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The use of morality in prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes
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25 June 2016

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Welcome to the web page which explains the utilisation of mechanisms involved in work of "morality", for the prevention of destructive "earthquakes" and other cataclysms. Described here are six based on morality methods of self-defence against such cataclysms. On this web page these methods are summarised in item #A2, while their detailed presentation is provided in items #H1 to #M1. In turn the empirical evidence which confirms that these methods are in fact highly effective, is scientifically documented in items #I3 to #I5 from yet another my web page devoted to them, and named petone.htm. All of these methods were worked out from findings of the new so-called "totaliztic science" which researches the surrounding reality from "a priori" philosophical approach that represents an exact opposite to "a posteriori" approach used by the official science to-date (i.e. by this old science paid from our taxes, which sometimes is also called the "atheistic orthodox science" - for details see item #C3 from the web page named telekinetics.htm). Due to this "a priori" approach, the new "totaliztic science" was also able to reply to the question "why selected communities are destroyed by cataclysms?", while knowing this reply it was able to work out and indicate methods of prevention and defence. On the other hand, "a posteriori" approach of the old official "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT allow to go beyond the reply to the question "how this destruction occurs?" - means it does NOT allow to work out and to implement methods of effective prevention and defence.

Would you board a boat, and sleep peacefully in it, if someone would tell you, that in order to make some money the officers of that boat make short-cuts through extremely dangerous rocks? Well, how then it happens that you sit complacently on your own hands, when so many sources are telling you, that our entire world, including your and mine country, pushes strongly towards a disaster. After all, many scientists keep us warning about the incoming disaster - as this is explained in articles indicated in item #H4 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Disaster is also foretold in the Bible, as well as in numerous prophecies (e.g. consider an old Polish prophecy reported in items #H1 to #H3 from the web page named prophecies.htm, which states that the "humanity will bring upon itself such a disaster and depopulation, that men will kiss the ground when they see footsteps of another person"). Actually, already fast approaching disaster you can also detect easily by yourself due a simple calculation of what is the "common ratio" of the geometric progression by which each year increases the number of new countries which fall victims of social uprising, brutality, violent government changes, political turmoil and anarchy, impossible to tolerate corruption, etc. For example, if the last year were 2 new such countries, while this year is already 4 such countries, then this the common ratio "a" of the geometric progression must be around 2. This in turn means, that if the trend is NOT repaired soon due to deep reforms, then by the year 2020 all countries in the world can be wrecked by similar uprisings, violence, immorality, turmoil, anarchy, corruption, etc. In turn "all countries", means also "all producers of food", all safe places where rich people could escape, every place where you could run with your family and friends to survive in the situation of a total anarchy and rules of violence, etc. So instead of further "sitting on your own hands", perhaps you should consider of taking the matter also in your own hands and contribute your wisdom, experience and energy into the difficult task of rectifying this situation. After all, since you are reading this web page, this means that you are a person open to new ideas and sensitive to what happens around you. If also, by any chance, you know the philosophy of totalizm, and (similarly like the author of this web page) you believe that totalizm has the solutions for a democratic, peaceful and moral solving the current problems of humanity, then you should start acting. In turn, from what you should start your acting, some idea may give to you the viewing of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. On that web page I am reporting progress and experiences in my own standing for the election to New Zealand parliament in 2014 - you actually could consider doing the same. After all, if there are two of us, then we could cooperate together, NOT only later in the parliament, but also at the election stage, e.g. in establishing our own political party based on totalizm, with the help from which we could carry out the required social, economic, and political reforms much easier than when we act alone. So please write to me about your progress in this matter - my email address is provided at the end of that web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.

       The bulk of descriptions from this web page was originally a part of the different web page named seismograph.htm (which exists until today and is still available for interested readers). But that different web page was devoted to a thorough description of the instrument called the "Zhang Heng seismograph" which telepathically detects impending earthquakes (here this seismograph is briefly summarised in "part #M"). Therefore, the gradual development of explanations in it, as to how moral mechanisms rule over cataclysms, disturbed the consistency and distracted from the understanding of significance of the instrument described in there. So a need appeared that these sections of it which support the topic "utilisation of mechanisms of morality for prevention of earthquakes" were separated from it and formed into this web page. In this way the gradual development of descriptions presented below was initiated.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       Every year earthquakes cause deaths of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people. On the other hand, there are methods of effective prevention of earthquakes and defence against them. Also, for almost two thousands of years is known to people a telepathic device which allows to detect at large distances the moment when an earthquake is brewing up and is about to strike. Thus, the device allows to give to people an advanced warning about the approaching danger with the sufficient time to let them save themselves and save their property. (This device, called the Zhang Heng Seismograph, was already build and it was proven in action - so we know for sure that it is extremely effective.) Unfortunately, because of a kind of hypocrisy and stubbornness of present "atheistic orthodox scientists", neither these methods of prevention, nor that device, are researched and implemented - although they could save lives and property of these thousands of people. Thus, the main goal of this web page is to realise, that such methods and a device for the prevention of consequences of earthquakes exist and are known since a long time, to explain "how", and "why", they work, and also to indicate the body of evidence which confirms that trully these methods and a device turn out to be effective in practice (of the kind of evidence collected and described in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm). These based on mechanisms of morality methods of defence against cataclysms are already summarised in item #A2 of this web page, while their detailed presentations are provided below in items #H1 to #M1.
       This web page has also additional goals. One of these is to realize, that only in "the world without God" cataclysms would hit innocent people, while true reasons of disasters would lie in behaviours of inhabitants from distant countries - so that victims would have NO ways to prevent cataclysms. But in the world ruled by God, earthquakes and all other cataclysms are "punishments" that God serves only to those people who previously deserved them through practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism that makes impossible to live accordingly to God's requirements. Thus, further goals of this web page include also a scientific elaboration of the fact, that in the world governed by God, every victim hit by a cataclysm actually deserves his or her punishment. This web page explains also, that the understanding of this fact is highly beneficial for people - as this is emphasized also in item #B3 from the web page landslips.htm and item #F1 from the web page totalizm.htm. After all, by understanding "what" and "how" is punished by God, everyone can now effectively defend himself or herself against cataclysms by undertaking prevention measures which agree with methods of God's actions - for details see item #P5.1 of this web page.
       Still another goal of this web page is to document, that many "religious" people also fall in clows of the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism the practicing of which is punished by God with a cataclysm - therefore the sole fact of someone's "religiousness" does NOT protect from cataclysms at all, the same as the sole fact of someone's practicing "atheism" does NOT endanger with the arrival of cataclysms. Therefore this web page documents also typically overlooked truth that "morality" must NOT be confused with "religiousness", and thus that the fact whether someone is to be affected by a cataclysm, or whether is going to be protected from it, depends exclusively on "how moral life he or she leads" and "how actively this someone promotes morality, truth, justice, peace, love, etc." In the best way this fact is explained with words of the Biblical "Book of Ezekiel" verses 33:18-19, quote: "When someone righteous turns back from his righteousness and actually does injustice, he must also die for them. And when someone wicked turns back from his wickedness and actually carriers on justice and righteousness, it will be on account of them that he himself will keep living."

#A2. This web page indicates 6 different methods of prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms (i.e. 6 methods of defence against cataclysms):

       The narration of this web page was organised into the flow of "logical reasoning". It means, firstly in the parts #C to #G are provided philosophical analyses which led to the detection and working out methods of earthquakes' prevention described here. Only then in parts #H to #M are described specific methods of defence from earthquakes. But for the use of these readers who already know a significant proportion of results of my research, in this web page are also embedded "labels" which allow the reading of it "in a reversed order", namely starting from a very short summary provided in item #C1 of this web page - which explains what all these methods of defence are about, then straight going into descriptions of these methods of prevention and defence, and finishing with the use of these "labels" to gradually learn still unknown to the reader sections of my theories, philosophical analyses, and evidence, which reveal "why" these methods work and are effective. So for the use of these ones who are to read this web page "in a reversed order", I am beginning with naming and indication each one amongst these 6 methods of prevention and defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms, sending the reader straight to this part of the web page in which these methods are explained. Here they are:
       1. Prevention of earthquakes through the removal of reasons for their appearance - i.e. by change of the philosophy and behaviours practiced by the population of the endangered area from the previously practiced immoral parasitism into the requred by God version of the moral totalizm. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #H" of this web page.
       2. Holding back the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms through the inclusion to a given community at least "10 righteous". This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #I" of this web page.
       3. Suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to "funding a stipend for an active totalizt". This method of prevention and defence against earthquakes and against all other cataclysms, is described more thoroughly in "part #J" of this web page. In turn my proposal of the practical implementation of it, offered personally by myself already on 18th January 2011 to Christchurch or to any other city endangered by a cataclysm, is provided in item #P5.1 of this web page.
       4. Suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to turning ourselves into an "illustration" and an "example" for others. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #K" of this web page.
       5. Avoidance of finding yourself in the area designated for the destruction by listening to "warnings" given out by God. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #L" of this web page.
       6. The construction of a telepathic "Zhang Heng seismograph" which provides sufficiently early warnings that an earthquake is impending, that our life and property can be saved effectively. (the same "seismograph" warns also about the approach of tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and landslips and mudslides.) This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #M" of this web page.
       It is worth to notice, that the implementation of each one amongst methods of defence and prevention described on this web page, requires the demonstration by people who implement it the required level of "humbleness" and "penitence". This is because the demonstration of such a "humbleness" and "penitence" is a major condition which God imposed onto all his concessions towards people. (For a clear example that these are always required - see fates of a biblical city of "Nineveh" described on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. here in "Re. (2)" from item #G1.) Because of this particular God's requirement, methods described here for sure will never be supported nor researched by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, representatives of this "monopolistic" science are too arrogant and too sure of themselves to humble themselves and to display any level of "penitence" in this matter. It is because of that their arrogance and self-admiration, the official science to date was experiencing exclusively defeats in all matters the researching of which is linked to confronting a superior intelligence which is NOT submissive to present scientists (e.g. in matters of God, UFOs, spirits, etc. - for more details see item #B1 from the web page named ufo_proof.htm).

#A3. The working out of defence methods described here was only possible due to "a priori" approach to research implemented by the "totaliztic science":

       From the everyday life we know, that in order to see and get to know something thoroughly, we need to examine it from at least two points of view - the rule which is best explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm or in items #C1 to #C4 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. For example, in order to get to know the entire appearance of a house, it needs to be viewed at least from (1) front and (2) back. However, the present official science, sometimes also called the "atheistic orthodox science" (means this still "monopolistic" science, which we learn in schools and at universities), researches the reality from only a single approach by philosophers called "a posteriori" - means "from effects to causes". In turn from this approach at most can be established "how" something happens. But it does NOT allow to establish neither "why" this happens nor "how to prevent this" - as more extensively explains this problem "part #F" of this web page. Therefore, it is necessary that our civilisation establishes also completely different (a new) science, which would research the surrounding reality from the opposite approach, by philosophers called "a priori" - means "from causes to effects" or "from God which is the most primary cause of everything, to the surrounding reality which is the effect of work of God". This new science in my publications is called the "totaliztic science" - because its philosophical and scientific foundations are based on the philosophy of totalizm and also on the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (from which theory the philosophy of totalizm emerged, and which developed the formal scientific proof that "God does exist"). The "totaliztic science" allows already to provide answers "why" something happens, "how to prevent this", etc. Thus, it becomes much more handy in the development of methods of prevention and defence against cataclysms, than that old "atheistic orthodox science" is. In addition, it is also "competitive" towards that old "atheistic orthodox science". Hence the official establishing of it would create the situation, that a highly detrimental "monopole for knowledge" of that old science would become taken away from it with huge benefits for the entire humanity, while both these sciences would finally mutually "watch hands of each other" and subject to continuous scrutiny all results accomplished by the competition. (Unfortunately, so far this new "totaliztic science" is still forced to work on principles of "conspiracy", being exposed to persecution, attacks, and accusations from that monopolistic official science. After all, this new science is still neither officially recognised, nor research of it is financed by anyone (apart from the author), while everything that it accomplished so-far was worked out due to the "hobby" research of just a single its creator and scientist - means by the author of this web page.)

Part #B: History of this web page - means how obvious errors of the official science in its atheistic "a posteriori" approach to cataclysmic earthquakes from Christchurch, New Zealand, inspired research that yielded findings presented on this web page:


#B1. Events which revealed the need for this web page:

       Our planet continually experiences deadly earthquakes. On the boxing day of 26 December 2003 the tragic earthquake in the city Bam from Iran claimed over 30 000 human lives. Also on the boxing day, but of 26 December 2004, the powerful earthquake and tsunami waves from the Indian Ocean claimed around 300 000 human lives. All these deadly events remind us how important is to be able to develop a principle, a method, and a working device on the Earth, which would be able to detect remotely the impending earthquakes a sufficient time before they actually strike. At the moment humanity does not have such a working device. However, surprisingly, the humanity knows a principle and an effective method for remote detection of impending earthquakes since 132 AD (means since almost 2000 years). Only that this principle and method seems to be intentionally ignored by present "atheistic orthodox science", means by the official science to-date on the Earth - as this science is defined in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. No-one wants to research it officially. Also no-one is prepared to build officially the alarming instrument that is based upon it. Sarcastically, the reason for this intentional ignoring of this wonder instrument is the fact, that the principle that it utilises extends beyond philosophical horizons of present science. This is because the instrument is based on intercepting and decoding "telepathic waves" (means the phenomenon by ancient Chinese called "chi"), the existence of which this "atheistic orthodox human science" still does NOT want to acknowledge officially. Furthermore, this principle is a living proof of the inferiority and inadequacy of present "atheistic orthodox science", which in 21st century still is unable to understand phenomena which stand behind a technical device that was build almost 2000 years ago. This is why, one amongst most urgent goals of present societies is to "break the monopole for knowledge" of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, and to open for it an effective "competition", through official establishing the completely new "totaliztic science" which is to research the reality from an opposite than so-far approach called "a priori" the scientific and philosophical foundations for which are providing the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm. After all, for as long as the science to-date starts to have an official competition which is going to "look at its hands", this science is NOT going to abandon its highly immoral culture of lazy thinking, unverified claims which fast turn out to be completely false, avoidance of definitive answers and taking responsibility for what scientists claim, "fiddling" with outcomes of research to suit interests of these ones who pay the most, hiding truths, etc., etc. So-far our science and scientists sometimes claim cardinal nonsense only because there is a lack of other authoritative institution, of the kind of such a competitive "totaliztic science" - which could these bullshit reveal to the society and correct it.
       At this moment humanity have mastered technically the method which detects earthquakes only after they have stricken. The reason is that so-far people use only "inertial" seismographs. But their attribute is that they must be "shaken" by an earthquake to be able to register it. However, the excellent principle and effective instrument, which are known to people since ancient times, are much more advanced than present "inertial" seismographs. They allowed to detect remotely earthquakes which still were in the stage of brewing up. Simultaneously, the official ignoring of their principles by present orthodox science does not decrease their usefulness, nor invalidate their historically confirmed successes. Therefore, this web page assumes the honourable task of reminding to people about this ancient principle and instrument that are intentionally discriminated by our present orthodox science. After all, with the use of this principle and instrument ancient Chinese were able to detect incoming earthquakes a long time before these earthquakes inflicted any damage. An extraordinary technical device constructed for this principle and method of remote earthquake detection was then called the houfeng didongy yi. In the Chinese language this name means the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". (Notice that the word "fluid" is used here in the meaning from hydromechanics. It means every substance which is in state other than that of solids.) Presently this instrument is known on Earth under a different and rather misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph".
       Actually every earthquake is "talking" to announce its arrival a long time before it strikes. It is a common knowledge that this "talk" is perceived and understood by many animals which show a clear panic before a powerful earthquake is to strike. Also some humans who have so-called "psychic" abilities, can hear an earthquake coming. The device described on this web page was able to "hear" and "understand" this "talk" of incoming earthquakes as well. Therefore, it was even able to indicate how much time was left before a given earthquake is to strike. Unfortunately, the device was build only once almost 2000 years ago. Then it was forgotten. So now it still awaits for someone to reconstruct it with the use of a modern technology. Regrettably, since this web page was published in March 2003, my continuous efforts to find a research institution which would help me to build this device have failed. It appears that our present scientific institutions are intentionally avoiding investment in a research and technology that would be able to sense warnings from such telepathic "talks" of incoming earthquakes.
       In item #H4 near the end of the web page named seismograph.htm is explained, that similarly to earthquakes, also the tornados broadcast into surroundings similar telepathic warning signals which announce their arrival. These signals from tornados also can be intercepted and understood by the instrument which is just a modified version of the device described on this web page. Therefore the principle of operation and the device "houfeng didongy yi", which are explained on this web page, are capable of remote detection of the approaches of impending earthquakes, as well as murderous tornados, and even hurricanes.
       This web page shows numerous photographs of modern replicas of the "houfeng didongy yi". But we must clearly emphasize here, that none of the replicas shown here ever worked. All of them are only replicas which copy external appearance and selected components of this instrument, but are unable to copy the operation of the original instrument. In fact, so far no-one on our planet managed to produce a working replica of this instrument - in spite that we all are so proud of the advancement of present technology. My research indicate, that the reason for this inability of replicas to work, is that all modern replicas of the "houfeng didongy yi" were constructed on the erroneous principle of operation. Their creators assumed that this instrument originally worked on principles of inertia - means that it worked exactly the same as present seismographs do. However, in reality it worked on principles of an "analogue processing of telepathic signals". Only this web page disclosed for the first time the true operation of this wonder instrument.

#B2. The impulse to prepare this web page was a series of strong earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, occurring on Friday, 23rd December 2011:

       On Friday, 23 December 2011, the city of Christchurch was shaken by another series of several quakes. Two of these earthquakes were of a relatively destructive power. Namely, the earthquake at 1:58 p.m. had the power of 5.8 on the Richter scale, while the earthquake at 3:18 p.m. had the strength of 6.0 on the Richter scale. As a result, again a lot of buildings were damaged, and again many streets of Christchurch were flooded with so-called "liquefaction" - i.e. the ejaculation of underground "liquid mud". More detailed descriptions of these earthquakes are included in the article [1#B2] entitled "A nightmare before Christmas" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue of dated on Saturday, December 24, 2011. These renewed earthquakes, as well as others that came soon after, are described in item #P7 from this web page. That item #P7, as well as the entire "part #S" which follows it, address the difficult topic of competence and accountability of both the whole of official science, as well as local scientists - that in spite of repeated shaking of Christchurch extends to three consecutive calendar years, i.e. to 2010, 2011 and 2012, still seem to be unable to formulate any satisfactory methods for improving the situation of the local population.
       The fact, that another earthquake is to come to the city, one could predict in advance by just comparing requirements of the "true morality" defined in item #B5 from the web page morals_pl.htm, with behaviours which dominated in there over the official procedures of compensations for damages that resulted from previous earthquakes. It was enough to just listen how residents of the city complained in television on the authorities and on the treatment that they receive, or to just read articles on what in this city started to happen - as for example the article [2#B2] entitled "Quake-city pay rise angers residents" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, December 22, 2011; the article [3#B2] entitled "Marryatt may reclaim $68.000 pay rise" from page A5 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, October 23, 2012; or the article [4#B2] entitled "Homeowners face years of waiting for quake repairs" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, December 21, 2011.
       Apparently the residents of the city still remain unaware, that whatever they face is directly linked to what is happening in the city. Therefore, to give them (and others like them) a chance to understand what is going on, I decided to make this website.
       As I am emphasizing it in item #P1 from this web page, in my descriptions I use the example of Christchurch from New Zealand NOT because out of all cities touched by natural disasters, the "group intellect" which occupies Christchurch stands out as having the most exemplary conduct, but because only about that city I have the opportunity to constantly get the required information from newspapers and from TV, and also because that particular city is very close to my heart. (For more information on why to those ones whom I love and respect I rather tell the bitter truth instead of a flattery or "sweet lies" - see item #A5 from the web page named karma.htm, items #A2.9 and #F1 from the web page named totalizm.htm, or item #F3 from the web page named god_exists.htm.)

#B3. The web page named seismograph.htm from the content of which this page was formed, and also the related web page named day26.htm which discusses the topic of "tsunamis" induced by earthquakes:

       These readers, who found themselves interested in the subject area of this web page, are invited to review also the related web page named day26.htm. This related web page discusses the subject of so-called "tsunamis" which, as we know, through the "physical cause-effect chain" are induced by earthquakes. For this reason that another web page day26.htm extends and additionally shows from a different angle numerous topics discussed here on this web page.

Part #C: The "atheistic orthodox science" to-date with its "a posteriori" approach to research is NOT interested in the development of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes, while if it even was interested, then it would only be able to explain "how" earthquakes are formed - thus in order to explain "why they occur" and "how to prevent them" it is necessary to form a new and competitive "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:


#C1. How greed for the "profit without taking responsibility" prevents the present official science from finding effective methods of detecting the impending earthquakes:

Motto: "Since the inability of science to detect that a deadly earthquake is coming, allows some academic decision makers to increase their earnings without taking responsibility for the consequences of their claims, it is not surprising that these decision makers are quietly blocking the research on finding effective methods for detecting the impending earthquakes."

       Quite a few brave people have since a long time unmasks and reveals for the public knowledge that, for example, pharmaceutical companies are trying to increase their profits at the expense of human health, through a gradual elimination of production of medicines that actually heal, and undertaking the production of increasingly larger volume of drugs which only ease symptoms of diseases, and in this way they make patients dependent for the rest of life from buying these medicines. Relevant references to publications revealing this morally shocking fact (of the increase of profits by forcing patients to purchase medicines for the rest of their lives) are provided in item #I1 from the web page named healing.htm. But so far I have not come across anyone who would dare to disclose openly the fact, that almost exactly the same situation exists in several non-medical disciplines of science, especially those involved in the study of cataclysms - for example in research on earthquakes. Indeed many scientists from these disciplines enlarge their earnings by taking part in various "panels of experts", which for a good fee volunteer to, for example, warn people about the approach of specific natural cataclysms. Unfortunately for them, issuing warnings always is linked to accepting a specific amount of responsibility - which, however, these scientists do NOT want to accept. (For example, sometimes the endangered cities would need to be evacuated - while NOT always they are later destroyed by the predicted earthquakes.) Therefore, instead of issuing actual warnings, these scientists prefer to use a trick or an excuse, which allow them to avoid this responsibility and either keep silence - when in fact they supposed to issue warnings, or to tell nicely sounding lies instead of risky truth. In turn such a perfect excuse for them is the claim, that earthquakes, or other cataclysms from which they volunteered to warn, supposedly cannot be predicted. However, in order to be able to extend infinitively such way of satisfying their urge to draw profits from impending cataclysms, without simultaneous taking on themselves responsibilities for their claims, these scientists actually utilise every opportunity they have, to block all promising research on finding by the humanity an effective method for detection of impending disasters. After all, such a sabotaging of research lies in their capabilities, as the access to these "panels of experts usually have only scientists from the highest academic posts - which posts allow them also to make decisions as to what is to be researched, and what should rather be qualified as topics that are "scientific taboo". In other words, these scientists in fact NOT only that botch their warnings about impending cataclysms - for which they take good money, but in addition they also sabotage everything that has a potential for allowing an early detection that such cataclysms are just brewing up. (I.e. they are keenly interested that the humanity e.g. do NOT have an effective method for predicting or detecting impending earthquakes.) Implications of this fact are so huge and so immoral, that to their explanation is devoted an entire separate "part #S" of this web page. After all, they cause that the private interests of a few individuals are blocking the progress for the entire humanity. Thus, I recommend to the reader to carefully read also "part #S" from this web page.

#C2. Why the philosophical foundations of the old "atheistic orthodox science" also make impossible for it to determine and to indicate how people should defend themselves from earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and all other cataclysms?

Motto: "If someone tries to enter a fortified castle from a wrong side, then instead of walking conveniently through an open gate, he or she must break through dozens of walls and moats."

       We live in age of cataclysms. It is enough to look into any newspaper, or to view any television news, to see how the humanity is punished by taking beating from increasingly more destructive cataclysms. In fact, it is just because of the immense escalation of cataclysms in recent times, that some people already started to "make money" and "laugh all their way to the bank", by scaring others with the supposed "end of world" - for the claimed "nearing" and date of which they keep finding ever-new excuses. For example, the article [1#C2] entitled "Countdown begins to 'end of time' ", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post - issue dated on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, informs that in the town Tapachula from southern Mexico a clock is installed which counts down minutes that are left to the moment in time when the 5126-year cycle of the present "Mayan calendar" ends, and thus when supposedly the world "as we know it" is to end (at least according to the increasingly more widespread hysteria). Of course, these ones who get hysterical about the "end of world" to occur in this "winter solstice" (means on 21 December 2012) are enormously wrong. As this is explained in item #N1 below, or in item #B8 on a separate web page named seismograph.htm, the "end of world" is NOT going to happen still for a long time. In turn, when after next thousands and thousands of years it finally is to come, no-one apart from God Himself will know about the exact date of the arrival of it.
       Simultaneously with the huge intensification of these cataclysms, views of people are shaped by the immensely swollen monopolistic institution of the official science, called also the "atheistic orthodox science". This science consumes a significant proportion of taxpayer money. It also behaves as if it knows already answers to all possible questions. But in the matter of the defence of people from cataclysms, this science turns out to be equally hopeless and incompetent like present politicians, bankers, and decision makers are hopeless and incompetent towards increasingly powerful economic crisis - for the supposed controlling of which they keep, though, paying to themselves astronomical salaries. In this item I am explaining what error this old science makes that it turns it to be so hopeless and so incompetent towards cataclysms, and how to repair this error to defend ourselves efficiently from cataclysms. This explanation stems from the finding of the new "totaliztic science", that cataclysms are controlled by the superior intelligence, which does NOT have any interest in cooperating which scientists, while present atheistic orthodox scientists turn out to be completely incompetent in researching problems that results from activities of such uncooperative towards them superior intelligence - for more details see item #B1 on the web page named ufo_proof.htm.
       The reply to the question "why the official science to-date is unable to develop and to teach people an effective method of defence against cataclysms?" is provided by the relatively new philosophy called the philosophy of totalizm. In publications of this philosophy, e.g. in item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm, or in item #C1 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, is explained, that the problem lies in the "monopole for knowledge" of the to-date official science, or more strictly - in the stubbornness with which this science limits its deliberations exclusively to "a posteriori" approach to scientific research. In order to explain here what this problem is about, I am going to use an example of a "strongly fortified castle of ignorance" that is already referred in "motto" to this item - e.g. such one like the castle of Teutonic knights in Malbork, Poland. Namely, if someone tries to get inside of such a castle from a wrong approach, then he or she would be forced to overcome tens of defence walls and moats, before getting inside. But if someone approaches it from the "right side", then can simply enter inside through the main "gate" which remains open already for a long time!
       The old "atheistic orthodox science" researches the reality around us from the approach which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" (means "from effects to causes") - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #A3 above on this web page. Unfortunately, by researching the reality around us from that approach, one is like that person from the previous example - who tries to enter a castle from the wrong side. This is because from that approach it is impossible to determine a number of facts which turn out to be extremely vital for the safety and wellbeing of people. For example, it does NOT allow to establish nor prove that "God does exist" - as this is scientifically proven with the use of evidence presented on the web page named god_proof.htm. It also does NOT allow to define correctly that the so-called "morality" is actually a set of "non-negotiable" requirements, the fulfilment of which God ordered to people - as this is explained in item #B5 of the web page named morals.htm. Furthermore, it does NOT allow to discover, that "all possible cataclysms in reality are just tools of God in correcting the morality in immoral people and immoral communities" - as this is explained e.g. in items #B4, #C2 and #A4 from the web page named tornado.htm. In other words, because of the wrong "a posteriori" approach to research of the surrounding reality, the old "atheistic orthodox science" is unable to give a correct reply to the question "why" cataclysms hit people, nor is able to indicate effective methods for defence against cataclysms. The only thing that this old science is able to determine with such "a posteriori" approach, is the answer (expressed with clever and on purpose difficult to understand, scientific language) of "how" these cataclysms harm people - but this particular answer people learn anyway from their own bad experiences.
       Fortunately, starting from the year 1985, on the Earth a completely new science is developing, called the "totaliztic science". Because of the absolute "monopole for knowledge" of that old "atheistic orthodox science", the new "totaliztic science" so-far is forced to work "underground" while continually being persecuted, sabotaged, scoffed at, slandered by representatives of the old orthodox science, etc. Also, the entire research and activities of this new science never received any official support, grant or financing - therefore are paid exclusively from the private savings of the author of this web page. But this did NOT put off the new "totaliztic science" from the developing by now, as many as several different and effective methods of defence against earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other cataclysms. These methods are described more comprehensively in parts #H to #M of this web page. How effective they are, the reader can determine himself or herself from the evidence presented in items #I3 and #I5 of the web page named day26.htm, or from trying them out. The development of these methods become possible due to "a priori" approach to research (i.e. "from cause to effects") practiced by this new "totaliztic science". This approach turns out to be like the "convenient entering of a fortified castle through the gate which is already open for a long time".
       The new "totaliztic science" has proven, that the key to defence against all kinds of cataclysms is to practice the "right kind of morality". This is because when people begin to practice this "right kind of morality", means when they begin to obey and fulfil moral requirements imposed on humans by their omnipotent God, then, with their obedience, they eliminate reasons for which God was forced to send these cataclysms on the humanity to correct people's morality. In turn, after eliminating reasons for sending cataclysms, these cataclysms are to cease just by themselves. In most brief manner this "right kind of morality", the practicing of which is required for the elimination of cataclysms, is described, amongst others, in item #J1 of the web page named tornado.htm. On this web page, that "right kind of morality" required from people, is described in items from #H1 to #M1. One needs to clearly distinguish it from the present "deviated morality" of the humanity, which gradually and cunningly is introduced into life by "atheistic orthodox scientists" and by immoral politicians who are unaware of the principle of the "survival of most moral intellects" discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science" and described in item #B1 of the web page changelings.htm, and thus who erroneously tell people that in the life one needs to be greedy, aggressive, muscle, brutal, arrogant, lying, deceitful, atheistic, loud, imposing, having no own opinion, etc., etc.
       While rushing in our everyday runs "for bread", we usually do NOT have time for philosophical analyses of the kind presented in this item and web page. So we are NOT even aware, how much the irresponsible politicians already managed to deviate the human "morality". After all, instead of issuing laws that would defend the morality given to people by God, present politicians issue laws which introduce their "private morality" to the public life - for examples of just such their "private morality" and official laws that implement it, see item #B5.1 on the web page named will.htm or item #B4 on the web page named antichrist.htm. Only if one considers (as this is done in item #G3 on the web page named prophecies.htm) what would happen if e.g. Jesus appeared today on the Earth, and also if one discovers then that everything that in times of Jesus was considered to be "good deeds", in present times already turns out to be forbidden, illegal, punishable by laws, etc., realises to us in how deviated and immoral world we actually live. So it should NOT surprise anyone, that God really punishes with increasingly more destructive cataclysms all these people who instead of practicing "the morality given to people by God" actually act immorally because they benefit from this "deviated morality" that is already legalised by politicians and by present human laws.
       In fact, the humanity is going to be troubled by cataclysms until the time when officially is established (and officially is financed) the new "totaliztic science" which from one hand is to explain to the humanity "why" cataclysms trouble it and "how to defend themselves from cataclysms", on the other hand which is to break this destructive for the entire humanity absolute "monopole for knowledge" that is still held tightly by the official "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, when two "competitive" towards each other sciences begin to exist, which are to mutually "look at hands of each other" and scientifically verify claims of the competition, then ceases to exist the to-date culture of irresponsibility, greediness, terrorism, and telling nonsense to people, practiced by representatives of the old atheistic orthodox science, and implemented in laws by politicians advised by these representatives of old science. There is about the time to understand, that similarly like no-one wants to live in the country which is ruled by a single dictator or by a single monopolistic political party, also the life under the dictatorship of just a single monopolistic science leads to errors, deviations, and to tormenting of people. Thus, there is also about the time to roll-up our sleeves and give our own contribution towards the establishment of the new "competitive" totaliztic science. After all, currently is already obvious, that the lifting of the new "totaliztic science" from this necessity to "work underground" and the bringing it to official life, lies in vital interest of every inhabitant of the Earth.

#C3. In order the world works as this is described by the old "atheistic orthodox science", there would need to be NO God:

       Only a highly incompetent science, or a science which has reasons to hide truths from people, refuses to notice that "the world deprived of God" must significantly differ from "the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God". After all, there must exist really a lot of such differences between both such worlds - as this is illustrated on examples item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm. If someone matches these differences to the physical world in which we live, as this is done in item #B2 from the web page named changelings.htm, then it turns out that the world in which we live displays all attributes of the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God. The existence of these attributes is so obvious and so omnipresent, that it allows for the formulation of several formal scientific proofs that "God really exists". These proofs are described in more details on the web page named god_proof.htm. Since there are such countless scientific items of evidence and proofs, which conclusively confirm the existence of God, then whatever about the operation of the universe claims the old "atheistic orthodox science", it is simply either an error, or an immoral misleading of people carried out for drawing various financial benefits. (Notice that the name "atheistc orthodox science" increasingly more people uses to describe this still monopolistic science discussed in items #F1 to #G1 from the web page named god_exists.htm, simplistic claims of which we learn in schools and at universities, and which stubbornly although erroneously tells us, that God supposedly does NOT exist.)

Part #D: Why in the world created and ruled by intelligent God, cataclysmic earthquakes are just one amongst "tools" which God uses for accomplishing his superior goals:


#D1. God has NOT created people "for fun" - He has an important goal which He tries to accomplish with the assistance of people which He created:

       In order to learn that "goal of God in which He created people" - see items #B1 to #B5 from the web page named antichrist.htm.

#D2. Let us learn goals of God that are accomplished via earthquakes, and these goals will reveal to us ways how to prevent earthquakes:

       The goal for which God brings cataclysms onto selected communities turns out to be "correcting morality of immoral people and communities" and the restoration of moral principles of behaviours.

Part #E: The established due to research of the new "totaliztic science" a direct relationship between cataclysmic earthquakes and the level of "immorality" of people that live in areas destroyed by these earthquakes:


#E1. The so-called "group morality" and the primary principle, that "in 'group intellects' all members are responsible for immoralities and all get punished":

       What is the so-called "group morality", is explained, amongst others, in items #B1 to #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. In turn detailed descriptions, how all members of a given "group intellect" (i.e. a city or a community) bear the responsibility (and together are all punished by God) for immoral behaviours of a given "group intellect" governed by just several individuals representing participants of this group intellect, are provided, amongst others, in item #B4 of the web page named parasitism.htm. For example, if the immorally acting "group intellect" is a bank or a so-called "finance company" (such as these described in item #G4 from the web page named will.htm), then if this group intellect acts immorally, the punishment it receives from God as a whole is a bankrupcy. In turn, after the bankrupcy of such a bank or a finance company, all people who were employed in it loose their jobs and the source of income, while all people who kept their savings in it loose their money. Such loses of income and savings represents for all of them the group punishment for a passive tolerating immorality of the entire "group intellect" for which all these people were parts of. This is because God imposes onto every person a "group-linked moral obligation" and later with an "iron hand" makes everyone accountable for obeying or for ignoring that moral obligation (i.e. God "punishes" or "rewards" everyone who belongs to a given "group intellect"). This applicable to all of us "group-linked moral obligation" states that every person which is a part of a larger "group intellect" has an obligation to continually watch the state of morality in the entire "group intellect" to which it belongs, while if this person detects that the group morality of this intellect begins to drop, then this person has a duty to do everything in its power to lift the state of morality of this group intellect to the level that is required by God. In turn, if persons who are parts of a given "group intellect" fail to fulfil their part of the "group-linked moral obligation" imposed by God at all of us, then God issues a group punishment to the entire given "group intellect" by the termination of life of this intellect - accordingly to the principle of the "survival of most moral" described in items #G1, #G3 and #G4 from the web page will.htm and in item #B1 of the web page named changelings.htm. (E.g. in case of immoral banks and finance companies, God terminates their lives through bankrupting them, in case of immoral companies - through dissolving them or absorbing them by other companies, in case of immoral countries – through collapsing them and establishing on their place other countries with a different ideology, etc., etc.) Simultaneously every person which is a part of a given "group intellect" is punished for its passiveness with consequences of the termination of life of that entire group intellect - e.g. clients of bankrupted banks loose their savings, employees of dissolved companies loose their employments and salaries, citizens of collapsed countries begin much more difficult lives in other political systems, etc., etc. But even the more interesting (and educational) is additional punishment served by God individually to these eminences from a given "group intellect" which were personally responsible for the fact that this "group intellect" become so immoral that God was forced to punish it through terminating its life accordingly to the principle of the "survival of most moral". Namely, these personally responsible eminences typically God puts to death - for examples of just such cases of God killing e.g. founding persons, directors, or leaders of immoral "group intellects", see item #G4 from the web page named will.htm.
       There are also kinds of "group intellects" attributes of which make difficult or impossible to punish for immorality through their e.g. bankrupting or dissolving. Examples of just such group intellects are communities living in cities or in villages, as well as owners, crews, and passengers of ships, airplanes, cars, trains, etc. Thus, if such group intellects behave immorally and require a punishment, then for entire immoral communities God sends killer cataclysms, while for immoral owners, crews and passengers God sends a catastrophe. The further part of this web page is discussing just such group punishments from God to entire communities, owners, crews, passengers, etc., for immoralities which are committed in their sight, but towards which they remained e.g. passive, or even (worse) which they supported somehow - e.g. through purchasing tickets from immorally acting airlines.

#E2. Morally behaving communities are NOT troubled by earthquakes nor any other cataclysms:

       Examples which document this fact, are described, amongst others, in items #I5 and #I3 of the web page named day26.htm and repeated in items #I3 and #I5 of the web page petone.htm.

Part #F: Why destructive earthquakes, and other cataclysms, are disastrous only from the human point of view:


#F1. If one learns methods used by God, then he or she knows "for which behaviour", and "how", God is going to punish us, if we act immorally - in turn this knowledge is a primary condition for an effective defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms:

       "Murderous earthquakes" belong to the category of "acts of God" which clearly fulfil the definition of "punishments from God" that affect entire large communities. After all, apart for killing and destroying, these do NOT perform any other major primary function. (On the other hand, the majority of other phenomena, which do NOT fulfil the definition of "punishments from God", usually perform many important primary functions simultaneously.) Although the official human science researches "earthquakes", I never encountered any sign of official scientific research on "God's punishments". Situation with the researching of "earthquakes" while simultaneously avoiding to research "God's punishments", is a repetition a similar situation with present orthodox medicine - which aims at "healing symptoms" but avoids as only can "healing illnesses". (This is why in the society increasingly stronger opinion spreads, that the medicine intentionally avoids "healing of illnesses", because healthy people would be "bad clients" in the booming present business of orthodox medicine - see item #G2 from the totaliztic web page healing.htm.) But I personally believe that the reason for this lack of research on "God's punishments", is the fear of present scientists, that they are going to be symbolically "burned on stake" by "scientific neo-inquisition" that started to rage in the present period of "neo-medieval epoch" (activities of this "scientific neo-inquisition" that operates in the present re-emerge of "neo-medieval epoch" is explained in item #I7 of the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm). I am also ready to bet, that neither readers have heard about such official research on "punishments from God". This is quite pity and even a kind of paradox. After all, the subject which is NOT researched scientifically by our civilization, remains completely unknown to people. This especially concerns "punishments of God" served to entire large communities (means served to "group intellects" - as such entire communities are called by the philosophy of totalizm). After all, e.g. religions are limiting their interests mainly to individual people, thus they do NOT indicate principles of avoiding "punishments of God" by entire larger communities. In other words, in matters of "God's punishments" served to entire communities, our civilization prefers to remain in darkness, ignorance, and in "blindness", similarly like it also remains in matters of UFOs. All these in spite that e.g. Christianity is practiced officially for over 2000 years, and that periodical checks on state of faith regularly confirm that as much as around 90% of people in the depths of their souls still believe that "God does exist" - even if they do NOT practice actively any religion (for the source of this data see item #D1 on the totaliztic web page ufo.htm). The proverb states that "no pain, no gain" - in this case "no research, no reliable knowledge". Unfortunately, in matters of "punishments by God" it would be a good idea to acquire a reliable and modern knowledge of the kind "what exactly" is punishable by God and "in what manner" God really punishes larger communities. After all, if we could know the truth on this subject, then instead of to-date blind "asking for punishments", specific communities could begin to knowingly avoid these punishments. On the other hand, there is no doubt about the fact that God really punishes selected communities. After all, God clearly "promises" such punishing in several places of the Bible (e.g. consider the Great Flood, or fate of Sodom and Gomorrah discussed in item #G1 below). In addition, every now and again God illustrates this punishment for us - as an example consider the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3 from the web page named seismograph.htm. So let us abandon for a moment these "double standards", that while a decisive majority of us still believes that "God does exist", yet an official, open, reliable, and scientific research on anything regarding this God supposedly is NOT desirable to carry out at all. Let us gain a courage to analyze the matter of "God's punishments" served to larger communities in a logical, objective, and evidential manner - as this is enabled by the present state of methods and tools of modern science.

#F2. Analyses of questions "why" reveal that even disasters and catastrophes are justified and also bring various benefits, in turn being such most clearly they are unleashed on purpose:

       We all know the proverb that "Out of something bad always something good comes-out". It teaches us that everything that we humans consider to be "bad', in fact also has good consequences. For example, every murderous earthquake not only kills a lot of people, but also destroys old social structures, obligations, links, and institutions which supported the stagnation and corruption, eliminates old, mouldy and unhealthy buildings in which without earthquakes people would be forced to live, creates opportunity for people who believe in God to prove the power of their faith - e.g. through the devotion with which they help victims, etc., etc. Every war not only decimates countries, but also forces people to new manners of thinking and acting, eliminates and removes parasitic people from governments, removes decadent institutions from countries - which otherwise would maintain stagnation and conservatisms, reminds to nations the value of moral acting, peace, and negotiations, etc., etc. In turn e.g. mosquitoes not only spread several murderous illnesses, but also serve for various other purposes, for example motivate progress through forcing people to seek manners on which these mosquitoes could be annihilated, indicate to people these areas of the Earth in which already prevails the destructive philosophy called "parasitism" - which deprives people of motivations, initiative, and ability to act (and thus the spread of which manifests itself by a high infestation with vermin of the communities which practice it), etc., etc. Even pain and suffering serve for a number of desirable purposes - as this is explained in the web page named god_exists.htm. In other words, catastrophes and disasters are just such only from the point of view of people. In turn from the global point of view of God these are mainly further amongst numerous tools which allow God to restore the balance and totaliztic principles of acting in all areas where these were already abandoned.
       The present atheistic science makes us believe, that catastrophes and disasters are exclusively "bad". Unfortunately, through such a thinking, the science to-date deprives us the motivation to seek replies to vital questions of the "why" type, and thus also to notice these positive consequences of all catastrophes and disasters. On the other hand, without learning these positive consequences, our civilisation does NOT see "why" God brings to people all these catastrophes and disasters. In turn, without knowing the answer "why", our civilisation is unable to realise the existence of very simple manners on which cataclysms can be prevented, nor is able to develop effective methods of defence against cataclysms - of the kind of manners and methods which I am describing in items #H1 and #P5.1 of this web page, as well as in items #A2.3 and #A2.2 of the separate web page named "totalizm.htm". (These futuristic manners and methods of preventing cataclysms and disasters depend on practicing in our lives the moral, peaceful, and progressive philosophy of totalizm - which completely eliminates for God the need to bring cataclysms to people in order to force them to implement this particular philosophy in their lives.)
       Atheism did NOT overwhelmed yet the entire world. Thus, there are people e.g. like myself, who know for sure that God does exist - because they for example learned scientific proofs for the existence of God (of the kind of proofs described on the totaliztic web page named "god_proof.htm"). Such people which are aware of the existence of God, probably sometimes ask themselves these questions "why". Unfortunately, without the knowledge of the highly effective theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - which provides us with the key for getting to know God scientifically, these people typically are unable to find correct answers for their questions "why". Therefore, in this part of the web page I am going to find this answer together with the reader - by relying on findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But before I begin the search for this answer, I would like to remind here that the answer maintains its validity for a whole array of questions "why", the discussion of which is spread over several totaliztic web pages. So let us list here examples of such questions "why" - answer to which is provided in this part of the web page. "Why God troubles inhabitants of poor countries with murderous earthquakes" - of a kind of the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3 of the web page named seismograph.htm. "Why God brings to people catastrophic tsunami waves" - of the kind of these described on the separate web page named "day26.htm". "Why God destroys inhabitants of selected areas with destructive hurricanes" (i.e. hurricanes of the kind described on the web page named "katrina.htm"). "Why God blows out of the surface of Earth entire settlements with the use of murderous landslips and mudslides" - of the kind described on the separate web page named "landslips.htm". "Why God send murderous illnesses to many countries" - of the kind described on the totaliztic web page named "plague.htm". Etc., etc.
       For people who already acquired the scientific certainty that God does exist, and learned methods of God's action, there is no doubt that all these catastrophic events are actually "punishments" send to people by God. After all, the omnipotent God extends the absolute control over the entire our physical world. Nothing in the entire universe happens without His agreement and action. Thus, catastrophes could NOT appear without the knowledge and participation on the part of God. Furthermore, for these people who thoroughly investigate these catastrophes, God always leaves several small details on the spot, which are to discreetly confirm that these catastrophes in fact originate from God (e.g. leaves churches spared from the destruction while located in the very centre of cataclysms - see 2 from item #F3 below). Therefore, before on this web page the reply to questions of the type "why God sends catastrophes to people" is provided, we firstly should have a look in the next item at several examples of such discreet information written by God into typical earthquakes. After all, these examples of information confirm conclusively, that every large and murderous earthquake in fact is caused by God. Also these examples indicate the simple manner (described below in item #H1) in which people can prevent such catastrophes.

#F3. How various regularities contained in supposedly irregular earthquakes confirm that these are NOT initiated at random:

       If the universe IS NOT governed by intelligent and justice-loving God, then earthquakes would have purely random character from every point of view. But if our universe IS governed by a wise God who maintains the universal justice, then even in so random and chaotic events as earthquakes, God also writes discreetly a whole array of regularities. As it turns out, actually a thorough researcher can detect various regularities in strikes of murderous earthquakes. On one hand, these regularities confirm that earthquakes, similarly like everything else that happens in our physical world, are ruled by highly intelligent and wise God. On the other hand, they indicate "why" this wise and justice-loving God troubles people with earthquakes. Moreover, these also create for people the opportunity to predict the place and time of next murderous earthquakes. So let us now review the most vital amongst these regularities that appear in earthquakes.
       1. Earthquakes always destroy the area inhabitants of which already reached the level of so-called "agonal intellect" in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism. In this way the first regularity which everyone can notice not only in earthquakes, but also in all other catastrophes that trouble people, is that these disastrous events "always hit the area which in a given period of time is characterised by the most powerful 'explosive release of moral energy' caused by the practicing of advanced form of philosophy called parasitism by inhabitants of that area". This regularity is explained more comprehensively in item #F4 below. Because symptoms of someone practicing the philosophy of parasitism include, amongst others, stagnation, corruption, ignorance, inability to improve own situation, privacy, egoism, poverty, chaos, indecisiveness, the lack of unity and organisation, dependency on help of others instead of own work, etc., outside witnesses of such earthquakes notice this regularity as a subjective impression, that earthquakes always seem to strike and "harm" people who even without them are already very poor, hopeless, and desperate. An excellent example of the earthquake which hit just such a community already paralysed completely due to the slipping down in its practicing of the philosophy of parasitism into the state of "agonal intellect", is the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3 from the web page named seismograph.htm.
       2. Earthquakes and other catastrophes always meaningfully ovoid destroying at least one religious object located in the area of destruction. I personally believe, that this intentional avoiding the destruction of religious objects is the most meaningful and significant regularity with which God clearly lets us know that a given catastrophe is a "God's punishment for practicing the philosophy of parasitism". This regularity hits our eyes in practically all natural catastrophes - unless there was a religious reason that given objects of cult or religion were destroyed. I discovered this regularity for the first time during the analysis of effects of tsunami described on the totaliztic web page day26.htm - during which living quarters and houses were massively destroyed, but mosques and Buddhist temples survived untouched. Then the same regularity hit my eyes during the tsunami from the island of Samoa on Tuesday morning, 29 September 2009 - see the description of that tsunami in item #F2 of the web page named day26.htm. On the island of Samoa also living quarters and homes were completely ruined, but the local church that stood amongst them was left untouched - in spite that it was the structure completely closed which must create a huge resistance to the wave of water that hit it. This church still standing there in the area destroyed by tsunami was mentioned in the article "Devotion among devastation" from page A2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Tuesday, October 6, 2009. The same regularity of leaving by God non-destroyed churches was also confirmed in the earthquake from Haiti - as it is indicated in item #C3 from the web page named seismograph.htm, and in the mudslides that destroyed, amongst others, Brazilian towns called "Teresopolis" and "Nova Friburgo" (descriptions of these mudslides are provided in item #H4 from the web page named landslips.htm, while photographs of these churches spared by mudslides and standing in very centre of destructions - in January 2011 one could see on the Polish web site from the address
       It was already after the first formulation of this item, when my attention was brought to two further confirmations of the regularity described here (i.e. that "during catastrophes God always leaves for us a 'sign' through saving a religious object located in the centre of the area of destruction"). One amongst these confirmations was my own recall of a strange event with an old Bible which during the flood in the area of Wairarapa on Wednesday, 5 July 2006 was reported in New Zealand television news. Namely, in a slightly different part of the North Island from New Zealand than the one in which I live, there was then a destructive flood which submerged many settlements and destroyed some houses. I was interested in this flood because I was afraid that the catastrophic rains which caused it could shift to the nearby "Hutt Valley" in which I lived and to flood also my flat - fortunately these so-called "cloud bursts" omitted my valley (most probably for reasons explained in item #I4 of the web page named day26.htm). The owner of one amongst destroyed houses had a very old and precious Bible. When the flood ceased, the Bible was found on a nearby paddock that previously was under water - it was so extraordinary case that it was even later shown in New Zealand television. The point which this farmer identified as a kind of miracle, was that the copy of that Bible survived without being wet or destroyed - as if the Bible was NOT touched by water and it was kept dry during the flood. Since writing this item I started to look more carefully than previously at these parts of television news which reported about various catastrophes. To my dismay, when in evening on 7 February 2010 the television news from New Zealand reported about the first anniversary of the tragic so-called "black Saturday" - during which in Australia 173 people died in the result of catastrophic bush fires from the State of Victoria, I again noted a confirmation described here. Namely, when television cameras were panning through destruction in the burned Australian settlement called "Kinglake", the view accidentally showed to us a church which survived in spite that everything around it was burned. Simultaneously there was a break in the commentary - almost as if for some reason someone intentionally "censored out" from this commentary the information that the church survived untouched by that catastrophe. Intriguingly, when a year earlier this catastrophic bush fire from Australia took place, I was carefully analysing all reports and listened to all news on this subject, and I intentionally looked whether any church was left in there standing. Thus, I know for sure that an information about the survival of this particular church was NOT provided at that time. So now I am left puzzled and wondering. After all, it would be unheard of, if in the democratic Australia for some strange reasons someone could systematically and intentionally "censored out" the information about this church. Besides, that area was inspected by numerous reporters, so to have such a censorship someone would need to unleash a large-scale conspiracy. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that the survival of the church could just be overlooked by all these reporters. Intriguing is also whether in reports from various other catastrophes, on similar principles is also omitted an important information about possible survival of further religious objects that were present in the areas of destruction.
       3. Every earthquake, and also every other cataclysm, has in-build attributes which document simultaneously at least three different mechanisms of its formation. These attributes, as well as these at least three mechanisms of formation that these attributes describe, are explained in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm. Furthermore, they are also described on several other totaliztic web pages. So here I am NOT going to repeat those descriptions.
       4. Murderous earthquakes prefer hitting in days of holidays, and also on 13th and 26th day of months. Another noticeable regularity of earthquakes, concerns dates when these most murderous out of them hit their victims. As this is explained in item #D8 from the totaliztic web page named "day26.htm" and also confirmed on examples from part #P of this web page, and from item #B1 of the web page named seismograph.htm, earthquakes have their favourite days in which they prefer to hit their victims. Most frequently they hit during a holiday (frequently even in the first day of a holiday), as well as on 13th day of a given month or on 26th (i.e. 13+13) of a given month. I tried to explain reasons behind this their regularity in subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4]. For example, the cataclysm occurring during a religious holiday reassures believes in God that it has a religious justification.
       5. Practically every earthquake is predicted by animals. This further regularity of all earthquakes has the multidimensional meaning. For example, it proves that animals are innocent of practicing the philosophy of parasitism by their human masters. Therefore God always allows animals sense the warning about approaching catastrophe. So animals know well what is to come and if they wish so they can escape the destruction. As this is to be explained in further parts of this web page, animals learn about impending earthquakes, because each such earthquake sends a "warning" in the form of a special beam of "telepathic waves" which can be intercepted and decoded by both, animals as well as by appropriately constructed technical devices (one amongst of which is described on this web page). This is why that particular regularity proves also that if people were able to break through the inherited inclinations to follow the philosophy of parasitism, then they could build alarming device described on this web page which would warn them about approaching murderous earthquakes.

#F4. "Explosive" dispersion of so-called "moral energy" that brings disasters:

       Justification of reasons for which God brings various natural disasters on selected areas of the Earth, stems from the theories of two opposite philosophies called totalizm and parasitism. If we would explain in one sentence these reasons, then these would state that "in his effort to restore morality, justice, progress, and peace, God hits with a catastrophe into every area in which the spread of immoral philosophy of parasitism achieved the level of 'agonal intellect', while the consequences of this catastrophe God uses to restore on that area the practicing of moral philosophy of totalizm".
       According to theories of these two opposite philosophies, everything that we do in our lives, causes the flow of unique energy called the "moral energy" through a border that separates two different worlds called "our world" and "counter-world". If whatever we just do is "moral", then this moral energy flows from our world to the counter-world. Thus, in our physical world such morally-correct activities have the character of "implosions" of this moral energy. It somehow happens, that God made beneficial for people everything that works on principle of an "implosion" occurring in our physical world (in turn everything that is based on an "explosion" God turns to be destructive and detrimental for people). However, if we do something that is "immoral", then it causes that moral energy is explosively let out from the counter-world to our physical world. Means, if someone practices this immoral philosophy called parasitism, then he carries out almost exclusively immoral actions. Thus, such a person, institution, society, or country with the parasitic philosophy, causes a local "explosion" of this "moral energy" that brings disasters.
       Reasons for which God was forced to destroy areas on the Earth in which local societies practice the philosophy of advanced parasitism, are described in subsection KA8.2 from volume 7 of monograph [8/2]. Namely, the point is that intellects (means people, institutions, communities, or countries) which in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism slip down to the level of so-called "agonal intellect", cannot be saves and the only option which remains towards them is to allow them to die. After all, by being already in the agonal state, they are NOT able to change their immoral principles of behaviour, while even if someone tries to save them and artificially extends their existence - they just are going to consume resources and energy of the saviour, but their moral state and principles of behaviour will NOT improve. Thus, if they are artificially maintained alive, they will still do a lot of harm, while their immoral behaviours increasingly more are going to demand the restoration of justice. In addition, their philosophy of parasitism is very "infectious". So it is like an infectious moral disease which spreads fast to neighbourly areas. Thus, if a larger area on the Earth slips down to this irreversible level of such "agonal intellect", then in order to protect neighbourly regions from spreading this dangerous "moral illness", and also to restore totalizm on a given area, God has no other option but to decimate and segregate inhabitants of the area with the use of a large catastrophe. After all, every large catastrophe annihilates various human structures, links, dependencies, parasitic traditions, decadent institutions, etc., which previously troubled a given area. It also abolishes the stagnation, exploitation, forces to moral acting, to giving help mutually, to organizing themselves, etc. In the result of such a catastrophe, a given area experiences various external pressures, starts a new life, different people and new ideas take hold in there, etc. Thus, instead of previous philosophy of parasitism, this area temporally is forced to adopt the philosophy of totalizm. In this way, all areas of the Earth where inhabitants slipped down in their practicing of parasitism to the level of "agonal intellects", God troubles or annihilates with destructive catastrophes. This is because if God leaves such areas to themselves, then their parasitic philosophy, like a kind of fatal plague, would spread on the neighbourly areas. In turn the lack of God's reaction to their highly immoral ways would make impossible the restoration of universal justice. (Notice that God clearly warns people via the Biblical story about the fate of "Sodom and Gomorrah", that communities practicing an advanced philosophy of parasitism will be destroyed by cataclysms - as an example see the Biblical "Book of Genesis", 18:22-33, 19:1-28.)
       Of course, in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will" and to leave their views unchanged, God always selects a kind of catastrophe with which He hits a given community, in such a manner that it looks like a completely "random" and accidental disaster. After all, God has an entire arsenal of catastrophes with which He can strike, not just earthquakes described on this web page. Other, also "random" looking catastrophes, include: tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, plagues, collapses of buildings, infernos, terrorism, floods, explosions, etc., etc. Thus, for each situation and community God is able to select both the catastrophe, as well as circumstances in which it strikes, so that these look as if they are completely random and explainable according to the "canon of ambiguity" described in item #C2 on the totaliztic web page will.htm. In this way goals of God can be accomplished without imposing at people different views nor changing their attitude towards God.

#F5. What is the mechanism of change of morality and philosophy in people from areas affected by a cataclysm:

Motto: "Every event in the universe serves to a vital purpose, thus it confirms a purposeful acting of a superior intelligence."

       The practicing of destructive philosophy of parasitism results from the stagnation. This is because every stagnation causes that some people acquire permanent parasitic habits of a highly immoral character. These habits are acquired mainly by people who do not have a so-called "moral skeleton" which results e.g. from their religion, certainty of God's existence, knowledge of totalizm, etc. Thus, for example, if such a person deprived a moral skeleton for a long time is left to itself and lives in the same conditions, then with the elapse of time begins to take care exclusively of itself, acts only along the so-called 'line of least resistance', does only whatever is absolutely necessary, treats differently people whom knows and very differently these ones whom does not know, (lies) says one things and does something completely different, etc., etc. Of course, such immoral individuals with inclinations to acquire parasitic habits exists in practically every society. Therefore almost every society left just to itself for a longer time and not exposed to external pressures, starts to develop various parasitic behaviours. For example, it forms informal structures and links which motivate people to immoral actions such as employing just only own relatives and friends, implementing the principle "matters whom you know, not what you are able to do", practicing corruption, finding ways on which others can be exploited, forming monopoles, paying themselves increasingly higher salaries and premiums, etc., etc. Thus every catastrophe, even if it annihilates just a fraction of members of a given society, breaks stagnation and destroys these informal structures and parasitic behaviours. After all, it eliminates people who previously formed these decadent structures and links, forces these that survived to undertake new activities, positions, and initiatives - about which they still do not know how to utilise these for their own advantage, introduces new people to the system and various new pressures, makes various key people to shift or emigrate out of the area, etc., etc. In this way every catastrophe forces a given community to change the philosophy which it practices as a larger "group intellect", from previous parasitic into more totaliztic. This is why, e.g. soon after the second world war almost all communities from territories affected by fighting started to practice the philosophy of totalizm. (E.g. I experienced personally this totaliztic philosophy via the community of my native village Wszewilki.) But as time elapsed, habits and philosophy of these communities again started to "creep" towards the philosophy of parasitism. Thus, at present time in almost all these communities again parasitism prevails. In turn on territories which already for a long time did NOT experience war nor any other serious disaster, the level of parasitic philosophy which prevails in there is close to that irreversible "agonal state". So probably soon God will have no other option but to shake them again with some catastrophic events which are to restore totalizm for them.

Part #G: How God implements earthquakes and all other cataclysms:


#G1. The "standard procedure" for a cataclysm:

       At the beginning of this web page, in item #A1, is emphasized that the Bible is unambiguous - if someone leads the life of a “wrongdoer” (wicked person), then he or she will be killed because of this. In turn on several different web pages, e.g. on the one named bible.htm, the finding of totalizm was emphasized, that the Bible contains commands and requirements of God explaining "how people must lead their lives", and that this commands and requirements are NOT negotiable - if someone does NOT obey them, then is going to bear consequences. For this reasons, all so-called "group intellects" - means nations, cities, or communities, which refuse to lead their lives in the manner currently called "moral" (i.e. agreeable with requirements of God), are treated with cataclysms which kill these "wrongdoers" and which correct the morality of such "group intellects".
       Item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm explains the finding of the totalizm, that the complete and balanced picture of reality is obtained only if this reality is researched from two approaches simultaneously, namely from the approach called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from effect to cause") and approach called "a priori" (i.e. "from cause to effect"). Unfortunately, the jealously guarding its "monopole for knowledge" present "atheistic orthodox science" researches the reality from just one approach called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from effect to cause"). In turn for such an approach, this science sees only a "half of reality", and thus e.g. is unable to indicate any effective method of defence against cataclysms. On the other hand, when the author of this web page analysed already accumulated by him attributes of cataclysms presented, amongst others, in "part #P" of this web page (and also presented on the entire web pages day26.htm and landslips.htm, in items #H2 to #H4 of the web page tapanu.htm and also in item #B1 of the web page named prophecies.htm), then from these cataclysms emerged very clear regularities. Such regularities, after being processed from an opposite philosophical approach called "a priori" (i.e. "from cause to effect"), indicate several relatively easy methods of defence against cataclysms. Unfortunately, the same "atheistic orthodox science" has reasons (e.g. the danger of loosing its "monopole for knowledge") to block the dissemination of knowledge about these methods of defence. After all, if it turns out that really works a method of defence against cataclysms which I developed, then this would mean that also correct and working are all other ideas which I developed, and which dissemination the official science blocks since around a quarter of century, because they invalidate correctness of the foundations of present atheistic science - i.e. such ideas as my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, totalizm, Magnocraft, time vehicle, Oscillatory Chamber, etc., etc. Therefore, this atheistic science is going to do everything in its power to hold back the verification of any amongst these methods. However, taking under the account the present desperate situation of the humanity with cataclysms, in the vivid interest of endangered cities and communities lies saving themselves with the use of every already developed method of defence, even if the atheistic orthodox science to-date has towards this method some irrational prejudices and intends to NOT allow to disseminate it amongst people. According to the principle explained in item #F1 of the web page totalizm.htm and stating that truth is the source of progress, even if it is unpleasant, this duty of "trying" of self-defence extends also to methods of defence which are described on this web page.
       The theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" explains to us that God is simply a huge, self-aware, natural program (for details see item #C2 on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm, or item #I2 on the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm). In turn being a program, God likes to develop "standard procedures of action" for almost everything that He does. (Examples of a number of such "standard procedures" of God's action, including also a procedure of creating subsequent races of people, are described in items #D1, #D2, and #D3 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm). Probably for this reason, if the leading of "immoral" lives by "group intellects" forces God to "punish" these intellects with a cataclysm, then God also sends this cataclysm according to a "standard procedure of punishing immoral communities with a cataclysm". In a best manner this "standard procedure of bringing a cataclysm" is described in verses from 18:20 to 19:28 of the Biblical "Book of Genesis" - at an occasion of the discussing in there the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and then later is illustrated with numerous examples of immoral cities already punished by God - for summary of legends about destructions of such cities see items #H2 to #H4 of the web page named tapanui.htm or item #B1 of the web page named prophecies.htm. My analyses to-date of the cataclysms to descriptions of which I had an access, reveal the essence of several most frequently repeated stages, in the typically implemented by God "standard procedure of serving a cataclysm". In turn our learning, to what God pays the greatest attention in each one amongst these stages, allows us to develop effective methods of self-defence against cataclysms.
       Here are stages which seem to be repeated most frequently in cataclysms already known to me which I had opportunity to analyse so-far: (1) Warning reminder of "what" and "how" is punished by God. (2) Checking the "complaints" of people arriving to a given city, means checking whether a high number of complaints of outside witnesses about behaviours of the inhabitants of a given city, qualifies this city to receive a God's punishment. (3) "Clarification of reasons" for which this cataclysm is send to a given community. (4) "Warning" a given city (or community) that a cataclysm is going to be send to it - if its inhabitants do NOT change their behaviours and philosophy into more "moral", and giving a chance to them to defend and to protect themselves. (5) Checking whether the required "change" of behaviours and philosophy really took place. The inhabitants of city selected for a cataclysm are tested whether they can document, that they really changed their behaviours and philosophy. (6) Counting and removing the "righteous" people from the area selected for a destruction, and preparation of manners of saving these ones who deserve to be saved. This stage is aimed at making sure that these people, who do NOT deserve the punishment from God, are protected (see the "Book of Genesis", verses 19:12-22). (7) "Sending the cataclysm" (see "Book of Genesis", verses 19:24-28). In cases when there is a real chance that a given city (or community) still can change their behaviour into a more moral, then the destructive cataclysm is served in at least 3 increasingly powerful steps, after each one of which is repeated the completion of all stages (1) to (7) described above, and is also provided a time required for the change of behaviours and philosophy that this city (or community) practices. And so, firstly is served (7a) the "warning cataclysm" which destroys property, but usually do NOT kill people. If after it still the change of behaviours and philosophy does NOT take place, and still a given city or community continues old ways and practicing the philosophy of parasitism, then God serves (7b) the "urging cataclysm" which is to remind that there is about the time to change the philosophy and behaviours. This one destroys properties, but also kills a lot of people. If also after this "urging cataclysm" neither the philosophy nor behaviours do NOT display the required change, then God serves (7c) the final "annihilating cataclysm". After that one the entire city (or a given community) is completely wiped out from surface of the Earth. So it ceases to be suitable for further inhabiting. After the wiping out this city (or community) from the surface of Earth, still left are after it various remains which later are serving as (8) the "moral lesson for further generations of people". Let us now discuss briefly the most vital attributes of each one amongst the above steps.
       Re. (1): The warning explanation "what" and "how" is punishable. This function is performed by an event induced intentionally by God, which reminds to inhabitants of a given city or community, that they must obey commandments of God. In turn the commandments which people must obey, for the last 2000 years are clearly explained in the Bible and in various religions, while lately are also recommended by the philosophy of totalizm with the use of modern language and scientific notations. Of course, practically the entire Bible explains "what" and "how" is punished by God. In addition to this, there are parts and verses in it which clearly emphasize these most severaly punished behaviours. For example, in the "Book of Deuteronomy", verses 27:15-26, is provided a lengthy list of "God's curse on anyone who...". In turn the verse 18:22 from the "Book of Leviticus" reminds us - quote: "No man is to have sexual relations with another man". Verse 30:1 from the "Book of Ecclesiasticus" (note - do NOT confuse it with the different "Book of Ecclesiastes") states - quote: "Whoever loves his son will beat him frequently so that in after years the son may be his comfort." (For more details on the subject of commanded by God way of disciplining the youth - see item #B5.1 from the web page will.htm.)
       Me personally fascinates the immense intelligence and skilfulness with which verses 18:23-32 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis" warn these readers who know how to read them, while simultaneously pretend to be "old stories told by shepherds" for atheists and for internally biased readers. If someone reads these verses, then is stricken by these six repetitions of assurance that the city is NOT going to be destroyed for decreasingly lower number of "righteous" people. These repetitions capture and hold the attention of less careful and inquisitive believer, to realise to him or to her, that if he or she lives in the area where also live a noticeable number of especially morally acting people (i.e. "righteous"), then should NOT wary - because he or she is safe. After all, God clearly promises in the Bible which He authorises, that He never is going to punish and to destroy an area inhabited by a significant number of "righteous" people. In addition these verses emphasize, that the smallest number of such especially moral people, which still is able to prevent a given settlement from the "God's punishment", is ten righteous. Thus, if someone wishes to be reassured, whether a given area is safe from the "God's punishment" - in spite that a large proportion of its inhabitants does NOT behave morally, then he or she should count, whether really knows at least "ten righteous" people living locally. But it is important to take notice of the exact meaning of the word "righteous" which is used in the Bible, and thus not count wrongly for these "10 righteous" some 10 people who are NOT "righteous". After all, a "righteous" is a person who not only just listens to his or her voice of conscience, who lives morally, and who is a moral role-model for others, but someone who in addition to all these attributes also is doing a work which boils down to the judging and categorising of other people - means someone who works actively with the community, who polarises, attracts and groups around himself or herself other morally acting people, who exerts a moral influence on others, etc. So the "righteous" must NOT be confused with the "religious" people - after all, as the most recent religious scandals emphasize this, someone can be highly "religious", but he or she is still practicing the punishable by God philosophy of parasitism. In spite of such significant role that these repetitions of verses from the Bible play for believers, for ordinary readers and for atheists the same repetitions of verses serve to an opposite purpose - namely for the intentional discouraging. Thus, e.g. for atheists the repetitions prevent the content of these verses from being taken seriously and from being analysed carefully. (After all, God always follows the action of "moral field" and act accordingly to the so-called "canon of ambiguity" described in item #C2 from the totaliztic web page will.htm.) But if someone has the so-called "moral skeleton", and because of it treats these verses seriously as a "message from God", then he or she discovers in them two vital facts. The first of these is that in verses 18:27-32 they do NOT refer to Sodom any more, but refer to any "city" in the world. In turn the second fact is that they are so skilfully formulated, that they express everything in the future tense. In other words, these verses actually contain warnings and explanations which God gives to all communities and to all cities of the world, and which extend their validity to all times to come.
       Re. (2): The checking of "complaints" of people that arrived to a given city. If a city (or a community) practices the punished by God philosophy of parasitism, then the manifestation of this practicing always is that almost all strangers arriving to that city, "complain" later on the treatment that they received in there. For example, inhabitants of that city (or community) form a kind of arrogant "gang" which recognises only "their own" while looks down to all others, which makes miserable life to all outsiders, which is snobby, jealous, greedy, and shares nothing with others, which do NOT known what is compassion, helping, politeness, etc., etc. Of course, in such a city (or community) outsiders feel bad and "complain" later about the treatment which meets them in there. Thus God emphasizes in the Bible that "complains" of outsiders are the triggers and the cause of undertaking "punishing procedures" towards a given city (or community). For example, for Sodom and Gomorrah such "complains" are emphasized in the Biblical "Book of Genesis", verse 18:20, while in case of the city Nineveh in the "Book of Jonah", verses 1:2 and 3:2. Then the same "complaints" are also the reflection what outside world thought about a given city (or community), and thus how in the future this city is to be presented in the "moral lesson for future generations of people". Of course, God sees perfectly well the level of morality of this city from the "implosions" and "explosions" of its moral energy. But for people such "implosions" and "explosions" remain invisible. After all, the "moral energy" itself remains invisible to the human sight. But God created this energy and sees its flow. Thus, for God areas in which people practice massively the philosophy of parasitism look like kinds of volcanoes that dissipate moral energy. In this way God can easily notice and select these areas on the Earth, which because of the massive practicing of parasitic philosophy already reached the level of "agonal intellect" and thus demand some sort of catastrophe to be send to them by God. But the problem is, that about immoral behaviours of inhabitants of a given area must learn also outside witnesses from other areas. After all, only then a given punishment serves to next generation as a "moral lesson". In order punishments could serve as such "moral lessons", it is necessary that people from outside areas previously "complained" vividly about the city being punished. For this reason the number of "complains" of outsiders becomes a "trigger" which releases the sending of the "God's punishment" to a given city.
       The Bible also informs (see "Genesis", verses 18:20-21 and 19:1-11), that in addition to visual scanning the level of advancement of philosophy of parasitism in a given area, before sending a disaster God always sends in there His "bodily representations" so that these could in person experience the treatment that inhabitants of a given area serve to visiting people. (What are these "bodily representations of God", is explained in "Re. (3)" from item #D1 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm.) If the community from that area in fact proves its parasitic habits, then the decision about the catastrophe is finally confirmed.
       Knowing that "complains" of outsiders bring a cataclysm, it is possible to develop a "crisis method of cataclysm prevention" which is based on the elimination of such complaints. Although such a method "heals symptoms, not the illness", in a crisis situation it can be used to temporally delay the cataclysm.
       Ad. (3): The clarification of reasons. Because God's punishments are actually "moral lessons" which later must serve people for a long time as moral guidelines to correct behaviours, before God initiates a "punishment procedure" towards a city, He firstly clarifies exactly "for what" a given punishment is served. For this clarification, in old days God used various strangers send to a given city, to experience in there various forms of persecutions, bad treatment, chasing by dogs, etc., and then brought news about these treatments to the rest of the world - for details see e.g. verse 19:5 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis", or see e.g. item #H4 from the web page named tapanui.htm. In present times these clarifications of reasons (i.e. complains of people badly treated) are contained in newspaper articles, television news, in descriptions on internet web pages and blogs, etc., etc. - although still most frequently they originate from visitors to a given city. After all, the most reliable indicator of someone's morality is how this someone treats strangers, emigrants, older people, weaker then oneself, etc. - means all these who do NOT belong to "old boys club", "system", "ours", nor to the group of "former colleagues from the same school".
       Ad. (4): Warning. Every city (or community) punished by God is always firstly "warned" that they are going to be punished. Furthermore, it obtains various chances to be able to defend or protect from the incoming punishment. The warning typically contains also the explanation "for what" a given punishment is served - and contains a condition that "if a given city (or community) does NOT change its ways and philosophy". About the fact that God really requires the change of philosophy practiced by a given city, clearly certify attributes of a "change" that is acceptable to God, described in the Biblical history of the city "Nineveh" - see the Bible, "Book of Jonah", verses 3:1-10. For examples of manners on which in old days such "warnings" were delivered, it is worth to see item #B1 on the web page named prophecies.htm, or items #H2 and #H4 of the web page tapanui.htm. Of course, in present times we have newspapers, radio, television, internet, telephones, etc. So today these warnings may take e.g. a form of statement published in the media - as an example see item #C4 from the web page named seismograph.htm, or see the article "Kaumatua's earthquake prophecy will come true ... eventually", from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post - discussed in 8 from item I3 of the web page day26.htm, or see item #G2 on the web page prophecies.htm.
       The chance given by God to every city (or community), to be able to defend or protect from the incoming cataclysm, has a "self-regulatory" character. It is illustrated and explained in the best manner in item #I1 of this web page, on the example of New Zealand. A long time before New Zealand was affected by earthquakes from Christchurch, it received a model of a device for remote detection of impending earthquakes shown below in "Fig. #M1", and it also received an expertise in the form of my knowledge and creative capabilities, which allowed to build working prototypes of this device and to use these prototypes for alarming of inhabitants of Christchurch (and other cities of New Zealand) that an earthquake is just approaching.
       The human lack of knowledge about "warnings" that cataclysms are coming, typically result from the fact that God makes sure only that they take a form that is accessible to everyone interested (i.e. that everyone who is going to be killed or ruined in the result of given cataclysms, could earlier learn that they are coming - of course only if wants to know this). In turn familiarising oneself with these "warnings" God leaves to the "free will" and choice of every interested person. So in order to learn about just such a "warning", it is NOT enough to passively lie on "one's back" and to await for someone to yell it to our ears - as this is done by present politicians and salesmen. According to the action of the "moral field" the "warnings from God" one must seek actively - typically in places which officially are ignored, but which have a long tradition of honest confirming the truth. After all, it lies in the personal interest of everyone, that due to early learning of such warning, one can undertake a self-defence against given cataclysms. In turn when cataclysms already come, one cannot self-defend against their destructive power with the help of typical today excuse "I was NOT warned about them".
       Ad. (5): Checking whether the required change of philosophy and behaviours took place. Before a cataclysm is served, firstly takes place a check whether previous moves of God, e.g. warnings or earlier treatments, already provided the intended effect, while a given city (or community) actually changes its behaviour and philosophy onto the required "more moral". If inhabitants of that city are able to prove to other people (amongst others to those ones who previously complained about them), that they really changed their ways into more "moral", then the cataclysm is called off. In the "Book of Jonah" from the Bible, verses 3:1-10, is provided a clear confirmation, that if inhabitants of a given city let other people somehow know clearly that they changed their ways and philosophy, then the cataclysm is called off.
       Re. (6): Counting and removing the "righteous" people out from the area, and preparation of manners of saving these innocent people that deserve to be saved. The counting of "righteous" results from the promise of God discussed in "Re. (1)" above, that the city in which lives permanently at least 10 such "righteous" will NOT be destroyed. Thus just before sending a cataclysm, God makes sure, that the number of "righteous" is already in there below the required number of 10, and then God takes out of the city all of them. Also, in practically every cataclysm there are people who avoid it due to a previous guiding that they received, or by some miraculous "coincidence". Although typically they are just "ordinary" people who cannot be described by the definition of "righteous", still most frequently they are more moral from others, and also in their further life usually turns out that God had for them some vital mission to fulfil. In spite that such "coincidences" which save them from a cataclysm, can always be explained atheistically as just "random events", actually when one considers them, they turn out to be this "leading 'moral' and 'innocent' people out of the area affected by a given catastrophe". (Notice that "coincidences" really are "unexplained", as the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date still does NOT know "what" or "who" rules over such "coincidences" with intelligent consequences.) To be honest, even myself I had several cases in my life, when my life was saved just by such a "random coincidence" (an example of this my personal "coincidence" is described in item #77 from subsection W4 of volume 18 in monograph [1/5], while briefly it is mentioned in item #M3 of the web page fe_cell.htm, and also in item #H2 of the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm.)
       Re. (7): Sending the cataclysm. If a given community is to be punished with a catastrophe, then the moment of time and circumstances when the catastrophe is to hit, are carefully planned. For example, the date of it is frequently so designed, that for people who are sensitive to hidden messages, religious reasons for serving it are emphasized. These cities (and communities) about which God and other people already received confirmations, that for sure they are NOT changing their philosophies, are destroyed fast with a single deadly cataclysms. A recent example of just such a cataclysm is the Indonesian province "Bandar Aceh" described on the web page day26.htm. But these cities and communities, which still display a potential for changing their philosophies, typically are "punished" in three steps, served with a growing force. Examples of such "three steps" in punishing cataclysms are indicated in item #M1.2 from the web page telekinetics.htm. Let us discuss now these three steps:
       Ad. (7a): The "warning cataclysm". This one is send at the very beginning as a kind of "warning", and simultaneously "test for morality" and the illustration of the power of "nature". It demonstratively destroys properties, but either does NOT take lives at all, or just kills symbolically a small number of people. After it, a period of time comes, in which the endangering with a cataclysm hangs above heads of punished people, but they receive a chance to document that they changed their philosophy. If necessary, such a "warning cataclysm" is repeated several times. But if in the result of it a change of philosophy and morality does NOT happen, then served is incomparably more destructive "urging cataclysm".
       Ad. (7b): The "urging cataclysm". This one destroys NOT only a lot of properties, but also takes lives of a significant number of people. From analyses to-date seems to appear, that in case of cities it typically destroys around a half of their infrastructure (i.e. houses, streets, water and electricity supply, plumbing, etc.), and kills enough people to make every inhabitant of the city to feel a mourning after someone he or she used to know in person. After that "urging cataclysm" God typically allows the inhabitants to rebuild the city, but He watches whether in the effect of this rebuilding the morality and philosophy of the inhabitants experienced the required improvement. However, if the city does NOT prove that it experienced a significant change in morality and in philosophy, then after the rebuilding is finished, the final "annihilating cataclysm" is served which erases that city from the maps.
       Ad. (7c): The "annihilating cataclysm. This one completely wipes out a given city or community from the surface of the Earth, so that it ceases to be suitable for further inhabitancy by people, and thus it disappears from maps of the world. But as it seems from already occurring cases, usually appears a significant time-gap between an "urging cataclysm" and that final "annihilating cataclysm". This gap looks-like a kind of "verification spread in time" whether destructions caused by the "urging cataclysm" actually induced the required change of philosophy. For example, just so happened with Pompeii. Firstly destroyed was in it around a half of buildings of Pompeii, then God gave to it around 16 years of time and peace - so that inhabitants were allowed to rebuild it. But when it turned out that these destructions and the effort of rebuilding did NOT cause the required change in morality and philosophy, in 16 years later Pompeii was "erased from maps" with this final "annihilating cataclysm" in the form of Vesuvius eruption. Another similar case was the city of Salamis in Cyprus - described in item #H3 of the web page named tapanui.htm. It was firstly half-destroyed by a war. But when it rebuild, yet the immorality and decadency of its inhabitants did NOT change, it was wiped out completely from the surface of the Earth by as many as three tsunamis arriving in short time gaps. So if someone would extrapolate those fates of Pompeii and Salamis to present times, then probably would find as many as several cities described, amongst others, on this web page and on pages related to it (e.g. on pages tornado.htm, katrina.htm, landslips.htm or day26.htm), which further fates would be worth to carefully watch now in order to see whether after finishing their rebuilding from "urging cataclysms" that they received, these morally most incorrigible amongst them will also be wiped out from maps of the world.
       Ad. (8): A moral lesson for next generations. In order the future generations have guidelines and examples for moral lives, the history and consequences of a given cataclysm are then documented in the form of legends, historic descriptions, material remains of the city being destroyed, etc., etc. Examples of just such documentations are described in items #H2 to #H4 from the web page named tapanui.htm.

#G2. How these at least three (3) main manners on which God "camouflages" (hides) the true mechanisms of formation of earthquakes and all other cataclysms (in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will"), prove to us that every cataclysm is extremely carefully planned and implemented by God:

       God implements every cataclysm in so carefully planned and wise manner, that there are embedded into it at least three (3) sets of attributes which document simultaneously at least three different causes and mechanisms of that Act of God. Therefore, depending on the philosophy and views of the person which explains the appearance of a given cataclysm, the origins of it can be explained at least: either as (1) induced accidentally by the "stupid and blind nature", or as (2) induced intentionally by "simulations" of the hostile towards people creatures which I myself call "evil UFOnauts" in my research, or as (3) induced on purpose by God in order to correct the morality of people living in a given area.
       In turn, when the character of a given cataclysm allows to explain it also as caused by, or dependent on, human activities, and when people actually do carry out immoral activities which display cause-effect link to a given cataclysm, then God additionally embeds into it the fourth set of attributes - explained in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm. Namely, in such cases evidence also appears which suggests, that a given cataclysm was (4) caused by immoral activities of people. An example of cataclysms, which in fact contained evidence that they supposedly were caused by explosions of nuclear bombs (i.e. by people), was that highly destructive earthquake and tsunami, which affected Japan on Friday, 11 March 2011, and which were described more thoroughly, amongst others, in items #C7 and #I1 of a separate totaliztic web page named seismograph.htm, and in items #M1 to #M1.3 from yet another web page named telekinetics.htm. A relatively extensive body of evidence which suggested origins of that Japanese tragedy from nuclear explosions, in 2011 was circulated in internet. At that time examples of it was possible to find, amongst others, via and A very similar evidence about a different earthquake in Washington DC, supposedly also induced by nuclear explosions (i.e. about the earthquake described more extensively in item #C8 from the web page named seismograph.htm), in 2011 was available, amongst others, at addresses,, and In turn completely different example of almost a world-wide cataclysm, which also included evidence that suggested its origins from immoral activities of people, is described in items #J1 and #K1 from the totaliztic web page named plague.htm.
       This discovery of the new "totaliztic science", that God embeds into every cataclysm simultaneously at least three (3) different sets of attributes, realises to people a number of immensely vital facts, which previously were NOT understood by the humanity at all. For example, (a) it proves that every cataclysm is prepared by God extremely carefully - and thus that there must exist very vital reasons for which it is implemented (such as the necessity to "correct the morality of a given 'group intellect' "). It also (b) realises, that an exact course of every cataclysm is planned in advance to a smallest detail - thus e.g. the fact "who" and "how" is to be saved from this cataclysm is also planned in advance. What really vital, (c), it proves and confirms beyond any doubt, that cataclysms are NOT implemented by the "stupid and blind nature" (as this is claimed by the old "atheistic orthodox science"), but by immensely intelligent and omnipotent God (as this is scientifically documented by the new "totaliztic science"). After all, "stupid and blind nature" would NOT be able to embed into every cataclysm these at least three sets of attributes simultaneously. In turn from the criminology we know, that even the most intelligent human criminals have difficulties with embedding into their crime this "second" set of attributes which would "set up" into a given crime someone completely innocent. Also in case of attempts of such "embedding the second set of attributes" by human criminals, usually even ordinary policemen are able fast recognise this. However, the fact of embedding by God into every cataclysm these at least three (3) sets of attributes, for almost two thousands of years remained undetected by even the most genius human scientists! In turn thus proving and confirming, that cataclysms are planned by intelligent and omnipotent God, reveals also that (d) there are ways for convincing God, to delay or to abandon the sending of a cataclysm onto a given "group intellect" (i.e. onto a given community) or convincing God to save a given person from the incoming cataclysm. This in turn means, that implementing cataclysms by God allows to develop "methods of effective defence" of the kind described in items #A2, #C2, and #H1 to #M1 of this web page.
       The existence of these at least three sets of equally valid attributes embedded into every cataclysm, which attributes allow to explain every cataclysm at least at three (3) equally valid manners, is discussed from various points of view on a number of totaliztic web pages. Thus readers can find their descriptions e.g. in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm or in item #J1 of the web page named plague.htm.

Part #H: The prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to elimination of reasons for which these cataclysms are to be send - means due to the change of philosophy:


#H1. A simple way on which larger communities are capable to stop the arrival of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms by changing their philosophy and behaviours:

       The principle of our self-defence against earthquakes and against all other cataclysms is very simple. It is enough that communities living in given areas (i.e. local so-called "group intellects") permanently eliminate reasons for which God is forced to "correct the morality of these group intellects" to and "punish" them through sending such cataclysms. Such a "permanent elimination of reasons" is already accomplished when a given community, considered as a whole, changes its morality, philosophy, attitudes, etc., onto these "correct ones - because required by God", means when a given community e.g. begins to voluntarily practice either what God commands in the content of the Bible, or what in a more modern manner is recommended to everyone by the moral philosophy called totalizm. (E.g. when every member of this community in its actions and behaviours begins to practice at least a so-called "intuitive totalizm" - which boils down to listening and implementing "whispers" of own organ of "conscience".)
       One amongst most illustrative evidence, that undertaking practicing of this "correct kind of morality" (i.e. the morality commanded to people by God) eliminates cataclysms, can be the verifiable to everyone fact that areas on which the population practices a version of philosophy of totalizm are omitted by all cataclysms - e.g. see items #I3 and #I5 from the web page named day26.htm. All possible catastrophes hit only these areas, the population of which practices the reversal of totalizm, means the immoral philosophy called parasitism - e.g. consider what happens in Pakistan, Haiti, or Somalia. A similar evidence is also provided by historic analyses. Namely, the intensification of all possible cataclysms takes place in times when the humanity intensifies its immorality (e.g. consider medieval times, and also consider present time - as this is described more thoroughly item #G2 from the web page named plague.htm).
       In the light of the above, a simple method of permanent elimination of earthquakes and other cataclysms described here, boils down to making sure that all members of a given community practice in their everyday life some form of the philosophy of totalizm. In turn how practically undertake this practicing, and what requirements and conditions need to be fulfilled for this purpose, are explained more comprehensively in item #G2 on the web page named plague.htm.

#H2. Additional benefits from the elimination of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms through the change of philosophy being practiced:

       Societies which practice a philosophy of totalizm will display also sufficiently open minds to accept, develop, and implement all new ideas. In turn such new ideas provide also atheistic justifications and capabilities which cause that catastrophes are going to omit them. In this way the practicing of totalizm will protect against catastrophes independently whether someone believes in God or not. For example, societies which practice totalizm already long ago would build a device described on this web page and called the "Zhang Heng seismograph". (But communities practicing a philosophy of parasitism would never be able to mobilise themselves to such a building, while if someone gave them this device for free, they would waste it anyway - in the same manner as ancient Israelis wasted in past the Ark of the Covenant which they received for free - see the Bible, "Exodus", 25:10-28, while Mongols wasted the device described on this web page - see "Fig. #F4" from the web page named seismograph.htm.) In turn such a device would protect these communities from falling victims of earthquakes (and also other "natural" disasters) the approaching of which this device can detect remotely.
       Between us, in recent times increasingly more areas on the Earth approaches the level of "agonal intellect". So it is sure, that the number of murderous catastrophes will fast increase in the nearest future. One can only wait when by a catastrophe is hit e.g. the area in which one lives, or are hit some other areas of the Earth - e.g. the country Somalia or the city London. After all, although from our imperfect (because human) point of view not always is visible what level of advancement of the philosophy of parasitism reached the population of subsequent areas of the Earth, still God has a perfect knowledge in that matter. Thus God knows exactly which community should next time be directed into a moral path with the use of a powerful catastrophe.
       The wider explanation why the humanity is persecuted by God with earthquakes and with other disasters, provided from a slightly different point of view, is provided in item #J1 of the totaliztic web page named newzealand_visit.htm.

#H3. Principles of predicting that a cataclysm is coming:

       The reason for which it is worth to scientifically research the goals, manners of thinking, and principles of God's actions, is to acquire the capability of predicting "what soon is to happen". This is why, one amongst goals of newly being formulated "totaliztic science" (the one described in items #G1 and #F2 of this web page) is to learn gals, manners of thinking, and principles of God's actions, sufficiently well to be able to predict "what God is going to do in a given situation". In turn our knowledge what God is going to do, allows us to align better our actions and behaviours to God's requirements, and the same to lead more happy and more fulfilled lives. After all, in case of e.g. "cataclysms" described on this web page, such an exact getting to know God, allows us to predict whether a given community is going to be a next place where a cataclysm is going to hit soon, and thus also allows us to prepare ourselves to the incoming cataclysm - while sometimes even to undertake actions which would allow us to avoid it. Although God typically does NOT allow people to predict "when" a cataclysm is to hit (after all, the capability of making such predictions would give to specific people the status of "prophets" - while this status is too precious to be given just for this one capability), but God gives to people a chance to learn all signs that inform exactly "where" such a cataclysm is to hit soon.
       Unfortunately, the way God thinks is difficult to investigate, because God thinks in a much different manner than people think. The to-date research carried out by the philosophy of totalizm reveal, that "God thinks at multiple levels simultaneously". It means, that otherwise than people do it, God acts and thinks in a way as it is done by present "multiprocessor computers" described in item #C6 of the web page named prawda_uk.htm. Such a "multilevel" (or multiprocessor") thinking allows God to consider and to process parallel, in the same moment of time, a huge number of various influences, factors, acts, behaviours, limitations, promises, etc., etc. (In turn people "think at one level only" similarly like present "single-processor computers", means people always in a given moment of time do or consider just only a "single action", "one problem", "one reason", "single solution", "one explanation", "one way", "one outcome", etc.) Therefore, the decision of God whether a give area or community is to be hit by a cataclysm, is made by God through simultaneous considering a whole list of various factors. For this reason, our scientific prediction "where" a next cataclysm is to hit (means, our replying to the most vital question "whether the area in which we live is soon going to be destroyed by a cataclysm?") - is quite difficult, although is still possible. As so-far, the philosophy of totalizm managed to identify several vital factors, which God most clearly takes under consideration when He selects the place and the community which are to be hit with the "next" cataclysm. So let us list now most important amongst these factors:
       (1) The "level of submerging" into the philosophy of parasitism - which is reflected by the number of "complains" that harmed outsiders announce about the inhabitants of a given area. This factor is the most vital one - this is why it is going to be discussed wider in next item #H4. After all, cataclysms hit only these cities and communities which already practice an advanced form of parasitic philosophy. In turn areas where this philosophy is NOT practiced, do NOT generate "complains" about locals, thus are NOT troubled by any cataclysms! Unfortunately, in present times the philosophy of parasitism is prevailing already in almost every country and in every community. So the only question which we still may ask, is whether the "level of submerging" into this immoral philosophy already reached the depth which is punished by God.
       (2) The "intensity of the stream of information" teaching other cities or countries, means the "informative value" of manifestations of the philosophy of parasitism practiced in a given area. God created and maintains the humanity for a vital reason, namely to "increase the knowledge". (This "goal of creation and existence of the humanity" in the best way explain subsections A3 and A3.1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], while briefly it is discussed in item #F3 from the web page will.htm.) In turn, as we know this from the analysis of cataclysms, if a community practices an "aggressive version of parasitism", which actively "persecutes" other parasitic communities, thus giving them a vital moral lessons, then God suspends the destruction of such parasitic community. This is because it introduces too significant "educational value" to our civilisation, to just be destroyed. After all, for God knowledge and education are major goals of all His actions. This is why, e.g. aggressively behaving Somalis are NOT affected by cataclysms - although their level of parasitic philosophy is deeper than e.g. the level in Haiti or in Japan. But Haiti and Japan "did NOT gave moral lessons" to other nations, thus their parasitism do NOT served to the progress of knowledge nor towards the educating of people. This is why in item #C7 of the web page named seismograph.htm (and also in items #B4 and #B1 of the web page named parasitism.htm) I am explaining, that it is immensely vital to be active in whatever we do, because the passiveness is punished by God the same as a "partnership in spreading evil". However, the practicing of an "aggressive version of parasitism" does NOT protect against cataclysm, but just delay the time when a cataclysm is served. This is because after some time diminishes the "intensity of a teaching stream of information" generated by a given parasitic community (i.e. the rest of the world is already sufficiently "educated" by it) - and this means that God ceases to have reasons to tolerate any further a given "parasitic educator". Thus, after such a diminishing of the "intensity of a teaching stream of information", God treats this community with a punishment which it deserved since a long time. Because this "suspending of cataclysm arrival" action of the "teaching stream of information" is extremely vital, it i