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How "simulations" of UFOnauts punish immoral people
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17 September 2013

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The Earth is in trouble. The majority of people ceased to act morally and they carry out highly immoral behaviours. Of course, if these people lived in the world deprived God, then they would remain unpunished. But in the world ruled by God, people cannot practice immorality without being punished. So the time of receiving "punishments" has arrived to all most immoral people and communities. But God cannot appear in clouds and begin to throw "lighting bolts" at these people who act immorally. After all, such a manner of "punishing" would remove the so-called "free will" from people. Thus God can only "punish" in a highly "discreet" way - so that e.g. "atheists" of all sorts would NOT know by whom they really are crushed. This web page illustrates how God really serves His "discreet" punishments to immoral people and to immoral communities.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. The goal of this web page:

       The goal of this web page is to realise, that independently from actual "people", on the Earth act also various "simulations" of people. These "simulations" are human-looking beings that God sends to the Earth mainly to implement tasks which are very unpleasant for humans, thus the nature of which would have raised shock and surprise in people - if people were sure that they are actually carried out on the orders of God. Unlike humans, these "simulations" do not have the so-called "free will" - because their minds are connected directly to the mind of God. (That direct connection to the mind of God allows them to strictly implement God's superior goals.) Former folklore from Poland called these "simulated" human-like beings with the word podmieńcy. However, these beings are also known in folklores of other nations of the world - for example in English they are called changelings.

Part #B: Everything is ruled by morality, while the "morality" is a product of the "superior intelligence":


#B1. Laws of morality and justice rule over everything what happens around us:

       What really is the "morality", is explained in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm, while summarised in item #A1 from the web page named totalizm.htm. In turn the work of morality in every area of the human lives is briefly explained in items #B1 to #B4.4 from the totaliztic web page named mozajski_uk.htm.
       Completely opposite to the lies which are told to us by the barking at God, the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the old official science, which still holds an absolute monopoly on people's views and which increasingly more errorneous claims are still taught in schools and at universities), in fact everything that affects people, is in reality a response of God to the kind of morality that these people are practicing. Hence the objective scientific research of the kind described in items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named petone.htm, conclusively prove, that even natural cataclysms hit and destroy only immoral communities, while they jump over the communities which are protected by people behaving in a highly moral manner. In turn the objective research of the type presented in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm reveal, that the majority of immorally behaving people die prematurely at a young age - according to the principle of the extinction most immoral humans. Unfortunately, this official, old, "atheistic orthodox science" refuses to objectively research such facts, so their researching can be started only after the birth of new, the so-called. "totaliztic science" described in more detail in items #C1 to #C6 page named telekinetics.htm. This web page presents some amongst the first findings, that this new "totaliztic science" has reached regarding methods used by God to punish immorality.

Part #C: Temporary "simulations" as an alternative to "permanent existence":


#C1. What are these "temporary simulations":

       A good explanation of all matters connected with the need to exist and to operate on the Earth of these "temporary simulations", is provided in chapter OD from volume 13 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Briefly the problem of these "simulations" is also discussed on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. see item #J1 from the web page named landslips.htm, or item #K1 from the web page named day26.htm, or item #A2 from the web page named parasitism.htm.

#C2. Why these "temporary simulations" are presented to people as UFOnauts:

       The reason for which these “temporary simulations” of human-looking beings are in present times shown in a manner and in situations, as if they are UFOnauts, is that the philosophy of present inhabitants of the Earth does NOT accept the existence of similarly “simulated” in past creatures, previously called with other names, e.g. “devils”, “fairies”, changelings”, etc. Thus present UFOnauts with their actions perform the same functions, which in old days were performed by simulations of “devils”, “fairies”, “changelings”, etc.

#C3. In the meantime the philosophy has changed, but facts remain unchanged:

       Some time after writing this web page I discovered that UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations", means not permanent creations as our cars and ourselves. More on the subject of this "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts one can read from other totaliztic web pages, e.g. from items #K1 and #K2 of the web page named day26.htm. This temporary "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts changes drastically the philosophical meaning of this web page. But it does NOT change facts described on this web page.

Part #D: Temporary simulations are extremely useful in maintaining on the Earth the required level of morality:


#D1. How these "simulations" are used:

       Temporary "simulations" are used for implementing the most responsible and most "delicate" situations.

#D2. How work of “simulations” come to our attention - means how suicidal attacks of “doubles of humans” manipulate our civilisation:

Notice that the subject of "changelings" from UFOs is also addressed on a separate web page named "changelings.htm". This other web page, amongst others, extends information presented here about UFOnauts pretending to be people. It can be run from "Menu 2".
       Beginning from 2004 UFOnauts initiated the large-scale implementation of still another manner of escalating on Earth the mutual hatred and grudges between different groups of people. In general, this new manner depend on utilising "changelings" from UFOs - means utilising UFOnauts who with plastic surgeries were made to look like doubles of selected people. These changelings are to carry out bombings of appropriate groups of people. For example, in the first half of 2005, the favourite area of this type "suicidal" bombings carried out by such UFOnauts was Baghdad in Iraq. Not by accident from these bombings in Baghdad were dying (and still are dying) mainly locals, means Iraqi people. After all, for UFOnauts every human is an "enemy" - so their bombing is successful no matter which people die in it. Each single killed person increases the amount of mutual hate between people - and this is what UFOnauts are after. In July 2005 a similar suicidal bombing took also place in a popular holiday spot in Egypt. Killed over there were almost exclusively Egyptians. Similarly like in bombings from Baghdad in Iraq, for UFOnauts who carried out bombings in Egypt make no difference who died in it - they were mainly after inducing hatred between people. This hatred in turn is induced proportionally to the number of killed people - no matter who becomes the victim. Of course, the technology of UFOnauts is so advanced, that in the last moment before the explosion, these supposedly "suicidal" UFOnauts always disappear from the exploding car of train. After all, in the majority of cases human detectives still are unable to count afterwards from the pieces of human flesh torn apart, whether the bombers in fact died on the spot of bombing. Anyway, even if UFOnauts need to supply for human detectives some sort of evidence in the form of fragments of bodies of supposed bombers, then they still have these unfortunate people for whom the UFOnauts-doubles originally were changed. So it suffices that in the last moment before the explosion UFOnauts change again themselves for these unfortunate people whom they replaced on Earth to carry out the bombing on their behalf.
       The suicidal bombings of doubles from UFOs are the newest invention of UFOnauts. This invention crystallized itself for UFOnauts by accident of 11 September 2001, when just such "changelings" from UFOs pretended that they are Arab terrorists, and piloted two aeroplanes into buildings of WTC in New York - as this is described near the end of this web page. In that tragic for the entire humanity bombing, our detectives were unable to count nor find out, that the leaders of these supposedly "suicidal" bombers had anatomy of UFOnauts, and that in the last moment they in fact disappeared from exploding aeroplanes. After the attack onto WTC, UFOnauts gradually improved their methods of supposedly "suicidal" bombings, until they managed to develop these bombings to the level from the end of 2005, when in fact they were carried out practically every day and when they murdered hundreds of people. So we should not be surprised, that in the majority of cases, UFOnauts pretending to be Arabs in fact blast their own countrymen, means other Arabs. After all, UFOnauts are interested in inducing via these bombings the ever-growing wave of mutual hatred between people. The know that in the final count this hatred is going to be directed against Europeans. So by continuing these bombings, UFOnauts step-by-step pile up a wave of hatred which one day may completely wash out from the surface of Earth our present technical civilisation.
       Although these supposedly "suicidal" bombings carried out by changelings from UFOs are the invention of recent years, the fact of swapping of UFOnauts for famous and influential people is as old as humanity itself. Evil UFOnauts used to change their agents for selected people since practically the beginnings of time. In historic times they utilised this changing on a massive scale for pushing humanity beyond the edge of morality, and for undermining peace and security on Earth. There is a significant probability that practically every influential or famous person on Earth, who was responsible for some dark events that drastically worsened the fate of our planet, in fact was NOT a human, but just such a changeling, means an UFOnaut who was made identical to a given human via a plastic surgery, and then was swapped for this person.
       The oldest historically documented case of just such a swapping of an UFOnaut for a human is described in subsection VB4.6.1 from volume 17 of the older monograph [1/4]. (This subsection VB4.6.1 describes a number of cases, when just such changelings from UFOs were noted, or just such swapping of UFOnauts for people were reported.) For example, on pages 18 to 21 of the book [1VB4.6.1] by Rodney Davies, entitled "Nadprzyrodzone zniknięcia" (the title of original book before the translation into Polish: "Supernatural Disappearances"), published by "Dom Wydawniczy LIMBUS", Bydgoszcz 1995, Poland, ISBN 83-85475-80-X, 255 pages, pb, a case of Romulus is described. (Romulus was the founder of Rome. He was also a killer of his twin-brother, Remus. I frequently wondered whether he killed his twin brother, because the special bond which twin brothers always have, allowed Remus to recognise that the true Romulus was changed for an UFOnaut.) As it turns out from these descriptions, Romulus displayed numerous attributes of just such a changeling-UFOnaut. After he finished his mission of founding the barbaric Rome and initiating the destructive direction of the further existence of this city, Romulus disappeared - as this happens to the majority of such changelings from UFOs. Some time later he show himself to a Roman senator Julius Proculus. But he was already wearing a cosmic suit. He announced to Julius Proculus, that now he is NOT Romulus any more, but a "god" Kwirynus and that he returned to heaven from which he originally arrived - see page 21 in the book [1VB4.6.1].
       I must admit here that I was always puzzled which one out of these two twin brothers sucking a female-wolf on a famous sculpture from Rome, is Romulus, and which one is Remus. But some time ago I examined carefully photographs of this sculpture shown in Internet. From these photographs seems to appear that only one of twins, i.e. this one who knees on one leg, has the "unkempt hair" standing upward. Thus, according to what about the anatomy and the growth of hair in UFOnauts is explained on the web page named day26.htm, probably he is Romulus. After all, this sculpture was made less than 200 years after Romulus disappeared. So people still remembered then how used to look like his hair growing upward on the head.
       Of course, Romulus is NOT the only changeling from UFO about whom we know from history. In Poland is well known another UFOnaut similar to him, named Pan Twardowski. He was also an influential politician in Poland during the years 1547 to 1573. Simultaneously, he did not hide his "supernatural" capabilities, similar to these ones which in present times are demonstrated by the magician David Copperfield. About his extraordinary fits the Polish poet named Adam Mickiewicz wrote even a poem entitled "Pani Twardowska". It is worth to add, that one day this Pan Twardowski went for a walk and never returned from it. His body was never found - so probably he returned to his home planet after he fulfilled the task of pushing Poland away from the course of morality and progress and after he helped the future kingdom of Prussia to separate from the body of Poland. The most recent example of a politician with a similar course of fate, is Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt. On 19 December 1967 he also disappeared in similarly mysterious circumstances as the Polish Pan Twardowski did. Further cases of "changelings" from UFOs, especially these who did a lot of harm to humanity, together with their characteristic attributes, are described in subsection VB4.6.1 from volume 17 of the older monograph [1/4].
       Many changelings from UFOs seem to undergo through a standard course of fate. They substitute on Earth people especially selected by UFOnauts, i.e. these ones which for various reasons later are going to have a significant influence on many other inhabitants of Earth, e.g. rulers, heads of state, actresses, singers, etc. After the changing is carried out, the people who surrounds such changelings-UFOnauts begins to notice that their behaviour drastically changes. Sometimes also their appearance changes as well. As a rule they loose the feeling and understanding of behaviours which in our civilisation are considered to be acceptable. Thus they begin to sleep with small boys, hang their children behind windows of their flats, point loaded pistols at members of closest family, and do many other things which for these people who have grown with our civilisation seem to be unacceptable. With the elapse of time they cut off themselves from their family and relatives. They also become highly immoral. In various ways they corrupt morally many other people onto whom they exert influence, or they do something very destructive, what worsens the course of lives of a significant number of people. After completing their dark task for which they were send to Earth, they rapidly disappear in quite mysterious circumstances. Frequently their bodies cannot be found. However, after the disappearance or death they are still seen by people who used to know them. Thus frequently about them a legend is formed, that they are still alive - only that they remain in hiding somewhere.
       A lot of information is already accumulated on Earth about such UFOnauts who double selected people and are changed for these people. The best source of information about them is folklore of various nations. For example, in the folklore of Ireland there is a rich selection of legends about so-called "changelings", means about evil UFOnauts who are changed for people. In past I read a whole thick book (in English) exclusively on the topic of these changelings. (Unfortunately, I lost somewhere the title and editorial data of this book.) Furthermore, also old Polish legends told us about so-called "podmieńcy", means similar evil creatures who displayed the "supernatural powers" and who in old days were swapped for selected people in order to carry out evil deeds on other people. If someone analyses various sources, it turns out that with just such "changelings", means with doubles-UFOnauts changed for people, the history of humanity is filled up. Practically almost every vital change to worse in the history of Earth, especially the one which caused later the fall down of morality and progress, always was initiated by just such creatures. These were just such creatures that caused the appearance on Earth of all barbaric or destructive trends, organisations, institutions, and countries.
       The most recent source of information about these changelings is present UFO literature. It describes relatively lot of specific information about these doubles, whom UFOnauts change for various people on Earth - most frequently influential or famous. These doubles are prepared by UFOnauts via their highly advanced medicine (plastic surgery) and technology. Then they are changed for selected people on Earth (i.e. these UFOnauts then replace on Earth people to whom they were made similar, while the victims for whom they are changed are taken for good to UFOs). The point is that in order to be able to control our civilisation, UFOnauts must have amongst people a large number of their agents. However, they cannot send these agents into vacuum. After all, every person on Earth must have a family, place of birth, history, documents, etc. Therefore each such agent-UFOnaut send to Earth must be substituted for a real human, who truly existed. For this substituting the UFOnaut agent is prepared medically through undergoing a plastic surgery in which his appearance is made to imitate the appearance of the true person. Quite frequently these unfortunate people chosen to be changed for UFOnauts, are confronted on decks of UFOs with their own doubles (UFOnauts) shortly before the change takes place. The reason is that UFOnauts wish to check whether the victim with his or her behaviour confirms that the double prepared for him is sufficiently similar and that he or she recognises this double to be himself or herself. The appearance of these doubles from UFOs always are so identical to earthly originals, that even the own father or mother, or any other close family member of the changed person, are aware that the changing was already made. At the most, they may sometimes notice that the behaviour of their close one is altered drastically in a given period of time.
       However, the problem with present society is such, that hardly anyone reads UFO literature which reports about abductions to UFOs. On the other hand, in these books is continually highlighted, that in UFO vehicles are "working" (i.e. are robbing people from their biological resources) creatures from space which not only look identically to humans, but also use human languages and have human names. So it is an obvious thing to realize, that if UFOnauts identical to humans "work" in UFO vehicles, then similar to them - means equally identical UFOnauts, are changed on Earth for selected people, in order to mix with us, pretend to be our countrymen, and carry out all sabotages, provocations, setting ups, campaigns, distortions, damaging decisions, attacks, aggressions, from which our planet swarms lately. For God's sake, when we begin see through our eyes and begin to notice what so obvious is going on around us!
       An example of relatively large number of cases described in UFO literature, in which people abducted to UFOs confront their own doubles, is the article [2VB4.7] by Dr Karla Turner, entitled "Wzięcia - zagadka XX wieku" which was published in the Polish quarterly UFO, no 26 (2/1996), pages 53 to 66. The most vital fragments of this article is summarised in subsection VB4.7 from volume 17 of the older monograph [1/4]. On page 60 it describes the following, quote: "In the book Taken a description of one thing is provided, which Pat recalled without the use of hypnosis. She was in a compartment, in which a cloned body was shown to her - a copy of her own body. It was said to her, that this body is going to be used during her resurrection. The creatures told to her, that they work on the command from God and that they create new bodies which according to what the Bible says we are going to receive during the resurrection. They said to her, that they are doing this on the command from Jesus. ... This was the explanation which seemed to Pat the most appropriate. She is very religious person and when these creatures deal with her, they always appeal to her religious believes. In many other cases it is not so, in spite that the same events take then place. Lisa also was shown a copy of her own body, but she was not told about any work done on the command from God nor about any resurrection. She was told straight: 'If you are not cooperating with us, we will change you with this body and no-one is going to notice any difference'." Unfortunately, after Dr Karla Turner died from cancer (or as I believe - she was murdered by UFOnauts who induced in her the deadly cancer), no-one is returning to research on these two women, i.e. Pat and Lisa. However, I am ready to bet, that in later times they both were changed for these their doubles whom they saw on decks of UFOs. On the other hand, even if someone presently finds this Pat or Lisa and asks her "are you the original human, or a changeling from a UFO, means a double of the original human", I am ready to bet that would not receive an answer which would clarify anything. After all, so-far we still do not develop on Earth a method which would allow to distinguish for sure such a double originating from a UFO, from a true human. On the other hand, to count that UFOnauts will admit themselves that they are NOT humans, would be rather silly. At this point I would like to express my sorrow, that I do not have finances for research and that everything that I do is so persecuted. This is because given opportunity I would develop quite fast a method required to distinguish between people and such agents-UFOnauts - of course if only I have the access to necessary funds and to right conditions for research.
       UFOnauts widely utilise on Earth the method of introducing their own agents amongst people - as described here (i.e. depending on changing selected people for UFOnauts who previously were made identical to these people). Through the intense utilisation of this method of settling their agents on Earth, UFOnauts obtain a whole range of benefits. Let us list here at least the most important out of these benefits:
       (i) Multiplying our difficulties with recognition of UFOnauts who mix with people. Through changing UFOnauts for specific people, aliens deprive us a chance for a simple determining who amongst our society is a UFOnaut, and who is a human. After all, when some premises begin to suggest to us, that a given individual is a UFOnaut, then we rapidly meet sincere parents of this individual, or his school colleagues, or even we ourselves remember him from old times. Thus, all doubts that we have about their actions on Earth begin to depart from us. We tell then ourselves: "how such someone can be a UFOnaut, if we know so well his parents or his school colleagues?"
       (ii) Allowing to settle on Earth any number of UFOnauts. Due to the fact that UFOnauts are changed for real people, there are no limits to the number of UFOnauts that in a given time can operate on Earth mixed with normal people. In the historically critical time, such as this presently prevailing on Earth, UFOnauts are able to change for their agents practically a huge number of people. This in turn allows them to successfully control the fate of humanity by organising with hands of these changelings practically all provocations, assassinations, wars, destructive decisions, breakings, destructions, sabotages, etc. So it should not surprise anyone, that only in a small New Zealand Institute of Technology, in which I worked lately, I counted as many as 5 individuals, who looked and acted as UFOnauts, and who repetitively were caught by me on doing something that a normal human would not be able to do (e.g. on passing through closed doors or walls, or entering the toilet and then disappearing inside, so that when after a long observation of doors I entered this toilet, there was no-one inside). Unfortunately, in spite that I managed to recognise who probably belonged to such changelings-UFOnauts, it does not change the fact that in present circumstances on Earth I would only be punished if I try to disclose who these individuals are.
       (iii) The ability to control our civilisation in any way UFOnauts wish. After all, if UFOnauts wish to e.g. instigate a war between two sides that they choose, e.g. between Arabs and Americans, then it suffices if such changelings-UFOnauts pretending to be Arabs attack anything that belongs to Americans, then other similar changelings-UFOnauts who pretend to be Americans attack anything that is Arabic - announcing to all that this was a vendetta or making the accounts even. Then people do not have enough time to even blink, when both sides are at a war. In turn UFOnauts are jumping up from joy, because again they managed to destroy the peace, prosperity, and life of many people, by a simple instigating and setting up two groups of inhabitants of Earth.
       The hostility of present society towards everything that concerns UFOs, which is deeply programmed by UFOnauts into human psychology, causes that practically almost no-one is taking under account the rich source of knowledge which for centuries exists about changelings from UFOs. No-one also considers, whether these influential or famous people who let themselves known for doing highly immoral or destructive things, are actually people, or just such changelings from UFOs. In turn by not considering such a possibility, no-one thinks about our security from a danger that arrives from the space, nor thinks about a manner on which one could distinguish such changelings-UFOnauts from normal people.
       In turn if we put the required amount of time and effort into appropriate research, we could easily devise manners of distinguishing between people and changelings from UFOs. After all, these changelings for their own security always are in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". Unfortunately, our civilisation still has NOT developed devices which would allow this state to be detected quickly. Thus, the only thing that we are able to notice so-far, are effects of this state, means e.g. the fact that such changelings are slightly lighter than normal people of their sizes, that normally they cannot be injured (unless they wish to prove to us that they can be injured), that they behave strangely, that do not know deeply our culture and customs - in spite that supposedly they are born amongst us, that their eyes are "evil" means like-triangular, their hair above forehead naturally grow upwards, while some details of their anatomy are more similar to anatomy of UFOnauts than people, etc., etc.

#D3. Starting from every tornado or hurricane, through murdering of J.F. Kennedy or M.L. King, and finishing on both world's wars, all these display methods of acting of UFOnauts:

       The shocking consequence of analysing of subsequent atrocities committed on Earth by UFOnauts is realising, that there is a deep truth contained in claims of medieval people. As it is widely known, in medieval times practically every disaster on Earth was attributed to secretive activities of "devils". In turn totalizm has proven formally, that these "devils" are actually today's "UFOnauts". (The formal scientific proof that "religious devils are present UFOnauts", is published in subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of the older monograph [1/4]. Free copies of this older monograph [1/4] are available, amongst others, via all menus from this web page.) So if one translates these claims of medieval people onto present language, they simply state that "behind practically every disaster which affects people from Earth, secretive activities of invisible UFOnauts are hiding".
       As it turns out, there are rational reasons for which UFOnauts so viciously, although in a hidden manner, destroy humanity. I explained these reasons on separate web page named "evil.htm", as well as in subsection OC1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/5]. I summarised them also briefly on another web page named "day26.htm", which is available via "Menu 2" or via "Menu 4". If we also summarise briefly these reasons here, they boil down to the fact, that the current technical development of humanity endangers the civilisation of UFOnauts that they may loose countless benefits which their civilisation draws from the hidden exploitation of humanity. (I.e. benefits which UFOnauts draw from the exploitation of people abducted at nights by UFOnauts into UFO vehicles, where under hypnosis these people are robbed from their biological resources, means from their sperm, ovule, moral energy, etc.) So in order to not allow such development of science and technology on Earth, which would enable people to detect the invisible occupation and exploitation of humanity by UFOnauts, these our cosmic oppressors and robbers decided to destroy our present technical civilisation on Earth. Therefore they attack this civilisation on all possible manners listed below in this item. It is worth to add, that UFOnauts already carried out once such a complete destruction of the human civilisation around 12.5 thousands of years ago. They caused then that humanity returned to trees and to caves, and was forced to begin everything from the very beginning. And in these times (i.e. before the previous destruction) the human civilisation was much more developed technically than is presently. Remains of this previous human civilisation are described in books by Erich von Däniken. These remains are also researched by a private organisation named the "Ancient Astronauts Society", which somehow is continually persecuted by the official Earth's science.
       There is a huge body of evidence for the fact, that UFOnauts hide behind every disaster which affects people. UFOnauts are responsible for practically everything evil that happened to humanity, beginning with every tornado and almost every hurricane or typhoon, through murdering of J. F. Kennedy and M. L. King, and finishing with both world wars. After all, all these events after thorough analyses display the presence of attributes which are unique to the methods of acting of UFOnauts. The evidence which documents the hiding of UFOs behind all major cataclysms and disasters that happened after the year 2000, was presented systematically in the initial part of this web page. I also recommend to review separate web pages named tornado.htm (also available via "Menu 2" and "Menu 4") on which was systematically proven that UFOnauts induce technically almost every destructive tornado that hits any part of our planet. (Notice here that typical tornados do not appear on sea. After all, UFOnauts do not have anything to destroy over there. So they do not consider worth troubles to generate technically tornados on sea. But sometimes they create for fun another phenomenon, which is a kind of "high-pressure water tornado", means tornado formed out of water by a "high-pressure whirl of counter-matter".)
       So let us now review the most important tools of destruction used by UFOnauts for tormenting our civilisation. UFOnauts secretly unleashed these tools against humanity and presently let them loose practically almost every day. We should notice from the list below, that UFOnauts use against humanity exclusively such methods of destruction which for the majority of people look like accidents, coincident, acts of terrorism, human sabotages, acts of God, etc. - means look like everything but a hidden attacking of humanity by UFOnauts. The aim of UFOnauts is that people should NOT realise that UFOnauts systematically destroy human civilisation, so that people would not initiate their self-defence. Effects of action of some of these tools of destruction are already discussed on this web page. Others are going to be discussed here in future - when our mass media documents any of them sufficiently for readers to be able to recall data concerning a given case about which they are going to read here. (Of course, the sole fact that some cases of atrocities committed by UFOnauts on humanity are not discussed on this web page, does NOT mean that UFOnauts are NOT responsible for them. It only means that these cases were reported too laconically in press and television to enable me to accumulate evidence which definitely confirmed the participation of UFOnauts in these atrocities. After all, for each case that I present on this web page, I always document thoroughly which evidence discloses the responsibility of UFOnauts for committing a given atrocity.) Here are most important tools of destruction of humanity unleashed by UFOnauts against us:
       (i) Murderous micro-organisms. These induce illnesses in people. Recently such micro-organisms finish not only multitude of individuals, but also entire communities. In fact the majority of epidemics that lately plague our civilization carries some attributes suggesting, that probably they are intentionally induced amongst people by UFOnauts. The problem of exterminating people by UFOnauts through spreading murderous micro-organisms on Earth is addressed on a separate web page named plague.htm.
       (ii) Destructive waves of tsunamis. Everything seem to indicate that after illnesses distributed over the Earth by UFOnauts, such tsunamis will soon be a second basic tool of UFOnauts in a massive destruction of our civilization.
       (iii) Powerful earthquakes. These seem to be used by UFOnauts mainly to destroy individual cities.
       (iv) Murderous tornados caused in a technical manner through spinning the air by magnetic circuits of invisible UFO vehicles. These for a long time are already used by UFOnauts as a proven in action tool for selective destruction of individual objects that UFOnauts choose.
       (v) Hurricane winds and typhoons caused technically by dragging with large UFO vehicles onto selected areas of destruction so-called low-pressure whirls of counter-matter . These are used for destruction of crops, cities, for scaring and subduing people, and for deepening deficit of food, fuel, and other resources on Earth.
       (vi) Powerful and rapid falls of rain together with flash floods caused by these falls. For some time now these are used by UFOnauts for eroding "morale" of subsequent societies.
       (vii) Draughts and waves of heat, as well as biological disturbances that they cause. E.g. attacks of locust.
       (viii) Extremely low temperatures. These are used for paralyzing operation of entire societies.
       (ix) The induction of paralyzing fogs, clouds, so-called "whirls of clear air", etc. These in turn cause traffic accidents, communication problems, collisions of airplanes, chaos, confusion, etc. More on the subject of technological induction of clouds and fogs by UFOnauts, together with photographs of these phenomena, is presented on a separate web page named cloud_ufo.htm.
       (x) Changes introduced to mechanisms that decide about the permanent climate on Earth. Examples of such changes include, amongst others: quiet increase in the "ozone hole", acceleration of the "glass-house effect", changes in the course of ocean currents, melting the glaciers in mountains and on polar caps, parting huge portions of ice from Antarctica, etc. In an invisible and undetectable for people manner UFOnauts attack our civilization on every possible destructive manner.
       (xi) Formation of conditions on Earth, in which people release various mechanisms of self-destruction and social degeneration. Such conditions include, amongst others: spreading the "fashion" on Earth for common use of drugs by people, promotion of smoking and alcohol consumption, promotion in TV and films of the model of sexual promiscuity which encourages spread of venereal diseases, support for advertising the excessive eating which causes obesity amongst people and leads to various illnesses that result from this obesity, promotion of a rule in TV and films that "if you do not like someone than kill him or her", forbidding to discipline children, supporting criminals and crime, and an entire array of other actions aimed at hidden release in people tendencies for self-destruction.
       (xii) Sabotages carried out by UFOnauts with their advanced technical devices, on human technical devices or buildings, and camouflaged to look like "accidents", human errors, acts of terrorism, fires, acts of God, etc. Numerous examples from this category of tools of UFOnauts for hidden destruction, unleashed unnoticeably with the advanced devices which UFOnauts have, are described on the web page named katowice_uk.htm (about the demolition of hall in Katowice by a UFO). Some amongst these tools include, amongst others: sinking human ships and submarines (e.g. the "accident" with the Titanic), shooting down our airliners, derailing trains, melting nuclear reactors (e.g. "Chernobyl"), so-called "blackouts" (means cutting off electricity from entire cities or countries, including hospitals), evaporation or collapsing of human buildings (e.g. as in 2001 UFOnauts evaporated WTC buildings in New York), bridges, dams, downing the space shuttle Columbia, etc. According to my personal opinion, all these acts of deadly sabotages UFOnauts usually carry out just in order to kill individual people they are after. But that along the way hundreds or thousand more people die, it does not seem to bother UFOnauts. (More information on this topic is provided in subsections V6 and V8 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].)
       (xiii) Secretive murdering of outstanding inventors from Earth, almost all creative people, rational UFO investigators, etc. Best examples for this category of UFO-caused destruction can be the fate of Polish/Russian creator of the first aeroplane on Earth, Aleksander Możajski (1825 -1890), the fate of the outstanding UFO researcher, Dr Karla Turner, or the inventor of diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel (1858 - 1913).
       (xiv) The instigation of wars. UFOnauts are masters in "dividing and ruling". They continually instigate one group of people, nations, or countries, to start wars or fights against other groups of people, nations, or countries. In turn humans mesmerized by these UFOnauts, fall victims of these instigations since the most ancient times until practically today , in spite that they are warn about them by practically every religion.
       I should add here, that the above list of manners and tools of destruction of humanity by UFOnauts is discussed also (but from a different point of view) in item #O1 of the separate web page named day26.htm. In turn, extended elaboration of each of the above items is provided on the web page named bandits.htm.

#D4. Summary of the evidence from this web page, means whether UFOnauts are going to stop by themselves the present tormenting of humanity:

       One can be absolutely certain that UFOnauts never voluntarily cease their destruction, tormenting, and blocking of technical development of humanity. This is because such criminal activities are the only manner in which they are able to extend infinitively their hidden exploitation and robbery of humanity. (If they would allow humanity to develop technically, then people would learn how to detect their invisible for naked eyes vehicles hidden from our sight behind the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering".) After all, the exploitation and robbery of all weaker than themselves is written into UFOnauts' philosophy of living called "parasitism". (The description of philosophy of UFOnauts, means the description of "parasitism", is contained in chapter OD from volume 13 of monograph [1/5].) Therefore the present fight of humanity with UFOnauts in fact is the fight for "life or death". Only that so-far humanity does not know that is tied with UFOnauts into a murderous squeeze of a fight for life or death, nor that these are UFOnauts who are squeezing the loop on the neck of humanity. Thus either us or them. The only manner to force UFOnauts to cease the murdering of people, is to remove them completely from Earth. So it is about time to mobilise ourselves and begin to act in the direction of throwing UFOnauts from the back of tormented humanity.
       From the evidence presented on this web page stems quite clearly that UFOnauts are very devoted to the extermination of our civilisation. They also push forward with the fast murdering humanity at all ways and means available to them. The bombings, intrigues, and setting us one groups of people against other, described on this web page, are only a small fraction of their murderous arsenal. As I summarised this on the separate web page named day26.htm, and also in previous item of this web page, to their arsenal belong also the manipulation on weather, warming the climate on Earth, releasing of murderous viruses and bacteria, technical causing earthquakes, continuous downing of our aeroplanes and sinking our ships, and many more. It is absolutely certain, that their murderous activities do not stop voluntarily, until either they manage to destroy our technical civilisation - e.g. through provoking a destructive religious world's war, or we earlier manage to throw them out from our planet. Unfortunately, for the problem of UFOnauts presently only two solutions do exist, namely: "either us, or them". For a simultaneous coexistence of our civilisation and UFOnauts on the same planet, unfortunately Earth turns out to be too small. There is about time that humanity finally realises this, and initiates the self-defence. After all, if we do not awake from the present mesmerising, then the present existence of two solutions for the problem of UFOnauts, means "us or them", with the elapse of time will narrow down to only one solution, namely "them". And it will be in spite that they operate on a planet which is strange for them.
       Are there any UFOnauts with a conscience? I personally never met such UFOnauts. And I deal with them continually. But logically it can be deduced, that similarly as in every appropriately large group of moral people always someone can be found with Hitler's inclinations, also in a huge crowd of immoral UFOnauts who occupy our planet probably do exist several such ones who have a conscience and who are sad for what their countrymen are doing to humanity. I am sorry for them. After all, they cannot even help us openly, as their own countrymen would destroy them for this. I will not mention that because of the negation of the existence of UFOs, people in their majority would immediately "denounce" such UFOnauts on purpose, in spite that these UFOnauts would like to help humanity. Beside, even if we are able to appreciate their help, still under hypnosis we would tell everything other UFOnauts. So if any of them is currently helping us somehow, he almost for sure is doing this completely anonymously. After all, even with such a hidden and anonymous helping, the universal intellect (God) notices his actions and for sure rewards him for all good deeds that he does. (On just such principles of rewarding and punishing, which are tried in practice and proven to work errorless, the philosophy of totalizm is based.)
       With the indescribable evil which the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts spreads on our planet, an interesting question is connected, which I have for some time now. Namely, "how such a rare UFOnaut with a conscience must feel if he realises that his civilisation is causing so much evil and harm for people". It is obvious, that for the majority of UFOnauts the evil that they cause does not make any impression. After all, we know it from behaviours of SS-men in concentration camps and from actions of many murderers, that some individuals are able to switch their conscience off completely. They act then as animals, enjoying temporally benefits that they gain from their murderous activities. However, always must exist small percentage of these, who are unable to switch off their conscience. These sparse exceptional UFOnauts probably are aware of the fact, that their civilisation send them to Earth to hunt down totalizm, when in fact totalizm is the only thing which may change one day and save their own civilisation. So how they may destroy what is able to save them? How they are able to destroy what can introduce a change to their hopeless situation? How they must feel seeing all this?
       At this point it is worth to consider, what fun and satisfaction typical UFOnauts must have observing the enthusiasm with which human detectives are catching every false lead and every scapegoat, which UFOnauts "frame" into the responsibility for evil that they just committed on Earth. We should not lie to ourselves. We are incomparably more stupid and naive than UFOnauts. Actually, in comparison to cunning UFOnauts, humanity comes out as a civilisation of self-inflated idiots. Of course, the fact that we are more stupid than UFOnauts does not means that we do not have rights to freedom, independence, and own living space. After all, in the huge universe is enough space for everyone. Only that parasitic UFOnauts so-far refused to give us this right. So we must fight to obtain it.
       At this point I can see with "eyes of my imagination" the reaction of many readers to the above statement that "we are a civilisation of self-inflated idiots". After all, films and literature make us accustomed to the idea, that we are the most clever in the entire universe, while these stupid always turn out to be aliens. So in order to comfort the reader I must explain at this point that the intelligence of UFOnauts (and our relative stupidity in comparison to them), is not neither their, or ours fault. It simply results from the gravity of planets on which we and them live. As this is proven mathematically in subsection JG9.2 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5], with the use of so-called "gravity equations", the intelligence of given beings is directly proportional to the square of gravity of the planet on which these beings live. UFOnauts live presently on a planet the gravity of which is several times greater than that of Earth. Thus also their intelligence is a number of times greater from human. Without difficulty they are able to "frame" us in whatever they wish, while we are unable to realise that they have us tricked.
       I should also add here that the universal intellect (God) is infinitively fair and in total dimension he always equips everyone in the same generous manner. Although he so designed the universe, that it does NOT make us the most wise inhabitants of it, in return he gave us something equally precious as intelligence. Namely he gave us stronger feelings, higher creativity, and higher than UFOnauts sensitivity to the whispers of conscience. These our qualities compensate in us the lower level of intelligence. In fact, in spite that UFOnauts dominate over us with intelligence, we decisively dominate over them with the level of feelings, creativity, and ability to act morally. It is because of this, that in spite we are less intelligent than UFOnauts, still our civilisation develops much faster than theirs. (In fact their civilisation for a long time stopped in the development and is unable to work out any progress in a completely new for them discipline.)

#D5. Ignoring of the existence of UFOs, or lying to ourselves, is not going to improve the tragic situation that we are in:

       Inhabitants of the planet Earth are exposed to the "heavy artillery" of enormously advanced technology of UFOnauts. This technology tries to make impossible for people the understanding of the difficult situation in which humanity finds itself. Therefore UFOnauts systematically hide from people, abduct us from our bedrooms only during nights and only after arriving in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" described in item #C1 from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", order every person under hypnosis to negate any statement which would reveal the fact of existence of UFOs, telepathically bombard Earth with the subconscious order to NOT take any notice of the evidence which confirms the existence of UFOs, countless agents of UFOnauts systematically sabotage on Earth all evidence certifying the existence of UFOs, scoff, persecute, and murder rational UFO researchers, changelings-UFOnauts pretending to be our superiors or leaders continually take destructive decisions which push our civilisation down, etc., etc. In the result, all mentally weak people on Earth do not allow even a smallest thought to come to their heads that UFOs do exist, while our planet could be under an invisible occupation of these immoral cosmic bandits and robbers. On the other hand, none fact in which we commonly believe, is as widely and as extensively documented, as the existence of UFOs and the secretive occupation of Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts. So let us now review the most commonly known evidence, which documents the physical existence of UFOs and the "simulation" of a secretive occupation of Earth by these creatures practicing the philosophy of "evil parasitism". (Notice that extensive descriptions of the entire this evidence are contained in monograph [1/5].) Here is the list of the most vital categories of this evidence:
       (i) Photographs of UFO vehicles taken during their patrolling flights above Earth. Only on a single web site named "day26.htm" shown are 18 objective photographs, out of which each single one represents another proof that UFOnauts do exist and they do work towards the destruction of humanity. Even more similar photographs of UFOs is shown and interpreted on the web page named "explain.htm". And the photographs which are shown there are only a small droplet in a huge ocean of objective photographic evidence that exists on the subject of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth.
       (ii) Photographs of UFOnauts invisible for human sight, which were accidentally captured in our homes and on our family photographs. It is shocking, how many invisible for human sight UFOnauts is accidentally photographed in our flats and homes. Several examples of such photographs is shown on the web page named "aliens.htm".
       (iii) Photographs of miniature, computer-controlled UFO probes which frequently fly into our flats. These miniature discoidal probes are repetitively captured on our photographs and videos. If they are photographed from the top-side or from underneath during a motionless hovering, then on photographs they come out round. Thus, then they are called "orbs". In turn, if they are photographed in a side view or during a fast flight, then on photographs they come out as "rods", or as long segmented tapes. Examples of their photographs are shown on web page named "explain.htm" and "aliens.htm".
       (iv) Material evidence and substances left by UFOs on Earth. These include: (a) UFO landing sites (examples of these are shown on the web page about the township of Milicz), (b) a gelatinous substance fallen from UFOs and called "angel chairs" (description of this substance is provided in subsection V5.4 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5]), (c) tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs - see an example shown on the web page about the evaporation of WTC by UFOs, (d) underground bases of UFOs (in Poland such bases exist under Malbork and Wrocław, while in New Zealand they exist under the "Saddle Hill" near Dunedin), and a whole range of other evidence.
       (v) An entire discipline of UFOlogy. We have also on Earth an entire discipline of UFOlogy which could not eventuate if there is no such thing as the existence and operation of UFOnauts on our planet. Many problems of present UFOlogy is addressed (in Polish) on the blog of totalizm.
       (vi) Activities of UFOnauts in space around Earth and on planets other than Earth. We have pictures of pyramids and human faces on Mars (see Figure P32 in monograph [1/5]). We have also pictures of UFO vehicles leaving Earth, that were taken by the Hubble telescope (see Figure P29 in monograph [1/5]).
       (vii) Evidence from Palaeontology. There are imprints of "human" shoes 550 millions years old left by UFOnauts when they seeded life on Earth (see Figure P31 in [1/5], or "Fig. 1" on the web page on the secular view of God, and on the web page about UFOnauts).
       (viii) The existence of religious "devils". Furthermore, we have enormous religious evidence for the existence of "devils" trying to destroy humanity - which (the evidence) must originate from something or from someone. The shocking aspect about this "devils" is that their anatomy, appearance, capabilities, activities, and also their behaviour, correspond exactly to what presently we know about UFOnauts. In fact, subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of the older monograph [1/4] publishes a formal scientific proof, that "religious devils are present UFOnauts".
       (ix) Ancient mythology. In addition, we have a branch of ancient verbal history, which for diverting our attention from the merit of it, many close-minded scholars call "mythology". (Of course, one needs to ask question, whether these are really close-minded "scholars", or perhaps rather are "changelings" and intellectual saboteurs from UFOs, who only pretend to be our scholars.) This verbal history also describes various ancient "gods" that used to be extremely hostile towards people. All attributes of these gods correspond to characteristics of present UFOnauts. Examples of descriptions of behaviours of these "gods" from the area of present India in times before the previous advanced human civilisation was destroyed, are described in subsection P5 from volume 14 of monograph [1/5].
       There is an interesting aspect of ancient mythologies, which confirms their factual character of the verbal history which reports precisely the knowledge about ancient equivalents of present UFOnauts. This aspect is the fact that two separate mythologies, namely these describing Greek and Roman gods, report to us exactly the same "organisational structure" of their gods, and the existence of exactly the same jobs (professions) in the hierarchy of gods that used to control humanity at that time. Only names of subsequent gods were different in these two religions. Various close-minded academics insist on telling us that this identity of the "organisational structure" of Roman and Greek gods results from the fact that Romans supposedly "copied" their gods from Greeks. But these academics ignore the commonly known fact, that at times when Romans were forming their knowledge of gods, they did not have any contacts with Greeks (nor vice versa). In turn, if one considers the matter rationally, both these ancient mythologies report the same organisational structure of the "headquarters", or the "occupational government", of UFOnauts on Earth, who were send down to Earth in order to occupy and to rule over it. After all, this ancient "headquarters" or "occupational government", similarly like present governmental institutions, or embassies of different countries, had a strictly defined organisational structure. On the top of it, the chief governor, ambassador, or head of some sort needed to be posted, who ruled over Earth with his wife and sometimes also with his daughter. In times of ancient Rome this chief governor was someone named Jupiter, who ruled over the Earth with his wife Juno and daughter Minerva. In turn during times of ancient Greece, this head was Zeus, who ruled with his wife Hera and daughter Athena. What even more interesting, the governor named Zeus was also reported by ancient Indians, because in Indian Sanskrit exists a chief god named Dyaus - whose name is simply a different writing of the same sounding name Zeus. To assist the governor in this ruling over Earth, he had engineers, climatologists, genetic engineers, communication officers, pilots, translators, etc. - similarly like for UFOnauts we observe it now on UFO vehicles, while for people we observe it now in present embassies. Interesting, that amongst these ancient gods a special position existed of like an "engineer responsible for undergrounds". In ancient Rome it was occupied by Vulcan, while in ancient Greek it was assigned to Hephaistos. The existence of this position certifies, that already in these ancient times UFOnauts placed enormous attention to the hiding of their vehicles from people in underground bases evaporated by their vehicles, such as UFO bases discussed on web pages named malbork_uk.htm, day26.htm, or wroclaw_uk.htm. Of course, as time elapsed, UFOnauts who occupied subsequent positions in this occupational government of Earth were exchanged for others, although the organisational structure remained almost unchanged. This is why names of subsequent Roman and Greek gods are different, although their organisational structure remains the same in both "mythologies". In turn this identity of organisational structure in both "mythologies" is additional conformation that in fact these "mythologies" one needs to take NOT as folklore stories, but as a precise verbal report about organisation of ancient UFOnauts that occupied and exploited our planet.
       What is even more interesting, ancient mythologies of Greeks and Romans confirm also the conclusion deduced in item #C1 of the web page named evil.htm. It states that on the Earth a situation is "simulated" as if our planet was a dumping place where the civilisation of UFOnauts disposes own murderers, criminals, perverts, degenerates, psychopaths, dangerous mentally ill, etc., whom are unwanted within their own civilisationt. The reason is that ancient mythologies much more clearly than present UFO research disclose the true character and lifestyle of UFOnauts. Thus they disclose, that these UFOnauts are blood thirsty psychopaths who enjoy murdering, raping and robbing humans. Especially interesting is that many ancient Goddesses, including Hera and Juno, were not getting pregnant with humans in spite that they copulated with every hansom man who crossed their paths (although many of them had adult children from previous times). It looks like female UFOnauts send to Earth are sterilised on purpose in a similar manner as in some mental hospitals on Earth sterilised are mentally ill females. (So these Goddesses had only children whom they conceived before the sterilisation and before ousting to Earth - means impregnated before on their planet it was discovered that these Goddesses are mentally ill.)
       (x) Remnants of previous technical civilisation on Earth, which UFOnauts managed to destroy in the same manner as presently they try to destroy our current human civilisation. We have also all this material evidence, about which books of Erich von Däniken were written. The most spectacular examples of this evidence, are huge megalithic structures which exist on Earth until today, and with the construction of which even the present advanced technology would have significant difficulties. In order to provide here several examples of these, they include: Egyptian and American pyramids, highland city of Machu Picchu from Peru, Great Wall of the Incas from Bolivia, and so-called "Wall at SANTA" from Santa in Northern Peru (South America), gigantic stone heads from Negroid civilisation of Olmecs from Mexican state of Veracruz and Tabasco and from surrounding areas of Central America, Drawings on the highland plate Nazca, carved mountain from Sri Lanka (so-called "Citadel of Sigiriya"), city "Petra" from Jordan carved entirely in solid rock, gigantic sculptures from the Easter Island, etc., etc. This evidence is investigated by research organization called the "Ancient Astronauts Society" that strangely is forced by someone invisible to "work underground" and on the private expense of its members (i.e. is forced to further the progress on the same principles as I am forced to do my research). Other evidence for the existence of another highly advanced human civilisation on Earth, are descriptions of flying machines "Vimanas" from ancient India (examples of such flying machines are discussed in subsection P5 from volume 14 of monograph [1/5]), descriptions of ancient civilisation from Atlantis, which had machines controlled with human thoughts, and also various archaeological findings the technical level of which is equal or even higher than the technical level of present civilisation on Earth (e.g. see the principle of operation of the so-called Zhang Heng seismograph, which cannot be explained nor replicated by the present science and technology on Earth.) This ancient material evidence clearly indicates that before our present civilization, there was already another human civilization even more advanced than ours. Unfortunately UFOnauts managed to destroy it completely around 12500 years ago, so that humanity needed to start again from the very beginning, while UFOnauts could occupy and rob us without obstructions for the next 12500 years.
       (xi) Outcomes of continuous sabotages carried out by UFOnauts on Earth. To this kind of evidence belong, amongst others, facts regarding the bombing of the London metro by changelings from UFOs, (this evidence is described on this web page), evidence for the fact that e.g. WTC skyscrapers in New York were evaporated by a UFO vehicle, or evidence that the space shuttle Columbia was downed by UFOs.
       (xii) Effects of generating by UFOnauts various disasters that torment people. To this category of evidence belong, amongst others, findings described on the web page on hurricanes, typhoons, and tornados which reveal that many hurricanes and practically all tornados on Earth are technologically induced by UFO vehicles, evidence for the fact that e.g. the murderous tsunami of 26th December 2004 was intentionally induced by UFOnauts, or the evidence that in 1178 around the township of Tapanui in New Zealand a UFO vehicle was intentionally exploded in order to bring to Earth the darkness of medieval period.
       (xiii) Systematic murdering of rational UFO researchers. One does not need to be a genius to notice, that whenever appears on Earth some rational researcher, who intends to find out the truth about UFOs, then this researcher is murdered very fast in a well camouflaged manner. In this manner on 9 January 1996 Dr Karla Turner was murdered (by inducing in her a malignant cancer). Also in this manner on 27 September 2004 murdered was mentioned already on this web page Professor John Edward Mack, M.D. (October 4, 1929 - Sep 27, 2004), the professor of psychiatrics on Harvard (USA) and the Pulitzer prize winner (UFOnauts caused that he was hit by a silver Peugeot 306, which was apparently driven by a drank driver - which is very easy to be manipulated telepathically). A long list of rational UFO researchers killed by UFOnauts is published in subsection W4 from volume 18 of monograph [1/5]. Even a longer list of UFO researchers systematically murdered by UFOnauts is presented on the web page (in English)
       (xiv) Evidence of our repetitive abductions to UFOs. This evidence is detectable on our own bodies and in our homes. To this group belong e.g.: scars from UFO implants that in majority of us are well visible on the side of our leg (a photograph and description of such a scar is shown on the first Figure from the web page named ufo.htm), the implant in our head near the left temple, which sometimes we can feel as prickling or movements in our brain (this implant is described in subsection U3.2 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5]), blue bruises on our body left after our night abductions to UFOs (these are described in subsection U3.3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5]), evidence of our rapes on UFO decks (these are described in subsection U3.7.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5]), and many more. In turn the description of various evidence of repetitive presence of invisible UFO vehicles in our homes is presented in subsections U3.6 and U3.8 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5] (including into this the evidence of "super-slipperiness" discussed also on this web page, which frequently appears in our homes although usually is unnoticed.)
       (xv) Systematic blocking of new inventions on Earth and murdering or persecuting inventors. UFOnauts who occupy us are very concerned that humanity develops technically too fast. So in order to block our technical development UFOnauts resort to a whole range of diabolic tricks. These tricks include: systematic murdering of all creative people on Earth, forcing humanity that all breakthrough inventions must be invented several times before they can be disseminated amongst people, "locking" most important inventions and disallowing them to get into mass production, and many more. The matter of such blocking of progress on Earth is discussed on several internet web pages, for example about Aleksander Możajski, or about New Zealand. The meaning of this blocking is unambiguous - the civilisation which is NOT occupied in a secretive manner (as it happens to us) has no rights to persecute its most creative people on so many devilish ways.
       (xvi) Suffocating the world's economy. Even if we assume that our economists do not know what they are doing, still just by accident and ordinary probability around a half of their decisions should be correct. But if we assume that they know what they are doing, then our economy on Earth should constantly improve. However, the reality is such, that since around 1970s the economic situation on Earth very fast and systematically worsens. Keeping jobs and income becomes ever increasingly difficult. The number of unemployed is constantly growing. The uncertainty of the future increases. People are more and more in debt and more and more exploited. Such a situation simply would not be possible if our planet is NOT secretly occupied by evil creatures of some sort, which are very interested in maintaining people in continuous slavery and fear, and which disallows people to work for the good of entire civilisation. For the fact that behind economic events in fact hide invisible oppressors of humanity, the most clearly is indicated by my own fate overfilled with continuous losses of jobs, and with systematic depriving me possibility to carry out my research on subjects that interest me and that serve for the good of humanity (e.g. in New Zealand I was dismissed from job by three subsequent employers in a row). This my fate is relatively well described on two web pages, namely on pages about me, and my job search.
       (xvii) Blocking of progress of morality and blocking of development of religions on Earth. Another kind of evidence for the occupation of Earth by morally degenerated UFOnauts, is the fact of continuous blocking on Earth the improvements of religions, the progress of knowledge on God, and the moral development of people. If this blocking is not imposed, it would NOT be possible that e.g. proverbs from Roman times are still valid until today, while our main religions were NOT improved for the last 2000 years. It would not also be possible that practically every cult on Earth is deviated and commits various monstrous crimes, while public prayers in recent times finish with lost court cases undertaken against these people who organise such prayers (see the article "Costly fight in the name of Jesus" from page B2 of the issue of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post dated on Tuesday, August 16, 2005). Also there could NOT be these continuous attacks on the moral and peaceful totalizm which did nothing wrong to anyone.
       (xviii) Controlling the views of society. It is not difficult to notice, that views of the society are controlled in various ways, so that people do not realise the tragic situation in which they are. In order to notice this control one needs to realise that the existence of such overwhelming body of evidence for the existence of UFOs and for a secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts, as the evidence listed in this item, does NOT suffice to be noticed by people. Furthermore, there are also cases of even more direct evidence for this control of views. Examples of these are relatively frequent cases when UFOnauts induce murderous panics, similar to the "stampede" from Baghdad on 31 August 2005, discussed near the beginning of this web page. The point is that if UFOnauts are able to induce telepathically a panic and stampede, they are also able to change views with the same tools.
       There is no other truth on Earth which would have so much evidence in support of itself, as the truth about the existence of UFOs and about the secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. However, in spite of all this, if one asks about UFOs any passer by from a street, for sure is going to receive the answer NO. So how in such circumstances to NOT realise why UFOnauts consider humans from the planet Earth to be the most stupid beings from the entire universe. How in such circumstances maintain the faith in the sharpness of human minds and in the wisdom of human scientists. How to stop UFOnauts from the complete destruction our present civilisation which they already started? What is so wrong with us, that we so stubbornly refuse to take notice of the truth which countless evidence is constantly attacking us from practically all sides?
       Please notice, that the above compendium of evidence for the existence of UFOs, and for the continuous although hidden operation of UFO vehicles on Earth, is presented also from a slightly different point of view on a separate web page named "aliens.htm".

Part #E: List of evidence which documents that the "superior intelligence" controls on the Earth the required level of morality:


#E1. The evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York by UFOs (11 September 2001):

       The list of murderous attacks of UFOnauts on humanity from the recent times includes also WTC skyscrapers in New York. These skyscrapers were evaporated by UFOs literally in the sight of thousands of people who observed this evaporation in real time or on screen of their television sets. A huge range of evidence in support of the fact, that these were invisible for human sight UFO vehicles which evaporated WTC buildings (not an attack of Islamic terrorists), is presented in a whole range of separate web pages of the physical name "wtc.htm". Thus, the evidence from these web pages is NOT going to be repeated here. Subsequent pages on the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers can be opened either from "Menu 2" or from "Menu 4", through clicking in there on the link "WTC".
       The only evidence of UFOnauts' involvement in the evaporation of WTC buildings which is discussed on this web page, is the present systematic killing by UFOnauts of all eye-witnesses who worked on the removal of debris of WTC buildings. This evidence is discussed near the beginning of this web page.
       Independently from the web pages, the course of evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFOs, and also evidence which documents that these were UFO vehicles which carried out the evaporation, is presented in subsection V8.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5]. Note that free copies of monograph [1/5] can be downloaded from the item "monograph [1/5]" in "Menu 1" and "Menu 4" from the left margin of this web page.
       The above should be complemented with the information that the world gradually begins to realize that with the WTC buildings something was NOT as it should be. There are increasing numbers of voices in the world along the lines which on 11 September 2005 could be found on the web page

#E2. Downing the space shuttle Columbia by UFOnauts (1 February 2003):

       As it turns out, UFOnauts also downed intentionally the American space shuttle Columbia. How exactly they carried out this downing, and also what evidence indicates their hidden participation in this destruction of Columbia, it is explained in a separate web page. In "Menu 2" and in "Menu 4" this web page is available under the name "shuttle.htm". Furthermore, evidence regarding this downing of the space shuttle Columbia by UFOnauts is also presented in subsection V8.2 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].

#E3. Bombing of trains in Madrid, Spain (11 March 2004):

       On 11 March 2004, a series of bombs hit passenger trains in Madrid, Spain. Killed was around 191 innocent people, while wounded were around 1460 people.
       At this point I should admit that initially I overlooked this event, and have not analyse it from the point of view of evidential value when it unfolded in front of my eyes. Similarly as the majority of people I was tricked by the propaganda of UFOnauts, that these were Islamic terrorists from al Qaeda who destroyed this train. It is pity, because if one does NOT analyse the evidence of a crime as this crime takes the place, or when the consequences of it are just unfolding, then later all traces are getting "cold" and it is extremely difficult to find the truth. My attention at the bombing in Madrid was brought only by opinions discussed extensively in television and press after the bombing of metro in London - described several items higher on this web page. All people commenting the bombing in London stressed in their opinions that it displayed multidimensional similarity to the bombing of the train in Madrid. I believe that on this web page I managed to document extensively that the bombing of the metro in London was carried out by human doubles (so-called "changelings" described a few items higher on this web page), send to Earth from UFOs. Because of this multidimensional similarity between both these bombings, it is logical to deduce that also the bombing of the train in Madrid was carried out by similar human doubles ("changelings") from UFOs.

#E4. Murderous tsunami from the Indian Ocean (26 December 2004):

       On 26th December 2004, UFOnauts generated technically extremely murderous tsunami on the Indian Ocean. This tsunami killed around 300 thousands of people. A comprehensive description of this tsunami, together with the presentation of voluminous evidence which proves unambiguously that this tsunami was induced technically by UFOnauts, is contained on a separate web page named "day26.htm". This web page is available via "Menu 2" and "Menu 4".
       From the characteristic of this tsunami it is apparent, that for UFOnauts it was a kind of checking in practice the effectiveness of this method of murdering people with the use of tsunami waves. After this testing release of the tsunami, we should expect now that soon UFOnauts will hit with similar tsunamis in sensitive areas of our globe (e.g. in Europe, USA, south of Africa, etc.). It is worth to bear in mind what UFOnauts are capable of serving to us with this tool of destruction.

#E5. Instigating of Australia against Indonesia via the classical trick of the "Trojan Helena":

       We all probably remember the history of ancient Troy and beautiful Helena. As we know, so-called "Greek gods" - as in these times UFOnauts were called (for details see item #D5 from this web page), exploited an intrigue revolving around a beautiful woman. This intrigue was to set up one against another, and to damage enormously, two ancient super-powers, namely Troy and Greece. Well, exactly the same situation was repeated in present times. In our sight UFOnauts used a beautiful citizen of Australia named Schapelle Corby, in order to initially instigate one against the other, and then probably also damage, two huge countries of the present world, namely Australia and Indonesia.
       I am going to describe now my observations to-date concerning the development of situation, trying to explain how UFOnauts organised this present repetition of an old intrigue from the times of Troy. Well, firstly they choose a young and very beautiful woman, in order to provide an excuse for this intrigue. She turned out to be Australian citizen named Schapelle Corby. She is truly so beautiful, that presenters of news from the Australian television channel "Prime" broadcasted also in New Zealand, could not refry from admiring her endowment. When this beautiful woman travelled for her vacation to tropical Indonesian island of "Bali", UFOnauts placed in her open backpack a huge 4-kilogram bag of dry marihuana. Then UFOnauts telepathically ordered an Indonesian custom officer to check her bag and to discover this marihuana. Of course, this beautiful woman was not guilty of drug trafficking. However, the sole fact that she had in her backpack a huge bag filled with marihuana was sufficient for arresting her by Indonesians and for placing her in front of drug trafficking court. In Indonesia for drug trafficking normally a death penalty is served. So nothing helped this beautiful woman that exporting marihuana from Australia to Bali in Indonesia is equally illogical as "bringing wood from home to forest". After all, in Australia one pays several hundred of dollars for a small portion of marihuana, while the same portion can easily buy in Bali for just several dollars. So only someone who would fall on her head would bring marihuana from Australia to Bali. In order to hide all these illogical facts, and still cause the conviction of this beautiful woman, UFOnauts most probably send her their own "helper" (means a "changeling" described three points before). In my opinion this "helper" looked quite similar, as on web pages devoted to the interpretation of photographs of UFOnauts, e.g. on the web page named "aliens.htm", is reported from research on UFOnauts how really a typical UFOnaut looks like. This helper appeared voluntarily to "help" the unfortunate woman. However, whatever he did, it somehow always make her situation even worse. For example, one of the first actions of this "helper" was to abuse verbally Indonesian judges and to accuse them publicly of corruption and accepting bribes. What kind of a "helper" for a person who is to be judged by given judges, begins his career from a public accusing of these judges. The summary effect of these intrigues was such, that on Friday, 27 May 2005 the poor Schapelle Corby was convicted to 20 years of imprisoning by the Indonesian court.
       Because in the meantime UFOnauts initiated a huge propaganda campaign in Australia, aimed at convincing all Australians about her innocence, and simultaneously UFOnauts carried out a similar campaign in Indonesia aimed at convincing all Indonesians that she is guilty, her conviction, deeply divided both previously friendly nations. Immediately after her conviction, in Australia appeared calls for boycott of Bali and Indonesia. Then various acts of aggression started, carried out in hidden manners by some unrecognised trouble makers (i.e. most probably by UFOnauts themselves acting secretly on Earth). For example, on Wednesday, 1June 2005, someone posted an envelope with apparent "anthrax" to the Embassy of Indonesia in Australia. (Personally I am almost sure that behind this "anthrax" hide UFOnauts.) Then a whole series of similar letters with "anthrax" was posted to many other places and people at both sides of the border. In June 2005 (i.e. when I prepared these descriptions) the situation continually worsen in this matter and there was no sign that it intended to get silenced.
       The problem with the above matter depends on this, that it may finish similarly as the case of Helena and Troy. Two previously friendly nations, namely Australia and Indonesia, due to hidden and continuous intrigues of UFOnauts, may finally begin mutual hostilities. Therefore it is necessary that in this matter the participation of UFOnauts is disclosed. This web page is, amongst others, aimed at such disclosure.
       At this point it is also worth to notice, that there is a large indirect evidence, which clearly indicates the participation of UFOnauts in the entire this intrigue. After all, for a long time we know, that UFOnauts have an important MOTIVE for this intrigue. After the fall down of communism UFOnauts are trying hard to divide our planet onto two mutually hostile religious camps. So-far they succeeded in this in Mediterranean. Presently they also try to expand (via different means) hostilities to the area of Pacific and England. Furthermore, methods of action used in the case of Schapelle Corby copy exactly methods of actions used by UFOnauts. This means that also a TOOL of CRIME in this case pinpoints at UFOnauts. After all, in antiquity UFOnauts destroyed the Troy in exactly such manner. I am ready to bet that also in the history of medieval times an whole array of similar repetitions of this method could be found. In turn today UFOnauts are doing the same to Australia and Indonesia. UFOnauts do not have ALIBI for this intrigue. After all, everything that happens in this case carries attributes of personal interfering of UFOnauts and their presence on the crime scene. In turn according to present criminology, if someone is pinpointed by the motive, tool of crime, and by the lack of alibi, then for sure such someone is guilty of a given crime.
       If someone is interested in methods with the use of which UFOnauts viciously destroy humanity in the part of globe where Australia and Indonesia are located, further information on this topic are contained on the web page named "day26.htm".

#E6. Attack of UFOnauts on London (on 7 July 2005):

       From the information provided by press, it gradually emerged, that these were UFOnauts, not Islamic terrorists, who bombed metro in London. The picture, which slowly crystallized from television and from press descriptions, explains also the manner in which UFOnauts attacked London and simultaneously framed "Islamic terrorists" into the responsibility for this attack. As it turns out, UFOnauts used for this purpose their old trick which depended on "changing" UFOnauts for people, and then on carrying out atrocities on account of these Earthly escape goats. (Victims of this changing were selected by UFOnauts very carefully, so that afterwards these victims served best possibly as "scapegoats" of this particular atrocity.) In order to make impossible for people to discover later the fact of this "changing" of UFOnauts for people, in case of London UFOnauts employed their highly advanced medical science. They previously demonstrated to UFO abductees how it is done. Namely, with their advanced medicine UFOnauts are capable to prepare a double UFOnaut to practically every person from Earth. This double looks almost identical to a given person, in spite that he is a UFOnaut, not a human being. As probably readers have heard, on decks of UFOs UFOnauts showed such doubles to numerous people from Earth. Of course, UFOnauts prepare these doubles for specific reasons. Namely, people who are copied, later are exchanged for these their doubles. But because such doubles look identical to given people, no-one later recognises that such an exchange actually took place. In turn such a double-UFOnaut is able to carry out various atrocities on account of the person for whom he was changed on Earth. For example, he may pretend to be a suicidal bomber who blasts himself. (Only that in fact he does NOT blast himself, but a short split of second before the explosion he switches on the "state of telekinetic flickering" and normally disappears from the crime arena to a UFO vehicle which awaits nearby.) In UFO literature are widely described specific examples stemming from UFO research, when such doubles-UFOnauts pretended to be specific people well known to others. They can be found e.g. in the famous book [1T1] by Professor John E. Mack, M.D., entitled: "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, volume 464 pages. By the way, for writing this particular book Professor Mack was murdered by UFOnauts, more information about which is provided in item #D5 of this web page.
       Let us start from reminding ourselves the course of events during the attack of UFOnauts at London described here. And so, on Thursday, 7 July 2005, at 8:50 am, during a morning peak of people going to work, someone detonated three bombs in three trains of the London's metro, and fourth bomb in a bus of line 30 not far from the metro station. These bombs were detonated with the time-synchronization reaching just several seconds. It is estimated that in the effect of explosion of these bombs, around 70 people have died (at the time of writing this paragraph officially were confirmed deaths of 55 victims). It is commonly believed that detonations were triggered by Islamic terrorists. But as this web page explains it, in fact these bombers were UFOnauts themselves, who only pretended to be Islamic terrorists and who intentionally were "framing" of Islamic terrorists into this atrocity committed by UFOnauts against humanity.
       Let us now describe how UFOnauts utilised their advanced technology in order to attack London and England - means how really the bombing of London by UFOnauts looked like. Well, all started from thorough selection by UFOnauts these people who were to become "scapegoats" - means these unfortunate citizens of England whom UFOnauts later could blame for the bombing. After all, these future scapegoats needed to fit well into the strategic goal of UFOnauts (i.e. to cause a religious world's war between Christians and Muslims). After these human scapegoats were chosen, UFOnauts prepared for each one of them an identically looking double-UFOnaut. These doubles-UFOnauts then were changed for the unfortunate humans some time before the bombing. Friends and family of these London bombers reported, that around one and a half year before the bombing they noted a rapid and drastic change of behaviours in these people. So most probably it was the time when the original people were changed into their doubles-UFOnauts. (Human victims who were subjects of this change were abducted "for good" to UFOs. What happen later to them - it can only be speculated. Probably these were their bodies torn apart, that later were found around exploded bombs. I personally believe that a fraction of second before the explosion, UFOnauts placed these people near the exploding bombs, so that their blasted bodies could add realism to the scenario of a "suicidal attack".) Of course, no-one noticed this change of people for UFOnauts. After all, these impostors-UFOnauts were looking exactly the same as people for whom they were changed. Furthermore, for some time earlier these impostors were studying everyday life and behaviour of people whom they were to replace on Earth (they accomplished this due to hiding from the human sight into the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering", and subsequent accompanying their future victims wherever these victims were to go. After being exchanged for people, these impostors-UFOnauts started to accumulate "accusing-evidence". Means they activated appropriate conspiracy contacts - which later were to charge them with the responsibility for the bombing, and they accumulated in their own homes various explosives and components of bombs. Finally, when the day of attack has come, these impostors-UFOnauts spectacularly arrived at the place of planed atrocity in such a manner that it guaranteed them to be filmed by industrial cameras. After all, they knew where police cameras are hidden. They also make sure, that on films well visible were their backpacks in which supposedly they carried their bombs, and make sure that on a parking a car was left with further required evidence. Finally they spectacularly, in the range of police cameras, spread into trains which they intended to blow up. Over there, when the time of explosion come, they slowed down the elapse of their own time. In a slower time they met UFO vehicles which waited for them in the invisible for human sight "state of the telekinetic flickering" to provide them with technical assistance. They shifted the required amount of explosives from these UFO vehicles into trains. They also spread around the required evidence which was to charge them with responsibility for this bombing. Initiated detonations. Finally, at a split of second before the bombs exploded, they shifted to decks of UFOs which were waiting nearby, and flown away from the crime scene. (Notice that in fact, to NOT be "caught" by people still on their way to the crime scene, and still before they carried out their bombings, these UFOnauts did NOT have explosives in their backpacks at all. The explosives were supplied to them by invisible to human sight UFO vehicles, means the same UFO vehicles, the rapid and fast departure of which caused the famous "power surges" in the London's metro.) What happened then we already know from television and newspapers.
       Let us review now the evidence which indicates that these were UFOnauts, NOT Islamic fanatics, who really bombed the London metro. And there is a lot of such evidence. Here are the most vital categories of it:
       (i) Electric power surge in the London metro. When UFO vehicles were taking away the doubles-UFOnauts from the metro tunnels in a manner described above, the powerful magnetic field of their propulsion system induced extremely strong electric currents in metallic parts of metro and in the power supply. These currents were then reported by numerous witnesses who were exiting after the explosion the underground tunnels of metro. They were reported as this famous "power surge" that appeared at the time of explosion. I watched in person the life television coverage from London at the time when victims of this explosion were exiting from metro undergrounds. A large proportion of them was reporting instantly that noticed effects of this "power surge". Of course, UFOnauts immediately realised that this "power surge" discloses the direct participation of UFOnauts in the bombing attack discussed here. Therefore later they used all means in their disposal to deny the existence of this power surge. For example, already around two hours after the bombing of metro, in television appeared "authorities" of some sort (i.e. probably UFOnauts pretending to be people), who started to rapidly and officially deny the statements of these eye witnesses of the event, claiming that there was NO "power surge", because supposedly it would be registered by meters of English electric power stations. (These "authorities" forgotten to add, that fuses automatically cut off the metro from the rest of the country, immediately after this "power surge" began.) But when I published an explanation about the action of fuses in the blog of totalizm (the Internet address of this blog is provided near the end of this item), UFOnauts invented a different story. It was published in the article "A city defiant" from page 1 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, July 9-10, 2005, quote: "The Guardian said authorities had deliberately told the public that a power surge had caused the explosions to reduce panic and win vital time to put the disaster operation into place". In the above statement again a serious discrepancy is hidden. Namely about this "power surge" reported already first eye witnesses who soon after the explosion emerged to the surface from undergrounds of metro (I personally saw these reports in life television). But at that time neither London authorities, nor practically anyone else, was knowing what actually happened in the metro. At that time authorities only started to ask for information these first eye witnesses who reported about the power surge. So the entire case of these "rational explanations" about the power surge is another example of skilful "distorting the evidence" by UFOnauts. Fortunately for the truth, none official denial of UFOnauts, nor manipulated by UFOnauts "authorities", or "experts", are able to distort the truth. In turn the truth is such that the "power surge" was reported by countless eye-witnesses already a short while after the explosion, and also that just such a power surge results directly from the principles of operation of UFO vehicles. As such, this truth conclusively proves that invisible to human sight UFO vehicles were present in London metro at the time of the bombings.
       (ii) White, electric flash. Numerous eye-witnesses reported also, that at the time of explosion a powerful white flash appeared, like from a lightning or from a powerful electric spark. Somehow it happens that I served in sappers and I saw many explosions in my life. So I know that none explosives is able to generate a white flash. Their flash is always yellow. After all, the blasting explosives are unable to create the temperature of burning that is required for emitting a white flash. However, in London numerous eye-witnesses described a flash of white light, as if from a powerful electric spark. Means that in fact they saw a ionic flash induced by rapidly departing UFO vehicles, not the flash from the explosion itself.
       (iii) Perfection in time synchronisation of explosions. When I was a professor in Cyprus, many of my students originated from Pakistan. So I know quite well how against their nature runs the precise time-synchronisation of anything. In fact, it is NOT possible that true human bombers, especially from a kind chosen by UFOnauts for scapegoats, could detonate as many as three bombs with accuracy reaching seconds. However, UFOnauts masked as doubles of these people, in fact are able to carry out everything with accuracy reaching seconds.
       (iv) Evidence which hits our eyes (i.e. too obvious). UFOnauts make sure that the "evidence" left by them on the site of crime clearly indicate the guilt of scapegoats that they selected earlier. Means, they make sure that personal documents of alleged bombers are left in a short distance from the area of explosion. Here is what was written on the subject of these documents in the article "Anxious mum's call led to bomber son", published on page B1 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, July 14, 2005, quote: "Police had no need of DNA evidence to identify the bombers, as the men were all carrying personal documents. It is as if they wanted their identities to be known. ..." It is worth to notice, that independently from the matter of documents, the above note indicates one more extremely vital information concerning the changing of people into their doubles from UFOs. This is the statement that (as we can imply) an UFOnaut employed in London Police issued an order to NOT compare the DNA found on the site of this atrocity with the DNA which police could found in houses of bombers. After all in houses of bombers was present DNA of UFOnauts who were only impostors of people, while on the crime scene actual bodies of true scapegoats were present whom in the last moment before the explosions UFOnauts most probably tided to bombs in order to increase the realism of this atrocity. On page 1 of the same issue of this newspaper, another article entitled "Britain shocked at the enemy within" (containing, amongst others, a miniature photograph of one of bombers, 22 years old Shehzad Tanweer) states, quote: "The raids came after the discovery of the names of three bombers on driving licences and credit cards found at the scenes of the explosions, ..." In television reports this information was additionally complemented with even a more exact description. Namely it was revealed, that bombers before the explosion placed their documents on sits of metro at some distance from the bombs, so that they by accident were not destroyed by the blast. At this point it tempts to ask: what kind of bomber "just in case" leaves his personal documents well protected and some distance from the site of explosion.
       UFOnauts intentionally prepared also such "splinters of bombs" that these contained fingerprints of bombers. In addition to this, they filled up homes of families of claimed bombers with piles of explosives and components of bombs. (Again one needs to ask: what kind of bombers going to a suicidal mission fills up entire family home with explosives which criminally charge his family. Especially if he belongs to a "pedantic" kind, which is able to synchronise three explosions with accuracy reaching individual seconds.) Summarising the above in one sentence, the evidence from London is too obvious to be true. After all, the true bombers would not make easier the work of detectives whom they consider to be their enemies. Thus the conclusion which stems from the analysis of this evidence, is that in reality it was just a "framing" of human "scapegoats" by UFOnauts, and simultaneously a "false lead" prepared intentionally by UFOnauts for the London police forces.
       (v) Avoiding of suspicions and illusiveness of bombers. Preparation of such refined bombing case by human terrorists would require a huge contribution of conspiracy activities. In order to understand the calibre of this task, let us consider hypothetically for a moment how much problems we would have if we would be forced to acquire explosives of industrial grade used in this bombing, and when we would need to construct from these explosives bombs used in this atrocity. At present level of continuous probing and watching of society by police, practically is almost impossible to acquire the required explosives and components without inducing someone's suspicions. In our hypothetical case we would probably be arrested a long time before we would manage to even initiate the practical action. In turn bombers from London managed to carry out all these activities with inducing anyone's suspicions. Even their close ones, means members of closest family and neighbours, were completely surprised with the news about their participation in this bombing. On other hand, if one considers that these bombers were in fact only impostors of humans who were send to Earth by UFOnauts, then this mysterious illusiveness and ability to not induce anyone's suspicions become fully understandable. After all, secretive occupational apparatus of UFOnauts has its agents in practically every institution on Earth. These agents know extremely well how to chit a given institution or redirect resources (explosives) which it has. In such a case bombs and the entire evidence were provided to London bombers by their colleagues from UFOs - i.e. professionals in these areas. So the only thing that they needed to do was to spread the received recriminating evidence without attracting anyone's attention to themselves. They accomplished this with a great success. Thus the fact that bombers discussed here managed to prepare so complex atrocity without inducing anyone's attention or suspicion is another vital evidence for the fact that they could NOT be humans, but actually were UFOnauts.
       (vi) Behaviour of bombers that was contradictive to seriousness of their situation. Assume for a while, that this is you who is on the way to a suicidal mission, about which you would know for sure that you are not going to return alive from it. Determine in what mood you would be then and how you would behave. In the article [6] "The British-born bombers" published on page B1 of a New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, July 15, 2005, the mood of suicidal London bombers in their way to the sites of their bombings is described with following words, quote: "Closed-circuit television caught the friends laughing and chatting like hikers setting out on a jaunt before they fanned out to different bus or train lines, each lugging a sophisticated 4.5-kilogram bomb in his knapsack. Identification cards for three of them were found in two Tube carriages and a bus destroyed in the attacks." If these bombers were people in fact going towards their own deaths, their mood for sure would NOT be for laughing and chatting. But if they were UFOnauts who carried out their murderous tasks another time in their lives, and knew for sure that they themselves are NOT in any danger, than joking and laughter would be just a normal thing. After all, German officers from Hitler's death camps also used to laugh hilariously when they went "to work" in order to murder another crowds of prisoners.
       (vii) Coincidence of anatomy of bombers with already known relatively well anatomy of UFOnauts. On a separate web page, which in "Menu 2" and "Menu 4" is available under the name "aliens.htm", a typical anatomy of UFOnauts is described in details. In turn, starting from 13 July 2005, in television and in a large number of newspapers photographs of London metro bombers were published. (However, interestingly New Zealand newspapers published only miniature photographs of these bombers, from which was almost impossible to see their anatomic details. Fortunately for this research, the details I could find from large photographs shown in television.) As it turned out, photographs of all four "suicidal Islamic bombers" from the London metro, documented the presence of many anatomic details, about which it is already well know that these are unique to the anatomy of UFOnauts. If someone just looks at one of such photographs (in New Zealand a miniature photo of one of bombers was published, amongst others, on the first page of newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, July 14, 2005), then I advice to take notice of the triangular pupils in eyes, and also of the pear-shaped head which raises upwards in the occipital vicinity (i.e. has a shape of skull very similar to the widely publicised in television shape of the scull of Egyptian faro "Tutankhamen" - who most probably was also an UFOnaut).
       (viii) Multitude of evidence which proves that UFOnauts use human doubles ("changelings"). For example, UFO literature indicates a whole range of specific examples when such doubles were used by UFOnauts - e.g. see the book [1T1] indicated previously. Furthermore, exactly the same use of doubles is indicated by human folklore. For example, in Ireland there is a rich mythology concerning the so-celled "changelings". These "changelings" were actually cosmic doubles, which were changed by UFOnauts for selected humans. They were so similar to their human originals, that even their parents, nor the closest family members, were able to distinguish them from people whom they replaced on Earth. (Of course, in this old Ireland mythology, evil UFOnauts were named with a different names than presently.)
       (ix) Coincidence of the political meaning of situation created by this barbaric bombing with political goals of UFOnauts. The attack of UFOnauts on London serves perfectly to the long-term strategic goal of UFOnauts on Earth. After all, presently - means after the disintegration of the communistic block and after the disappearance of the "cold war", UFOnauts use all their powers to steer up a religious world's war between Christians and Muslims. UFOnauts are very kin on possibly soonest instigating this war, because humanity slowly begins to wake up from the previous mesmerising by UFOnauts and begins to see through. Therefore UFOnauts so selected the "scapegoats" and all circumstances of the bombing discussed here, that in a possibly most perfect manner they serve to this long-term strategic goal of theirs. As we can see it from the present development of situation, the attack on London perfectly serves to this goal. After all, it initiated various further hostilities between believes of both these religions, and also emphasized the previous feelings of mutual grudge.
       (x) The "resurrection" of a bomber on the first anniversary of the attack on the London metro. On 7 July 2006, means exactly one year after the attack on the London metro, Al Qaeda released a video, speaking in which is one of the bombers who supposed to die in this attack. Although during the release of this video it was claimed, that the bomber recorded it before he blew himself up, in fact the video too exactly refers to the situation on 7 July 2006 to be prepared a year earlier as a kind of "suicidal note". In reality the appearance of this video is a proof for two vital facts, namely: (1) that UFOnauts-changelings who pretended to be these bombers did NOT die during the bombing of the London metro, but in the last moment were evacuated from the metro by UFO vehicles - exactly as this is explained on this web page, and (2) that Al Qaeda in reality is a hit squad of the UFOnauts-changelings - exactly as this web page tries to disclose it.
* * *
       The attack on the London's metro completely fulfilled the UFOnauts expectations. It widened the gap between Christians and Muslims, and also induced a lot of religious hatred. For example, almost immediately after this attack, almost in the entire world a wave of vandalism of Muslim mosques was spreading. Only in New Zealand vandalised were mosques in several cities (e.g. Auckland and Christchurch). About these vandalisms is writing, amongst others, the article "Backlash hits NZ mosques" from page 1 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, July 11, 2005. A similar vandalism took also place in Australia, England, USA, and several other countries. So UFOnauts could be pleased - with this attack they truly accomplished what they intended. An interesting details which I noticed on the occasion of these vandalisms, was that the majority of vandalised mosques in fact were guarded at the time when the vandalism took place. So how, in spite of this guarding, vandals managed to cause the damage without being caught. Of course, this immediately induces the questions: what kind of "vandals" was carrying out this destruction, that the guards who watched mosques could NOT catch them, and sometimes even not notice their existence. (I.e. were these vandals actually UFOnauts themselves, hiding from people behind their "state of telekinetic flickering"?)
       Information about the attack of UFOnauts on the London metro, presented above, are also described in the blog of totalizm. This blog can be found under the following Internet address: "". Unfortunately, the continuous problem both, with this blog and also with mirror copies of it, is that they are viciously attacked and sabotaged by UFOnauts. Therefore sometimes they cannot be opened for viewing. Also continually they are attacked with verbal abuse on various other internet blogs and discussion lists controlled by UFOnauts. However, it is still worth to have a look at them - if someone is able to read and understand Polish.
       At this point it is also worth to emphasize, that the sole fact that the blog devoted to the topic discussed here is so intensely sabotaged, while matters discussed in it are so viciously attacked in Internet, should give a signal to thinking people, that it must tell the truth. After all, apart from UFOnauts which occupy Earth, no-one else is interested in so vicious and so vigorous denying the truth about this occupation.
       The above evidence should be complemented with the information, that according to opinions of many experts, there is a multi-level similarity between bombing of the train in Madrid, Spain, on 11 March 2004, and bombing of metro in London on 7 July 2005. Because metro in London was conclusively bombed by UFOnauts in the manner described here, this means that also the train in Madrid was bombed by UFOnauts in exactly the same manner. For this reason, below on this web page I provided also a separate item devoted to the bombing of the train in Madrid by UFOnauts.

#E7. The use of "bombs" to neutralize the evidence from the previous attack of UFOnauts on London (21 July 2005):

       Exactly in two weeks after the previous bombing of metro in London, which is described in details in next item below, London again was attacked on Thursday, 21 July 2005. The same as previously, three bombs were aimed at trains, one at a bus. Fortunately, bombs did NOT explode. So there were no dead victims, apart from one wounded person.
       I personally do not have a slightest doubt that also this second bombing was discreetly arranged by UFOnauts. There is too many coincidents and strange cases. For example, the fact that all four bombs did not explode. Or that on 22 July 2005 UFOnauts caused a brutal shooting dead in very suspicious circumstances an innocent electrician from Brazil, someone named Jean Charles de Menezes (I would not be surprised that he was close to e.g. constructing a "free energy device). Or that later they utilised the death of this innocent person to spread disagreements, divisions, and purges. Of course, one needs to ask a question, why UFOnauts organised also this second attack, and why they intentionally carried it out in such a manner that it looked as if it was "unsuccessful". Knowing methods of acting of UFOnauts I believe that I am able to answer this question already now. UFOnauts with an iron consequence implement the principle, that always they neutralise the evidential value of every case when people begin to realise the participation of UFOnauts in a given atrocity. Therefore, this second bombing in London, dated 21 July 2005, in my opinion was arranged to turn circumstances around in such a manner, and to expose such human "scapegoats", that later all people thought that both bombings in London were arranged by specific people, not by UFOnauts. Expressing this in other words, this second supposedly "unsuccessful" attack of UFOnauts on the London metro was to "prove" that the first and second bombing of London were NOT arranged by UFOnauts. Various evidence indicates just such a goal of this second bombing. For example, this supposed "failure" of the second bombing and the lack of victims. Also the fact that all bombs "by accident did not explode", so that the police had "evidence" for further investigation. After all, just such a situation is meaningful in itself. Already in the first glance it passes a hidden message saying: "look people, this could NOT be UFOnauts, because with their experience and technology, the bombing surely would be successful". (Of course, receivers of this message will not realise, that the bombing in fact "was successful" for UFOnauts. After all, it again accomplished well hidden goals, which UFOnauts assigned to it. Only that the majority of people do not know about these goals.)
       Let us now explain how on the basis of data available at present it can be deduced what really happened during this second attack on London. In my personal opinion, UFOnauts who completed the first attack prepared also a "second wave" - this time made of human successors. Either through hypnosis, or telepathically (e.g. as usually in such cases - through inducing repetitive whispers directly to minds of their victims), UFOnauts convinced these humans to complete the second wave of bombings. However, during the completion of this second attack, UFOnauts used their advanced technology to cause that bombs would NOT explode, and thus that the English police received the required evidence of the crime. For UFOnauts such causing that bombs would not explode is simple and in UFOlogy for long time are known cases when UFOnauts for sure prevented the explosion. (E.g. one of such cases is the event dated on 25 October 1974, when a UFOnaut named Ausso caused the non-ignition of gun powder in a riffle of someone named Carl Higdon. The description of this case is contained in subsection T3 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5]. Furthermore, just by causing the gun powder to not explode in a riffle, on 23 June 2000 UFOnauts murdered my close ally, someone named Evan Hansen. His murder is described in subsection W4 from volume 18 of monograph [1/5].) In brief, this way of causing the non-explosion depends on this, that UFOnauts slow down significantly the speed of elapse of time for the explosive material. In the result, in slower elapse of time the energy of explosion of detonators is released much slower than normal - thus not causing the explosion which normally is required to initiate the blast of the remaining explosive charge. A similar phenomenon occurs also during every "walking on fire" - when time of the burning substance is slowed down, so that flames are unable to burn out legs of people who walk over the fire. This is because of such local slowing down of the elapse of time, that in second bombing of London the detonators of bombs were unable to ignite the explosion of main charges. (About this ability of UFOnauts to make the exploding impossible, is worth to remember when we begin to fight with UFOnauts. In fact, if we unwisely throw a grenade or a bomb at a UFOnaut, this grenade or bomb would not explode. This ability of UFOnauts to prevent explosion which endangers them, can be even utilised for historic research aimed at distinguishing important figures which were changelings described in previous item, not true people.) In turn the non-exploding of bombs in London provided the English police with the evidence so needed. According to my initial prediction, soon after this "bombing" the world learned which people prepared all bombings in London and how exactly they did this. The evidence revealed in this second bombing was so obvious, that no-one had any doubts which people really are guilty. So all claims of the type presented in next item, that in fact these were UFOnauts who organised the bombing of London, due to this second bombing may now be denied by everyone without a second thought. I will not mention that via this event also the gap between both religions become even more wide. This in turn means that UFOnauts accomplished all goals that they assigned to this second, supposedly "failed" bombing of London.
       For me personally very interesting is also the time-synchronisation of this bombing of London, with attacks of UFOnauts on myself. This is because UFOnauts so synchronised their attack on myself, that when one considers the time differences between London and New Zealand, then approximately at the same time when to New Zealand arrived the news about second London bombing, I was simultaneously informed by my superiors that I just lost my job. (This was the removal from a job by third New Zealand employer in a row - always for the same "crime", namely for too enthusiastic carrying out my scientific research.) This time synchronisation of bombings in London with my removal from a job is a kind of message given to me by UFOnauts. This message states: "look, in spite of your efforts to disclose our activities on Earth, still everything is under our control. We still mislead people as we pleased, and we do whatever we wish, still people believe us not you, and still you remain at our mercy."
       The matter of finding my next job, and also hints how readers may assist me in this job seeking, are elaborated on a separate web page "my job search" available through "Menu 2" and "Menu 4". I suggest to have a look at this web page. Perhaps the reader is able to assist me somehow.

#E8. Hurricane "Katrina" of 29 August 2005 - an example how UFOnauts are able to induce a hurricane as deadly as a tsunami:

Notice that the mechanism which governs weather on Earth, and thus which makes possible the technical formation by UFOnauts such destructive phenomena as hurricanes, typhoons, and tornados, is explained on a separate web page named "hurricane.htm". In turn the web page "Katrina", amongst others, repeats and extends information about the hurricane Katrina presented here. Both pages can be run from "Menu 2".
       Our mental habits lead us straight to a disaster. After all, we used to think, that if human murderers kill in a manner that from a large distance it is recognisable just as a murder, then also murders of UFOnauts must look like these human murders (i.e. from large distances must be recognisable as murders). While thinking like this we forget that UFOnauts have in their disposal all this enormously advanced technology and medicine. So when they use this technology and medicine for murdering people, their murders remain undetectable for us. We believe that a given victim died e.g. for a cancer, or e.g. for a heart attack, or e.g. because of an unfortunate accident, or because his or her house was struck e.g. by a tornado. In order to understand how difficult for identifying and detecting are murders committed by UFOnauts, let us consider the case of mass murder carried out by UFOnauts on 29 August 2005. It took the shape of a hurricane nick named "Katrina" (most probably this loving name was given to it by one of these "changelings" described in next item). This hurricane completely devastated the city of New Orleans in the USA. Winds that it induced reached velocities of 240 km/h.
       If one analyses the hurricane "Katrina", then it turns out that it displayed all attributes of the hurricane induced technologically by UFOnauts. Let us remind ourselves here some of these attributes:
         (i) The hurricane Katrina was following a non-typical path on which no hurricane was recorded since the Camille of 1969. (This Camille most probably was also induced technologically by UFOnauts.) Hurricanes, similarly as all other low-pressure whirls, have their own trajectories which they follow during their motion along the surface of Earth. This trajectories are depending on the internal structure of the Earth's nucleus. The cracks and less dense areas in this nucleus define the trajectory of the whirls of counter-matter which cause hurricanes and tornados. Therefore, in normal cases, low-pressure whirls of counter-matter, and also hurricanes which are induced by these whirls, move at the surface of Earth along specific and usually the same trajectories. But these low-pressure whirls can be grabbed and shifter to different locations with the magnetic field of a large UFO vehicle. UFOnauts utilise this capability of their vehicles, to shift hurricanes at such areas of Earth, which they intend to destroy in a given moment of time. More information about the mechanism that governs such low-pressure whirls, and manners they can be controlled with huge UFO vehicles, is provided on the web page about tornados, listed in "Menu 4".
         (ii) It was accompanied by extraordinary weather anomalies. Even people that are not familiar with technology of UFOnauts, recognised these anomalies as signs of a technologically induced hurricane. For example, on 11 September 2005, on the web page, an article was published entitled "Weatherman Claims Japanese Mafia Behind Hurricane Katrina". (a Polish version of the same article entitled (in Polish) "Japońska mafia odpowiedzialna za Katrinę?", was published on the web page,69,item.html?MASK=14177212. This article reports a conclusion from research of Katrina by the American meteorologist, Scott Stevens from Idaho. This meteorologist also stated, that after analysing satellite photographs of Katrina he is sure, that this hurricane was induced technologically. So the only difference between his and mine findings, is that he suspects Japanese Mafia for causing this hurricane. (Note however, that even if he knew for sure that UFOs induced this hurricane, still probably for his own security he would point at the Mafia. After all, the use of the word "UFO" in his statement would have such a consequence that his employer most probably would sacked him from the job - similarly as my employers dismissed me already several times in response for my "too open" in their opinion disclosure of the occupation of Earth by UFOs.) Here is a quotation taken from the above article, which points our attention at the extraordinary character of this hurricane, which certifies for its technological origin. Quote: "... clouds formed by the generators are different than normal clouds and are able to appear out of nowhere and says Katrina had many rotation points that are unusual for hurricanes. ..." Please notice that the last sentence reveals that in order to generate this hurricane UFOnauts used several large UFO vehicles magnetically coupled together into a flying cluster. The cluster of UFOs maintained the hurricane cooperatively. This is the reason why there was a number of separate rotation points noticed by this American meteorologist. Notice also that the differences in the appearance of clouds formed technologically, and the appearance of natural clouds, is illustrated on the web page named cloud_ufo.htm available through "Menu 4" and "Menu 2".
         (iii) It did not have own anti-hurricane. In subsection H5.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also on totaliztic web pages which describe the mechanism of technical induction of tornados, I explained that tornados and hurricanes are created due to a narrowing down (squeezing) so-called "low-pressure whirls of counter-matter". These whirls are like huge spinning "snakes" made of counter-matter and penetrating throughout the body of our planet. So if any of them is naturally narrowed down (i.e. it decreases by itself the diameter of spinning) then this narrowing down reveals itself simultaneously on both hemispheres of Earth, in places where this spinning "snake" of counter-matter emerges from the ground. Therefore all natural hurricanes always appear in pairs. If one hurricane from such a pair attacks e.g. the USA, then the mirror copy of it simultaneously appears on the southern Pacific Ocean and rages along an empty ocean. However, because these mirror reflections of American hurricanes rage in the middle of relatively empty ocean (i.e. Pacific), only extremely rarely they are illustrated in TV or described in newspapers. But they always do exist and always can be spotted on satellite photographs of Earth. (Such photographs can be found in internet, e.g. on the web page In turn when a hurricane is induced technically, as this was the case with Katrina, then it does NOT have its own anti-hurricane on the southern Pacific. The lack of this anti-hurricane on the opposite side of Earth is the confirmation that the Katrina was not natural at all, but was induced technologically by UFOnauts.
         (iv) It intelligently changed the trajectory. It behaved in such a manner as to cause possibly the greatest damage through blocking the exist from the river Mississippi.
         (v) It intelligently changed the intensity and pressure. For example, shortly before it attacked the coast, it decreased the intensity to calm down people and to decrease the number of evacuees. But just before it attacked, it increased the intensity again. This in turn documents that it was controlled intelligently.
         (vi) It was accompanied by numerous tornados. In turn the mechanics and attributes of these tornados quite clearly reveal that they were induced technologically by UFOs. The mechanics of formation of tornados by UFOs is explained on web pages named tornado.htm. This web page indicates also extensive evidence which documents the actual origin of tornados and hurricanes from UFOs.
         (vii) In slightly over three weeks later, i.e. on 24 September 2005, UFOnauts send along the path of Katrina another technically induced hurricane named "Rita". The main goal of Rita was to eliminate suspicions that Katrina was caused technically by UFOnauts. UFOnauts always place huge emphases onto the diverting out from themselves the peoples' suspicions that these were them who caused a given disaster. One of methods of diverting this suspicion, that they frequently use, is to cause again the same disaster, but this second time UFOnauts make it to appear to be "unsuccessful". For example, in two weeks after a "successful" bombing of London on 7 July 2005 (as described in item #E6 of this web page), UFOnauts repeated the bombing of London on 21 July 2005 (as described in item #E7 of this web page) - but this time they make it look as if it was "unsuccessful". Exactly the same trick UFOnauts repeated with hurricanes Katrina and Rita. For the fact, that also Rita was induced technically by UFOnauts to prove that previously Katrina was a "natural" disaster, certifies a number of attributes of Rita, e.g. that: (1) Rita followed almost the same non-typical trajectory as Katrina, (2) it also had NO its "twin" anti-hurricane on the southern Pacific, (3) in order to fabricate an anti-hurricane for Rita, simultaneously with Rita UFOnauts induced a technological typhoon "Damrey" which hit southern China and Vietnam - however, this typhoon for sure was NOT the anti-hurricane for Rita because similarly to Rita it was spinning anti-clockwise, (4) Rita was also accompanied by numerous tornados, (5) it also was displaying non-typical (i.e. intelligent and technological) behaviours and attributes, (6) the action of Rita was corresponding exactly to the general strategy and methods of UFOnauts, etc., etc.
         (viii) The hurricane Katrina was synchronised by UFOnauts with a whole range of other destructive activities, which UFOnauts typically "arrange" during their attacks on humanity. Examples of other such destructive events which UFOnauts have arranged for, were robbery and looting of shops in New Orleans, chaos, disorganisation and slow action of authorities, four-days long lack of any assistance from outside (as if it was intentionally delayed by agents of UFOnauts in order to increase the destructive impact of this hurricane), shootings, rapes and lawlessness, bandit snipers on roofs of houses murdering innocent passers by, horrifying activities of dragged gangs, engineering errors which allowed water to break through dams to New Orleans, etc., etc. In total, this perfectly carried out by UFOnauts action of deepening the crisis caused by the hurricane, turned this relatively simple attack of UFOnauts into a large crisis of America. After-hurricane hidden sabotages of UFOnauts caused the non-repairable damage to Americans in moral and propaganda areas.
         (ix) This hurricane added to a whole array of various recent attacks of UFOnauts on the USA. Lately UFOnauts continually carry out such attacks on this leading country of our civilisation. They jolly well know that eyes of the entire planet are directed on America. Thus whatever bad happens to Americans, in fact it causes the pain and harm to every citizen of our planet. UFOnauts know that if they manage to destroy the USA, they also manage to destroy the entire our present civilisation.
       The hurricane Katrina was not the only hurricane which UFOnauts moved at the target which they intended to destroy. I watch with the interest all destruction caused lately by the weather and climate. Out of this destruction quite clearly emerges that hurricanes and destructive winds are only a next tool of destruction in an entire arsenal of such weaponry which UFOnauts unleashed lately against our civilisation. (A complete list of all these weapons is provided in item #D3 from this web page.) The most convincing example, how UFOnauts for every their wish are able to cause a hurricane, I experienced myself on 28 November 1998 - when I went onto an expedition to search for the legendary "sleeping giant" from New Zealand. (This "sleeping giant" is a gigantic sculpture of a human giant, carved in an entire mountain, which according to legends of New Zealand Maoris, supposed to exists perfectly hidden and undiscovered by Europeans until today, in dense bush of New Zealand native forests. The giant is described in subsection V3 from volume 16 of the older monograph [1/4].) This expedition, and the hurricane intentionally induced by UFOnauts which made me abandon the searches for the giant sculpture, is described in more details in subsection VB4.4.1 from volume 17 of the older monograph [1/4].
       On a separate web page named "day26.htm" the initial intention of UFOnauts is explained, that in 2005 UFOnauts were going to induce murderous tsunami on the Atlantic Ocean. This tsunami supposed to destroy coasts of Europe and America. It appears, that for some reasons UFOnauts decided to replace this tsunami with destruction caused in another manner. So instead of tsunami they induced equally destructive hurricane Katrina. This hurricane caused in New Orleans and vicinity almost the same destruction, as the one caused in Indonesia and in Thailand by tsunami of 26 December 2004.

#E9. Around 1000 victims of "stampede" in Baghdad of 31 August 2005 - an example how murderously UFOnauts are manipulated crowds with their telepathic devices:

       How you would feel if you know that unrecognisable murderers are lurking in your own home. Or if you know that murderers pretending to be your close friends are lurking in your office. They look exactly like all other your colleagues, they pretend to be your friends or even members of your closest family, they behave politely and frequently even tell you complements, but all the time they plan how to "push a knife into your back", or e.g. squash you with a machine - so that your death looks like an accident, unfortunate coincidence, or action of forces of nature. Pretending to be your concerned friends, allies, or defenders, they lie in everything, and continually hide traps in these lies, so that they either catch you on these traps - if you continue your efforts, or paralyse all your actions - if you get scared of these traps and cease to do what is important for you. And these traps are really satanic - after all UFOnauts have time vehicles in their disposal, so they know exactly what you are going to do in several days or several years. Furthermore, they have in their disposal all this advanced technology. For example, on every their wish a UFO vehicle loaded with equipment for manipulation on people is arriving and doing exactly what they order it to do. They have no difficulty in such placing a net, that even the most cautious person falls into it. In turn, when UFOnauts manage to chit you and to catch you into one of their traps, then they announce this with triumph around the world, as an evidence of your weakness or the lack of required skills. Not only that they are after your life, but they also continually destroy everything that one creates, push one down, undermine one's authority and health, squash one's creativity, blacken one's past and spoil one's memory in these people who used to know you, and persecute these whom you love the most. Well, if you are able to imagine such feeling of tormenting, threat, and uncertainty of tomorrow in which you would find yourself in such circumstances, then you are not far from full understanding of the tragic situation in which our entire civilisation is currently.
       A number of totaliztic web pages explains that our planet is under a hidden occupation of satanic creatures which presently are called "UFOnauts", while in past were called "devils", "satan", etc. It is well documented on these web pages, and also in monograph [1/5], that these creatures are so hostile towards humanity, and simultaneously so identical to people and present in such large numbers in our cities and places of work, that they represent these unrecognizable murderers who lurk in our houses, offices, and amongst our officials. They continually await for a right moment to secretly "push a knife into our back" in circumstances when this "pushing of a knife" would look like an accident or an action of forces of nature. In fact, these creatures are our close relatives, only that instead on Earth, they are born on different planets. As I explained it extensively two items lower on this web page, UFOnauts are so identical to people that when their "changelings" are swapped for one of our people, then even the closest family of such "changeling", nor his office colleagues, are able to recognize that in a given moment they deal with an UFOnaut, not with the original human for whom this UFOnaut was swapped. These changelings without any difficulty are mixing with crowd of people, carry out suicidal bombings, initiate a panics of crowds, sabotage correct moves of our governments, discredit people who are inconvenient for them, etc., etc. UFOnauts are these illusive murderers stalking us in our own home, that are described in the first paragraph of this item. The evidence indicates that such "changelings" from UFOs have carried out bombings of metro in London on 7 July 2005, and also they attacked WTC from New York on 11 September 2001. Traces of their satanic attacks can be found practically in every disaster that affected a large number of people.
       One of the more cunning attacks of UFOnauts on humanity took place in Baghdad Iraq, on Wednesday, 31 August 2005. UFOnauts caused there a murderous panics and stampede of a huge crowd. They induced this panics through the use of their telepathic devices which cause panics and fear. Simultaneously they utilised their own changelings mixed with the crowd and yelling "run - suicidal bomber", "help yourself - a bomber". In the result trotted to death was around 1000 people. A whole range of facts and evidence points out at the fact that also this atrocity was committed by UFOnauts via the use of their advanced telepathic devices. Let us list now at least most important examples of this evidence:
         (i) All people simultaneously begin to run in panic. (In normal circumstances people join the run with a slight time delay - when they firstly see what is the reason to run.) In turn just such simultaneous initiation of the escape by the entire crowd means, that it was caused by telepathic devices similar to these which UFOnauts use against wild animals, and for telepathic scaring people who approach too close to UFO vehicles. The design and principles of operation of one of these devices is described in subsection K5.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. In turn subsection R2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5] describes an example of report made by someone named Wojciech Godziszewski, who also was scared by just such a device. I know Mr Godziszewski in person, and I learned from his report that with just such telepathic devices he was filled up with indescribable fear when he approached too close to a UFO vehicle which hide in a forest. I personally believe, that also cases of mass hysteria, which relatively frequently take place in Islamic Malaysia, are too induced technically by UFOnauts with such telepathic devices for the manipulation of feelings and views of crowds. An example of just such a mass hysteria is described in subsection JE4.1 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5].
         (ii) Almost all the escaping people dropped their shoes in a mysterious manner.. TV reporters who reported from Baghdad the course and consequences of this tragic stampede of around 1000 people, were shocked by thick piles of human shoes of all possible kinds and shapes, which felled from legs of people affected by the panic described here. The shocking piles of these shoes were also shown many times in world's TV news. All these who saw these piles were puzzled, how it was possible that shoes were lost in such huge quantities.
         In subsection LA2 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5] is explained, that invisible for human sight UFO vehicles form an unique kind of field, which is called the "telekinetic field". In turn the presence of this telekinetic field provided all objects that are affected by it, an extraordinary attribute, which in subsection H8.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5] and subsection KB4 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5] is called the "super-slipperiness". This attribute causes, that e.g. shoes will not normally keep on legs of people affected by the telekinetic field. Thus another evidence that on the spot of this crime were present invisible to human sight telekinetic UFO vehicles, is this mysterious fall of shoes from legs of all participants of the mass panic in Baghdad. (Means the caused by this "super-slipperiness" fall of shoes from legs of people who were affected by a telepathic command to escape.)
         (iii) Mysterious "suffocation" of also these people, who were NOT trotted by others. The most strange in this stampede from Baghdad turned out that many people were not trotted by others, but they die of a mysterious suffocation. Actually just such kind of suffocation of people is also known from various other observations of UFOs. It is caused when hermetically closed, telekinetic UFOs wrap hermetically heads of victims and disallow them to breathe. In such cases these people suffocate because of the lack of access to the air. Their suffocation is similar to that which on gangster films is illustrated as murders committed through wrapping a plastic bag around heads of victims.
         (iv) Making use of human superstitions. This belongs to the favourite tricks of UFOnauts. For example, in case of this tragic stampede from Baghdad, the bridge on which satanic UFOnauts committed this atrocity is known from the fact that in the year 799 agents of the local Caliph disposed to the river the body of Imam Musa al-Kadima. Thus, by choosing just this bridge for committing their atrocity, UFOnauts counted that the past of this bridge will induce various superstitions and speculations in people.
         (v) The coinciding of this atrocity with the policy of UFOnauts for that region of Earth. As further items of this web page document this extensively, UFOnauts desperately are trying to initiate a "third world war" - this time between Muslims and Christians. Therefore in Iraq UFOnauts are trying to murder as many people as possible. This is because they count that the anger and hatred of these ones who survive, finally will turn against Europeans and Christians.
       Out of all facts which document the participation of UFOnauts in this atrocity from Baghdad, the most interesting scientifically is this "super-slipperiness". It was caused by the induction of powerful telekinetization of everything that happen to remain within the range of the telekinetic field of UFO vehicles which were hiding from the human sight behind the "state of telekinetic flickering". In turn the "supper-slipperiness" of telekinetized shoes of escaping crowd caused that people attacked by this UFO vehicle lost their shoes. (The shoes were slipping out from their legs.) In TV news large piles of shoes were shown, in some places thick for around a half of meter. These piles contained shoes of all possible kinds and shapes, which were lost at the place of this tragedy. I know from practice quite well this phenomenon of super-slipperiness. After all, I am continually exposed to the persecution of UFOnauts who hide from my sight behind the screen of "telekinetic flickering". Thus in my home many objects is repetitively telekinetized. In turn, after such telekinetization these objects become unusually slippery. For example, when I am writing something, that is not welcomed by UFOnauts, e.g. like the text of this explanation here, then UFOnauts approach my computer so close, that they telekinetize my mouse and also the pad under the mouse. In the result, sometimes the pad and the mouse become so slippery, that the mouse slips over the pad when I move it, and a motion of mouse does NOT cause a motion of cursor in my computer. The phenomenon of this "super-slipperiness" is discussed extensively in subsections H8.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and KB4 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. I should also add here that I know numerous cases, when UFOnauts induced similar murderous panics with their telepathic devices. But the above case from Baghdad is the first in which the phenomenon of "super-slipperiness" was manifested on such a massive scale, that it was noted even by television reporters. Of course, this massive fall of shoes from legs took also place during all previous murderous stampedes caused