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Time vehicles and the principle of technical control over time
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25 May 2017

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If you, the reader, was God and you would create a new world practically from zero - as this is indicated by formal scientific proofs from item #G3 of the web page named god_proof.htm, then for sure you would NOT create in this world even a single parameter over which you would NOT have any control. So you should NOT have any doubt, that immensely wiser God so created our physical world, that is able to rule completely over practically everything, including time. Especially, that the principle of control over "reversible software time" is relatively simple and easy for implementing - as this is illustrated to us by even such primitive "imitations of software time", as these formed by people and taking the form of "control programs" for present "machine tools with computerised control" (for details see item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm). Thus, this web page documents, that God in fact created our world in just such a manner, that time can be controlled in it relatively easily - even with the use of machines build by people and called here the "time vehicles". In turn, the related web page named immortality.htm, explains how us people can utilise these "time vehicles" for overcoming death and for immortal lives - through repetitive shifting ourselves with the help of these vehicles, back in time with to years of our youth each time after we reach on old age.
       In 1985 myself (i.e. the author of this web page) was blessed with the honour of developing the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. One amongst numerous skills which this theory teaches us, is (amongst others) how to take "time" under our control. If my scientific superiors and colleagues allowed me to implement findings of this theory immediately since that 1985, instead of scoffing at my results and instead of pushing me out from their universities and polytechnics, then by the time when 23 years later I was writing these words in 2008, the humanity would already defeat the death and people could live for as long as they wish. People could also repair all their past errors. This is because the theory indicates how to build time vehicles which allow us to shift our time back. In turn when we have such time vehicles, then each time after we get old and we are close to death, we could shift ourselves back in time and become young again. Also each time we make an error, we could shift back in time and repair it. Unfortunately, people have chosen to ignore my theory and to make constructing my inventions impossible - instead of helping me in my creative efforts. So instead of repetitive shifting to our past and living forever, now we can only read from this web page how to do this, and we can only imagine this wonderful technical device, which on every our wish is able to shift us in time to any moment of our own life - under the condition, however, that previously we already lived through this moment. This moment can lie both in our past, as well as in our future. (In order it lies in our future, we must earlier shift back in time with the use of this device.) This device allows us also to slow down the speed of elapse of our time. For example, we can slow down our time so much, that when our surrounding experiences just a fraction of second, we ourselves would experience equivalent of several hours. In this way we would be able to catch and to carry in our bear hands e.g. red-hot iron bars, because for this iron too short span of time would elapse to be able to pass to us enough heat to burn our hands. This wonder device would also allow us to accelerate our elapse of time, so that between two our heartbeats, in the surrounding e.g. several hours would pass. In this way we could e.g. pretend to be dead, while in fact we are going to be equally alive and active as normal. Similarly like for ourselves, this device would also allow all other people and all other creatures and permanent objects to shift in time. Furthermore, in order to make the use of it easier, this device could be assembled in a form of a flying vehicle of my invention called the Magnocraft. In this way, with such Magnocraft, we would be able to not only travel in time, but also travel in space. Such an extraordinary device would be the time vehicle which I would build by now - if I was given a chance. This web page tries to explain most vital principles, scientific facts, and findings regarding my time vehicles which I could build for the humanity by now if I was given the help from the beginning of my struggles.

Part #A: Let us start from the illustrative proof that time really can be shifted back:


#A1. Here is how each one of us can see with own eyes that time flows in jumps (i.e. time has a discrete character), and thus that my findings regarding the possibility to build time vehicles and to live forever are correct and can be implemented technically:

       YES, in fact there is a commonly accessible proof for the possibility of shifting time back. Every reader can see this proof with his or her own eyes and in a natural daylight. In order to see it, it is enough to find some spinning object which is accelerating from zero to the velocity of around 1800 flickers per second, and which has some spokes, holes, wings, propellers, unevenness, lines, etc., the increasingly faster flickering of which we are able to see with our own eyes in a daylight. For example, this object can be a gradually accelerating propeller of an airplane or blades of the entrance turbine in a jet engine just being started, a hole in a belt pulley from a three-phase electric motor which accelerates a heavy farm machinery - and thus which gradually increases its spinning from zero to a typical for such motors speed of 1800 rev/min, a wheel of a car that is overtaking us, and even spokes from the back wheel of our bicycle placed on a floor with wheels pointed upwards and gradually accelerated by someone when we are tentatively watching it. Well, if we carefully watch such slowly accelerating spinning object, then we should see a strange change of its direction of rotation. Namely, initially our eyes are to notice clearly in which direction it is spinning. But at some stage of the acceleration our eyes are to tell us that the spinning of this object firstly stopped, and then reversed direction in relation to reality. This visual impression taking place in daylight, that the direction of spinning of a gradually accelerated object is opposite to the real direction of its spin, is the proof that time passes in jumps - as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes this to us, and thus also the proof that time vehicles can be build. More information about this visual proof that time passes in jumps is explained in item #D2 of the web page god_proof.htm - with the review of scientific proofs for the existence of God, and also in item #D1 of the web page immortality.htm - how we can accomplish now immortality and everlasting life.
       It is enough learn two things in order to understand why exactly this visual impression that spinning objects rotate backward is the proof that time can be shifted back (and thus that time vehicles can be build and that through repetitive shifting time back to years of our youth we could live forever). Namely learn (1) the use of so-called "stroboscopic lamps" for visual stopping or for changing the direction of rotation of spinning objects, and (2) the principle on which time works. The use of stroboscopic lamps is described in many sources, e.g. in Internet, in manuals for repair of cars, and in textbooks of physics. So I am NOT going to repeat it here. In turn to understand the principle on which time works, one needs to read to the end of item #C1 from this web page, or even better - to the end of item #G4 from the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. When reading in there about time, we will learn that time in fact is the passage of execution control along the natural program of our life. This program is composed of sequences of individual commands - like present computer programs also are. So the execution control completes a command after a command in a jumping manner. Thus, when we look at a spinning object, the completion of each of these commands in our life program is like a single flash from a stroboscopic lamp beamed at a spinning object. So if this object spins very fast, then the completion of a single command from our life program shows this object to us just only in a specific position. Therefore, when the frequency of flickering of spokes in this spinning object is close to the frequency of completion of individual commands in our life program, then both these frequencies begin to interfere with each other - we see this interference as an apparent reversal of the direction of spin of the object being watched. A similar effect, only that seen exclusively in darkness - instead in the daylight, is simulated in spinning objects through the use of "stroboscopic lamps".
       Of course, as one should expect and as it is very easy to verify, present official and highly paid science has NO clue why the effect described here in fact appears in the daily light on spinning objects. After all, present scientists reject the entire my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and scoff at my discoveries. Thus they also reject my explanation of this effect as being caused by the jumpy elapse of time. In turn, without acceptance of the fact, that time elapses in short jumps and pulsates like a "stroboscopic lamp", this phenomenon cannot be explained. Predictably, present scientists are NOT going to openly admit that they are ignorant in this particular matter. When I discussed the proof described here in internet on google discussion groups, various "experts" crudely tired to hide their ignorance by arrogantly playing wise men through using scientific terminology of the kind "stroboscopic effect", or "inertia of human body". However, these well-paid "experts" were unable to explain neither mechanism which causes that whirling objects look as if they rotate backward, nor indicate any evidence that this their "highly scientific" terminology actually is confirmed by any other already researched attributes or phenomena.
       After the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained to us what is time, how time works, and what commonly-known and accessible proof each one amongst us can see to obtain the assurance that these explanations are true, it should become easy for us to understand that shifting time back is possible and relatively easy. After all, in order to shift our time back it is enough to catch this execution control and to move it to the initial part of the program of our life. In turn the device capable to accomplish this is already known. It is the so-called Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation - which I would constructed many years ago if not these hordes of hostile people who did everything in their power to prevent me from building this wonder device.

#A2. Regularities which emerge from analyses of earlier human inventions, and which allow us to understand better "what is going on" with the invention of time vehicles described on this web page:

Motto: "Whatever can be conceived, it can also be achieved."

       In my research to-date I carried numerous in-depth analyses of principles and regularities which rule over inventiveness. Because of these analyses e.g. I discovered the so-called "cyclic principle" described in chapter B and in subsection LA1 from volumes 2 and 10 of monograph [1/5]. Also from these analyses emerged the principle described in subsection JB7.3 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5], stating that "every invention can be completed in the duration of life of its inventor". Let us list below these amongst such regularities which are to allow us to understand better what really is "going on" with the invention of time vehicles described here:
       1. The development of our awareness never exceeds the level of our technical and scientific capabilities. Expressing this in other words, everything that we invent, we are also able to build already in times when we invented it - but only if our contemporaries allow us to build it. A best proof for this fact is the hang-glider invented already by Leonardo Da Vinci, which, however, was constructed only in present times - because other people would NOT allow the inventor to build it in times when it was invented. If we check materials and design of present hang-gliders, then we clearly can see that already in times of Leonardo Da Vinci it could be constructed - if people would allow it then to be build. In turn we do NOT need to explain where would be the humanity today if hang-gliders were already then lifting people to the sky.
       2. Our universe is so organised, that everything what can be invented also can be constructed. Proofs and justifications of this fact are described in subsections JB7.3 and I5.4 from volumes respectively 7 and 5 of monograph [1/5].
       3. The success with constructing a given invention is accomplished only when (a) people from the society close to the inventor are ready for accepting this invention, and when (b) the required number of sympathetic people from the surrounding of the inventor support his activities. In turn when these other people are NOT ready for accepting the invention and for giving the inventor their support and approval, then the invention either cannot be constructed, or its completion will be wasted. An excellent example for this is the airplane of a New Zealander named Richard Pearce. This airplane was even build and flown. But other New Zealanders so tormented the inventor, that they drove him to the mental hospital - so that he was unable to disseminate his invention nor e.g. implement it to a factory production.
       4. If someone displays extraordinary perseverance and still completes his invention in spite that people from his society are NOT ready for accepting it, then this invention is wasted and never enters the permanent accomplishments of the humanity. Especially large number of cases when just this has happened exist in New Zealand - as examples see the invention described on the web page boiler.htm, and also inventions discussed in item #H1 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm.
       5. Every invention is so granted, that the inventor of it is able to complete it within the duration of his life - if only other people support this inventor in his efforts.
       6. The creative completion of the invention, which original inventors are capable to accomplish within several years, other people typically extend to hundreds of years. A perfect example of this regularity is the so-called Zhang Heng seismograph, described, amongst others, in my conference paper available under the address It warns about the impending earthquake a long time in advance before this earthquake strikes. The original inventor completed it within a few years. The rest of humanity is unable to rebuild it within almost two thousands of years.
       7. All inventions created in "their actual time" always contain knowledge which exceeds significantly the knowledge of people considering themselves to be "experts" in a given area. After all, the very nature of inventions is such that the inventor must be fluent in the knowledge which remains unknown to other so-called "experts", and also he must see details which other people overlook. Furthermore, some requirements of formal "expertise", e.g. the so-called "peer reviews", kill in experts the ability for creative and unbiased thinking. This is why on the back cover of the book [2P4] by Richard Milton, "Forbidden Science", Fourth Estate (6 Salem Road, London W2 4BU), London, 1994, ISBN 1-85702-302-1, 265 pages, pb., is stated, amongst others - quote: "'In this fascinating and well-argued book, Richard exposes a curious feature of many professional scientists: they are averse to new ideas' - Focus."). In turn inferior knowledge of other "experts" cause that they always viciously, although without justification, attack and criticise a given invention. Only inventions constructed with a long time delay (e.g. the "hang-glider" mentioned before) have time to become known, thus can avoid attacks and vigorous criticism.
* * *
       The above should be complemented with following two "regularities", namely:
       8. The official "atheistic orthodox science" developed such a subculture and such mechanisms of acting (e.g. these "peer reviews" mentioned before), that there is NO chance that other scientists ever undertake the construction of time vehicles. So if I do NOT build time vehicle in the duration of my life, or at least do NOT direct this construction at a correct path, then hundreds of years must pass before someone on the Earth will be ready for attempting this building again. (Probably I myself will be forced to be born again on the Earth to finish the work which I initiated in my present life.) A subculture and ambitions of present scientists are described in an illustrative way by the content of the article "Dawkins on board plan for atheism ads", from page B3 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, October 22, 2008. According to this article, Richard Dawkins, Professor of the Public Understanding of Science on the University of Oxford, and the author of book "The God Delusion", was ready to pay 5500 Pounds Sterling for placing on London's busses the advertisement saying that "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life". (Notice that the same advertisement on buses was immediately copied by New Zealand atheists - for details see the article "Atheist bus ad campaign strikes chord", from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, December 12, 2009.) On the other hand, I never encountered a present scientist who would support the construction of such noble and futuristic (although simple and elementary) device as e.g. the Telepathic Pyramid - which would allow e.g. invalids with speech difficulties to communicate just through thoughts. After all, the principle of operation of this pyramid utilises telepathic waves - which similarly like "time vehicles" described here, also are a kind of "taboo" for present scientists. By the way, in another article entitled "Buses no longer have God on their side", from page A18 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 8, 2009, it was confirmed that the advertisement discussed here was in fact placed on sides of buses by financial contribution from Professor Dawkins. (That the content of this advertisement is actually missing the truth, is argued in logical analysis from item #H4 of the web page cloud_ufo.htm.)
       9. Judging on the volume of my accomplishments since 1985 (when I comprehended the principle on which time works and thus started the process of inventing time vehicles described here) we can be sure that if then I would receive from others the help that I need, until today I would build time vehicles. About my creative potential perfectly certifies the large number of extraordinary devices which I managed to invent, discoveries which I accomplished, theories of the type "paradigm shift" which I developed, proofs for the correctness of my findings which I identified and pointed to others, and scientific monographs which I managed to write. And we must remember that I was forced to create all these in hugely hostile conditions in which other people would probably just sit and cry, and which (conditions) very cautiously and briefly are mentioned, amongst others, on the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm - about myself, means my autobiography. After all, in the country I was born they tried to shoot me, in turn in the country I escaped to they do not have work for me for a majority of time, nor even consider me eligible for a dole. Thus, instead of creating, discovering, inventing, researching, constructing, and making progress, to which obviously I have in-born inclinations, the majority of my energy and time I was (and still am) forced to waste on seeking jobs or on wander throughout the world to earn for a slice of bread. Also the majority of what I created I was forced to develop while vegetating in a leaking flat only slightly larger than an average lift, not having at home even a good screwdriver, not even dreaming of having an Internet, and while with growing horror I spend each subsequent cent from my savings - as I may need it even more in my older age.

#A3. Results of my private research presented on this web page have been achieved only due to "a priori" philosophical approach, the use of which is recommended by the new so-called totaliztic science:

       In schools and universities we have acquired the belief, that there is only one science which we learned in there and which holds the "monopoly for knowledge" because it claims to know the "truth" about the reality around us. However, if one takes a trouble to read e.g. item #A2.6 on my web page named totalizm.htm, or e.g. item #B1 on my web page named tornado.htm, then he or she discovers that this monopolistic science always uses only one philosophical approach to research, called a posteriori - that is "from effects to causes". But increasingly more evidence reveals, that the use in research of only "a posteriori" approach leads to substantial errors, distortions, and limitations in the human knowledge. For example, it leads to the need of suppressing by this monopolistic science of an entire ocean of scientific evidence for the existence of God and the existence of immortal human soul, only small sample of which is presented on separate my web pages named god_proof.htm and soul_proof.htm. (It is because of the necessity of denying the existence of God and the human souls, which is embedded in the philosophical foundations of this old official science, that the most accurate name that this old monopolistic science deserves, is the name of the old "atheistic orthodox science".) Thus, in order to repair the logical fallacy of this old, official, one-approach science, it is necessary to create yet another science which is to research the world around us with a completely opposite approach by philosophers called "a priori" - means "from cause to effects" or "from God understood as the most primary cause of everything, to the surrounding reality understood as the result of activities of this God". This new science, still awaiting to be established officially, is called the new "totaliztic science" - because the philosophical foundations of it are based on the philosophy of totalizm. The scientific and philosophical foundations of it are described in more detail in items #C1 to #C6 from my separate web page named telekinetics.htm. I should add here, that still as the only scientist in the world, I use in my research this "a priori" approach, principles, and tools, from the new "totaliztic science". Practically all of my results published in my monographs and on the so-called "totaliztic web pages" linked by the "menus" from the left margin of this web page, have been obtained due to this "a priori" approach to research recommended and used by the new "totaliztic science". The "time vehicle" described here is therefore just one in a whole series of inventions and discoveries accomplished because of my use of the approach, principles and tools of this new "totaliztic science".

#A4. Yet another totaliztic web page reveals how time vehicles can be used practically for gaining an access to one amongst several kinds of immortality:

       This web page explain generally what is this "reversible software time" in which we live, how this "reversible software time" works, and how to build so-called "time vehicles". But there is also another totaliztic web page named immortality.htm which explains how after constructing these "time vehicles" each one of us can get access to one amongst several different kinds of immortality through repetitive shifting back in time to years of youth every time after he or she lives to the old age. (Wider descriptions of several amongst a number of existing kinds of "immortality" are presented in items #L1 to #L6 from the web page named soul_proof.htm.) In item #D5 from that another web page named immortality.htm quite meaningful verses from the Bible are also explained, which provide the confirmation, that the principle of accomplishing immortality described here (i.e. thus also the principle of operation of "time vehicles" described here) is correct. Thus, it is really worth to also have a look at that another web page named immortality.htm.

Part #B: What is time, how time works, and where the knowledge about time presented here comes from:


#B1. Orthodox understanding of time - what it states, why is wrong, and what limitations it displays:

Motto: "According to the orthodox understanding, time is like water in a river which flows around us while we stand motionlessly like a stone in the centre of it. Therefore, in this understanding we do not have a possibility to reverse or to change the speed or direction of the elapse of time."

       The human science to-date developed the understanding of time through the analysis of the behaviour of sun in the sky. According to this, time usually is described in dictionaries as - quote: "time - a concept arising from change experienced and observed: a quantity measured by the angle through which the earth turns on its axis" - see page 1537 in "Chambers English dictionary", 1989, ISBN 1-85296-000-0; or "time - duration or continuous existence regarded as divisible into portions or periods, a particular portion of this" - see page 1142 in "The Cassell dictionary and thesaurus", 1996, ISBN 0-304-35004-4.
       Nevertheless, practically all disciplines of science accumulated already a huge body of evidence, which unambiguously and clearly reveals, that this orthodox understanding of time is wrong. One of the best known examples of such evidence is, amongst others, the "review of the entire our live" (see the description in item #F3 from the web page soul_proof.htm), which in people takes place at the moment of a mortal danger - e.g. at the time of falling from a roof, or during a car accident. In this review, participants see exactly details of the entire their life to-date, while all this takes the duration of not more than several seconds. In the orthodox understanding of time, such a review would be impossible - it would not fit into the timespan available for it. Another example of such evidence, are phenomena described in item #C6 of this web page, which are really experienced by people, but which would be impossible - if time works as the present "atheistic orthodox science" describes it.
       In normal circumstances, when it would be so obvious that something is completely wrong - as this is the case with the present scientific understanding of time, the science would abandon this understanding already a long ago, and worked out a better (more correct) one. Unfortunately, the Earth's science is NOT free to choose what it investigates and promotes - after all, it is ruled by a hidden occupant of the Earth, described on separate web pages, for example on pages evil, truth, or changelings. In turn, this hidden occupant of humanity have a vital interest in reassuring that people are unable to gain a correct knowledge about reality which surrounds them. For this reason, in spite that the scientific understanding of time to-date is strikingly wrong, our science still insists on maintaining it and on disseminating it without a change. What is even worst, in spite that the new (correct) understanding of time is already worked out by the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the old "atheistic orthodox science" rejects this understanding and does NOT recognises the existence of it. In this way humanity looses a chance for an advancement of its knowledge also by a correct understanding of the idea of time.
       This wrong understanding of time, so stubbornly promoted by the old "atheistic orthodox science", has a whole array of limitations. For example, it does NOT allow to deduce the way for travelling in time, nor it gives to people any clues as to which principles of time travel could be technically implemented.
       Although the old "atheistic orthodox science" insists on this erroneous understanding of time, the reader does NOT need to, nor actually should, act like this science does. In fact, the reader should learn and consider in his or her own actions and own life, the understanding of time and time travel described on this web page.

#B2. How the alternative understanding of "time", introduced only by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, opens for people the completely new horizons and potentials:

Motto: "According to the understanding of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, "time" is a kind of motionless software landscape (called the "timespace"), through which we all move propelled by the motion of "execution control" from our "programs of life and fate" which operate in our counter-bodies (as parts of our souls). Therefore, it is possible to move through this landscape in any direction and with any speed."

       According to explanations of the new scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, time is motionless, while it is us who travel through the time. Or more strictly, this software so-called "timespace" (by the author of this web page called also "omniplan") is crossed by the "execution control" from our "programs of life and fate" existing in the counter-material duplicates from the counter-world (how exactly "time" works is explained below in more details). In this aspect the dipolar understanding of time is opposite to the one commonly adopted today. After all, in the presently adopted understanding of time we stand in one place, while time "flows" around us. Thus, the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity undermine the correctness of the most fundamental belief of old "atheistic orthodox science", which states that "time flows" around us, while we stand motionlessly in the stream of it, thus our travel in time is impossible.
* * *
       One of the most vital consequences of the dipolar understanding of time is that it indicates the manner and a technical principle for a practical implementation of time travel. Although the Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that in our set of dimensions and in our physical world, path trough time leads only in one direction (thus in this dimension it is impossible to change the elapse of time), in other set of dimensions (i.e. in the counter-world) it is possible to manipulate on time in every possible direction. Means, in the counter-world is possible, e.g. turning time back, moving forward in time, accelerating the elapse of time, and also delaying the speed of the elapse of our time. This in turn leads us straight to the working out the operation of time vehicles.

#B2.1. What is this "timespace" ("omniplan"):

       It is me who introduced the concept of so-called "timespace" (also called "omniplan") to our understanding of the work of time. I developed this concept immediately after I discovered the so-called "software nature of time" that stems from the theory of everything also developed by me (i.e. by the author of this web page) and called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Because the concept of "timespace" (or "omniplan") has a key significance to our understanding of "what is time" and also how the "reversible software time" works in our physical world (and thus how "time vehicles" can be build), it is going to be summarised here briefly. However, for even a better understanding of it, I would suggest to later reach also to items #C3 and #C4 from my other web page named immortality.htm.
       By the name "timespace" ("omniplan") we should understand a kind of "software entity" formed from natural programs that represent all physical "objects" which ever existed, exist, or will exist in the entire universe. (By these "objects" one should understand everything that can be seen or instrumentally detected in the entire universe, means the entire universe, galaxies, suns, planets, people, animals, vegetation, stones, grains of sand, molecules of water, etc.) These natural programs which represent subsequent "objects" from the "omniplan" or "timespace", are pre-programmed in the manner very similar to the principle of programming known as OOP - i.e. "Object-Oriented Programming". This means, that every object is described by a program in which one can distinguish two groups of quantities, namely "attributes" (which describe the appearance and states of this object) and "events" (means programs that describe what is to happen with this object in subsequent stages of its "life"). It is worth to add, that the entire "timespace" ("omniplan") is also pre-programmed as one amongst such objects, only that it has the status of the most superior object, which governs over the behaviour of all other objects contained in it.
       The pre-programming of subsequent objects that form "timespace" (or "omniplan") in the OOP-like convention, gives to them an array of unique characteristics. For example, every of these objects is "portable" and can be shifted into times other than its own, and have like its own "life". This "life" of every object, means its "path trough time", illustratively can be compared to someone's walk through a landscape. It means, every object has a "free will" to choose for itself the path which it then follows in that landscape. It can also introduce slight "changes of state" in this landscape, e.g. shift some stone into other place, or dig a channel which is to redirect a stream into a different path. But a a give object is unable to change in its "life" any events which affect object superior to it. For example, in that illustrative comparison to a "walk through time" ("life") of a given object to someone's walk over a landscape, the walking creature is unable to change events which change that landscape (such as earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes). The reason for this impossibility of changing the entire landscape, is that a given creature is just an "object" inferior towards the landscape, and thus it must obey programs of events which are attributed to this landscape.
       All software representations of objects which constitute the "timespace" ("omniplan") exist forever, similarly like forever exist human souls.
       The "timespace" ("omniplan") is of a key significance for our understanding of work of time and principles of time travel. Therefore, it is described in many publications by the author. For example, amongst web pages, apart from this page it is also described in item #C3 from the totaliztic web page named immortality.htm, in item #G4 from the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm, and also in items #J4 to #J6 from the totaliztic web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm. The work of it discusses also item #C2 from the web page immortality.htm - about extending life infinitively through repetitive shifting our time back to years of our youth. In the author's monographs the "timespace" is described in subsection N1.6 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5].

#B3. What is this new scientific theory of the totaliztic science, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which - amongst others, explained what is time and how time works:

       The essence of this new scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity boils down to the discovery and to subsequent formal proving, that the gravity field is a dipolar field - means NOT the monopolar one as so-far claimed this the old "atheistic orthodox science". (A dipolar field is every dynamic field which has two poles, namely an "inlet" (I) and "outlet" (O). A best example of a dipolar field is the magnetic field, in which the "inlet" (I) is the pole "N", while the "outlet" (O) is the pole S. Another example of a dynamic dipolar field, is the field formed by a circulation of air in our home vacuum cleaner. The intake of this air to the vacuum cleaner is the pole (I), while the outlet is the pole (O). In turn a monopolar field is every static field, e.g. pressure field or electrical field.) The above in turn means, that the gravity field in fact is similar to a magnetic field, or to a field formed by flow of the air pumped through a vacuum cleaner or by a fan propeller. But gravity is completely dissimilar to all monopolar fields, for example to electrical fields or to pressure fields.
       The most vital consequence of the dipolar character of gravity is, that in fact our universe must be constructed according to principles of dynamic systems which form such dipolar fields. For example, in the dipolar gravity our physical world must be just a first out of two parallel worlds which exist in the universe. This happens so, because the gravity field has a concentric character (means a character in which it converges into a single point). So in order such a concentric field could simultaneously be a dipolar field, the force lines of it, after they converge into a single border point, must disappear from our world, penetrate through an invisible and impenetrable barrier of some sort, and then reappear in a completely different, separate from our, parallel world. Therefore, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, on the other end of gravity dipole, there must exist another world, called the counter-world. Both worlds, means "our world" and this other "counter-world", must relate to each other the same as objects relate to own mirror reflections. This in turn introduces a whole array of consequences. One of these is that both worlds, i.e. "our world" and this parallel "counter-world", must be filled up with substances of exact opposite attributes. Means, when the substance from our world called matter displays mass, inertia, friction, and the lack of intelligence in the natural state, this other substance from the counter-world, called counter-matter must have all attributes exactly reversed. And so, counter-matter must be weightless, self-mobile (i.e. capable of the self-initiation of motion), supper-slippery (i.e. not displaying any friction), and possessing intelligence in the natural state (i.e. capable of thinking in its natural state). In turn the entire separate world filled up with a substance which is able to think in the natural state, in fact is a kind of a huge natural computer. This natural computer, by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called the "universal computer", or "UC". In turn the Christian religion calls it the God Father.
       Another consequence of the mirror-like relationship which must exist in the dipolar gravity between our world and the counter-world, is that each object from the universe, must exist in two separate copies, or components, at the same time. Each of these copies, or components, coexists in a separate world. The copy from our world is simply a given object or a given physical body. In turn the copy from the counter-world is an intelligent counter-material duplicate of this object or body. So this counter-material duplicate is a carrier of intelligence, memory, etc., means in fact it works like a computer which controls a given body. After all, it is formed from the intelligent substance, which thinks in the natural state. (Religions call these two copies a "body" and a "spirit" or a "phantom".) Both copies of the same object are tightly linked with each other with forces of mutual gravitational interactions. Therefore, if one copy is moved (or transformed), the other copy must do the same. So if we are able to move, e.g. the copy (spirit) which is located in the separate counter-world, then the motion of this copy forces the physical original of the same object to move also. Just such a motion, which was initiated in the separate counter-world, is called the telekinetic motion. In a similar manner also a telekinetic healing works (i.e. the healed is this other copy from the counter-world, while the original body from our world automatically improves the health). Similarly to this telekinetic motion or telekinetic healing, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also in a simple manner all other phenomena, which the old "atheistic orthodox science" was unable to explain so far. For example, it explains what is time, energy, gravity, ESP, God, memory, feelings, nirvana, acupuncture, and many more.
       The author of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak). I had the honour to develop this new theory of the totaliztic science in 1985. Initially I intended to use it only for describing the manner on which gravity field works. But after it was fully formulated, it turned out that from just a simple form it transformed into this theory of everything searched for so long by people. This is because it provides replies to practically all questions that people could ask themselves. In order to give here some idea as to how wide range of questions it replies, I suggest to look at the subsequent web pages of totaliztic sciences listed in "Menu 2". The great majority of these web pages is actually based, or derived, on the knowledge which stems from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       One of the most vital questions, the answer to which is provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the explanation how time works. According to this explanation, all objects which do exist in the universe, are in fact constructed like our present computers. Namely, they have their hardware (means their physical "bodies") - which is contained in our physical world. They also have their software (means their software "souls") - which is contained in the special "counter-bodies" (or "spirits") from this separate counter-world. According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in just a manner which is analogous to present computers, constructed are e.g. entire planets, trees, human organisms, and even such simple objects as pens or stones. The counter-body of every physical object that exists in the universe, is in fact a kind of computer memory. In this memory a huge amount of various natural programs is stored, which control, amongst others, the fate of the physical body of this object. These programs are called the "soul" by religions. These programs (i.e. the "soul") include, amongst others, a general "program of life and fate" of a given object, various programs of "karma", which this object gathered, programs of "plans of action" which this object intelligently pre-programmed for itself, etc., etc. From the pint of view of the control over time, the most important amongst these natural programs is the "program of life and fate". This program remains operational during the entire life, while its elementary commands are executed one-after-the-other, according to principles of operation of the counter-world. The subsequent execution of elementary commands from this program causes that the physical body of a given object (e.g. our body) is subjected to various transformations, which we usually call the "course of life". In turn the sole fact that this program is gradually run command-by-command, and it changes a given physical body, we perceive just as the "elapse of time". I should add here, that the "program of life and fate" is also described in items #C1, #C2, #C4, #C5, and #D2 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm, and also in item #C1 of the web page immortality.htm - from which pages the reader can learn more details about it.
       So let us summarise now the above explanation of time that results from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and that is supported by empirical findings. It defines time in the following manner. "Time is the flow of execution control through the sequence of elementary commands from the special version of our personal software programs, which instead in our physical world, reside in the separate world called the counter-world." These programs control what currently happens with the physical body, how this body looks like, which transformations affect it, etc. Their gradual completion is what we understand as the elapse of time.
       Further information about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can be found in chapters H and I from volumes 4 and 5 of as many as three my monographs, namely (listed from the newest to the oldest): [1/5], [8/2] and [1/4]. (Free copies of all these monographs can be downloaded from web pages linked above.) Explanations what actually time is, are contained in subsections H5 and H8 from volume 4 of these monographs. In turn explanations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity concerning the mechanism of operation of time and time vehicles, are contained in chapter M from volume 11 of monograph [1/5]. The same "theory of everything" is also briefly presented on several totaliztic web pages. The most extensive presentation of it is contained on the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is also partially discussed on web pages telekinesis.htm, fe_cell.htm, free_energy.htm, or totalizm.htm - which are available under a number of addresses, e.g. under the address

#B4. How the operation of "time" is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       Let us imagine for a moment, that we are not people, but robots. Means, that instead of the brain we have a computer with appropriate program which defines every our life activity. Instead of muscles, joints, and bones, we have levers, hinges, linear motors, etc. So whatever action we would undertake, in fact it would turn out to be a sequence of elementary commands in the program from our computer. For example, what for outside observers would look like a continuous process of placing a meal on someone's saucer, in reality for us, robots, would be a sequence of execution commands from an iteration program that would order us to do something along lines: (1) start, (2) determine the distance of hand from the saucer, (3) check whether there is any obstacle between the hand and the saucer, (4) calculate the optimal trajectory of the hand which goes around this obstacle, (5) determine the safe coordinates of the target point of this trajectory, (6) calculate the optimal speed of the hand, (7) move the hand to the target point of given trajectory, (8) check whether a given target point is close enough to the saucer to release the grip of fingers on the meal, (9) if the outcome of the check is "yes" then initiate the program of placing the meal on the dish, if the outcome is "no" then return to the command number (1) in the program that you are just completing, and complete this program again. Of course, the above sequence of execution commands would only represent a "discrete" program only to this someone who would design us, robots, and who wrote this execution program. (By a "discrete" program we understand a program composed a sequence of individual, short execution commands. Such a "discrete" program is opposite to the "continuous" processes, which do not have such individual, short commands.) For us, means for robots who complete this program, and also for external observers of our activities, everything that we do would actually look like a "continuous" process. In fact, when someone watches the operation of any true machine controlled by a computer, then he or she does not perceive the work of this machine as a "discrete" sequence of commands of the control program, but just as such a "continuous" process of given activity.
       There is a whole array of extraordinary facts which are realised to us by the situation and actions described above for the hypothetical case when we would be robots, not people. The most vital out of these facts is a slightly shocking discovery, that what for us and for other witnesses looks like a "continuous process" spread in time, in fact is just a sequence of "discrete execution commands" completed in jumps one after the other. Expressing this in other words, in all activities which are controlled by an algorithm, time is in fact a sequence of execution commands of this algorithm. Other shocking fact which also emerges from the situation described previously, is that in fact this algorithmic understanding of time allows for any possible manipulation on time. For example, if one increases the speed with which subsequent execution commands are completed one after the other, then this process which we take for the elapse of time is visibly accelerated. The elapse of time can also be slow down on similar principles. Furthermore, if the execution control is shifted unconditionally to any other point in the direction of the beginning or the end of a given execution algorithm, then we are able jump to future or to past. Expressing this in other words, such an algorithmic understanding of time, as a sequence of execution commands, allows us to control the elapse of time in any manner we wish, as well as it allows us to carry out the time travel.
       The situation of us acting for robots, as described before, would remain just purely hypothetical, if not the findings of this new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is because this concept determined that all our life actions take place because each one of us in fact has inside such a discrete control computer, and also because all what we do in our lives is controlled by appropriate discrete programs stored in the memory of this control computer. Means, according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the previous example of operation of robots, in fact was also an exact description of the operation of people. Only that we ourselves typically are unaware that each our action, and also each our life function, in reality is controlled by sequences of such elementary execution commands. Typically we also are unaware, that what we call the "elapse of time", is in fact just the completion of such sequences of elementary execution commands.

#B5. What benefits and prospects opens for us the understanding of "time" according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that the elapse of time is simply a flow of execution control through the sequence of elementary commands contained in our biological computer, open for us the possibility to accomplish time travel and to complete "time vehicles". After all, the only thing that we need to build time vehicles, is to construct a device of some sort, which would be able to change the flow of execution control through these natural programs contained in our biological computers. (Actually such a device is already invented. It is called the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation.) The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also how such time vehicles are going to work. This web page is aimed at describing the operation of time vehicles. But in order to carry out this explanation in a way which is understandable for all of us, it needs to explain all matters in a systematic manner, starting from the very beginning.

#B6. The general principle of shifting back someone's time and the practical implementation of this principle by Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation:

       In item #G4 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was explained how exactly time works. (This explanation is briefly repeated on this web page in item #B4 above.) In turn item #A1 from the introduction to this web page describes the empirical proof which documents that time actually does elapse in jumps - means exactly in the manner as this is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So now it is turn to explain how time vehicles are going to shift this time back.
       For all living creatures the carriers of natural programs of their lives and fate are the double helixes from their genetic codes (DNA). It is the discrete (jumping) execution of these programs from atoms of genetic codes that living creatures perceive as the "elapse of time". Every atom and every molecule of genetic codes from living creatures contains and stores in itself a section of programs of their life. Such a section defines how in a given moment of time the cell from the body of living creature that this program describes supposed to look like. Also, this section of the program binds the cell from body with a given layer of the "timespace". Every section of this program of life and fate is executed at the moment when the atom and molecule in which it is stored gets into a resonance with vibrations of this "timespace". Thus the key to control over the elapse of someone's time, is the capability to induce a resonance of these atoms of genetic code of a given creature, which we want, instead of these atoms which resonate under the control of natural mechanisms of the "timespace". (More on the subject of role of genetic codes is explained on the totaliztic web page evolution.htm - about the mechanism of evolution.)
       The device which is going to be able to execute practically the resonance of a selected atom and selected molecule of someone's genetic codes, is the so-called Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation. This is because such a chamber is able to generate extremely powerful magnetic field of an ideally constant value. Onto this ideally constant magnetic field this chamber is going to superimpose impulses of the required frequencies and the required course of curves that describe changes of the field. In this way the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation is going to excite the resonance of a selected atom and selected molecule of someone's genetic code. This in turn is going to cause, that such someone is to be shifted in time to the period in his or her life that is described by a section of the program of life and fate which is stored in this resonating atom and particle. If this resonating atom and particle are to be positioned below the atom and particle which are just resonating because of the action of natural mechanisms of "timespace", then such a creature is to be shifted back in time, e.g. to years of his or her youth.
       As the above reveals it, the general principle of shifting time back is very simple. In order to be able to shift time back it suffices to build the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation, and then surround ourselves with a powerful and correctly controlled magnetic field that is generated by this Oscillatory Chamber. According to a well-known (Polish) saying "to a cleaver head just one word is enough" (in the Polish language "mądrej głowie dość po słowie"), this general principle indicates the direction towards which should go the research effort of future builders of time vehicles. Of course, another (English) saying states that "devil is in details". So in order to build time vehicles, still many amongst these "details" need to be learned. It is a bit like with a general principle of atomic bomb - which is presently known to practically every child. (I.e. with the principle stating that "in order to build an atomic bomb it is enough to construct a device which several pieces of nuclear fuel of under-critical mass joins rapidly into a single piece of such fuel with over-critical mass.) After all, luckily for us it is just because of such "details" that even large countries which already have nuclear fuel and have the required level of technology, still are unable to construct such a bomb. Relating this to the requirements of building time vehicles, it is rather pity that so many people do everything in their powers to make impossible for me undertaking the construction of this miraculous machines. After all, the missing details which my creative mind could work out either theoretically, or learn empirically from research on "simulations" of UFOs of the third generation, or determine experimentally, within just several years, the future researchers may need to seek for hundreds of years or perhaps even for thousands of years. In the meantime all people from our civilization will still be forced to die, because the lack of time vehicles will NOT allow them to shift back in time to years of their youth after their arrival to an old age.
       Further information about practical implementation of principles of shifting time back is presented in subsection N3.2 from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5] (disseminated free of charge via this web page). The same topic of travelling in time is summarised in item #C2 from the totaliztic web page immortality.htm. In turn slightly more extensive presentation of so-called "programs of life and fate" which allow the practical implementation of our travelling through time, is available on the web page soul_proof.htm.

Part #C: Time travel and time vehicles - what these are, and what are consequences of their use:


#C1. So how to accomplish a time travel according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals to us, that the most easy manner to understand the operation of time and principles of time travel, is when we utilise the analogy existing between the counter-world, and the real time computer program. This analogy allows us to deduce the principles of completion of real events occurring in our physical world. These events are executed by the counter-world in a manner very similar to the way the processing commands of a program are executed in contemporary computers. Thus, it can be deducted, that such natural programs contained in the counter world and residing in the counter-material duplicates of every physical object, contain also sequences of elementary execution commands. These commands are executed in succession, one by one. Therefore, there is always a command, which is actually in the process of execution, as well as the other commands - part of which were already executed in the past, and part waiting to be executed in the future. Such a flow of the execution sequence occurring in the counter-world, in our world is manifested just as a lapse of time.
       In order the counter-world is able to run a given course of events, this course must be pre-programmed in special natural programs, which in subsection I5.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] are called "registers" (religions call them "souls"). In fact, the elapse of time is the flow of execution control through these programs called "registers". Of course, these programs (registers) are stored and run by the intelligent counter-matter from the counter-world, similarly like present programs from our to-day computers are stored and run by logical circuitry of these computers. But otherwise than in our computers, every particle of counter-matter have all attributes which in our computers obtained one special memory cell only, which by computer experts is called the "accumulator". For this reason, natural programs which run the elapse of time, may wander across counter-matter, changing their location from one volume of counter-matter into another volume, without loosing their ability to be completed. On the occasion of these wandering, they induce a phenomenon of physical friction with counter-matter, which people know under the name of "gravity field". For more details regarding the operation of every particle of counter-matter as an equivalent of "accumulators" from present computers, see subsection I2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       According to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, every material object has these natural programs assigned to itself. These programs are stored and run by counter-matter. (Religions call them "soul", while the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls them "registers".) Because the counter-matter is intelligent in the natural state, it has all abilities of a natural computer. Thus, it can run (execute) these our natural programs. It is because of them, that a given material object is active. Means, that if a given object is a man, then due to these natural programs it can move, carry out work, think, get older, etc. In turn if it is e.g. a stone, then these programs control how it oxidises, dissipates, splits into smaller stones, wears and tears, etc. Execution programs from the counter-world work similarly like programs in our present computers, i.e. in order to act, the "execution control" must pass through subsequent their commands. (This "execution control" is simply like a "cursor" which indicates which command from such a natural program is to be run just now, while which one is to be run as a next one.) The speed with which this execution control is moving through programs from the counter-world, in our world is perceived as the elapse of time. If we have an appropriate device (or natural capabilities) which gives us the access to this execution control from the counter-world, then the natural speed with which this control moves, can be either accelerated or slowed down, or reversed into an opposite direction (i.e. caused that time starts to flow backwards), or just shifted to another area of the execution program, thus causing a rapid travel in time. Such a simple mechanism of operation of time explains what is the principle of this mysterious phenomenon, and also on what principle time vehicles work. ("Time vehicles" are simply technical devices which change the location and speed of operation of this "execution control" within selected "programs of life and fate" contained in the counter-world.") For more data regarding mechanism of time, and the utilisation of this mechanism for building time vehicles, I recommend to have a look at chapter M from volume 11 of the newest monograph [1/5], or to subsection L7 from volume 7 of slightly older monograph [8]. (Both these monographs are available free of charge via this web page.)
       When the humanity masters the construction of time vehicles, then it becomes possible to build a whole range of various technical devices, which all are going to be able to shift in time people and other objects. Several such devices is already described in chapter M from volume 11 of monograph [1/5], and in subsection L7 from volume 7 of monograph [8]. The most interesting out of these, is the "Magnocraft of the third generation" - which utilises the shifting in time for an instant reaching any point in the space and time. There are separate web pages devoted to the presentation of Magnocrafts. Examples of these include propulsion.htm or magnocraft.htm. I suggest to have a look at some of these web pages.

#C1.1. The mechanism of time so controls the work of human memory, that the "natural" reliving another version of the past (e.g. because someone changed this past with his or her time vehicle) erases the memory of previous version of that past; but being shifted back in time through the use of our own time vehicle only adds the memory of another version of the past to the already existing memories of previous versions of that past:

       As it turns out, the program which controls our passage through time, has a direct link with the program which registers our memory. Namely, when the time is shifted back near us, but it is NOT us who did this shifting through the use of time vehicle that altered the program which controls our passage through time, then the memory of events which are taking place in this new passage through the time are superimposed onto the memory of our previous path through the same time. Thus, the memory of our previous path through time is then completely erased. Therefore we remember only the most recent path through a given time. But if it is us who shifts back in time by altering with the time vehicle our own program of passage through time, then the memory of this new passage through the time is only added to the end of memory of our previous passage through the time. In the result we remember both our passages through a given time, means our old passage as well as our new passage through the same time.
       Because of this linking of our memory with the program which controls our passage through time, we may repetitively relive a number of events from our past during the lifetime, without remembering any of them. The reason is that this reliving does not results from the resetting back our own program of passage through time. So we do not remember later that given events we already lived through - some of them even several times. Thus, the situation in our lives may frequently look like the one which is illustrated on the film "Groundhog Day" described in item #D8.1 of this web page. After all, each our previous passage through a given time is automatically erased from our memory, while conscientiously we remember only the most recent passage through a given time. (Though previous passages can emerge for us in the form of so-called "deja vu" spelled also as "déjá vu".) Such an erasure of our previous memory is intensely exploited by "simulations" of UFOnauts, who continually shift time back in order to accomplish their evil goals through this shifting - for details see item #D8.1 of this web page.
       Such an erasure of former memory and replacing it with new memory - if in a normal elapse of time someone relives two versions of a given time, has a shocking consequence. Namely, if someone after living through a former version of events flies, e.g. to New Zealand, and because of this is not reliving again the new version of the same events, then in his memory still stored is only the previous version of these events. So if someone previously saw e.g. a church or an icecream parlour which existed in an old version of events, but is not existing in the new version of the same events, then such a visitor from a distant place still will remember that there was a church or a parlour, although the local people do not remember them at all. In the result, for frequent travellers sometimes events may take place in life, similar to the events described below in item #D6.

#C2. Limitations which according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are imposed onto travelling in time on principles of the deformation of magnetic fields:

       As it turns out, the explanation for the elapse of time and for method of time travel through technical introduction of deformations to magnetic fields, provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, informs us also, that there are strict laws which govern this way of travelling in time. These laws cause, that onto time travel by method described here various limitations, requirements, and conditions are imposed. Let us list here at least most vital out of these:
       1. The travel may occur exclusively within the boundaries of the timespan defined by length of the traveller's life. One amongst laws which rule this principle of time travel states, that jumps to the new point in time in our life, can occur only then, when in this particular point in time we already have a so-called "label" placed - to which such a jump in time takes place. This practically means, that in order to jump to any point in time in our life, we must already live through this particular point. So that we have appropriate label over there for later jumps in time. Thus practically serious limitations have been imposed on this way of time travel. Namely we are unable to travel in time to points in time through which we previously did not live already. Therefore this particular principle of time travel makes us like "prisoners of our own time". Especially well this is visible in the utilisation of the time travel for gaining an immortality. The kind of immortality which this way of travelling in time offers to the users, is like an "imprisoned immortality". Means, it is the immortality in which one can live infinitively long through continuous repetitions of his or her own life, but in which one does not leave beyond time boundaries between which a given immortal person happens to be living - for more details see item #C7 in further part of this web page.
       2. The lack of possibility to take into the time travel any object, creature, or person, which still did not exist in the time to which a given traveller just moves. The principle of travelling in time described here depends on shifting the conscience and memory to the designated moment in time. Therefore, after one finds himself or herself in this designated point of time, he or she does NOT have with himself or herself anything else, apart of the own memory of life in a different time, and apart of whatever originally this person already had in this designated point in time. So it is impossible to take with one into a travel back in time e.g. one's own computer which was recently purchased, or notes and photographs which just were accomplished.
       3. The experiencing of physical changes to body induced by the motion in time, but without simultaneous experiencing the spiritual changes such as change of memory, character, habits, etc. In people who travel in time via the method described here, various physical changes induced by time take place at the moment of their shifting in time. For example, if an 80-year old person shifts back in time on this principle, to the age when he or she was 2 years old, then his or her body is going to assume the shape identical to that which it had in this age of 2 years. However, simultaneously the memory of this oldie, knowledge, richness of life experiences, habits, and also character, still are going to be the continuation of the same ones which he or she had at the end of the previous passage of time, just before carrying out this shifting back in time. Thus, for example, if this oldie in the age of 80 years was very boring and grumpy, and was only able to swear and hurt all around him or her, and e.g. was afraid to wash, after shifting back in time to the age of two years old, he or she still remains the same boring and grumpy old character, who needs to be taken to the bath by force, and who recalls all good and bad things that happened to him or her in the previous life. This fact has especially catastrophic consequences for members of parasitic civilisations which practice such a form of immortality - for details see item #D8 below.

#C3. Whether paradoxes described in "science fiction" books really appear in the feasible principle of time travel:

       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity provided us with exact explanations of the mechanism of time and mechanism of elapse of time. It explains in details what is this software phenomenon, how to control it with biological and technical methods, and how to utilise it e.g. for the construction of propulsion systems for space vehicles (i.e. Magnocrafts) which travel on principles of shifting time back (so that time vehicles must physically move only to a given place, while their way back is carried out through the shifting time back to the starting point), and which phenomena accompany the appearance of changes in natural elapse of time - thus how to recognise and distinguish when a time vehicle operates in our close proximity. Furthermore, this concept explains also why in reality do not exist all these naive paradoxes of time travel, which were invented by overenthusiastic authors of "science fiction" books, and which are quoted sometimes by orthodox scientists as supposed arguments against possibility of the eventuation of time travel. (An example of these "paradoxes", is a hypothetical situation when a time traveller supposedly killed his grandfather in order to discover later that he himself does exist anymore.) So let us examine here more thoroughly what actually the Concept of Dipolar Gravity states about these paradoxes.
       If trees were the most advanced life form on Earth and could develop intelligence, most probably they would speculate about the possibilities of ordinary travel in space. But without knowing the laws involved in moving from place to place, their speculations would have no limits and would probably be full of paradoxes and unreal ideas. Studying these speculations one perhaps could learn that a tree which moves to the opposite hemisphere must die, because its roots would be pointed into the air while its leaves would be submerged in soil, or that exceeding the speed of sound is impossible because this speed represents a limitative constant of nature, while the tree that would accomplish it would pile up the wave of sound in which the pressure would increase infinitively so that this tree would be blown apart, or even that a tree which moves into a different location must simultaneously exist in two realities (i.e. the old and a new one). The same happens with our present ideas on time travel. Because we are not aware of the laws and restrictions that govern this means of travel, we tend to misuse our imagination and impose no limits on our speculations. In this way various overenthusiastic science fiction creators, additionally manipulated by "simulations" of UFOnauts, introduced many erroneous ideas as "grandparent paradox", "multiplied existence", or "parallel realities". These ideas deviate and confuse our understanding of time travel. Let us remind briefly each of these paradoxes.
       (1) Grandparent paradox. It considers the situation of a time traveller who kills his or her own grandparent. After coming back to his or her own time, this traveller could find himself or herself to be non-existent.
       (2) Multiplied existence. This one claims, that during a time travel we could find ourselves already existing in a destination time and place, only that we would be over there in our different age and preoccupied with activities that we carried out in that age. So we would exist in more than one copy at the same time, namely in our old (or future) copy, plus in further numerous copies of these ourselves that would visit that particular other time. Just such a "multiplied existence" was even marginally illustrated in the film "Back To The Future" (1985, action, science-fiction, with Michael J. Fox in the main role). Namely, the film shows a teenager named "Marty McFly" who, amongst others, just returned to "his times" from a trip to past. But his return occurred several minutes earlier than the moment in which he went into this trip. Therefore, after the return he sees the second himself at the moment when this second "him" just is starting his trip to the past. In turn practically almost entire second film from the same series, namely "Back To The Future II" (of 1989), is based on the "multiplied existence" paradox. Thus, it shows NOT only Marty who sees himself in other times, but also shows Doc Brown who also sees second himself that existed in a different time, and even shows the girlfriend of Marty who sees herself in her adult version.
       (3) Parallel realities. This idea claims that every action taken during time travel initiates another reality, whose course of events would differ from realities already in existence.
       However, at this point it should be emphasized, that the definition of time flow in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (i.e. "time is motionless, but we move through it"), and the technical restrictions imposed on time travel, eliminate completely paradoxes and dilemmas such as those listed above. To understand the work of these restrictions, it is enough to apply to time travel the principle of shifting to a different time described by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. And so, in order to move to a different time it is necessary to shift the "execution control" from our "program of life and fate" to a command that is different than the command which just should be completed. But similarly as shifting the "execution control" in a contemporary computer program is unable to change the operation (algorithm) constituting this program (although it can impact the data input and the result yield by this program), also our shifting to a different time is unable to change the content of motionless "timespace" (although it can alter the fate or path of a given person moving through the time). An excellent analogy which illustrates the limitations of the time travel is the comparison of "timespace" to a kind of permanent landscape, and then to see someone's time travel as one of many different ways of moving through this landscape. Similarly as a traveller who moves through some sort of landscape, is not able to change this landscape into another one, although is able to change some small parts of it (e.g. remove or plant trees, or build a road), also a person who travels in time is unable to form a completely different or new timespace, although he or she can interact with some elements of timespace in which he or she is moving. The effect of these limitations is the complete elimination of chances for "parallel realities", for a "multiple existence", and for a "grandparent paradox". Let us explain now more extensively why none of these paradoxes may occur in the ral time travel.
       (Re. 1) "Grandparent paradox" is physically impossible to take place. The above descriptions of principles of time travel reveal that an "interactive travel in time" (i.e. a travel in which the traveller can take part in the events he or she watches) is possible only between time points through which a given person already lived in his or her "normal" life. To explain this limitation, in order to instantly shift time backward or forward, we need to shift the "execution control" from our "program of life and fate" to a completely different command than the command which just supposed to be executed. But this completely different command still must exist in our "program of life and fate". In other words, for our shift to another time was possible, the time to which we are jumping must be included into the scope and commands of our "program of life and fate". This in turn means, that it is necessary that we already lived "normally" through the time points to which we are jumping. Practically it means, that we are unable to shift someone's time beyond life-span of this person, and that all shifts can be achieved only between time points which we have already reached in our preceding life. The result is that such a time traveller is physically unable to shift to time from before his or her birth, nor to kill own grandfather before his or her own conception.
       (Re. 2) "Multiplied existence" is contradictive to the idea of time travel. After all, in order to e.g. see ourselves in another point of time, our travel in time would NOT be able to change the speed and the direction of the elapse of our personal time. In other words, in spite that we would be able to travel through time, still the unforgiving elapse of time of our lives would take place. In the result, after our own time would run out, we would get old and needed to die. Thus our ability to travel through time would change nothing from our course of life. It would only allow us to watch ourselves in our young age, or to see various historic events. But even when seeing these events we would be too afraid to change anything out of them, because it could bring a catastrophe to our own life, or to life of our close ones.
       (Re. 3) "Parallel realities" would destry principles and mechanisms of the formation and existence of the universe. For example, it is known that in order any reality could eventuate, there mustr be also a world in which it takes place. It is also known, that our world cannot be created from nothing, but it requires matter, energy, space, etc. So if we really form another "parallel reality" with every our new action in a different time, this would mean that we would also form an entire different universe with its mass, new amount of energy, new space, new galaxies and suns, new civilisations, etc. If we should believe in the scientific theories of the "big bang" regarding the creation of the universe, then every our new action in a different time would form another "big bang" and another universe. Then this new universe would need develop for billions of years so that a new reality which we just created could eventuate in it. Means that every traveller in time would be like God - means would be able to create many new universes, and to await until these new universes are ripe for making happen his new realities.
       The principle of time travel described above, causes also that after we build time vehicles, given travellers can live forever only through the repetitive shifting their lives back to the young ages, and then reliving their own lives again a countless number of times. But they are always prisoners of their own times, i.e. they can live infinitively long, but their lifespan is not extended. And this we actually observe in the action in "simulations" of UFOs, described in "Part #D" of this web page.

#C3.1. Remotely controlled "assassination of the grandfather" - means the use of time vehicles for undoing events which already happen:

       The essence and the most vital reason for strangeness of the "grandfather paradox" described in item #C3 before, boils down to the fact that someone kills the grandfather with his own hands, in order to find himself later nonexistent. Thus the strangeness of this paradox is based on the same principle as a "physical lifting ourselves by pulling up our hair". In such formulation of this paradox, time vehicles described here make it impossible - as this is explained in item #C3 above.
       However, the time vehicles described here allow completely different getting rid of this grandfather, e.g. through arranging a remotely controlled assassination of him. Namely someone who shifted to times of the youth met over there bandits who know his grandfather. So he can convince these bandits to shifty back in time and kill this grandfather. In turn when this happen, this conspirer in fact will find himself nonexistent. Only that in such implementation this is no longer the "grandfather paradox", but an undoing events which already happen. The time vehicles described here allow such undoing of events, and even make from them a completely "normal" activity of "immortals". It is also frequently used in practice - for descriptions of examples see item #D6 of this web page. Such an undoing represents also an essence of activities of so-called "time curriers" described in item #D5 of this web page.

#C4. How our future "time vehicles" are going to look-like:

       The name "time vehicle" is going to be assigned in future to any technical device, which is provided with a capability to manipulate on the elapse of time. (For this reason, the best time vehicles will be surgically implanted into bodies of their users - thus taking the shape of "personal time vehicles".) In turn such capabilities to manipulate on time are going to have magnetic devices called the "Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation" (more extensively described on the separate web page named immortality.htm). For this reason, a time vehicle can become any technical device which is going to contain inside these Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation. But amongst a huge number of technical devices which in the future are going to contain these chambers inside, one their group especially well suits the requirements of becoming time vehicles. These devices especially suitable for becoming time vehicles, are space vehicles called "Magnocrafts". The point is that Magnocrafts are spaceships which can fly through vacuum of cosmic space. In turn time vehicles, independently from the ability to travel in time, must also display the ability to conventionally travel in space.
       To summarise the above, time vehicles are going to be called spaceships which presently are known under the name of Magnocrafts, and which apart from the ability to travel through space, obtained also the ability to travel in time by becoming supplied with special devices called Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation. How such real time vehciles are to look-like during initiation of their flights in time, it is illustrated in photographs from "Fig. #G1ab" of the totaliztic web page immortality.htm.

#C5. Practical applications of the ability of our time vehicles to shift back in time:

       My research reveal that changes in the natural elapse of time can be caused technically and utilised in countless number of practical applications! The most interesting fact which emerges from my research on time is that this extraordinary software phenomenon can be induced in a technical manner. In order to form a technical change in the elapse of time, it is enough to "deform magnetic field". All objects that are contained within such deformed magnetic field, are experiencing a shifting in time. This possibility of creating technical version of elapse of time introduces enormous potentials for our civilisation. This is because it allows to utilise time travel for various applications. Let us list here the most important of such applications:
       1. Shaping out the future. Without time travel, whatever we do is irreversible. But if it is possible to shift time back and forth, we can shape our future as it pleases us. For example, if something does not go to our satisfaction, we can shift time backward, and have another go at it. From my research it emerges, that "simulations" of UFOnauts are currently doing this with us (just for this particular reason UFOnauts so thoroughly hide from people). Whatever do not pleases "simulations" of UFOnauts, they shift time backward and change it into something else that is agreeable with their occupational interests on Earth - for actual examples see item #D6 in further parts of this web page.
       2. The repair of past errors. When people already have time vehicles in their disposal, then they are able to repair all errors that they committed in their lives. It suffices that at the moment when they realise making a given error, they shift back in time to the moment of time which proceeds the committing of this error, and in a new passage of time they act in such a manner that this error is not made.
       3. Propulsion of space vehicles. The technically induced change of time can also be used for propelling purposes, as a very useful principle of returning from distant destinations. There are flying vehicles called the Magnocrafts, which are capable of time travel. These vehicles are able to shift people to, or from, distant star systems, simply by shifting them back in time. The principle of this shifting is explained in item #C6 of this web page, under the name "one-way trip". In turn a brief description of the design and operation of Magnocrafts is provided on separate web pages on Magnocrafts, as well as in subsection D10.1 of monograph [8] "Totalizm". It is also described in monographs [1e] and [2e]. Notice that a very extensive description of Magnocrafts is provided in chapter G of monograph [1/5]. It is worth to add, that in subsection P2 of the same monograph [1/5], a formal scientific proof is presented, which states that "UFOs are Magnocraft already build by some other cosmic civilisation". (This proof is an equivalent to the finding, that UFOnauts have currently "time vehicles" in their disposal.)
       4. Saving lives. Whenever there is an accident, time travel can return victims back to life and to health. It is enough to shift time back, and victims are alive and healthy again. Then the reasons for the accident need to be removed. Therefore, after time travel is mastered, accidents and sicknesses can be eliminated completely from human lives, through elimination of reasons for these at times when they are still in the initial stage of their formation.
       5. Reviving dead. Time travel allows also to revive people who just died. It is enough to shift backward in time, to the moment of time when they were alive, and then eliminate the reason for their death.
       6. Living forever (immortality). Time travel allows to accomplish the oldest dream of humanity, namely the never-ending life. After all, when someone's life approaches the ending, it is always possible to shift this person back in time and to allow him or her to pass through the life again. Slightly more about such never-ending life accomplished through repetitions of the reliving it infinitive number of times, is contained in subsection E1 of monograph [8] "Totalizm".
* * *
       Time travel can also be utilised in countless other areas. More details on the practical utilisation of time and travel in time are provided in volume 7 of monograph [8] Totalizm.

#C6. What observable effects a nearby use of time vehicles is going to induce:

       For a civilisation like ours, which has not developed yet the capability to travel in time, it is immensely important to accumulate the knowledge needed to detect the activity of time vehicles build by other civilizations. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see item #B3) allows to foresee a few distinct phenomena already now, which will be observable by outside witnesses, and the noticing of which is a sign of the use of a time vehicle in a close proximity. Three most distinctive out of these phenomena can be called (1) the "state of suspended animation", (2) the "one way trip", and (3) the "effect of time duplication". External manifestations of these three phenomena are to be presented below.
       The "state of suspended animation" can be explained on an example of a case when the reader can see consequences of it. So let us assume that the reader is at this moment in a busy office, and that this office is entered and inspected by some intruders, who have a "time vehicle" (e.g. by UFOnauts). In order to remain unnoticed while inspecting this office, these intruding owners of time vehicles changed their speed of time lapse. They accelerated the lapse of their own time, leaving the time of the rest of the office to elapse at its normal speed. Therefore, while for the entire office only a few microseconds passed, the intruders experience events that for them may occupy several hours. In this way no one in the office has enough time to notice the presence of these intruders. But if by an accident, someone in the office was too close to the intruders when they were changing the speed of their own time, the time of this person from the office would also become accelerated. In such a case, this chance observer of a time vehicle in action would be surprised to notice a view, that would resemble him or her a film that was suspended on a single frame. All his or her colleagues and everything in the office, would appear strangely suspended in motion in very inconvenient positions that they would have in a given moment of time. The boss, just coming through the door, has one leg lifted in the air, looking grotesque standing on the other. The fast typist is frozen motionless with fingers suspended above the keys. The water that someone pours would freeze half way between the teapot and a cup. A paper ball thrown by a colleague would stay in the midair suspended a few centimetres above the rubbish tin. There would be almost an absolute silence. (But because sound waves would be slowed down, a kind of weak "squelch" or "grit" could be heard, which by eye witnesses is described as a sound similar to the noise made during "walking in gumboots full of water" - e.g. see paragraph {3070} from subsection B1, and also subsection C1, in the Polish treatise [3b].) This strange sound is also discussed briefly in item #B1 from the web page about bandits amongst us.) Such a suspension of motion would prevail until the intruders would depart. When the intruders would finish their inspection and depart, everything would rapidly return to normal. All the events described above would continue their course from the point at which they were suspended. The only record that anything at all has occurred, would remain in this person's memory (if this memory is not intentionally erased by the departing intruders) and in his or her personal watch, which together with the person's body, would also be accelerated in time.
       In the manner similar to that described above, the time vehicles are able also to cause the "state of accelerated animation", when the elapse of time of the person who uses a time vehicle, is slowed down in comparison to the elapse of time in his or her surrounding. (Thus all the activities he or she observes in this environment will look as if someone accelerated their speed. Note that sometimes in television they show such films where people move and act funny at accelerated speeds. This is how the surroundings would look-like then.) Such a state of accelerated animation can be highly useful for example during a slow crossing through a wall, when after it is introduced for the person that moves, it allows to not breathe inside of the wall (as for this person who crosses the wall, the entire crossing takes an equivalent to a fraction of second). In case of "simulations" of UFOnauts, for some reasons they use this state relatively frequent, for example for decrease of efficiency of people who are acting against their interests. If they are able to delay the elapse of time for a given person, so that when outside elapses for example 8 hours, for this person elapsed only 4 hours, then the efficiency of actions of so demobilised person is decreased by at least a half, and no-one notices this.
       One of the most noticeable symptoms, that in our vicinity one of these two states (i.e. suspended or accelerated animation) was just used, is the change of indications of time in a nearest clock or watch that was inside of the sphere of influences of a time vehicle. If the change of time introduced by such a vehicle includes also such a clock or watch, then it is recorded in the indications of this clock or watch (in comparison to other watches or clocks that remain outside of the sphere of time change). Thus, this clock or watch shows a time that is either accelerated in relationship to the normal time (when it was included into the state of suspended animation), or is slowed down in relationship to the normal time (when it was included into the state of accelerated animation). Simultaneously, after this rapid acceleration or stopping of the time finishes in a given clock or watch, the further work of this clock is going to occur with a normal speed. Thus the clock is going to maintain later the same time shift (in order to decrease the chance of detecting such manipulations on time, intruding UFOnauts frequently accelerate or decelerate time by a full one hour). Thus, if in our vicinity such a change of time in a watch or clock is rapidly discovered, then this is a sign, that we were subjected to an action of "time vehicles" of "simulations" of UFOnauts. From the amount of time our watch or clock is shifted in time, we can determine what was our acceleration or deceleration of time. Thus, we can also deduce the probable reason, why these UFOnauts intruded our space. (I.e. whether it was our abduction - which usually takes around one hour, or crossing the wall of our house by a time vehicle - which usually takes just several minutes, or intentional delay of our personal time in order to decrease our efficiency in the work which runs against interests of the cosmic occupants - in such a case the delay of our clock may amount to several hours.)
       The "one way trip". The state of suspended animation described above is only the first of numerous extraordinary advantages offered by time vehicles in comparison to conventional or telekinetic means of travel. Another very important their ability is the "one way trip" advantage. This particular capability of time vehicles depends on the completion of physical travel in one direction only, i.e. to a chosen destination, whereas the return trip is obtained not by means of actual travel, but by shifting time back to the point when the whole trip began. In order to express the above in simple words, the "one way trip" depends on physical travelling in one direction only, and on the controlling of time (shifting it back) in order to bring a person to the point from which a given trip was started.
       In order to understand the principles involved in such "one way trips", it is necessary to remind ourselves the definition of time provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. (It is provided in items #B3 and #B5 of this web page, and also in subsection H9.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5].) This definition says that the "time is the flow of execution control through our counter material (software) duplicates". The understanding of this definition is more easy if the reader is aware of the similarity of our counter material duplicates contained in another parallel world, to contemporary computer programs working in the so-called "real time". As we know, such programs are composed of sequences of individual instructions, which are executed by the computer one after the other. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity teaches us, that the elapse of time can be compared to the flow of execution control through the subsequent instructions of such programs. In this Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the computer program represents a stationary "timespace", while the execution control that runs this program and thus that shifts through the subsequent actions (instructions) of this program, represents the elapse of time. According to the above analogy that stems from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, "time is motionless, while we are moving through the time" (or more strictly the execution control from our counter-material duplicates is shifting through the timespace). In this aspect the dipolar understanding of time is opposite to the popular understanding of it. In the popular understanding of time, we are standing motionless, while time is "flowing" around us. One of the consequences of the dipolar understanding of time, is that it indicates the manner of travelling in time. Although the Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that in our set of dimensions elapse of time occurs in one direction only (therefore, in our physical world it is impossible to change the elapse of time), in other set of dimensions, i.e. in the counter-world, it is possible to control time in every possible direction, i.e. its shifting back, shifting forth, accelerating, and also slowing down.
       According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the technical travel through time boils down to the shifting an execution control to the previously "labelled" point of timespace. In the understanding of principles of such shifting of control, again very useful is the similarity between our counter-material duplicates to computer programs. As we know, in computer programs it is possible to return to any point of execution, simply by placing a "label" at the beginning of a given sequence of operations, and then by completing an unconditional jump to this label. Exactly the same happens with the time vehicles. They label a certain point in someone's execution sequence (i.e. a certain point in time), and then they execute the shift of this person's execution control back to that label. The person whose software model is subjected to such a process, perceives it simply as the shifting back of time. Therefore, if some technically advanced creatures who have a time vehicle at their disposal, wish to take a particular person for a trip, they only need to attach a "label" to his or her execution sequence. Then, when the trip is completed, instead of travelling back with this person, they simply shift his or her execution control to that label. In the final effect a person who completed such a trip remembers only the way in one direction (this is because the physical way back does not occur at all), and also after the return he or she discovers with a surprise, that the actual time is the same or even earlier than the exact time when a given trip began.
       The "one way trip" capability of time vehicles allows for carrying out abductions, which take up no recordable period of time. In these abductions chosen individuals are taken on a journey which, regardless of the duration, finishes at exactly the same time as it started. Thus, if during such an abduction someone would continuously observe the abductee, or even hold his or her hand, the observer would not be able to notice the absence, because for the sight and senses of this observer the abductee would continue the presence through the point in time when the abduction actually took place. The occurrence of such an abduction would be vigorously denied by investigators, as acknowledging it would contradict the most fundamental theories of the old "atheistic orthodox science" (which assume that it is time that "flows", whereas we stay motionless within this flow, thus moving in time is presently unexplainable). In my research I had opportunities to meet several reports from such timeless UFO abductions, unfortunately none of them was explained, or even understood by other researchers. An additional difficulty introduced to our research of such cases is, that "simulations" of UFOnauts, usually erase memory of people who have already experienced such timeless abductions. Thus, because their memories have been erased at the point of return, neither they or anyone else are able to have any knowledge of the events that occurred. Even if on some rare occasions, the final memory erasure may fail or is incomplete, the incredible reports of abductees are not taken seriously as no one is prepared to believe their claims of having visited distant planets from other stars, while people close to them had insufficient time to blink their eyes. Especially as the person who tells the story explains with details the trip in one direction, but is unable to explain how he or she returned!
       The principles of time travel described previously apply to the situation when time remains motionless but an active traveller moves through it. However, an opposite way of travelling is also possible, although technically more difficult. It depends on making timespace to dynamically "wave", while a traveller remains motionless. An example of this kind of time travel would be phenomena occurring during the explosion or starting of time vehicles. One of the most frequently occurring of these type of phenomena is another manifestation of time vehicles called here the "effect of time duplication". This effect can most simply be explained by the example of an analogy of time vehicle to a motorboat that is resting in a waveless lake (the surface of this lake represents timespace). If this motorboat rapidly begins to move, it induces waves on the lake. These waves would also toss about an outside observer that was floating in the water and watching the boat. To interpret the above analogy to time vehicles, if such a vehicle causes a rapid "deformation" of time, then an observer from the vicinity of this vehicle will be included into time waves so induced. For the observer these time waves will be perceived as multiple repetitions of the same sequence of events. For example, if the observer heard in a radio a specific song, saw in TV a specific sequence of events on a video clip, or saw a specific car passing by his or her window, after a while he or she will hear again the same song, see exactly the same sequence of events in TV, or see again the same car passing by. It is also worth to add, that because of the principles involved in the operation of time vehicles, which execute their changes of time by a "deformation" of the environmental magnetic field, the use of these vehicles is manifested only within the space where the environmental field is excited by their magnetic circuits. (Thus, the diameter of such sphere of influence is around 2 physical diameters of these vehicles.) Therefore all side effects described in this item can be by chance noticed by observers whose distance from a time vehicle is slightly smaller from this sphere of influence. For the case when personal time vehicles (i.e. those inserted surgically into users' body) are used, the sphere of such influence will not exceed around 4 meters from the alien user. Thus, a person who experiences one of the effects described earlier, can be sure that a time travelling intruder is really close.

#C7. The "imprisoned immortality":

Motto: "The expression 'everlasting happiness' is also a simplest description of the situation when inhabitants of a totaliztic civilisation who mastered the skill of maintaining a continuous nirvana use time vehicles for repetitive renewal of their physical bodies, accomplishing in this manner immortality which becomes an everlasting time of indescribable happiness."

       Time vehicles described in this Part #C, which operate on principles of the deformation of magnetic fields, allow to come true the oldest dream of people. This dream is to accomplish infinitively long life. The principle of giving to the users of these time vehicles the infinitively long lives is relatively simple. It boils down to a repetitive shifting a given person back in time during the final part of his or her life. The person is shifted back in time to the period when this person was young. In turn after this someone is shifted back in time, this person remembers his or her previous lives from previous passages of times, in exactly the same manner as if the living was continued through a normal elapse of time. Therefore people shifted back in time with a time vehicle again to years of their youth, still remember their previous part of life that they led as older people. In this way they are able to relive through their life any number of times, remembering each passage through it. So actual building of time vehicles gives people who have these vehicles in their disposal, a taste of accomplishing the immortality.
       This form of immortality, accomplished through such repetitive shifting back in time, has however a limitation, which makes "prisoners of their own times" all these ones who utilise it. Means, these people may live infinitively long in total. However, their lives always remain limited to the same period of time. For example, they can only return back in time to the date, which must be later than their date of birth. They can also move forward in time no more than to the date when the died naturally. Thus, the outcome of this repetitive shifting back in time is a kind of "imprisoned immortality". Furthermore, during every shifting back in time, these people can take with them mainly their memories. (They take also with them everything that is resulting from their memory, namely their knowledge, life experience, character, weaknesses, prejudices, etc. - see item #C2 of this web page.) But they are unable to take with them anything else (material) - that they did not have already in times to which they just are returning. Thus, if e.g. in older age they meet some necessary technical device, which in times of their youth was not invented yet, or they had a favourite cat or beloved soul-mate which they got to know only in the final phase of their life, then after shifting back in time they loose all this and are forced to do without it until the time when they meet it again in the later phase of their life. (They can also not meet it at all - if in a new passage of time they choose a different path through the life than the path which they followed in the previous passage through time.) Such a limitation and consequences of this "imprisoned immortality" accomplished via time vehicles working on the principle of deformation of magnetic fields described here, impose a special kind of psychological strain onto people who utilise it. In the result of this strain, not for all people this "imprisoned immortality" turns out to be a blessing. Some people, especially those who practice in life the philosophy called parasitism, actually can perceive it as a kind of curse. Means, they will not be able to resist using repetitively this form of immortality - like it was an addiction, but it is going to make them increasingly more unhappy.
       If a given consumer of the "imprisoned immortality" practices in his or her life the philosophy called totalizm, and has a good fortune to live in a totaliztic civilisation, then this form of immortality becomes a true blessing for him or for her. After all, due to leading a pedantically moral life, such someone is going to maintain the state of nirvana the entire his or her life through. So he or she is continually happy, cheerful, and optimistic. Everything satisfies him or her, while his or her soul is not forcing him or her to seek anything better than whatever is already there. Furthermore, such someone continually tries to improve his or her morality, goodness, and the level of perfection. Thus, together with the accumulation of the knowledge and life experience, such someone becomes increasingly productive for his or her surroundings. All others appreciate him or her increasingly more and always want him or her to be with them forever. In the result, for members of totaliztic civilisations the accomplishing of the "imprisoned immortality" described here is a blessing which allows them to lead infinitively long and indescribably happy lives. Slightly more about the "everlasting happiness" that members of such civlisations then experience, is explained in item #F2 of a separate web page about God. In fact, for these people such limited form of immortality in practice turns out to be equally perfect and effective as the true immortality described in item #E3 of this web page. However, the key for such an imprisoned immortality to become a blessing, is the ability of people to maintain themselves in the state of continuous nirvana. In turn, to be able to continually earn for themselves this nirvana, it is absolutely essential that these people live in the society which practices the philosophy of totalizm.
       However, if a given user of the "imprisoned immortality" practices in his or her life the philosophy called parasitism, and also lives in a parasitic society, than this limited form of immortality with the elapse of time turns out to be a kind of curse for him or for her. After all, the life in a parasitic society makes impossible for him or her to accomplish a nirvana. In turn without a nirvana, such someone is all time pulled apart by desires and needs impossible to be satisfied, which eat him or her alive. Because such someone never is able to have everything that is continually desiring, with the elapse of time these unsatisfied desires make permanent changes in his or her psychological makeup. On the other hand, in spite of shifting back in time, the psychology, memory, and needs of such people remain unchanged. Also, as their longevity progresses, their attributes and character becomes increasingly evil and unpleasant. So a time arrives one day, when they become too uncontrollable and too unbearable to other their countrymen, while their life becomes a kind of hell. Thus either themselves voluntarily, or with a delicate push by their countrymen who cannot tolerate their unpleasantness anymore, their life is terminated - in spite that they could live infinitively. In the result for members of a parasitic civilisation, the accomplishing of an "imprisoned immortality" described here is a kind of disguised curse and cheat, which theoretically could give them infinitively long lives, but which in practice drowns them in suffering and hell of increasingly higher unsatisfied desires, increasingly less fulfilled ambitions, and increasingly more powerful feeling of unhappiness, and thus which sooner or later must be terminated with a death. Slightly more about the "everlasting hell" that members of such civlisations then experience, is explained in item #F3 of a separate web page about God. So in fact, in civilisations which practice parasitism, this imprisoned immortality - similarly as everything else that they accomplish, is only a kind of illusion, cunningness, and theory. In practice, life of each citizen of such civilisations is limited and always finishes with a death, only that lasts a bit longer than it would normally, and that it spreads amongst all involved much more destruction and suffering than it should. However, what is even worst, with the progressing number of subsequent repetitions of lives by citizens of such parasitic civilisations, the level of immorality, unsatisfied desires, and the feeling of unhappiness in these citizens is increasingly growing. In the result, such a civilisation with the elapse of time must blow itself up - as this is explained in item #D8 below of this web page.
       Because of this ability of imprisoned immortality, to push the civilisation which uses it into the grip of "everlasting hell", at this point I have an appeal to our descendants who will build time vehicles. Namely, I beg them that under NO excuse they may allow to shift back in time a person which at the moment of shifting is unable to prove that just experiences nirvana.
       An example of civilisation which right now experiences such imprisoned immortality are these "simulations" of UFOnauts whose descriptions are provided in Part #D of this web page.

#C7.1. The group responsibility of members of civilisations which practice "imprisoned immortality":

       In civilisation like ours, everyone takes his or her own responsibility for own fate. So if in all actions he or she pedantically obeys moral laws, then he or she lives a happy and fulfilled live. But if he or she breaks moral laws, then his or her life transforms into a misery and a string of disasters. However, at the moment when a given civilisation builds time vehicles, while members of it accomplish the access to "imprisoned immortality", this individual responsibility is replaced by the one which is best described by well-known saying "all for one, one for all". For example, in this new system of responsibility every member of this civilisation is shifted back in time and receives immortality only if remaining members of this civilisation judge, that he or she fulfils criteria imposed onto this shifting back in time - for example when he or she proves in own life that is able to maintain a continuous state of totaliztic nirvana. In turn every member of this civilisation obtains then an access to such enormous energies and destructive capabilities, that is able to blow up the entire own civilisation whenever wishes. Also every member of this civilisation bases his or her immortal life on the "grace" of members who lead the same immortal lives before him or her. This is because if any of these previous also immortal members of a given civilisation that still exist in a previous point of time of the same civilisation, rapidly decides to blow own civilisation up, then all these descendants who exist and live immortal lives in later points of time of the same civilisation, rapidly also cease to exist - as this is explained in next item #C8 of this web page.

#C8. The "non-existing existence" of evil civilisations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing previously a nirvana:

       Accomplishing the totaliztic nirvana turns out to be the decisive factor which determines the further fate of every civilisation that reached the level of the "imprisoned immortality". If a given civilisation creates in itself such a moral climate, that every member of this civilisation continually maintains the state of totaliztic nirvana, then members of this civilisation live infinitively long while being infinitively happy. Furthermore, with the elapse of time they earn for themselves the true immortality described in item #E3 of this web page. But if a given civilisation begins to repetitively shift back in time its members without making sure that each of the shifted back in fact acquired the ability to earn and to continually maintain the state of totaliztic nirvana, then the moral level of this civilisation begins to drop, until this civilisation become the indescribably evil - as I explained this in item #D9 of this web page. In turn such an evil civilisation after a number of shifts back in time all its members finally blows itself up. After all, with each such a shift back members of this civilisation become increasingly more unhappy and increasingly more evil towards each other, but they simultaneously have increasingly more powerful tools of destruction. In turn at the moment when they actually blow themselves up, the laws that govern over time cause that the universe transforms in such a manner as if this particular civilisation never existed at all. Because for such a satanic civilisations it is only a matter of number of repetitions of the life of their members before they actually blow themselves up, in fact these satanic civilisation which practice the "imprisoned immortality" supposedly do exist and supposedly carry out their evil, but in fact they are already non-existent. So each member of these evil civilisations takes part in a kind of the "non-existent existence". Means, this member does exist until the moment in time when his civilisation blows itself up, then it turns out that in fact he never existed. This is because in the universe there will be no sign of his existence and activity. Because through the repetitive shifting back in time, his existence is like suspended in the same point of time, in which later it turns out that he never existed, the existence of every member of this civilisation is as if he or she really never existed.
       Very interesting is the natural mechanism with the use of which this "non-existing existence" of members of evil civilisations which practice the imprisoned immortality is implemented. This mechanism in itself is so extraordinary, that it bits all the "paradoxes of time travel" which were invented by authors of "science fiction" and which are described in item #C3 of this web page. In order to realise here at least the most vital points why it is extraordinary, now I explain briefly what it is about. If we would to com pare to something a civilisation like ours, which still does NOT have time vehicles, then a good comparison would be a mole which makes its passage under the ground. Similarly as for this mole, in such civilisation at any moment of time exists and lives only a short number of generations, which make changes in the universe which surrounds them and thus leave behind a trail which certifies that they existed. Behind them on the path which they passed lives nor exists nothing apart of marks of their activities. Similarly in front of them also exists nothing. So when any ancestor of this "mole" rapidly gets crazy and decides to blow himself up, he would NOT be able to do this for a simple reason that he would be dead for a long time. Means, in such a civilisation of mere mortals ancestors are NOT a threat to anyone. But a completely different situation is in a civilisation which already uses time vehicles. If we would also seek a comparison that would describe such a civilisation that already practices the imprisoned immortality, then the best comparison would be a tapeworm. The head of this tapeworm is this particular generation which build the first time vehicle, and to which applies the expression "final judgement" explained in item #F1 of this web page. Every next segment of this tapeworm is a generation of this civilisation which was born from the previous generation that already have time vehicles. So similarly like a tapeworm, this civilisation at any moment of time does exist on the entire its length. Means, in every moment of time not only the descendants do exist, but also all the ancestors starting from the moment when time vehicles entered the public use. After all, these ancestors are also immortal. Only that at very end of this "tapeworm" - which is opposite to the head hooked in a single point of time, periodically new segments are growing which represent next new generations of members of this civilisation. So when in the result of drop in the level of morality, any segment of this tapeworm blows itself up, then disappears not only this segment, but also all other segments which were born after this particular one. After all, these next segments existed only because this blown up segment did exist previously. In such civilisation which uses time vehicles ancestors represent the same threat as a given generation. At any moment of time these ancestors can blow themselves up. In this way they blow up also all these who were born from them and who started their immortal lives from them. Thus in such an immortal civilisation each generation of owners of time vehicles like "lives on mercy" of their own ancestors.
       Independently from this web page, the topic of "non-existing existence" is also discussed (although from different points of view) at totaliztic web pages god.htm - about scientific and secular understanding of God (see there item #D7), and also parasitism.htm - about the philosophy of parasitism (see there item #E5).

#C9. "Time black hole" in evil civilisations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing a nirvana:

       Members of evil civilisations which practice "imprisoned immortality" for the first time do not need to blow themselves up at the beginning of the chain of generations which already have time vehicles. (Means not always they need to blow themselves up at the head of this "tapeworm" described in the previous item #C8.) In fact, there is a significant probability that the first blowing themselves up occurs somewhere near the final generation which uses time vehicles. After all, together with the number of generations both their evilness increases, as well as increases the destructive power which each member of these civilisations actually has. So starting from the generation which blown itself up, such a civilisation ceases to exist. But still for a number of repetitions of their lives must exist in it these generations which proceeded the one that blown itself up. For these proceeding generations the point in time in which this civilisation blown itself up turns to be a kind of "time black hole". Namely every member of this civilisation who shifts to this period of time, will not be able to return from this black hole. So all these who visit this black hole with their time vehicles, will simply cease to exist. Thus generations which proceed the one which blown itself up, will be able to just speculate what actually happened, but will never be able to learn facts nor truth.
       The appearance of such a "time black hole" in the future of any evil civilisation which practices "imprisoned immortality" is a kind of the "last warning" which receive generations of this civilisation that still exist before this black hole. After all, the appearance of this black hole in one point of the generational tapeworm of this civilisation actually means that soon another such a black hole is going to appear amongst generations which still do exist. For these still existing members of a given evil civilisation such a hole is a messenger for the beginning of their end - unless they are still able to afford the earning of permanent totaliztic nirvana.
       Of course, for members of this immortal "tapeworm" it becomes easy to detect, that such a time black hole in fact already appeared in their tapeworm. After all, before it appears, these "time curriers" which are described in item #D5 of this web page, are able to pass information in both directions from any point in time to all other points in time. But when this time black hole rapidly appears, then a kind of motionless barrier will appear in the future of this civilisation, from behind which none information can return back to the bottom of this generational "tapeworm".

#C10. How time vehicles are going to cause the "rising people from graves":

Motto: "If you wish to belong to an elite group of people which in the result of 'shifting back' the technology of building time vehicles are going to be returned to the everlasting life, you must already now become known as a person who actively promotes moral live and who is a role model for a moral behaviour."

       The building of time vehicles on Earth is going to cause an extraordinary phenomenon of "shifting back in time" of the technology of building time vehicles. This shifting back technology is going to manifest itself in such a manner, that each time bodies of builders of these vehicles are returned to the time of their youth, time vehicles are going to be build several years earlier. This increasingly earlier building of time vehicles is going to be caused by two factors. Firstly, each time after the builders of time vehicles are moved back in time, they will perfectly remember from the previous lives how to build these vehicles. So they are going to be able to build them faster, means also earlier. Secondly, their purely human feelings to those their close ones, who died only because time vehicles were still unavailable, will mobilise them to undertake even more intense efforts to build time vehicles much earlier. In the result of these two factors, the date when time vehicles become build, is going to be gradually moved backward. Of course, this movement backward is going to have a limit, which is to be defined by the view of the world in people who gradually are going to be called to the earlier building of time vehicles. I estimate, that this limiting view of the world is going to be placed at my (and ours) generation of people. After all, it is my (and ours) generation of people that was the first on Earth which began to use computers. Thus, it is also going to be the earliest generation on the Earth, which will be susceptible to the mobilisation from future generations to initiate earlier the building of time vehicles. In fact, from various own "recalls from the future" I suspect, that I am going to be included during one of these future passages of time into a team which is going to build time vehicles at an earlier date.
       Because of this increasingly earlier building of time vehicles, an extraordinary phenomenon is going to take place on the Earth. Namely, some people who in "normal" passage of time will be forced to die - because during their "normal" life time vehicles were still not build, after the earlier building of time vehicles they become rapidly returned to life. Thus, such shifting back in time of the technology of building time vehicles is going to have this consequence, that many people who already died, rapidly "raise up from their graves". Of course, this "rising up from graves" will have a different character that we typically imagine it from descriptions in the Bible. In reality these people will awake like from a long dream and then they will continue their lives normally like nothing has happened. In turn, after such waking up they will discover, that their bodies are already younger than they remember having them before the death. Only the memory of many out of them will still remember that they already died some time before. All people who in this manner will "raise from graves" will NOT die again later, but will live forever repetitively shifted back in time after each reaching of a more senior time - as it is described in item #C7 of this web page.
       Unfortunately, this "rising people from graves" is going to have a selective (elite) character. This means that NOT everyone is going to be returned to life within the scope of generations which will be included into this shifting back the technology of building time vehicles. Namely, only these people who let themselves know as either giving to others examples of moral lives, or become famous amongst others with their fight for the spread of morality, will selectively be returned to life (i.e. only these people, the level of morality in which is going to provide a guarantee, that they are able to earn the totaliztic nirvana for themselves). The reason for such an elite character of these returned to life, will be the "final judgement" which is explained in item #F1 of this web page. Namely, if the verdict of this final judgement will be the "everlasting happiness" for the humanity, then only moral people will be returned to life during this shifting back the technology of time vehicles. In other words, the returned to such everlasting lives will be exclusively people who with their normal lives give their successors the guarantee, that after the return to life they are NOT going to spoil this verdict with their immoral behaviour. In turn if the verdict of the final judgement will be the "everlasting hell", then again the returned to life will be only moral people. The reason is that the future generations which then already will taste how this hell actually feels like, will exert an enormous pressure on these their ancestors, who are going to implement the shift back of the time vehicles' technology. Their pressure will request to return to life only moral people, or people who fought for morality on Earth. This is because by returning to life only moral people, these our descendants who will be sentenced to the "imprisoned immortality" will obtain a chance, that the previous verdict of the "final judgement" may become somehow invalidated and changed into the "everlasting happiness". So the outcome will be such, that independently of the verdict of the "final judgement" described in item #F1 below, returned to life always will be exclusively moral people. So if you, the reader, just in case, wish to be included into this elite group of selected people, then already now you need to let others know yourself as a person leading a very moral life, and also you need to show to others, that you actively fight to allow the morality to prevail on our planet.
       The phenomenon of "rising of dead from graves" is also described briefly in item #F5 from the web page god.htm - about scientific and secular understanding of God.

#C11. So when our civilisation accomplishes time vehicles (and thus the immortality for all people):

       My analyses of the so-called "Cyclic Table" discussed in chapter B from volume 2 of monograph [1/5] (also shown on a separate web page about propulsion systems), indicates that "time vehicles" in normal circumstances would be build in around 100 years after constructing Magnocrafts and after supplying Oscillatory Chambers of these Magnocraft into the capability to release the Telekinetic Effect. However, the most difficult obstacles on the path to building time vehicles, is to learn the mechanism of time and to develop the principle on which time vehicles operate. On the other hand, thanks to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, these two major obstacles are already removed. So in practice, if the humanity puts into the building of time vehicles the same amount of resources and determination, as it puts into wars and into the development of old-fashioned rocket propulsion, then my estimates suggest that time vehicles could be build in around 50 years after the construction of Magnocrafts. In turn these Magnocrafts could be build already now. Actually in times when I invented them, I still optimistically believed, that I will be able to build operational Magnocrafts still in the duration of my own life. Unfortunately, I did not know then yet, that people take a great pleasure in making redundant from jobs, murdering, or unleashing any other forms of persecution towards these ones amongst themselves who show the biggest creativity - as this is described this in item #11 of the separate web page about telekinetic cells. This is pitty, because if these my dreams could be fulfilled, then the access to time vehicles, and thus also the access to immortality, could still be accomplished by the generation of people which already is born on Earth.
       Unfortunately, with the elapse of time it turned out, that the planet Earth is secretly occupied by our evil relatives which are described in item C of this web page. These our morally decadent relatives cause with their intrigues that instead of building the Oscillatory Chamber and Magnocraft, I spend the majority of my time as an unemployed scientist, or in places where I have no chances to undertake the building of devices which I invented. So it looks like, in reality, time vehicles can be build by humanity only after this point in time, in which our evil relatives blow their civilisation up - as I am describing this in item #D8 of this web page. Fortunately for us, this may happen relatively soon, as these our relatives already for a long time sit on a time bomb which may go off at any moment. So when we are waiting this to happen, in the meantime we should implement totalizm and the respect to moral laws in our everyday lives. This is because only when we consequently apply moral laws in our living, we make sure that our civilisation is not going to follow the unfortunate steps of these our evil relatives.

#C12. The passive replay of timely distant events:

       All previous descriptions from this web page related to an interactive participation in the passage of time. This means, that the descriptions concerned such way of travelling in time, when a given traveller lives normally, only that is positioned in times which are different than these naturally designated for him or her (i.e. in times to which he or she was moved by a time vehicle). Thus, such a time traveller can normally interact with other people and all objects which exist in this different time. However, at this stage of presentation it is worth to add, that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals also another kind of time travel. It could be called "the passive replay of timely distant events". This kind of time travel does not impose any restrictions regarding the time distance to which a given observer goes. But it limits the traveller to the role of a passive observer (witness) only. In the "analogy of shifting a program control" described above, this other means of time travel could be compared to the re-running a sequence of a given program, by some other program. Thus, this other program could show what results a given program would yield, but it is unable to actually identify itself (become) the program that is being run. To put this into another words, in this passive time travel, the traveller can only observe the course of events that occurred (or are going to occur), but he or she is unable to take part in these events or to impact their final outcome.
       From the technical point of view, a device which is to be used for the purpose of implementing this kind of passive travelling in time, is going to be a kind of reversal of the device which is to implement the interactive travelling in time described before. (Means, this device will be like a reversal of "time vehicles".) If we would compare both these devices to something that we know from our present level of technology, then the "time vehicles" can be compared to kinds of "projectors". After all, they impose (i.e. "project") the location of the execution control in our natural programs from the counter-world. In turn the device for a passive replaying of timely distant events described here, can be compared to a reversal of projectors, means to "photo-cameras". After all, this device intercepts and illustrates in a picturesque form, events which are expressed in programs contained in the counter-world.
       In reference to the so-called "grandparent paradox" described in item #C3 above, this "passive replay of timely distant events" would only allow one to observe his or her own grandparent in action, but it still would NOT allow to carry out any interactive interference with life of this grandparent, e.g. would NOT allow to kill him. So as we can see, the universe is perfectly protected against destructive interference in time by irresponsible time travellers.

Part #D: The body of evidence which confirms that some UFO vehicles work on principles of "time vehicles" described in previous parts of this web page:


#D1. Why the knowledge regarding our Magnocrafts allows us to decode secrets of UFOs much faster, while the knowledge of UFOs allows us to accelerate the construction of our Magnocrafts:

Motto: "The same technical device can be invented and constructed completely independently by a whole range of different civilisations which neither help each other nor even are friendly towards each other."

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