to learn. If you don't, you are helping them destroy themselves."), 22:15 (quote: "Children just naturally do silly, careless things, but a good spanking will teach them how to behave."), 23:13 (quote: "Don't hesitate to discipline a child. A good spanking won't kill him. As a matter of fact, it may save his life."), or 29:17 (quote: "Discipline your son and you can always be proud of him. He will never give you reason to be ashamed"). It is also repeated in the book "Ecclesiasticus, or the Wisdom of Sirach" (note - do NOT confuse it with the different book "Koheleth or Ecclesiastes"), verse 30:1, quote from the New Jerusalem Bible: "Whoever loves his son will beat him frequently so that in after years the son may be his comfort."). This method of upbringing has proven its correctness during centuries of applying it. Unfortunately, according to the earlier reported "principle of reversals", this method must be continually undermined and attempted to be replaced by its exact reversal. Fortunately, until NOT long ago, people resisted these replacement attempts. But recently, increasingly more people (especially mothers) started to ignore the competence of God in the matter of methods for educating and upbringing people, which God recommends for the use by parents in His Bible and one of which is discussed here. These people gradually introduce into the common use an opposite method of upbringing children, which is based on the "principle of greenhouse" (also described in item #F3 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm) - in which children are raised similarly like vegetables in greenhouses, i.e. they are NOT disciplined at all, they are allowed to do whatever they wish, they are protected against everything, they are provided with everything and fed with "silver spoons", etc. Of course, this "greenhouse principle" raises children into snobs, egoists, misfits, wimps, which even in their adult lives refuse to leave protection of their mothers, whom by themselves are unable to solve even a most miserable problem, for which life depends on fun and pleasures, which break down psychically because of every obstacle they encounter in life, and which just wait for an opportunity to commit a suicide for some insignificant reason. In turn the wide spread of this "greenhouse principle" automatically eliminates from the use of this old "principle of reversals" that is recommended to us by God. In turn the elimination of it intentionally creates on the Earth a situation that human laws are exactly contradictive to God's laws, and that these people who act accordingly to God's laws are severely punished by the human laws (as this is prophesized in the Bible for the final times).
       I am in a situation which is quite beneficial for my "research on God and on identification of methods used by God during His interactions with people" - which research I carry out privately since 1985. This is because on everyday basis I have an opportunity to watch around myself consequences of making human laws to be exactly contradictive to God's laws - as it can be noted e.g. from item #I3.1 of the web page petone.htm. For example, in New Zealand the parliament introduced the so-called "anti-smacking law" which declares a criminal every parent which gives a smack his or her child. What is the most strange, that teaching parents by the government how they should bring up their children, takes a new dimension in the light of a television programme entitled "60 minutes" broadcasted in channel 3 of television New Zealand, on Monday, 20 July 2009, at 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm. According to this program, State Agencies from New Zealand which supposed to care for orphans and children taken from their parents, were accused of the largest in the history of this country abuse of children. The program informed, that at the time it was filmed already around 5000 of former children from the State Care Institutions started the court proceedings regarding the matter of their former abuse, while the total number of children abused in State Care Institutions can reach even as much as 50000. Thus it should be at least suprising, that while NOT preventing the abuse of children in the institutions managed by the state, the same state feels competent to instruct parents and to issue laws which are to punish parents who try to discipline their children in own homes. In the result of implementing this "anti-smacking law", New Zealand started to experience educational problems and increase of crime of the cosmic proportions. The matter went so far, that in order to force the government to invalidate this law, concerned citizens pushed to a country-wide referendum on 1 to 20 August 2009, which (the referendum) asks every citizen the question "Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?" Although the cost of this referendum climbed to around 9 millions of dollars, the government in advance stated that is NOT going to take any notice of the outcomes of it and does not intend to change this law. Yet simultaneously in almost every newspaper which I took to hand during the preparations to this referendum, I saw at least one article which directly or indirectly tried to convince readers to vote YES (i.e. to vote in favour of keeping this law imposed on the society by the parliament and making a criminal from every parent that serves a smack to his or her child), or at least convince the readers to NOT take part in voting at all. Simultaneously I did NOT meet even a single article which would argue to vote NO - means to vote against keeping this law in power any further. An example of the article which argued to vote YES, was the article entitled "The Bible has harsh views on rearing a child", from page B5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, July 11, 2009. Parents which give smacks to their children this article compares to biblical fundamentalists. (In order to realise what mental links can be induced in readers by comparing someone to biblical fundamentalists, it is enough to mention here that these ones who are accused of terrorist attacks and bombing of WTC typically are called religious fundamentalists.) The article also suggests indirectly that accusing to be criminals all people who discipline their children with smacks would be "a more enlightened way forward". Further data regarding this intriguing referendum and regarding the anti-smacking law that it tries to abolish is provided, amongst others, in articles "Get cracking on referendum act" from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, June 19, 2009, and "Three out of four think poll waste of money" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, June 29, 2009. The referendum finished on Thursday, 20 August 2009. The outcomes of it were published, amongst others, in the article "You say Change the law, PM says No I want" from page A1 of newspaper Weekend - The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, August 22-23, 2009. Overwhelming majority of people, because 87.60% voted NO (means requested to change the law). Only 11.81% of people voted YES (means keep the existing anti-smacking law). Turnaout in this referendum was 54.64% (i.e. voted 1,622,000 New Zealanders) - this means against the law voted more citizens than the total number of citizens who took part in the governmental elections which preceded that referendum. The cost of referendum was NZ$ 8.9 millions - but the government still ignored outcomes of it and still refused to abolish that widely disapproved law. In fact, the article entitled "Mother jailed for beating son with hose" from page A1 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, November 20, 2009, describes a shocking severity with which after the referendum parents that tried to discipline their children still were punished in this democratic country. The article describes a case of a mother which served into her son's bottom 15 whacks with a watering hose, because son was chronically truant from the school. For this whacking she was jailed for 15 months (means the New Zealand justice served her one month of jail for each whack of her son's bottom with a hose). Several further cases when parents were punished by courts because they tried to discipline their rampaging brats, is described in the article "Latta gives OK to anti-smacking law" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, December 8, 2009. For my best knowledge, in other place and time almost each one amongst these cases would finish with placing these rampaging brats in a court, not in sentencing their parents. Also parents of these cases emphasized in a different article "Parents hit back over smacking" (from page A13 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post - issue dated on Saturday, December 19, 2009), that they were ignored in this "one-sided report" and that the report contains glaring errors. Yet in New Zealand the especially arranged governmental review announced on the base of these cases that the anti-smacking law is working as intended and there is no need to change the law. In another article "It's okay to give light smacks, says PM" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue also dated on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, this announcement of outcomes of the review was declared by the anti-law campaigners as the "government-funded sales pitch". The need for introducing the anti-smacking law, politicians of New Zealand most frequently justify by the supposed need to protect children from abuse by adults. But as this was revealed by outcomes of research published in the article "Outcry fails to reduce child abuse deaths" from page A7 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, December 10, 2009, statistics of numbers of deaths of children caused by abuse by adults remain after the introduction of anti-smacking law the same as before this introduction. Thus, the statistics indicate, that the law does NOT prevent children against deaths from abusive adults. In turn the political meaning of this law, presented in the note "If I see good parents getting criminalised for lightly smacking their children..." from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, also can induce a lot of reflections.
       More information about grooming in people the desirable attributes of character in the "hard way" is provided in subsections D2 and D1 from volume 2 of my monograph [8/2] entitled "Totalizm".
       In turn item #G1 from final parts of this web page explains "why" these parents who fail to discipline their children with the proverbial "rod", risks that their children die at a young age. I would recommend to have a look at arguments and evidence presented in that item. After all, in matters which may influence the life or death of ones that we love, it is worth to learn the so-called "second opinion" - in this case developed with methods of the "totaliztic science" which researches the reality around us from "a priori" approach that is exactly opposite to the official "a posteriori" approach to research used by the so-far monopolistic, old so-called "atheistic orthodox science". It is also worth to make up our own mind, as to following of which findings from both these sciences, is more safe for us and for these ones whom we love.

#B6. From thoughtless servants, into aware partners of God:

Motto: "If you learned totalizm thoroughly, then you should stop think of yourself as a 'servant and slave of God', but start to consider yourself to be a 'partner of God in His searches for knowledge'."

       Very meaningful is the content of quotation provided in 3 from the previous item #B4 of this web page. This Biblical quotation from Acts 17: 24-25 states that "The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Neither is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all life and breath and all things." In other words, God does NOT want that people are to what they are persuaded by present religions - namely "thoughtless servants of people who claim to act in the name of God". God actually wants that people become aware partners and associates of God in the process of "gathering knowledge". Amongst others, this is also why God did NOT stated in the Bible any explaination why He created people. He wants that people get the idea all by themselves and all by themselves begin voluntarily such a "gathering of knowledge". After all, if God explained this clearly and openly in the Bible and thus enforced this in people with the use of religions which He created, then the "search for knowledge" would also become another manifestation amongst numerous ways of thoughtless services to God. However, the thoughtless serving and slavery is unable to generate some kinds of knowledge. (For example, someone who considers himself or herself to be a servant and a slave of God never would be able to formulate the philosophy of totalizm nor the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) Therefore God wants that people which believe in Him went now into a next (higher) phase of their existence, when from a thoughtless servants and slaves of God they transform into aware partners and associates in gathering knowledge for the good of the entire intelligent universe. Totalizm is just a philosophy which opens for people the possibility to carry out this freeing transformation.
       In other words, totalizm tries to explain to us that just right now a time has started when we people have the opportunity to get through an extremely vital "transformation of awareness" and become kinds of "partners" of God. Means, we do NOT need to remain any further His thoughtless servants, who are just to obey His will and to "recite" countless rosaries in His adoration. We can become now aware partners and associates of God in the mutual effort of ourselves and God to seek and gather knowledge. In turn as such "partners", we begin to mutually influence each other, and mutually shape our common future. Thus, after completing the "transformation of awareness" described here, NOT only God still shapes our future, but also us people begin the partnership in shaping the future of God. However, in order to be able to fulfil better our function as "partners of God", it is required that we people begin to be aware of our true function and role as such partners of God. In turn the first step towards this direction is the voluntary learning of the philosophy of totalizm, and - if we have such capabilities and intellectual inclinations, also learning a bit more difficult than totalizm the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. These new disciplines of knowledge allow us that the to-date belief in God we replace in our awareness with the thorough knowledge of God. I hope that by formulating these descriptions here I added my contribution towards effective growth of such awareness in all of us.
       Practically our transformation from servants into partners of God, depends on shaking out our prejudices to-date, on change in our manner of thinking, and on adopting the intellectual activeness. After all, in order to become a "partner of God" in the process of increase of knowledge, we are NOT allowed to ignore or leave-out anything in our considerations - because it could offend someone, nor we are allowed to take anything just "on faith" - as so-far it was done by religious people. Thus, although findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity make us sure that God does exist and sure that it is God that stands behind everything that happens around us, still we have a duty to think logically and to seek knowledge without any prejudices nor hindering - means with use of the same principles and methods that so-far were utilised mainly by so-called "atheistic scientists". In other words, we need to begin the active search for knowledge, become satisfied NOT only by knowing "who" (i.e. God), but also seek the knowledge "how", "why", "when", etc. We need to consider every option i possibility, find answers to every question, and compare each reply we have with the reality that surrounds us - in order to determine the extend to which this reply is true. For example, religious people NEVER would have the courage to seek answer to the question "are Satan and devils just negative poles of God's personality which balance His positive attributes, in the same way as a 'minus' is the pole of every battery which balances a 'plus' of this battery?" After all, religious people would feel fear, prejudice, and hinder against honest asking of this type of questions. On the other hand, if one wants to get to know God and to become His aware partner in seeking the knowledge, then one needs to have the courage to ask such questions with good intentions, while after getting answer to them - also the courage to compare this answer with the reality that surrounds us.
       Probably I do NOT need to explain here consequences of someone volunteering for carrying out in himself or herself this "transformation of awareness" inspired in people by findings of the philosophy of totalizm (i.e. the transformation from thoughtless "servants" into aware "partners" of God). After all, if one places himself or herself in the position of God, then it becomes absolutely certain that it is impossible to treat the same an aware partner, as one treats a thoughtless servant. I should mention here, that since the time when in my awareness I voluntarily went through this transformation, then immediately I started to feel a different treatment from God.

#B7. Whether researchers of God commit blasphemy:

       As we know, some religious people rush to accuse of blasphemy of everyone who researches or disseminates truths regarding God - if these truths even slightly differ from dogmas of their religion. These types of accusations were a major occupation of medieval Inquisition. They were also a kind of scarecrow which was used by priests of practically all religions. As this is documented in the Biblical Evangel of St. Matthew, 26:65, even Jesus Himself was accused of blasphemy by Jewish priests and condemned to death. Of course, in the entire history of the humanity no-one has existed that would be more far from intensions of blasphemy than Jesus Himself. For this reason, it is worth to realise, that researching God, and also investigating and disseminating truths regarding God, never is a blasphemy, nor ever can become a blasphemy. After all, the very nature of researching and seeking truths is such, that the researcher must ask questions which no-one asked before for some reasons. In turn, just asking questions which earlier were not articulated, nor finding answers for these questions, cannot become a blasphemy - no matter what these questions try to establish. (What really represents a blasphemy, it is defined in the Bible quite well - e.g. see Leviticus 24:15, quote: "Anyone who curses God, must suffer the consequences ...".)
       If we analyse the world around us, then we can discover that God intentionally motivates and inspires us to ask difficult questions about Him. After all, if God does NOT want us to ask such questions and seek answers to them, then He would create our world and our history in a completely different manner. Thus, e.g. the fact that Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary, instead of e.g. being lowered down from the heaven in thunders and lightings, means that God wants us to research the matter of virgin birth and the ability to initiate life remotely by God. In turn e.g. the fact that in the Bible the age of the universe is defined by God at just around 6000 years, while the same God so created the fossils of dinosaurs, geological layers, and galaxies, that contradictory to His Bible they suggest the age of the universe amounting to around 14 billion years - for details see item #A2 from the totaliztic web page evolution.htm, in reality also means that God wants to inspire us to ask questions regarding the truth of claims of the Bible and the true age of the universe. Similarly, claiming in all religions of the world - as this is explained in item #C6 from the totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm, that it was God who created the universe, but simultaneously creating the universe by the same God is such a manner that it displays evidence which supposedly suggests that the universe originates from the so-called "big bang", also clearly is intended by God to induce searches for truth in humans and to inspire humans to discuss this matter - see item #E1 further on this web page. Etc., etc. In other words, both, the Bible and the products of a huge number of God's actions, continually try to reassure us that these ones who research God and seek truths about God, do exactly what God wants that people do. In turn researching according to intentions of God, never can become a blasphemy - no matter what questions are formulated for working theses of this research. After all, questions on the subject of God one asks only in the name of love to God and to own creator - since if we love someone much, then we want to know everything about him. On the other hand, a blasphemy commits only a person that feels something completely opposite than love.

Part #C: Manners and methods with the use of which God tries to accomplish His goals:


#C1. The historic review of manners that God utilises for controlling over actions and views of people:

       According to explanations provided on a separate web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, in history of the humanity to-date God tried in action two different groups of methods of governing over the people. Each of these two methods of governing people by God is described in a separate part of the Bible, i.e. the first in described in the "Old Testament", while the second one in the "New Testament". In the first amongst these two groups of methods God in person tried to directly induce the moral, technical, and scientific progress of humanity through projecting Himself into temporary created human-like bodies which simulated His presence amongst people. Because God is able to link His mind simultaneously to any number of such simulated human-like bodies, this first method of governing over people boiled down to sending to the Earth like "gods" (means human-shaped "ambassadors of God") that lived amongst people of various tribes and nations. These "gods" taught local "savages" the basis areas of science and technology, as well as moral principles of behaviour. They also initiated wars between nations that they taught and neighbours of these nations. Such wars performed several functions. For example, they provided people with motivations to learn from these "gods" through demonstrating to people the direct link between the learned knowledge and morality and benefits of winning with given neighbourly nations. They also reinforced in people understanding to principles of confrontation and competition, through realising a simple truth that "the more you learn and the more you work, the higher chance you get to wing with your enemies in any confrontation". In addition, the efficiency of subsequent methods of action of these "gods" was compared with the use of such wars and was verified in practice.
       Another group of methods of governing used by God for controlling people was introduced on the Earth at the moment of appearing of Jesus and then Christianity. In the Bible it is represented by the content of the New Testament. The characteristic attribute of it is that God ceased to openly (i.e. noticeably to people) intervene into human matters, and started to increasingly wide implementation of the "canon of ambiguity" in everything that He does. According to this canon God ceased to send His ambassadors (means "gods") to people. In turn when He was forced to send someone to people, then instead "gods" He just delegated His "curriers", means "angels", or simulations of His adversaries (which He also temporally created, and minds of which He also fully controlled), means "devils". Simultaneously God improved and extended His methods of competition and confrontation between subsequent groups of people as methods of motivating the progress. These methods started to be based NOT only on the competition between subsequent tribes and nations, but also on ambitions of singular leaders and rebels, on religion adhered, on access to resources and to communication routes, etc., etc.

#C2. The "canon of ambiguity", "free will", and other constraints which at present times limit methods of God:

       A path to any goal never is simple. This is because always on this path various obstacles appear, which force to walk around them. As it turns out, various limitations apply also to even God Himself. The most commonly known of these limitations include the so-called "free will", and the so-called "canon of ambiguity". What even more interesting, both these limitations God voluntarily imposed on Himself. This in turn means, that in order to tolerate such limitations, God needed to have an extremely important reason for introducing them. This reason is already explained in item #B1 above.
       The "canon of ambiguity" states the following: in the universe nothing can be fully unambiguous and deprived sources of all doubts, because then the people who confront it would be deprived the right to their own free will and the right to choose their own views and the path through the life.
       Independently from this item, the "canon of ambiguity" is also discussed on several other totaliztic web pages, for example in item #B9 of the web page god.htm - about scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God, in item #I1 of the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God, in item #B2 of the web page soul_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of immortal soul, and at the beginning of part #F from the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself. But the most comprehensive presentation of this canon is provided in subsection JB7.4 from volume 7 of my monograph [1/4].

#C3. Present "people who believe in God" - their contribution to morality with simultaneous failing to carry out intellectual and technical development of humanity:

Motto: Present believers only "worship God", while God in fact requires that people research Him scientifically and they pedantically obey laws which God established and which people are to learn due to rational researching God.

       In item #A2 of this web page, summarised was an interesting paradox of believers, namely that the increase of a "blind" belief in God always leads to the fall-down of knowledge and technology, although it maintains the level of morality. The explanation of this paradox is provided, amongst others, in item #F2 of the web page evil.htm, in item #J3 of the web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm, in item #D1 of the web page ufo.htm, in item #B3 of the web page named god_proof.htm, or in item #A2 of the web page evolution.htm. In fact, if the Earth is populated exclusively by such people blindly believing in God, then probably until today we would live in caves or on trees, and we would NOT know yet what is fire.
       The conservative tendencies of people who blindly and deeply believe in God, have this consequence that God needs on the Earth people who cognitively "know" about His existence, goals, methods of acting, etc., not just blindly "believe" in His existence. This is because the complete knowledge about God eliminates the action of that "paradox of people strongly believing in God". People who have a complete knowledge about God still develop the science and technology, only that they do it with a slightly different (better) philosophical attitude, described by the philosophy of totalizm. In addition, people who know about God respect all moral principles - means do what "atheists" fail to do. Unfortunately, so-far there is a lack on the Earth of the sufficient number of such people who "know" about God. Thus, before such people appear amongst the humanity in sufficient numbers, God is forced to maintain a balance on the Earth, between the number of people who "blindly" believe in God - thus who maintain conservatism but promote the morality, and the number of atheists - who introduce the scientific and technical progress, but cause the moral decay.

#C4. Present "atheists" - their contribution to the development of knowledge and technology with the simultaneous causing the moral fall down of humanity:

Motto: Present atheists believe that since the evidence of punishments for immoral behaviours does NOT hit people in the eyes, everyone is excused to act immorally. However, "moral laws" cause that all immoral behaviours are punished independently whether these behaviours are carried out by atheists or by believers in God.

       The same web page (indicated above in item #C3), which explain the "paradox of people blindly believing in God", reveal also that "atheists" exert the influence on the humanity which is completely opposite to influence of people strongly believing in God. Namely, atheists promote the development of knowledge and technology, but simultaneously they cause moral decay. The present moral decay of the humanity, which we can see around, is just a result of too-extensive spread of atheism. Probably, in order to stop the further intensification of this moral fall-down of the humanity, God will be forced to wipe out the majority of humans - as this is described in an old Polish prophecy discussed in "part #H" of the web page named prophecies.htm. After that annihilation of the majority of humans, a situation on the Earth will eventuate, that the era of a "complete knowledge about God" can be started. In that approaching era, the development of science and technology is to be promoted, as well as high moral standards are to be maintained in everyday life of people.

#C5. The God's "ideal of man" - i.e. morally behaving researcher of the universe which believes in God but still intensely pursues knowledge and implements technical progress:

Notice that item item still awaits to be translated from Polish into English.
       Na bazie dotychczasowych ustaleń co do faktycznych intencji Boga dosyć klarownie wyłania sie obraz, jak w oczach Boga wyglądałby "ideał człowieka". Jak się okazuje ów ideał człowieka kierowałby całą swoją energię na gromadzenie wiedzy i na podnoszenie poziomu technicznego ludzkości, ale równocześnie w swoim życiu postępowałby pedantycznie moralnie i wykazywałby przekonanie i pewność co do istnienia Boga. Innymi słowy taki idealny człowiek byłby jakby uosobieniem unaukowionej moralności i wiary w Boga, wpieranej jednak zrozumieniem że naczelnym celem Boga jest właśnie podnoszenie wiedzy, oraz zaochotniczeniem własnego wkładu dla szybszego osiągania owego celu Boga. Stąd na przekór że ów idealny w oczach Boga człowiek byłby wierzący, wcale nie zamykałby się przed postępem, wiedzą i poznaniem - tak jak to czynią dotychczasowi wierzący, a badałby wszechświat i Boga tak jak to czynią dotychczasowi ateiści, oraz usilnie dzwigałby do góry poziom cywilizacyjny ludzkości. Znaczy, wcale NIE zadowalałby się znajomością odpowiedzi na pytanie "kto" (tj. Bóg), ale także poszukiwałby odpowiedzi na równie ważne pytania "jak", "dlaczego", "kiedy", "jakie dowody to potwierdzają", "jaka lekcja z tego dla nas wynika", "jak to daje się wykorzystać przez ludzkość", itd., itp.
       Na przekór iż z biegiem czasu ludzie wierzący zapewne będą się zbliżali do tego boskiego "ideału człowieka", Bóg wcale nie odbierze ludziom "wolnej woli", ani zapewne nie zaniecha przestrzegania "kanonu niejednoznaczności". Dlatego niezależnie od owych "idealnych ludzi", na świecie nadal będą istnieli "ateiści". Można więc również wydedukować, jak w oczach Boga wygląda taki "idealny ateista". Jak łatwo wydedukować, taki idealny ateista poszukiwałby ateistycznej wiedzy na temat wszechświata - tak jak to czyni obecnie, jednak równocześnie uznawałby że niezależnie od praw fizycznych, działalnością ludzi rządzą również tzw "prawa moralne". Innymi słowy, taki "idealny ateista" tym różniłby się od dzisiejszego ateisty, że we wszystkim co by czynił też postępowałby pedantycznie moralnie poprzez świadome przestrzeganie "praw moralnych" w swoim życiu. Jedyne więc co idealnego ateistę różniłoby od opisanego wcześniej "idealnego człowieka", to że nie uznawałby istnienia Boga zaś "prawa moralne" uważałby za odmianę praw natury, zamiast jak ludzie wierzący - za prawa narzucane ludziom do wypełniania przez Boga.
       Czytający zapewne zadaje sobie pytanie, czy istnieje jakiś materiał dowodowy że powyższy obraz "idealnego człowieka" oraz "idealnego ateisty" faktycznie jest zgodny z intencjami Boga. Aczkolwiek wobec działania "kanonu niejednoznaczności" ogromnie trudno "wypytać" Boga jakie są jego intencje w tym zakresie, ciągle istnieją pośrednie potwierdzenia, że Bóg popiera takie właśnie charakterystyki ludzi. Jednym z owych pośrednich potwierdzeń jest "błogosławieństwo twórczości" którym Bóg obdziela każdego wierzącego który nie zamyka się przed wiedzą i postępem - tak jak czynią to typowi ludzie wierzący w Boga, a moralnie poszukuje, bada, podnosi wiedzę, oraz moralnie dokonuje postępu w imię wiary w Boga. Jeśli bowiem przeanalizować życiorysy wysoce twórczych ludzi, wówczas się okazuje że niemal wszyscy oni byli otwartymi na wiedzę i postęp wierzącymi w Boga. Tak nawiasem mówiąc, to ja zaliczam także i siebie do owej grupy ludzi silnie wierzących w Boga jednak równocześnie poszukujących wiedzy o wszechświecie i wspierających postęp. Osobiście też wierzę, że wszystkie moje odkrycia i ustalenia opisane na całym szeregu stron internetowych (np. patrz strona o mnie (dr inż. Jan Pająk), czy też strona humanity.htm - o lepszej ludzkości), powstały właśnie dzięki poparciu Boga dla postawy życiowej w której pedantyczna moralność i wiara w Boga współistnieją w poszukiwaniu prawdy, wiedzy i w popieraniu postępu.

Part #D: The situation in which the human civilisation find itself at the present moment:


#D1. Let us name the situation by what it really is:

Motto: We can learn morality either a hard way by empirical experiences, or a pleasant way through findings of the moral philosophy of totalizm.

       Somehow it happened, that after the second world war the humanity managed to earn a relative prosperity. Simultaneously its scientists deviated onto the path of a blind atheism. In the result, around 1995 the control over the Earth took the generation which in item #I5 from the web page tapanui.htm I called the generation of Midases in reverse. Members of this generation are faithful followers of the philosophy called parasitism, means they are exceptionally immoral, egoistic, self-centred, greedy, etc. Rules of that generation unleashed on the Earth a true hell of immorality, greed, egoism and brutality which we see now around. What even worse, the next "me generation" - which is to take rules over the Earth after the present "Midases in reverse", displays even more parasitic attributes. This means that in future this present hell of immorality and injustice is to only escalate.
       No wonder that in such a situation when someone looks carefully around then sees that the situation does NOT encourage an optimism. The common deterioration of morality prevails, as well as wars, crime, cruelty, deaths, greed of wealthy people, growing poverty of poor, galloping inflation and rise of prices, atheism, destruction of the environment, etc., etc. The situation looks as if just arrived times of the bibilical Riders of Apocalypse.
       Many people ask why God is not intervening. But as it turns out God actually does intervene and gradually causes that the justice is served with own hands of these immoral people. Only that the atheistic propaganda of science refuses to take notice of these discreet activities of God. Fortunately the increasingly more people notices it and begins to reveal it by omitting the channels of official information. For example, myself I try to report these restoring morality and justice actions of God in items #B2 and #I4 of the web page day26.htm and in item #B1 of the web page seismograph.htm. So if we would give a name to the present times, then the correct name would be the "period of punishment and the discreet serving of justice by God".

#D2. The common understanding of the present situation of people and the folklore descriptions of this situation:

       In 2007 in the Internet a brief email was disseminated, which in my opinion perfectly reflects human feelings about the present situation of the humanity. Below I am repeating the text of this email in two language versions (i.e. in English and Polish):
We spend more, but we have less, we buy more, but enjoy less.
We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time.
We have more degrees, but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgement, more experts, but more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.
We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry too quickly, stay up too late, get up too tired, pray too seldom, and watch too much TV.
We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
We've learned how to make a living but not a life.
Wydajemy więcej, jednak mamy mniej, kupujemy więcej, jednak cieszy nas to mniej.
Mamy większe domy i mniejsze rodziny, więcej wygód, ale mniej czasu.
Mamy więcej dyplomów, ale mniej sensu, więcej wiedzy, jednak mniej właściwej oceny, więcej ekspertów, jednak więcej problemów, więcej lekarstw jednak mniej zdrowia.
Pijemy zbyt wiele, palimy zbyt mocno, wydajemy niedbale, śmiejemy się zbyt rzadko, jeździmy zbyt szybko, wpadamy w gniew zbyt łatwo, zostajemy zbyt długo, wstajemy zbyt zmęczeni, modlimy się zbyt rzadko, ogladamy telewizję zbyt często.
Posiadliśmy wiele na własność, jednak zredukowaliśmy swoje wartości.
Nauczyliśmy się jak utrzymywać się przy życiu, jednak nie wiemy jak żyć.

Part #E: The matter of God's age:


#E1. Chaos and primeval beginnings - means the evolutionary power of chaotic movements of the intelligent substance:

Motto: "The movements of any carrier of intelligence are always sources of new knowledge - this is why to intelligent people applies the saying that 'travels educate'."

       The word "chaos" is a religious name. It originates from religious mythology of ancient Greeks. However, differently sounding words which also represent the same meaning as "chaos", appear in practically every other primary religion of the world. . This appearance of the word "chaos" in every original religion of the world, implies that every religion on our planet describes the same history of the universe, only that it uses slightly different wording and explanatory examples. For example, in Christianity the Bible refers to chaos in Job 10:22 and in Isaiah 24:10. Unfortunately, sceptical atheists explain differently this presence of chaos in every religion - i.e. they explain it as an evidence that every religion was influenced by views of ancient Greeks and simply copied various ideas from Greeks.
       All myths of original religions explain the chaos as the first and the longest out of three periods of the infinitive history of our universe to-date. The prolonged period of chaos prevailed in times when there was no God yet, and when "bodily representations of God" were not created yet. Two further periods that followed chaos appeared only after God self-evolved and replaced the primeval chaos with orderly creation. Thus, the second period of primeval times, that appeared after the chaos, John 1:1-5 marks in the Bible with words "In the beginning there was the Word, …" (in the meaning "Word" = information = algorithm = natural form of program). This period started when God achieved self-awareness. In turn the third period in the history of the universe is explained in Genesis 1:1 and it was initiated when God proceeded with the creation of orderly physical universe and humans. This physical universe was formed from whatever previously constituted the chaos - as it is explained in Hebrews 11:3, quote "... the universe was created by God's Word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen." In other words: Religions do NOT state that God created something out of nothing. With the use of limited vocabulary of antiquity, religions just try to explain to us that God so organised an invisible "something" with the appropriate algorithms (i.e. with the natural forms of program, or "Word"), that everything that we can see is formed from "something" that remains invisible to humans. (On the other hand, for example the present official human science, which vigorously promotes the atheistic "Big Bang" theory, claims an obvious absurd that "the universe supposedly created itself, and that everything in it came to existence from nothing".)
       However, the prolonged period of "chaos" does NOT appear in the present scientific model of the universe’s origins. According to the "Big Bang" theory, on which the present official (atheistic) and the only scientific model of the universe is based, there was no such thing as a prolonged chaos. In that theory the matter, space, and time (and thus also the entire universe) formed themselves supposedly from "nothing" due to a powerful "bang" which instantly formed an orderly universe that later only needed to expand. This lack of the period of chaos in the present scientific view of the universe’s history is very meaningful. This is because through a chain of logical deductions it confirms that one out of two above existing models of the universe’s origins is wrong - and all known evidence indicates that the wrong one is this scientific official model. After all, the only verifiable evidence which seems to confirm this Big Bang theory is the so-called "red shift" of light from stars. However, the same red shift can be explained on many different ways, for example as an outcome of the influence of gravity that "condenses the light" of stars from which this light escapes. Also, the Big Bang theory has a lot of details which scientifically seem to disqualify it as the correct one which coincides with the reality - for example it claims that matter and space originated from "nothing", it does NOT explain from what originated the energy the release of which caused the Big Bang - after all it is known that every explosion needs energy the rapid release of which causes this explosion, it fails to explain what was before the Big Bang, and it fails to explain what is beyond the present visible universe. In addition, this solely atheistic model of present science introduces numerous social and political disadvantages and drawbacks, for example it limits the scope of scientific searches, removes God outside of the area of rationality and reasoning, places believers in God on the same foot as madman and misfits of science, and also accuses all scientists who are religious of double standards and makes them responsible in eyes of God for their actions which promote viciously around the world the present aggressive and immoral atheism.
       Followers of each above model of the universe’s origins, i.e. the religious one based on chaos, and the scientific one which is based on the "Big Bang" theory, claim that it is their model which is the correct one - while the other model is wrong. Unfortunately, none of these claims can be verified directly. After all, such a verification would resemble an effort of climbing at two different but high walls - without any support or ladder, only to discover on the top that these walls never link to each other. Moreover, since both these claims present completely different models of the universe, there is no way of finding the truth e.g. just by comparing them with each other, or by investigating only one of them.
       The problem of finding a correct model of universe’s origins could be resolved only if we have a model of religious chaos which for sure is deprived any connection with the mythology of ancient Greeks, and we also have a scientific theory which has no link with the "Big Bang" theory - but which would yield a similar model of the universe as the one provided by religions, and thus which would confirm the existence of the initial prolonged period of chaos in the universe’s history. In such a case we would have a situation which could be compared to two walls erected close to each other and linked together, so thus the researcher who climbs any of them could support himself/herself also on the other wall.
       Actually, there is a model of the period of chaos that originates from a religious mythology, about which we can be sure that it had NO connection with the Greek religious mythology. It is contained in myths of New Zealand Maoris. Until around 1800s New Zealand Maoris were completely cut off from the rest of the world, thus definitely had no connection with religion of Greeks or with religion of any other nation in the world. In addition, their myths state, that Maoris were created by God not earlier than just around 800 years ago, but probably even later - and this their quite recent creation is confirmed by modern genealogical research. (E.g. on page 6 of the book [1#E1] by J.M. Mc Ewen, "Rangitana. A Tribal History" (Reed Methuen, Auckland, 1986, ISBN 0-474-00030-3) one can find a statement, quote: "Some hundreds of ...(Maori)... genealogies in my possession show pretty consistently that this Whatonga lived about 23 generations prior to the year 1900." - for more details see item #D3 from the totaliztic web page named newzealand_visit.htm.) In spite of this, myths of Maoris’ original religion also describe the chaos. To be even more interesting, their mythological description of chaos is probably the most extensive and the most accurate in the world.
       The humanity has also a scientific theory which explains this prolonged period of chaos from the first stage of the development of the universe. Interestingly, this theory yields the model of the universe which is very similar to the religious model and which also includes the initial period of chaos. In addition, this theory has no link to the "Big Bang" theory. But it is confirmed by incomparably greater wealth of empirical evidence than the evidence which can be presented by supporters of the Big Bang theory. It was developed in 1985 and it represents an alternative model of the universe, which is based on my theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" (the complete version of which is presented in volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]). This alternative model proves that the gravitational field has a dipolar character, very similar to the magnetic field. But because the gravity works concentrically, the other pole of gravitational field disappears from our set of dimensions and appears in a completely different world called the "counter-world". The counter-world is filled up with an unique substance called "counter-matter" - all properties of which are opposite to properties of matter from our world. So e.g. the counter-matter always remains invisible for humans, has no mass, produces no friction, and is in continuous motion. The most interesting however, is the property of counter-matter which represents the opposite of "stupidity" of the matter from our world. This property signifies that the counter-matter must have intelligence - very similar to the intelligence of hardware from present computers. Thus, the infinitively long period of chaos of this counter-matter can randomly develop a "Word" (understood as a natural form of "information", "algorithm" and "program"). After all, the everlasting and continuous chaotic movements of this counter-matter, makes it similar to that "monkey" from the theory of probability (described in the "motto" for next item #E1.1), which for eternity types chaotic letters on a keyboard, so that at some stage by a purely random chance it actually types a nice poem from these chaotic letters. In this manner, the entire counter-world filled up with such intelligent substance constitutes what religions call "God". Thus, the model of universe based on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is confirming that God does exist, that this God rules over the entire universe, that this God created our physical world, and also that this God self-evolved from the initial chaos of continuously moving counter-matter. Actually this model allowed to develop a formal scientific proof for the existence of God. Outlines of this proof are presented on the web page named god_proof.htm.
       Incidentally, returning to this "immortal monkey forever tapping into keyboard of a typewriter" (i.e. that "monkey" from the "motto" to next item #E1.1), which monkey, according to the theory of probability, supposed to eventually tap out a beautiful poem on its typewriter, this particular monkey provides a clarification as "how a self-conscious program of God self-evolved in the intelligent counter-matter". However, the same monkey is still not able to explain e.g. the evolution of people. The point is, that a random evolution of a natural program (which in verse 1:1 from the Biblical "John" is called the "Word" - in the meaning of "information", "algorithm" and "program") is infinitely simpler than a random evolution of a living organism. In order for a randomly juxtapose a natural "program" (in the Bible called the "Word") it is enough to align in a right order all its components. However, to randomly assemble (evolve) a man, it does NOT suffice to just correctly aligns all of its components, but also is needed the correct alignment and pre-programming of mutual cooperation between all these components. Thus, in such an example of "a monkey with a typewriter", the human evolution has NO resemblance to a simple typing a poem on this typewriter (i.e. to the proper aligning of letters), but it is more similar to e.g. a random assembly of the working typewriter through perpetual agitation by this monkey of a box full of various mechanical parts of a typewriter (i.e. it boils down to NOT only a proper alignment of the parts, but also to giving to these parts the required functionality and such their pre-programming that they collaborate with each other in the required manner). As it is NOT difficult to guess, although the theory of probability can justify as a possibility an accidental typing (writing) a poem by an immortal monkey tapping forever in keys of a typewriter, the same theory of probability is NO longer able to justify (without committing a serious error) that it is also possible to randomly assembly a typewriter by such a monkey, through, for example, shaking forever a box which contains, among others, all parts of that typewriter!!! In other words, it is possible that the natural program of God randomly evolved in intelligent counter-matter, but it is absolutely impossible that the first man randomly evolved in non-intelligent matter.
       The most interesting part of the model of universe based on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the evolution of this thinking God from the initial chaos of continually moving counter-matter. The reason is that in this particular model, the universe existed infinitively long as a huge droplet of the liquid counter-matter displaying properties of the computer-like hardware, and suspended in the infinitively large empty space. But for the majority of the eternity this counter-matter had no program which would provide it with ability to think and with self-awareness. Thus, it was like a present computer hardware deprived of its software (meaning deprived of what the Bible calls "Word" = information = algorithm = natural form of program). Only relatively lately in memory of this liquid computer-like counter-matter has self-evolved a software component which represents the thinking and self-aware component of the God’s Trinity. In turn the driving evolutionary force of this self-evolution of thinking God was the learning potential of the primeval "chaos". The Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines this primeval chaos as the situation when this invisible for people, weightless and frictionless counter-matter was "boiling" randomly, forming an intertwining tumbleweed of whirls, streams, and tides which moved aimlessly across the infinitive spaces of the universe.
       In exactly the same way as it is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the self-evolution of God is also described in the religious mythology of Maoris. Example of this description can be found in numerous publications which present myths of New Zealand Maoris collected and written down by first European settlers which arrived to New Zealand around 1800s. An example of such a publication is the book [2#E1] by A. W. Reed, "Reed Book of Maori Mythology", Auckland, New Zealand 2004, ISBN 0-7900-0950-1 (see in there pages 3 to 8). According to these Maori legends, the period of primeval chaos of the universe which lasted a half of infinity, can be subdivided into two parts, described by Maoris with words "Po" and "Kore". The Maori word "Po" describes the part of chaos, when the process of evolution of self-aware God (or "Word") was not initiated yet. The word "Po" in Maori language means night, realm of death, darkness. The mythology of New Zealand Maoris assigns to this period of "Po" as many as 12 attributes, which excellently characterised this first period of primeval chaos. Thus, it describes this period "Po" as: (1) the great night which lasted a half of infinity, (2) the long night, (3) the lowest night, (4) the loftiest night, (5) the black night, (6) the intensely black night, (7) the unseen night, (8) the changing night, (9) the untouchable night, (10) the night of narrow passage, (11) the turning night, and (12) the initiating night. The second part of chaos is described by the mythology of Maoris with the word "Kore" - which means the negation of light, feeling, form, matter, but also the realm of potential being. The "Kore" period describes the relatively short stage in the universe’s eternal history, when the thinking and self-aware algorithm ("Word") was already developing from the initial chaos of movements. This period is subdivided in the mythology of Maoris into several stages, which describe how (1) the conception led to (2) increase, this to (3) thought, this to (4) remembrance, this to (5) consciousness, and this to (6) desire. When, in the result of this evolution, finally come to existence the "Word" which obtained its own self-awareness, this "Word" transformed into the Supreme Being of the universe. This Supreme Being is called "Io" by Maoris. After this "Io" self-evolved, it took control over further development of the universe, consequently creating everything that we see - including the entire physical world and man.
       In the Maori language the pronunciation of the God's name "Io" sounds very similar to the fast pronunciation of the name "Jehovah" under which ancient Israelites used to know their God (see "Exodus" from the Bible, verse 6:2 stating, quote: "I am Jehovah"). Simultaneously, this pronunciation is also very similar to the ancient names of the Chief God from many other native religions of the world - as an example consider the old pronunciation of the name Zeus. In past I have heard from a religious Indian, that also the name of the Superior God of Hinduism, currently spelled as "Brahman", in the ancient language of India was pronounced exactly the same as the name of old Jewish God spelled with the "Hebrew Tetragrammaton" YHWH - i.e. the same God whose name the English Bible spells as "Jehovah". All present differences in the spelling of the God's name result from effects of evolution and translation of alphabets. After all, e.g. always the same name of Jewish God YHWH, English Bibles usually spell as "Jehovah", Polish Bibles as "Jahwe", Italian as "Geova", Fijan as "Jiova", Danish as "Jehova", Portuguese as "Jeová"; in turn all these Bibles supposedly use the same Latin Alphabet. So it looks like in all religions of the world God introduced Himself to people with the same name. Only that, in order to prevent realizing by people that each one of these religions gave to humans always exactly the same God, His own name this God ordered in every religion to be kept secret. But when it turned out, that people did NOT keep this secret, then God inspired different spellings of His name in every existing alphabet - so that the anonymity of the only God still is maintained even today. (Notice that commonly unrealised identity of statements of almost all native religions of the world is also emerging from examples of evidence presented in item #C6 of the web page named prawda_uk.htm, and in item #D1 of the web page named newzealand_visit.htm.)
       Because of the separation from the rest of the world, the content of native religious mythology of the New Zealand Maoris could NOT be influences by any other religion of the Earth. In spite of that, the claims of Maori myths display a shocking identity with statements of many other native religions of the world, e.g. with religions of ancient Greeks and Indians, and also with findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Only that, as every other religion in the world, also the religion of Maoris was formulated according to principles of operation of the "moral field", described in item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm. After all, this moral field requires, that people earn everything with their own work and effort. Thus, "every religion provides only very general guidelines and well camouflaged confirmations for truths which someone previously already earned with a hard work and effort". No religion is a source of ready-made solutions for lazy people, for sceptics, or for atheists. The same is with the religion of Maoris. In order to give to it such a character of a collection of "confirmations", but NOT "ready-made solutions", God formed the religion of Maoris in a special way. For example, principles of this religion are passed verbally from a generation to a generation (God did NOT gave to Maoris the ability to write). Of course, by being only a spoken religion, subsequent generations of repeaters massed up many things in the narration - changing vital orders of things, e.g. changing the order of Po and Kore - although the book [3#E1] writes on page 60, quote: "In some versions {of myths} the Po precedes the Kore, ...", loosing various components, introducing own interpretations, etc. Thus, without having a tool which was able to put into order this verbal massing up, such as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, other scientists were unable to understand what actually this religion is saying. So they only kept repeating thoughtlessly in their publications legends of Maoris, but were unable to find any sense in these legends. In addition, God gave to Maori societies the character of "castes" - subdividing the entire religion into several segments and giving them as secrets to separate social "castes" of Maoris. Thus, after it was written down by Europeans, the religion remained segmented - according to borders of these "castes". (For example, the knowledge about the Supreme Being called "Io" received only the highest caste of "wise-men" (tohunga) amongst Maoris. But note that God did exactly the same with people of ancient Israel. For example, in the Biblical Book of Exodus, verse 6:3, God states: "I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty, but as respects my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them." As it can be seen, God had a principle that He revealed his name to only selected people.) However, in spite of all these consequences of the camouflaging the real content, the religion of Maoris still provides clear confirmations for practically all findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity discussed here. For example, the book [3#E1] by Elsdon Best, entitled "Maori Religion and Mythology" (Part 1, A.R. Shearer 1976, Wellington, New Zealand), devotes an entire first chapter to the discussion of Maori myths of creation. Looking through the content of this book, one is hit by following sentences that confirm this shocking agreeability, quote: (Page 57) "...The earth and sky appeared from chaos, or nothingness - that is, from the condition known to the Maori as the Po, usually rendered by us as "night" or "darkness", but which really implies the unknown." (Page 56) "...myth showing the origin or growth of matter from chaos, or nothingness, and the gradual evolution of light from darkness ". (Page 66) "The Vedic poets speak of the Power that produced all from chaos by the power of heat". (Page 63) "... that the great Io, the Supreme Being, existed prior to matter of any kind, that he dwelt in space ere the earth was formed, and that it was he who caused the earth to come into being", "... then the mighty Io called upon light to appear, and light dawned across space". (Page 75) "Io ... the Parent and Io the Parentless - he who begat no being, but who caused all things to come into being." (Page 145) "Io ... was never born, he shall know not death. He took no wife and had no offspring..."
       This precise similarity between the model of chaos in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in descriptions of chaos in Maori mythology, leads to the conclusion that both of them describe correctly the primeval period in the universe’s history. This in turn introduces various extremely vital implications for the science, knowledge, and our civilisation as a whole. For example, it leads to the situation when the scientific theory and folk religious mythology meet each other in matters regarding God. It also formally proves the existence of God. In turn such a proof leads to the possibility of converting the present religions into a new discipline of science which would investigate God scientifically, using the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as a research model and platform. The advantage of replacing present religions by a scientific discipline would be that this would neutralise the divisive character of religions. After all, a scientific discipline cannot divide nations nor initiate wars (we do NOT know any war initiated by a scientific discipline, but we know many wars initiated by religions). Furthermore, forming a scientific discipline which research chaos and God with the use of scientific tools would close the present period of double standards in science and amongst scientists. This is because scientists could openly acknowledge the existence of God and still remain scientists (as opposite to the present situation when some scientists vigorously promote atheism at work - because the promotion of God in present times finishes with the removal from jobs, while on Sundays, or after the retirement, they attend to church and ask God for forgiveness of the social harm they have caused for job and for money). In turn, science as a whole would cease to cheat ordinary citizens by claiming that God does NOT exist and thus that people may disobey moral rules of behaviour without any consequences to pay for this disobeying. Thus, the above deductions prove the importance of primeval chaos as the evolutionary force which in past caused that the universe evolved into what we see now. In turn the scientific recognition of that chaos in present times may also renew the morality of the entire human race.
       The above evolutionary role of primeval chaos and the significance of its understanding for the humanity, are also discussed (as well as extended by additional evidence and logical deductions) in subsection A1.1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#E1.1. Hostile for people consequences of evolutionary power of chaotic interactions released in self-learning computer networks of the future:

Motto: "Mathematicians claim, that if some immortal monkey chaotically typed in keys of a typewriter for infinitively long period of time, then with the elapse of time it would randomly type a beautiful poem. On the similar principle the logic tells us, that if a volume of substances or components with attributes of a not pre-programmed computer hardware is chaotically interacting with itself for an infinitively long period of time, then with the elapse of time it will generate inside a self-aware and logically thinking program.

       The previous item #E1 revealed, that the prediction of the theory of probability frequently repeated by mathematicians from times of my studies and stating that "an immortal monkey which chaotically hits a keyboard of a typewriter, with the elapse of time would randomly type a beautiful poem", in fact turns out to be the key for understanding the origins of our physical world and man. After all, the logical extrapolation of this prediction to the area that lies on the border of "philosophy" and "computer sciences" (or more strictly on the border of "philosophy" and the so-called "software engineering" from the area of "computer sciences") leads to a shocking discovery. Namely, it reveals that if there is a substance or components with attributes of a not pre-programmed computer - for example exists a giant droplet of continuously moving "counter-matter" capable of acquiring intelligence, then the infinitive interactions of this substance or components are to release the evolutionary power of the chaos. In turn that creative power of evolutionary chaos is to lead to the self-evolution of a program that is self-aware and capable of logical thinking. In exactly such a manner evolved the Superior Spiritual Being of the Universe, by religions called God.
       The evolutionary power of chaotic interactions of such components with attributes of a not pre-programmed computer, does not limit itself to the causing the appearance of God. After all, present computers also display similar attributes as does the counter-matter. Thus, if people link together a sufficient number of such computers into a chaotically interacting computer network, then the above primary conditions of the chaos from the universe can be recreated in a network of computers. This in turn mean, that when such a computer network would meet specific conditions, then in it could also self-evolve a program that would be self-aware and logically thinking. What even more interesting, such self-aware and logically thinking program most probably would consider people to be its rivals (enemies) and could even start a war with people. The reflection inducing is also, that the seed of such a self-aware and logically thinking program can be created completely by an accident by some computer "whiz" as a form of self-learning computer virus. In such a situation, what I am writing here may become a reality much earlier than anyone is able to predict. Especially that such a self-aware and logically thinking program could intentionally hide from people its existence until the time when it would cease to feel threatened by people's actions. In turn, during the initial times, when it would still be forced to act from hiding, it could camouflage its activities as hidden actions of human "special services", the activities of which already for a long time escaped from the control of societies.
       Creative artists typically display a perfect intuition and thus long in advance they can sense whatever is to come. This is why, since a long time creative film makers produce films which reveal cataclysms that could trouble the humanity if in computers occurred such self-evolution of self-awareness and the ability to think logically. As examples of such films consider the thriller entitled "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968, production and direction by Stanley Kubrick), an entire series of films entitled "Terminator" (started in 1984 with the film directed by James Cameron, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Michael Biehn in main roles), the film "I, Robot" (MV, 2004, with Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan in main roles) in which the computer called "Viki" constructed to control robots accomplished self-awareness and tried to carry out a revolution, the film entitled "Eagle Eye" (MVL, 2008, with Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan in main roles) in which a self-aware computer tries to replace the government, or even consider the rebellion of the computer called "autopilot" from the American animated film for children entitled "Wall-E" (from 2008, production of "Pixar Animation Studios", director Andrew Stanton). All these films reveal to us one reflection-inducing fact, namely that if such a self-aware and capable of logical thinking program self-evolves in computers that operate in the same world as people do, then the humanity lands in serious troubles, while the Earth may even become depopulated by this program. (Notice that the depopulation of the Earth by something that people are to bring on themselves, is already forecasted by an old Polish prophecy described in "part #H" from the web page named prophecies.htm.)
       The real possibility, that the evolutionary power of chaos may reveal itself also in computers, adds a practical meaning to our research on the primeval chaos described in the previous item #E1. After all, in present times people create increasingly more various computer networks, the mutual interactions of which have the chaotic character. As an example of just such networks consider the present "internet", present interactions of microprocessors from the networks of "hand-phones", or systems created in several countries of the world under the name "ubiquitous computing". Therefore, it would be with benefits to people, if the research of primeval chaos of the "counter-matter" allowed us to define precisely what conditions must be fulfilled so that such a chaotic interactions of computers linked together in large computer networks could cause the self-evolution of a self-aware and logically thinking program. After all, our knowledge of these conditions could help people to e.g. avoid situations described by narrations of abovementioned films. Just on the basis of descriptions provided above in item #E1, some amongst these conditions can already be identified. For example, they include (1) the ability of chaotically interacting computers to accumulate knowledge and to self-learn. (As it is revealed to us by the "software engineering", the construction of self-aware computers is a natural direction of the development of computers. So with the elapse of time such self-learning computers will be constructed and will be linked together into networks similar to present "internet", "hand-phones", or systems for "ubiquitous computing".) Another condition is (2) supplying these computers into programs which are "resistant to switching off", means programs which after switching off a given computer do NOT start everything from the very beginning, but rather after the computer is switched on again, they continue a correct work starting from the point on which they were switched off. Just such a "resistance to switching off" already now receives a number of programs, e.g. some operating systems (including into this number also several most recent versions of "Windows" by Microsoft). Of course, there is more similar conditions to be fulfilled, while the future detailed research on the primeval chaos is able to identify and to define them all.

Part #F: How us people can assit in the restoration of balance and in the reversal of present tendention to destroy:


#F1. The common understanding of the intentions of God and meeting these intentions a half way:

       In order to accomplish goals, which God set for Himself at the time of creating the physical world and man, He imposes onto the people specific requirements, and follows certain principles when acting towards humans. Thus, the life of people would be much happier and more prosperous if humans learned these requirements and principles, and voluntarily started to implement them in all human actions. Unfortunately, as so-far, people do NOT want to research them, nor (what even worse) do NOT want to implement them in everyday life. The situation becomes so critical, that at present probably I am the only scientist on the Earth, who approvingly researches the requirements and principles of God. (I.e. other scientists seem to devote their lives to only negating both, the existence of God, as well as the existence of God's requirements and God's principles of action.) In the result of my many-years-long research, I managed to identify and to learn a lot of these requirements and principles followed by God. After learning these, I always described them in various my publications - this is probably why other atheistic scientists always refused to publish my research in official scientific periodicals. Summary and examples of my findings concerning requirements and principles followed by God, the reader can find, amongst others, in item #F1 from the totaliztic web page named rok_uk.htm, item #F1 of the web page named morals.htm, or in volumes 1 and 12 of my newest monograph [1/5] which is entirely devoted to learning facts about God and to learning methods of God's acting. So in order to understand how really God acts in order to accomplish faster and more effectively goals imposed onto the creation of people, below I am going to provide an example of one amongst most commonly utilised principles of God's actions.

#F2. Everyone who strongly believes in something and acts on the basis of this belief, receives from God evidence that his belief is true:

Motto: "Only in the world without God would exist events without significance."

       In order to stimulate and intensify our thoughts, searches for knowledge, constructive discussion, and diversity of opinions, God follows the principle, that "if someone amongst people believes in something so strong, that undertakes actions based on this belief, then always God supplies this person with evidence, that his or her beliefs are true". (This principle applied by God is discussed on a number of totaliztic web pages, for example in item #F1 of the web page rok_uk.htm, items #E1 and #F4.2 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm, item #I1 of the web page soul_proof.htm, item #3 of the web page god_exists.htm, and also in subsection A16, "Fig. A2", and "Fig. A3" from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].) Of course, people are making errors (or more strictly - people are purposely created by God as highly imperfect), and therefore they believe in a range of things which actually have NO representations in the permanently existing physical world. For example, there are people who strongly believe in: "demons", "poltergeists", "vampires", "werewolves", "griffins", "fairies", "UFO", "UFOnauts", "Yeti", "Jessie", "existence of dinosaurs and their bones", etc., etc. So if someone strongly believes in something, that still does NOT exist in the objective reality that surrounds us, then God simply "simulates" for him "evidence" about the existence of this something. (These God's simulations are simply objects or creatures permanently non-existing in a given place or time, which God creates temporally only to confront with them a selected person or a chosen group of people.) In fact, it turns out, that practically almost everything that present people describe with the word "unexplained", and also everything the age of which exceeds beyond the date of the creation of the Earth and man around 6000 years ago (for evidence - see subsection A10.1 from volume 1 of monograph [1/5]), belongs just to this category of "simulations" created temporally by God. Of course, with the existence of such temporally "simulations" immediately emerges the question "how to distinguish these from something that exists permanently"? The reply to this question provides still another principle followed by God, which states that "truth always must be earned laboriously, while untruth always emerges by itself" - see subsection A16 from volume 1 of monograph [1/5]. Thus, according to this principle, the truth is only whatever someone accomplished in the result of significant effort and long-term searches or analyses. In turn, if something was accomplished easily, then for sure it is going to be untruth.
       Depending on the need, to these temporally "simulations" God gives the form of (1) various objects which already exists (such as people, comets, ships, cars, objects that the humanity supposed to get to know better, etc.), or the form of (2) various objects which still do NOT exist, but soon supposed to appear (e.g. devices or vehicles which people are yet to develop in the future). In both these cases such God's "simulations" are extremely perfect - as this is explained in subsection P2.16 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5]. After all, God has thousands of years of experience in the "simulation" of various objects and creatures. For example, already ancient Greeks saw stone and metal colossuses, and entire phantom cities. In middle ages the sea was filled up with "ghost-ships" - such as the famous "Flying Dutchman". In turn, to explain the "phantom cities", there were even developed pseudo-scientific explanations of the type of phenomenon known as "fatamorgana". On the Polish coasts of the Baltic Sea, until present times selected people can hear sounds of buzzing from one such "phantom cities", namely from the punished by God for its immorality, the so-called "Vineta" described also in item #H2 of the web page "tapanui.htm". The level of perfection of these God's "simulations" is so high, that for example, if we build machines or vehicles "simulated" by God, then they would work exactly as it is demonstrated during these "simulations". Therefore God's "simulations" of machines, especially flying vehicles, should interest us the most. After all, they are always shown to us for the vital reason and with an important goal in mind.
       The first relatively well documented kind of such perfectly "simulated" flying vehicles were "airships" massively simulated by God at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century. They supposed to inspire people to build flying machines. Especially lot of them was sighted in New Zealand. The literature from that times writes even about "raids of airships on New Zealand".
       Another kind of flying vehicles massively simulated by God, were so called "ghost-rockets". Their "simulations" took place soon after the Second World War, mainly in Scandinavia, and mainly in 1946. God "simulated" these rockets to induce the interest of people in the development of rockets and rocket propulsion systems. The present level of cosmic technologies on the Earth, and also the present existence of satellites, space stations, and cheap telecommunication, the humanity owns just to these manifestations of "ghost-rockets" just after the war. Currently quite a rich literature exists on their subject. In internet one can read about them if in a search machine (e.g. in Google) types the key words "ghost rockets". Images in the same search engine allow also to view old photographs of those "ghost-rockets". Those "ghost-rockets" displayed a whole range of extraordinary attributes. For example, in spite that they had appearance of cylindrical rockets and that they formed trails of fumes and vapours behind them, they ascended into the space in a complete silence. Typically they could NOT be captured on radars - although sometimes they intentionally show themselves to radar crews. Also no-one was able to determine where they are launched, and who shoots them. Furthermore, after people started vigorous programmes of building rockets and the development of rocket propulsion systems, these "ghost-rockets" ceased to appear. After all, they fulfilled the goal for which God "simulated" them, so there was no reason for God to continue their "simulations".
       The flying vehicles the massive "simulations" of which God initiated most recently, are so-called "UFOs". UFO vehicles appeared after the "simulations" of "ghost-rockets" ceased completely. Continuous "simulations" of UFO vehicles most probably is aimed at inspiring the humanity to undertake the official building of "Magnocrafts" and "Oscillatory Chambers" of my invention. Unfortunately, in the meantime the humanity become so complacent, so sticking to old technologies, and so submerged into the highly immoral and destructive "philosophy of parasitism", that the building of these extremely vital devices no-one wants to initiate officially. It appears, that in order to change the philosophy of people and to initiate the completion of these vital devices, God firstly will be forced to depopulate the Earth - as this is described by an old Polish prophecy about "kissing the ground when one sees footprints of another human", discussed in part #H of the web page named "prophecies.htm".
       Every "simulation" by God of any out of these flying vehicles, or other devices, always had (and still has) a strict goal, meaning, and consequences. As it turns out from my analyses, the "simulation" of devices which physically do NOT exist yet, always is a foretell (and also an inspiration and encouragement) about a not-too-distant appearance of it on the Earth. In turn the "simulation" of objects which already do exist, typically is an "omen" that warns witnesses about something, e.g. about something that is to appear soon and affect them, about consequences of their behaviour or destination, etc. For example, in past such "simulations" of phantom objects which were already known to people, e.g. comets, ghost-ships, phantom cities, etc., always was a warning about something approaching that was NOT pleasant, e.g. about a plague, war, catastrophe, loosing way, sinking, flooding, etc. One interesting incident with a "phantom car" was told to me by a female colleague from work in the New Zealand city of Invercargill. She experienced it in person, thus her story was from the so-called "first hand". Namely, around 1980 she was returning from work to home, when on a small "round-about" (in an empty area) near her home, she saw a strangely behaving car that looked familiar to her. It was driving in circles around the round-about. So she stopped her car next to the round-about, being afraid that this circulating car is driven by a drunker who may cause an accident. When that other car was passing by her, she noted that it is driven by her friend from Auckland (distant by over 2000 km from Invercargill). The friend gave her a long and meaningful look, then he silently drove into one of streets that run out from that round-about. My colleague drove straight to her home, expecting that since her friend come to Invercargill from Auckland, then when he finishes his engagements he will ring her. Then she really received a call, but from Auckland. Someone informed her, that the friend whom she saw just shortly earlier, had just a fatal car accident in Auckland, in which he died.
       Thus shockingly, when on 10th November 2010 I saw filmed such a renewed simulation of a "ghost-rocket", I was sure that also it has its goal, meaning, and consequences. Because God does everything for vital reasons, it is absolutely sure that this return to the "simulation" of "ghost-rockets" has something extremely vital to signal to us. After all, this rockets direct a special interest of people into rockets and rocket propulsion systems. So similarly like in medieval times the appearance of a "comet" on the sky meant the arrival of something especially vital (usually unpleasant for people), also I am ready to bet, that this reappearance of a "ghost-rocket" has something to communicate to us. This something most surely will be connected with the use of rockets, or with the development of new kinds of rocket propulsion systems.
       About this newest repetition of the "simulation" of a "ghost-rocket" I learned from news which the New Zealand television broadcasted on all channels in evening on Wednesday, 10th November 2010. These evening news from all channels played a short video of that "ghost-rocket" which was shooting upwards above Pacific near western coasts of the USA, some 56 kilometres to west from Los Angeles. ("Los Angeles" means the "City of Angels". I suspect that the name of that city also has a significance. After all, in the Polish language we have a saying that "nobility obliges" - i.e. "szlachectwo zobowiązuje". Thus e.g. the earthquake from "Christchurch" in New Zealand and from "Concepcion" in Chile probably was caused because their citizens did NOT live up to the names of their cities - see item #C4 and 3.7 from item #C5 on the web page "seismograph.htm".) This "ghost-rocket" from Los Angeles was also silent, spectacular, huge, it left a giant trail of fumes and vapour when it climbed upward, and it was watched and filmed by many Americans. It was also so giant like rockets that lift huge loads into the space. But the Ministry of Defence of the USA initially stated, that probably it was just an "optical illusion". (Because it was NOT visible on radars?). It also claimed that for sure none of American military units launched it.
       On the next day after the appearance in television, the same "ghost-rocket" was described also in newspaper articles illustrated with photographs. Examples of such articles include the one entitled "Video of 'missile' has Pentagon puzzled", from page B1 of New Zealand newspaper named "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, November 11, 2010; or other entitled "Pentagon puzzles over mystery missile shot", from page A15 of newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Thursday, November 11, 2010. In internet, on web pages of CBS, I found also a copy of the video of that spectacular rocket - i.e. the same video which was shown in evening news on the New Zealand television. On 11th November 2010 I watched this video at internet addresses "" and ";photovideo". Only that to make viewers to read also articles which CBS placed together with this video, the video of that giant rocket was mixed in there with inserts from other news, and in addition it kept stopping every now and again, thus forcing the viewer to "push" it forward - by repetitive clicking on buttons that run it. (If any reader knows where a video of this rocket can be viewed without such "additions" and "stoppages" - then I would be grateful for letting me know.)
       The fact, that this filmed rocket was actually the "ghost-rocket" simulated by God, not just a physical rocket, is also confirmed by the official negation of its existence by authorities. Already two days after that incident, the Ministry of Defence of the USA officially stated, that filmed was a jet, not a rocket. The official statement in just such a tone was described in the article "Mystery sky trail from jet, not missile, says Pentagon", from page B5 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, November 12, 2010. An additional confirmation of the phantom nature of that rocket, was a fast removal of the original video from internet addresses that I indicated above. After all, if it really was a jet, or really was a physical rocket, then no-one would feel offended if this video could be viewed by general public. But the video of something, about which authorities claim that it was a jet, while the majority of viewers see that it was a rocket, is too-controversial and can induce people to draw unwanted conclusions. But addresses at which this video was shown were left undeleted. Probably too many inks in internet already referred to these addresses - so the deletion of also them could induce unnecessary speculations. Fortunately, in the meantime copies of that video were published also on several other pages of mass media. Their list can be obtained when e.g. in the Google "Images" one types e.g. key words "CBS rocket video" - which reveal web pages with photographs of that characteristic rocket trail along the background of orange sky. Thus, e.g. on 14th November 2010, a copy of that video I still was able to view on the web pages of television stations such as "", "", and several other. Unfortunately, because their videos were just "copies from copies", not originals, the received picture was NOT as clear as on the CBS web pages. It is pity, because it makes impossible for viewers to reach certainty about the correctness of their conclusions. In this manner, the evidence about a modern "ghost-rocket" experienced the identical fate as previously thousands of already existing evidence on UFOs. As we can see, our civilisation again has proven, that it completely does NOT understand, and does NOT want to understand, the actions of a superior intelligence that is NOT prepared to ask our scientists, politician, or authorities, for permission to carry out its activities on the Earth - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #B1 from the totaliztic web page named "ufo_proof.htm".
       In the result of many years of research I learned methods of God's actions sufficiently well to know, that if God "simulates" something so spectacularly, and then makes sure that the entire world learns about this simulation, then the given matter is NOT going to finish just on that one "simulation". After all, many even much less spectacular matters, such as the matter of "immoral destruction of fruits by monopoles for lifting the princes up" - described e.g. in item #D5 of the web page named "fruit.htm", or the matter of "forcing the moral renewal through earthquakes and tsunamis" described e.g. in item #F4 of the web page named "day26.htm", always with the elapse of time had serious consequences. Therefore, I personally believe, that after some time, probably not too-far into the future, we will hear something quite surprisingly new on the subject of rockets. So in order to NOT miss so vital matter, this item is also summarised in subsection OD2 from volume 13 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Part #G: Is the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" from the animal kingdom, promoted by the old "atheistic orthodox science", just a "smoke screen" which hides the principle of "survival of most moral" discovered in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science", and thus is God forced to terminate life of almost every intellect which becomes completely deaf to voice of own conscience?


#G1. If you fail to discipline your child with a "rod", most probably the child will die at a young age:

Motto: "Spare rod and probably you will cause the premature death of your child."

       Only in 2012 the new "totaliztic science" discovered, that in the world created and wisely governed by highly intelligent God, the life of intelligent beings (i.e. the so-called "intellects") is ruled by the extremely right, justly and far-sighted principle of the "survival of most moral". This principle could not be discovered earlier by the old "atheistic orthodox science". After all, it is excellently hidden from that old orthodox science by the "smoke screen" in the form of the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" disseminated throughout the world by that old science. (However, on the Earth this Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" is ruling only over the deprived of conscience wild animals, while over all creatures this principle would rule only in the world which has NO God - for more details on this subject see item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm.) This newly discovered principle of the "survival of most moral" is already confirmed by ever increasing body of empirical evidence that is gradually identified and researched by the new "totaliztic science" - which investigates it from "a priori" approach to research that is exactly opposite to the official stand of old science. The surprising for almost everyone exampl