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How we can accomplish immortality and everlasting life
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7 May 2015

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In spite that the official human science researches the reality around us since the times of Archimedes, it still has NOT managed to discover that the reality around us is governed by two drastically different kinds of time. (In all publications by the author, this official science is called the old "atheistic orthodox science", so that one could clearly distinguish it from the new "totaliztic science" in the spirit of which this web page is written.) One of these two different kinds of time, in totaliztic publications called the "irreversible absolute time of universe", is the time in which lives only our God. This time exists in nature, elapses in a smooth manner, and in our physical world it affects only the inanimate matter (i.e. non-living chemical elements, minerals, rocks, fossils, bones of dinosaurs, coal, etc.) - which are ageing according to its speed of elapse. The old official human science believes that this is the only time that exists in the entire universe. However, the new "totaliztic science" has discovered, that people actually live in a completely different time, in publications by the author called the "reversible software time". That software time does NOT exist in nature, so it has been artificially pre-programmed by God and introduced to use during the biblical Great Flood - as it is explained in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 of this web page. It elapses in short jumps. (The actual existence of "jumps" of this artificial "reversible software time" in which we live is revealed to every person by the popular phenomenon described in item #D1 from this web page.) Because of the existence of long gaps between subsequent such jumps, the elapse of this artificial software time is about 365 thousands of times slower than the elapse of the natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe". To the ageing in this artificial jumping time are subjected humans and all the living creatures having DNA. It also allows for the building of my "Time Vehicles" described on this web page. Differences in speeds of elapse of these two kinds of time from our physical world are so large, that many people notice with naked eyes e.g. astonishingly rapid ageing of rocks - see item #C4.1 from this web page. The fact of existence and work in the physical world of these two drastically different kinds of time, explains also many mysteries about which so-far people conducted disputes and wars, for example, explains why the Bible and the history reveal that God created mankind only about 6,000 years ago, while rocks and fossils (e.g. bones of dinosaurs or coal) date back to millions of years. Why people have a "deja vu". Why prophecies exist and become fulfilled. Why God knows the future. Etc., etc. This web page presents basic explanations and body of evidence for practically all the above topics and matters.
       Personally, I am most surprised that today's scientists with parrots' inane reverently repeat baseless speculations of Einstein on the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" which in our physical world rules only over the ageing of inanimate matter, while at the same time they completely overlook the entire ocean of irrefutable evidence that our physical world is governed simultaneously by as many as two kinds of time described above, and that people actually live in the totally different than rocks and fossils, "reversible software time" - which is artificially created by God and which elapses in jumps. After all, there is such huge body of evidence for the existence and operation of this artificial software time which elapses 365 thousands of times slower than the natural absolute time, that just indicating the most important categories of this evidence took on this web page the whole "part #D" and yet further sub-item #C4.1. In fact, there is enough of this evidence, that after ordering it accordingly to the reliable method of proving called the "method of matching attributes" it suffices for formulating the "formal scientific proof" that should be binding for everyone, even for the most thoughtless scientists.
       The length of life and the inevitability of death are the most important challenges faced by humanity, which are associated with time and with the passage of time. The majority of us believe, that extending the life, defeating the death and accomplishing immortality will be obtained through progress in medicine. They do NOT see, however, that medical extending of lives requires the undertaking of immoral activities described in item #B2 below. Furthermore, judging from the speed of such medical progress, it can require even several thousands of years of research before medical fraternity finds a way to defeat deaths and accomplish the access to immortality. Even then though, only a few individuals could use it. After all, it would require making highly immoral decisions (e.g. taking lives from other people or creatures to extend our own life). Furthermore, as such, it would also be very costly, and only a few people could afford it. On the other hand, the philosophy called totalizm explains to us, that actually there is also a morally correct path to immortality, and that we could live forever already at the present level of knowledge and science. This is because immortality can be also accomplished in a moral manner with the use of technology - means through the construction of technical devices called here Time Vehicles. In turn when we have such devices, then each time when we arrive to the old age we could repetitively shift our time back to years of the youth. In this way everyone could keep extending his or her life infinitively long. But to get access to these Time Vehicles, we need to start accepting that such devices are technologically feasible, and we need to start building these devices as soon as we can. To be honest, if I received the assistance that is required from the very beginning of my research, means from 1985 - when I discovered how time works and when I invented Time Vehicles and developed their design, then even if I would work just alone on the development of these vehicles, while the provided assistance limited itself just to financing and manufacturing subsequent prototypes, research stations, laboratories, measuring equipment, etc., still I would manage to complete these vehicles already a long time ago - as about these wasted chances I am writing more comprehensively in items #J1 to #J3 of the web page named magnocraft.htm. After all, since 1985 tens of years have elapsed. In turn, in such a case, already a long time ago the humanity would defeat deaths, while each one of us would already have the access to immortality - thus being able to live forever. As it turns out, constructing these Time Vehicles is relatively simple. But in order to accomplish it, we all need to change our attitudes and manners of thinking. We need to start thinking in categories of the philosophy of totalizm. For example, we must understand that our universe is so designed by God that "everything that we can think of, we can also accomplish" - only that for it we need to fulfil specific conditions. This web page is to point out for us such a correct direction in our thinking regarding the completion of my "Time Vehicles" and the technical access of humans to immortality through the repetitive shifting of our time back to years of our youth.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

Motto: "The first step towards the earning of 'immortality' is to learn what it is all about and what laws apply to it."

       The main goal of this web page is an attempt to realise to readers that the accomplishment of immortality is NOT so difficult as we may believe e.g. on the basis of present state of medicine. Only that in order to accomplish immortality we firstly need to learn everything about it, then we need to want it, and finally we need to actively help these people whose efforts are bringing it to us (instead of, as so-far, persecute them with the enraged by the human immorality the so-called "curse of inventors" - described in more details in item #G1 from the web page eco_cars.htm).
       Other goal of this web page is to explain, that a simplest and the most sure manner of gaining an access to immortality, boils down to the building of "time vehicles". After all, having such "time vehicles" allows that after each arriving to an old age, we can shift back in time to years of our youth and then live again through the entire our life.
       To vital goals of this web page belongs also, amongst others, the explanation what actually is this "reversible software time" - such explanation is provided in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from this web page. That is, the explanation what is that particularly unnatural (artificial) kind of time, which elapses in jumps, and in which live and get older all people and all living creatures having DNA, but to which are NOT subjected and age, among others, rocks or fossils (such as "bones of dinosaurs" described in item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm). This web page reveals also how different is this artificially created by God "reversible software time" from the natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe" - means it explains that this absolute time flows smoothly with the speed of around 365 thousands of times greater than the speed of jumping software time, that in this absolute time lives only our God, and that in our physical world in this absolute time exist and age all minerals (including rocks, bones of dinosaurs, coal, etc.). That artificial "reversible software time" elapsing in jumps does NOT exist in nature, and thus it had to be artificially pre-programmed by some superior intelligent being with the knowledge and capabilities of our God (similarly like also artificially created have to be a kind of "language" called "DNA code" - due to the artificiality of the features of which in item #G2 from the web page named god_proof.htm it became possible to formally prove the existence of God). Therefore, the lack of knowledge of the existence and the work of this artificial jumping time in the to-date official human science, deprives the humanity of one of the most illustrative evidence for the existence of God, who, after all, pre-programmed this time. In addition, the ignorance of official science regarding this time, persisting in spite that almost every person saw with own eyes the phenomenon described in item #D1 of this web page, which conclusively proves its existence and work, reveals how erroneous are the monopolistic claims of the official science. After all, by being in error in matters of "time" - which is the most important component of virtually every process from our physical world, the old, official "atheistic orthodox science" is practically also in error in all other matters. No wonder that this old, official science has led the humanity to the situation that we see around us today, and even worse - that it still has NOT stopped to push the mankind toward the abyss and the self-destruction. For more explanations about the artificial characteristics of the "reversible software time" - see also item #C3 from a separate web page named prophecies.htm, item #G4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, and/or item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm. In that item #C3 from the web page "prophecies.htm", and also in item #C4.1 from this web page here, it is worth to give a special attention to the evidential value of noticeable for us, much faster ageing of rocks than people, and thus also much faster ageing of human paintings, marks, footprints, and fossils preserved in rocks and caves. This faster ageing of rock than people stems from the length of gaps between subsequent "jumps" of this discrete time and from multiple repetition of life of people in the "reversible software time" - while simultaneously the rocks age constantly in the "irreversible absolute time of the universe".
       Yet another goal of this web page is to realise to the reader, that in reality it is impossible to truly understand ourselves, or the reality around us, or actions of our God, without the prior knowledge of how works the "reversible software time" in which exist not only ourselves, but also all the living creatures from the entire physical world, that is, without learning how works the God's "omniplan" described in item #C4 of this web page, without learning the design and operation of human "Time Vehicles" which in this "reversible software time" allow us to shift back to years of our youth, and also without the learning of most important consequences of our living in such "reversible software time". In other words, it is impossible to fully understand either ourselves, or what surrounds us, or the requirements and conduct of God, or selected commandments, terminology and phenomena described in the Bible, without the prior learning by us, for example, (1) consequences of the phenomena triggered in practically all immoral immortals, and described in item #H3 of this web page under the name of "everlasting hell"; (2) without prior learning of the requirement described in item #I1 from the different web page named quake.htm, which results from the existence of this "everlasting hell" and which states that to any kind of immortal life, meaning even to the immortal live in the "kingdom of heaven", may be admitted only those shockingly few people (i.e. those statistically NOT more than one person for every approximately 250,000 inhabitants of the Earth), which in their previous lives already reached the level of "morality" that in the Bible is assigned to the so-called "righteous" and that is described in item #I1 of the abovementioned web page "quake.htm", and thus only those people who have already acquired the character traits that will protect this "kingdom of heaven" from turning into the proverbial "hell" described in item #D8 from the separate web page named timevehicle.htm; (3) without the prior learning about different types of "immortality" described in items #L1 to #L6 from the separate web page named soul_proof.htm, and thus without learning about the kind of immortality that characterizes our soul; (4) without learning about dangers that immortal beings bring onto other living creatures from their surroundings - which dangers are described, amongst others, in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm; etc., etc. All these facts in turn begin to be disclosed for us only due the factual and objective research on the work of "time vehicles" described on this web page, as well as research on the consequences of the use of such time vehicles, i.e. the research carried out in accordance with "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science" (i.e. the new science, which has been described in more detail in items #C1 to #C6 from a different web page named telekinetics.htm, while which was summarised briefly in items #C3 and #D8 below on this web page).
* * *
       Note! Although the physical world is ruled by two drastically different kinds of time, i.e. (1 ) by the artificially programmed time that the new "totaliztic science" named the "reversible software time", and (2) by the naturally existing in the universe time that by this new "totaliztic science" is named the "irreversible absolute time of the universe", the content of this web page discusses almost exclusively this artificial, elapsing in jumps, "reversible software time". After all, this web page describes the movement of people to other times with the use of "time vehicles", while these "time vehicles" can be built only because human lives are ruled by this "reversible software time". Thus, if in any area of this web page the reader encounters the word "time" used without a qualifier that explains which one exactly - out of both existing on the Earth times, this word means, the word actually refers to the "reversible software time". After all, the full name of that time is long, and its constant repetition on this web page would spoil the readability of the text, so it makes NO sense here - especially that this second, natural, absolute time of the universe, is discussed here only in the introduction, in this item, and in sub-item #C4.1 of this web page.

#A2. Principles of operation of "time vehicles" is so simple:

Motto: "Even a simplest invention is NOT going to complete itself."

       My "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity teaches us, that the principle of shifting back in time and travelling through time, is very simple. After all, the time through which we just are living is pre-programmed in our bodies in natural programs called "programs of life and fate" that are stored in the form of natural software within DNA helixes from our genetic system. In turn the execution control which runs each such a program is carried out by shifting the resonance point of vibrations of these DNA helixes. In other words, double helixes of DNA are like most simple and most elementary forms of natural computers, which run special "control programs" called the "programs of life and fate" that are stored in a software manner within the "counter-matter" that forms the atomic structure of these DNA. Therefore, in order to shift us to a different time, it suffices that our "time vehicle" (see "TV" below in part (a) from "Fig. #G1") surrounds all DNA helixes contained in our body, with a sphere of very strong pulsating magnetic field (see "E" below in part (a) from "Fig. #G1"). The frequency of pulsations of this field must be equal to the resonance frequency of the helixes. Then, by controlling the frequency of vibrations of this sphere of powerful field, it suffices to shift the resonance points into a different area of our "program of life and fate" coded into our DNA helixes. This in turn shifts us to a different point in time, e.g. again to years of our youth. How exactly this shifting in time is carried out, is demonstrated to us already today by "time vehicles" shown below on photographs from parts (b), (c) and (d) of "Fig. #G1".
       The entire difficulty of completing a "time vehicle" boils down to the constructing of a device called the "Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation". This is because such a chamber generates a pulsating magnetic field that is sufficiently powerful to be able to surround us tightly with this sphere of the field and penetrate with this field to every single cell in our body. Its magnetic field is also controlled sufficiently precisely to allow the simultaneous shifting resonance points of all DNA from our body to a new time. The majority of theoretical problems connected with the travelling through time and with building this "Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation" I already have resolved. Apart from this web page, my solutions for these problems are also described on the totaliztic web page named timevehicle.htm, as well as in volumes 11 and 2 of my newest monograph marked as [1/5]. Thus almost the only matter still awaiting the completion, is the building of that "Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation".
       I approximately know how to build that "Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation". After all, I invented it. Unfortunately, instead of creating for me reasonable conditions for research and for the development of my inventions, the paralysed by the "inventive impotency" (i.e. by consequences of the "curse of inventors") countries in which the fate make me to live, allowed that either someone tried to hunt me down, or they make me spend my time on an idle and horrifying unemployment deprived even an unemployment benefit.

#A3. The technical implementation of this principle of shifting our time is to restore to us our young bodies and leave unchanged our memory and our knowledge already gained - thus it allows for an infinitive prolonging our lives:

       The travel through time carried out on the described above principle of "shifting the execution control to a different point of our 'program of life and fate' " yields quite extraordinary outcomes. Namely, the above principle causes the shifting of our physical body to a different point in time from our own life, but it simultaneously leaves unchanged our memory and keeps the knowledge which we already gathered. In the result, if we shift our time e.g. to years of our youth, then physically we again will be in bodies which we had in times of our youths, and also in times which prevailed during our youth. But our knowledge and memory will be the continuation of the knowledge and memory which we already had at the moment of shifting our time. Therefore, after such a shifting of our time, in the body young again we are to repeat from the beginning our entire life starting from the point in time to which we shifted - but our memory and knowledge this time will be enriched by experiences of everything that we lived through during the life to-date.
       Such consequences of shifting our time through changing the execution control in our "program of life and fate" is especially suitable for infinitive extending the length of our lives on principles which in item #H1 of this web page, and also in item #C7 of the web page named timevehicle.htm is described under the name of "imprisoned immortality". In this principle after each reaching the old age one sits into the "time vehicle" described on this web page and shifts his or her time again to years of the youth. Unfortunately, this principle does NOT allow to take with us to years of youth any technical devices nor any inanimate objects. This is because their "programs of life and fate" work on different principles" than in living organisms. So the only thing that we can take back with us to our rejuvenated body, is our memory and our knowledge. Thus for example, if I build a "time vehicle" already now in my old age, then I could shift myself back in time to my young age, but in order to return from over there to the moment of having again the access to my time vehicle - I would need firstly to live through the entire my life and again build this vehicle from the very beginning (what should be much easier because I would already have the entire knowledge from the previous passage through life and time). The principle described here does NOT allow also to shift our time to any point through which we did NOT live yet. Thus, we in fact are "imprisoned" inside of time of our lives - in spite that we could repeat this life infinitive number of times.
       Independently from the principle of shifting our time by changes to the execution control in our "programs of life and fate", as described on this web page, there is also a different principle of time travel described in "part #J" of this web page. That different principle time travel displays a different set of characteristics, which I am explaining in item #J3.

#A4. The characteristics of repetitive shifting back in time to years of our youth carried out through the described here "shifting of resonance point in DNA helixes" which causes our travel through time:

       The travelling through time carried out on the described here principle of "shifting the resonance point in DNA helixes", is characterised by following attributes:
(1) After shifting to a different time, our body takes all physical characteristics that this body displayed in the time to which we just shifted, and in which time we previously lived. Because the body undergoes a rejuvenation after we shift to years of our youth, this principle of time travel opens for us the infinitively long life (i.e. immortality) accomplished through repetitive returning to years of our youth after each subsequent living until an old age.
(2) Into the travel through time we cannot take with us any object nor any person. Even if together with us, other people are also taking a trip to a different time, after arriving in there, these other people find themselves in bodies, clothing, and places, in which they were when previously led their lives through a given point in time. So if in the trip through time we went together with our wife or friend, then only due a pure coincidence we could land together in the same point of the physical space. Notice here, that only a different principle of travelling through time, briefly described in item #J3 near the end of this web page, allows to shift to a different time together with other people and together with objects which we take with us.
(3) However, to different times is shifted together with us the current state of our knowledge, our memory, and our current personality (i.e. our character, level of happiness, sense of humour, memory. experience, etc.). Thus, if e.g. shifted to different times is someone already old, then after the arrival to years of his youth he or she is going to have again a young body of a young person, although his or her knowledge, memory, experience, attributes of character, sense of humour, habits, etc. - all will be the continuation of the same attributes which a given time-traveller has at the moment when he or she shifted back in time. In other words, if to years of youth we shift an old, grumpy, immoral and unproductive criminal, then still the same grumpy, immoral and unproductive criminal will appear in different times, only that he is going to have a young body - thus will be able to intensify his destructive influence on other people. This is why, an iron condition must be imposed onto the attempts to shift anyone back in time with method described here - namely that the person shifted back in time must previously accomplish the state of totaliztic nirvana, so that this condition makes impossible for all immoral people who practice the highly corruptive philosophy of parasitism to shift back to years of their youth and to corrupt in there all people from their surrounding - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #I1 from further part of this web page.
(4) The method of time-travel described here allows only to shift back to the point in time through which we lived already, or to move forward in time also to the point in which we lived previously. But after the arrival to a new time we can interact with our environment. This means that a given time traveller can participate actively in everything that he or she encounters in the time being visited, and he or she can change everything in there according to his or her "free will".

#A5. What inspired me to write this web page:

Motto: "The history of new inventions teaches us, that the most difficult stage in their completion is to convince to them other people."

       The human immortality is a perfect example how immensely erroneous can be whatever is commonly believed in. After all, a typical opinion about the humanity overcoming death and living forever is almost exactly opposite to reality and to truth on this subject. For example, this typical opinion states that immortality can be accomplished only through the progress in medical sciences, and that the immortality itself will already be a source of huge happiness to everyone who is saved by it from a death. In turn, relying on statements of the Bible and on the present level of human medicine, it is commonly believed that the defeat of death and the access to immortality is going to be achieved only "at the very end" - means in a very distant future. (See the Bible, 1 Corinthians 15:26 "The last enemy to be defeated will be death.") However, the reality and facts state something completely different. As this is explained in items #B2 and #B3 of this web page, the only acceptable (because it is moral) path to the human immortality leads through the development of technology, not medicine, or more strictly through the construction of so-called time vehicles. In turn item #H3 of this web page reveals, that the immortality obtained by someone who previously did NOT accomplished the state of so-called "totaliztic nirvana" is going to turn out to be a hell and a curse - NOT a source of happiness. Finally item #K1 of this web page discloses that our civilisation could have already now both "time vehicles" as well as the access to immortality - if only people in their attitudes to creators of new discoveries and new inventions are NOT so egoistic, persecuting, cynical, sceptical, and so deprived the ability of an independent and logical thinking.
       I am promoting the above truths about immortality already since 1985 - means since the moment when I discovered how time works. Already then I could initiate the construction of time vehicles - if I only received then the help of other people that is required. In such a case, until today - means after around a quarter of century, time vehicles would already be build and working. After all, even much more complex programmes, such as "Apollo" or "Manhattan", gave concrete results already after 8 and 4 years - as I reminded this descriptively in item #K2 of this web page. And we must remember that at the time when these programmes were initiated, their final goals appeared to be equally distant and equally impossible for accomplishing as today the construction of time vehicles seems to be. We also need to remember, that the detailed knowledge on given subjects in people who implemented these historical programmes, was at the time of initiating them even much lower than the level of my own knowledge about the work of time and about principles of operation of time vehicles. Furthermore, people who implemented these historic programs had NO access to so obvious confirmations of their ideas as these numerous confirmations of principles which I described in items #D1 to #D7 of this web page, and also in chapter M from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Unfortunately, in spite that I continually kept explaining to people the truth about the immortality, providing these explanations at every opportunity and in numerous my publications, somehow my efforts do NOT seem to change the commonly prevailing (erroneous) views. This hard "scepticism" prevailing commonly, hit our eyes especially strongly when I publicly discussed in the Internet the visual proof on the discrete (jumping) nature of time, which is described in item #D1 of this web page. (This public discussion of the proof that time really runs in short jumps - like our present computer programs, can be viewed in Internet at addresses listed in item #M3 near the end of this web page.) Such a stubbornly erroneous "scepticism" of other people about the immortality, caused that on the meaningful day of 9/11 I decided to prepare a special (this one) web page on this particular subject. When writing this web page I hoped that if I manage to explain clearly and briefly the matter of immortality on a dedicated web page, then perhaps it finally gets to the attention of at least some readers. Let's us hope that just this is going to happen.

Part #B: What is this immortality and how the humanity can accomplish it:


#B1. What actually is "immortality", means the definition of "immortality":

Motto: "Things that seem to be obvious frequently turn out to be untrue - the accomplishing of happiness through a medical extending of lives is impossible."

       The name "immortality" is assigned to consequences of defeating death. It means a possibility to life forever, while those ones who gained such everlasting life are fully aware that they live forever and that they remember parts of their lives through which they already passed.
       The immortality is well known to people since the oldest times. This is because creatures used to live on the Earth in past, which were immortal. Examples of just such immortal creatures are various ancient gods - see "Fig. #B1" below. Also the Bible promises to people that one day the humanity defeats death and accomplishes access to immortal lives.
       The philosophy of totalizm reveals to us, that immortality and everlasting life can be accomplished through the use of two drastically different means, namely (1) medical, and (2) technological. The group of medical ways of accomplishing immortality is so obvious that it is commonly recognised since a long time. It boils down to medical methods of infinitive extending of human lives. In turn the most realistic amongst another group of technological manners of accomplishing immortality was NOT known to people before. To the human awareness it was introduced only by the philosophy of totalizm, and also by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity from which totalizm emerged. The most realistic out of these technological manners of accomplishing immortality boils down to the use of so-called "time vehicles" for the infinitive extending of human lives through repetitive shifting people back to their years of youth each time after they reach an old age. It is described comprehensively on this web page.

#B2. Immoral immortality accomplished with medical methods:

Motto: "Because the humanity never will be able to invent and to create alternative manifestations of life, all methods of medical extending of life always will be based on either copying or robbing fragments of other living creatures. As such, medical methods of extending life will always remain immoral and thus these never become a source of someone's happiness."

       The medical method of accomplishing immortality assumes, that infinitive lifespan can be accomplished when ways are found with which human bodies can be maintained always young, so that due to these young bodies human lives will automatically extended themselves into infinity. (Of course, as this is revealed by the mechanism of work of time described on this web page, this assumption is naive and completely erroneous.)
       In academic circles of medical sciences there is a kind of international organisation which promotes research on accomplishing the immortality of people. This organisation is named "The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience (SENS)". It publishes its own journal named "Rejuvenation Research", while earlier in September 2009 it organised a conference in the Queens' College Cambridge, UK (in this conference took part around 200 scientists). Descriptions of goals and intentions of this organisation were presented, amongst others, in the article "Immortality beckons as scientists tackle ageing" from page A21 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, September 16, 2009. Members of this organisation see the solution to the problem of immortality in a very naive manner. For example, they believe that it is enough to medically eradicate present diseases, find pharmaceuticals which will renew biochemical processes in the body, and learn how to replace worn-out parts of the body, and soon people will be able to live over 1000 years, or even live forever. The accomplishing possibility of living over 1000 years, according to them is going to be possible already in around 25 years. Of course, this naive view of immortality does NOT take under consideration a few facts. For example the fact that already after the World War Two the medical standards of life in some countries were rapidly increased by a relatively high value. Yet the longevity has NOT increased in these countries by the same proportion, and still very rarely someone lives in them to 100 years (e.g. in 2009 the oldest known man in the world had 113 years - his name is Walter Brelining). This means that just the improvement of health does NOT suffice to extend drastically the longevity. Another fact also NOT taken under consideration by these scientists is that since God in the Bible which He authorised confirmed that there exists a physical limitation of the length of human life to 120 years (see the Bible, Genesis 6:3), this means that must be a valid reason for this permanently build into our bodies. After all, if the elapse of our time is really a jumping motion of the execution control through elementary commands of our "programs of life", while all the evidence in existence actually confirm this, then the length of life cannot be medically extend above whatever is permanently wired into these "programs of life". In turn to be able to change this permanent wiring of our "programs of life", especially to be able to additionally extend the length of these programs above present permanent (because physical) limits of their length, we people must gain the knowledge equal to the knowledge of God. After all, this would require, amongst others, the introduction of extensions to the double helixes of genetic codes (DNA) in every human cell - see item #C2 below. But accomplishing such level of knowledge is NOT going to occur within 25 years (nor even 250 years). In other words, this naive claim of believers in medically accomplished longevity for me resemble claims which I have heard in years of my youth about cars - namely that still before the year 2000 cars will already fly in the air - instead rolling over roads. However, the year 2000 already passed, while the principle of operation of cars remain exactly the same as the one from years of my youth (although I invented myself over a quarter of century devices called the Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber, which can replace cars and allow us to fly, but so far no-one is rushing to help me to build these devices).
       When watching carefully what happens around us, we can state for sure, that unfortunately, the humanity practically never can compete with God in creation forms of life which are alternative to these prevailing at present, and which simultaneously would be compatible with the life that already does exist. In turn without the existence of such life-forms created by people but compatible to the existing ones, in order to renew human body and to extend human life, people must either "copy" or "rob" the necessary biological resources, e.g. cells or tissues. In other words, independently from God the humanity will never be able to create the required biological resources (e.g. living cells or living tissues) which would be able to renew the human body and simultaneously which would NOT be rejected by organisms of people, but which would NOT be copied or robbed from other living creatures. On the other hand, the fact is certain that every copying and every robbery, especially the copying or robbery of components of life, is an extremely immoral activity. It is just because of this fact, that the humanity invented the so-called "copyrights", intellectual properties, and a large number of various laws which supposed to defend people from robberies. Therefore, independently how in the future people are going to extend their lives with medical methods, always this extending will remain an activity that is highly immoral.
       An immoral character of medical extending of lives will always induce various doubts and protests in these people who base their actions on whispers of their own conscience (as this is done by intuitive totalizts). Therefore, the path of people to immortality accomplished through medical methods will always be full of problems, immoral decisions, and ethically problematic actions. In turn as such, it will also be highly expensive, thus accessible only to a few very rich people. Moral problems which the humanity is going to encounter on this medical path to immortality, are already signalled both by the real life, as well as by various films on this subject. Probably the most clear picture of these problems revealed the science-friction film of a "thriller" type, entitled "The Island", MVL, 2005, with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson in main roles. It shows a colony of self-aware human clones farmed in a city separated from the rest of the world, only to provide transplant organs for extending lives of rich people from which they were cloned. When a time was arriving to medically kill a given clone in order to harvest its organs, in order to calm down this clone, as well as other clones, they were told that it is being send to a distant island which supposedly was a kind of "heaven on Earth".
       The immoral character of medical extending of lives has also various other drawbacks. For example, it does NOT encourage people to improve their morality through undertaking efforts to accomplish the totaliztic nirvana - as it is impossible to experience nirvana while acting immorally. It also has this attribute, that it is going to be used mainly by people with immoral inclinations in their characters. This in turn will lead the humanity directly into claws of so-called "everlasting hell" described in item #H3 below. As such, the medical path of humanity to immortality is the truly "evil" and instead of bringing good and happy life, in reality it is going to bring only the indescribable evil and suffering.

#B3. Morally correct immortality accomplished technologically through the repetitive use of "time vehicles":

Motto: "Totalizm reveals to us that there is also a morally correct path to the immortality depending on the use of 'time vehicles' for repetitive shifting back in time after each arriving to an old age."

       It was necessary to develop the philosophy of totalizm to realise to us that there is also much better (moral) way to the human immortality, than the path that leads through the immoral achievements of medical sciences. This moral way boils down to a technological mastery of time, or more strictly through the construction of devices called "time vehicles". Time vehicles will be able to shift selected people back in time. Thus when these time vehicles are constructed, immortality will be accomplished through simple shifting selected people back in time to years of their youths, on each occasion when these people accomplish old ages, or when their bodies refuse to fulfil correctly functions that are imposed onto them. This technological method of defeating death and accomplishing immortality is moral in every aspect, is simpler from the medical method, and can be accomplished already at the present level of technical development of the humanity.
       The technological path to immortality which depends on the use of time vehicles is also going to create many additional advantages. For example, it will allow to eliminate all mistakes and imperfections in our actions. This is because when someone realises that he or she committed a mistake in own actions, then he or she can shift time back, while in the next elapse of time already avoid committing the same mistake.
       Time vehicles will also be able to perform the present functions of most perfect pharmaceuticals and doctors. After all, if for example someone catches a flu because was dressed wrongly and got cold, then he or she will be able to shift time back, while in the new elapse of time get dressed correctly. Or someone catches an STD, or gets unwanted pregnancy, because had unprotected sex, then he or she can shift time back and in a new elapse of time protect himself or herself much better. On the same principle it is going to be possible to eliminate the majority of other illnesses and consequences of unlucky accidents which in present times trouble people.
       Time vehicles will also enable people to accomplish their life goals more effectively. After all, when someone for example uses a fruitless method of action and becomes defeated in something very important, then he or she will be able to shift time back and repeat the attempt with a different method. In this way time vehicles will allow to try until a success (we know that in present times typically we have just a single go and chance at practically everything). How such a repetition of attempts works, it is illustrated perfectly in the film entitled "Groundhog Day" - mentioned below in item #H3 of this web page.
       However, while indicating the fast way of technological access to immortality, totalizm simultaneously warns us, that behind every form of immortality various dangers and requirements are going to lurk. For example, if people are allowed to live infinitively long, then no matter in what manner this is accomplished, these people still can fall in claws of so-called "everlasting hell" described in item #H3 below. (Actually, the medical path to immortality for sure will always lead to this "everlasting hell".) Therefore, in order to make us aware of requirements and problems of immortality, in the further parts of this web page, especially in items #H1 to #H10, most vital such problems which stem from the infinitively long lives of people are going to be discussed.

Fig. #B1a (i.e Fig. OD1 in [1/5]) Fig. #B1b.
Fig. #B1c. Fig. #B1d.

Fig. #B1a-d (OD1 in [1/5]): Examples of immortal creatures which in past used to appear on the Earth. Typically they were believed to be "gods". But if one analyses carefully their evil behaviours, then would rather qualify them either to the present category of "devils", or to the category of "evil UFOnauts". (Click on any amongst above photographs in order to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #B1a (upper-left): The Hindu god most frequently called "Murugan". It is also called with other names, e.g. Subramanya. His name means "ever young". Everything in his life confirms his immortality. This God is the second son of god "Siva" - which in Hinduism represents the "god of destruction". A gigantic figure of god Murugan stands at the entrance to so-called "Batu Caves" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photograph "a" shows him in frontal view. As this is explained more comprehensively in item #B6.1 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God, the religion of Hinduism by many is considered to be the first religion on the Earth, which God disseminated amongst people just after He created the physical world. Thus, this religion does NOT contains yet the separate concepts of God and Satan - understood as separate carriers of good and evil. Therefore all Hindu "gods" in fact were creatures that demonstrated with their actions both, numerous aspects of good, as a significant dose of evilness. For example, in present times the behaviour of the above god Murugan would be described as highly "evil" or "devilish", and thus more appropriate to "evil UFOnauts" who secretly occupy and exploit the Earth, than to "gods".
       Fig. #B1b (upper-right): The Hindu god Murugan shown in a back view. In present times he would be rather considered to be an UFOnaut with rather an evil character, than to be a god. After all, he carries a typical equipment of an UFOnaut. For example, along his back clearly visible are two absorption bags for purifying the air with which he breathes. Old descriptions also claim that he never blinked his eyes and that his penis was always erected - so clearly he used a plastic stiffening implant in his penis, similarly as this is done by present UFOnauts. Other information about this "god" is provided in caption under his photograph from the web page parasitism.htm - about the philosophy of parasitism.
       Fig. #B1c (lower-left): A line of figures that represent Buddhist so-called "twelve immortals". According to the Buddhist mythology these "immortals" NOT only that were able to live infinitively long, but also had various "supernatural powers" which induced deadly fear amongst ordinary people. For example, the first in the line of these twelve immortals is the famous "dragon taming Lohan". This is because he was famous from piloting and using a flying "vehicle-beast" which in past was called a "dragon", while presently we would call a "UFO". On this figure he is shown as he sits on the horrifying beast that represents a "dragon" (click here to see him enlarged). Interestingly, each single one amongst these Buddhist "twelve immortals" had anatomical features which differ from features of typical people, but are similar to features known from sightings of UFOnauts - e.g. prolonged ears similar to that in Buddha. (Notice that anatomic features of UFOnauts which differ from these of people, are illustrated in photographs from the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth.) Also each one of these immortals had a rather nasty character, which presently we would describe with the qualifier "evil". So each one amongst them fits well into the present picture of UFOnauts as evil creatures that secretly occupy and rob the Earth. The explanation why in old times flying vehicles presently called "UFOs" were named "dragons" is provided in item #B3 of the web page evidence.htm - about evidence of continuous activity of UFOnauts on the Earth.
       Fig. #B1d (lower-right): The view of the entrance to the Buddhist temple from the city of Melaka in Malaysia. (The spelling "Melaka" for the name of this city is used in Malaysia. In English this city is spelled "Malacca".) It is in this temple that figures of "twelve immortals" are located. The city Melaka is very old - its written history is known already since 1403, when Parameswara, the Hindu Prince from the Kingdom of Sri Vijaya in Sumatra, chose Melaka for the capitol of his Sultanate. Since around 1490 this city went under influences of Portuguese, who conquered it militarily and turned into their colony already in 1511. Melaka has many similar old Buddhist temples. But only this one contains figures of Buddhist "twelve immortals". Under each figure there is a metal plate which describes his story and supernatural feats. Therefore, when one visits this historic and world-famous city, then it is worth to pop for a while also to the temple shown above.
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#B4. The possibility of defeating death and morally extending our lives through repetitive shifting time back, is confirmed even in the Bible:

       There is a holy book on the Earth, which was authorised by the same omni-knowledgeable God that also created the entire physical world. This holy book authorised by God-creator is called the Bible. In His Bible God confirms all key information about the universe and the future - e.g. see item #C12 on the totaliztic web page bible.htm. Only that God always does it in such a way, that this knowledge is impossible for decoding and applying by atheists and other people who have NOT deserve to learn the truth. A vital information which God confirms in the Bible that He authorises, is that time is a software quality which can be shifted back if we wish to extend someone's life. This information is contained in the Biblical "2 Kings" 20:1-11, and for a better reassurance repeated also in "Isaiah" 38:1-8. In these Biblical verses is described in detail how God extended the life of someone named Hezekiah by 15 years - just by shifting his time back. In this description is even confirmed illustratively that the principle of shifting time back boils down to the shifting back the execution control in natural programs from the double DNA helix (i.e. exactly as it is described below in this web page) - only that in the Bible the "execution control in natural programs from the DNA helixes" is called the "shadow on steps of the stairway set up by King Ahaz" - see "2 Kings" 20:11. However, in order to comprehend these information from the Bible, one needs to learn firstly the principles and mechanisms of work of the "software time" - explained in the content of this web page, and also one needs to learn, understand, and accept descriptions from the totaliztic web page bible.htm.
       A more comprehensive description how in the ancient language of the Bible was explained exactly the same as from this web page principle of shifting time back, is presented in item #D5 from the evidential section of this web page.
       Of course, the Bible contains much more information about the possibility of controlling the elapse of "software time" in manners that will be possible in the future by human "time vehicles". For example, in "Joshua" 10:12-14 is described that the elapse of time can be stopped altogether.

#B4.1. The Bible informs us also, that each person, including also you, the reader, is shifted back in time at least two or three times in the entire life (this explains why we all feel sometimes the "dejavu"):

       A reader of this web page has pointed to my attention, that the confirmation of a repetitive shifting people back in time by God, is provided in the "Book of Job", verses 33:25-30. This confirmation explains, that in order to direct correctly the life of every human, practically every person is shifted by God several times back to years of his or her youth. But it so happens, that this confirmation is originally expressed in a rhymed form (poetry). However, the same poem various translators seem to translate on many different ways. Thus, that vital information that "every person is shifted back in time at least twice or three times", is NOT expressed with the same clarity in all translations of the Bible. The best in my opinion expression of this information, has amongst all Bibles the Polish translation contained in the Polish Bible named the "Biblia Warszawsko-Praska (przeklad biskupa Kazimierza Romaniuka)". Nearest English translation to this Polish Bible, out of two English Bibles that I have, contains the "Good News Bible" (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1984). I am going to quote here from it the text of these verses 25-30 (note that I underlined the most vital parts of these verses): "His body will grow young and strong again; when he prays, God will answer him; he will worship God with joy; God will set things right for him again. He will say in public, 'I have sinned. I have not done right, but God spared me. He kept me from going to the world of dead, and I am still alive." God does all this again and again; he saves a person's life, and gives him the joy of living." Unfortunately, this translation misses several vital points which are absent here but present in the abovementioned Polish translation. For example, it does NOT make clear that such shifting back in time God carries out for every person on the Earth.
       In other translations of the Bible, the same verses were translated in a less understandable and clear manner. For a comparison I am going to quote here the same verses 33:25-30 taken from another English Bible that I have, namely from the "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" (Watchtower Bible ..., NY 2006): "Let his flesh become fresher than in youth. Let him return to the days of his youth vigor. He will make entreaty to God that he may take pleasure in him. And he will see his face with joyful shouting. And He will restore His righteousness to mortal man. He will sing to men and say, 'I have sinned; and what is upright I have perverted. And it certainly was not the proper thing for me. He has redeemed my soul from passing into the pit. And my life itself will see the light.' Look! All these things God performs two times, three times, in case of an ablebodied man,"
       The above comparison of translations from various Bibles illustrates perfectly also another information, which the philosophy of totalizm tries to realise to us and to document at every opportunity. Namely, that God intentionally designed His holy texts in such a manner, that the Bible does NOT offer ready-made recipes for lazy people and for infidels - thus in order to understand the wisdom and knowledge contained in the holy scriptures, people firstly need to laboriously discover by themselves specific truths, by climbing uphill in the "moral field", while only then the Bible confirms these truths for them. (What is that "moral field" - due to the existence of which everything that is "moral" and "good for people" requires laborious climbing "uphill" in that "moral field", is explained in items #A2.1 and #H2 of the web page totalizm.htm and item #F1 on the web page named rok_uk.htm.)
       The confirmation with words from the Bible, that in our lives each one of us is several times shifted back in time to years of his or her youth, agrees NOT only with the described in item #C3 below methods used by God for a precise "tuning" of life of each one of us to God's superior goals and intentions, but it also agrees with empirical facts that God allowed me to see with my own eyes during my research. After all, several times in my life God granted me the privilege of seeing in person cases when God shifted someone's time back and allowed this someone to live again (and in a different way) through a specific section of his or her life. One amongst the most unambiguous and obvious cases of just such shifting back the life of a New Zealand inventor and a definite restoration of his house (which two subsequent phases of destruction I saw with my own eyes), plus probably also invalidation of the previous death of this inventor, is described comprehensively in items #E1, #C2, #D2, #D4 and #A4 from the web page named boiler.htm.

#B5. Presentation of still further ideas about possible principles of gaining immortality:

       The immoral principle of immortality accomplished due to progress in medicine - described in item #B2 of this web page, and also the moral principle of immortality accomplished through the technical shifting us in time back to years of our youth - described in item #B3 and in the remaining parts of this web page, are NOT the only principles about which it is claimed that can make people immortal, and the description of which I encountered so-far. In further sub-items of this item I am describing further such principles.

#B5.1. Immortality accomplished through growing back the lost, damaged, or used up organs and body parts:

       Every human cell contains in itself the genetic information from which it is possible to grow back all organs and body parts of a given individual. Only that in people the process of this re-growth is blocked naturally. But it works in other creatures. For example, lizards are able to grow back lost tails, salamanders - lost appendixes, while sharks - lost teeth. Fortunately, not long ago was found a manner of unblocking this natural re-growth of lost, damaged, or used up organs and body parts. This manner depends on the use of the "releaser of re-growth" which is contained in an extraordinary powder called the "pixie dust" - see the article "Severed finger grows back with help from 'pixie' ", from page A13 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, May 2, 2008. That "pixie dust" is received by scraping cells from the lining of a pig's bladder. After this powder is put onto the wound formed e.g. after cutting a finger off, the finger grows back (i.e. something in that powder eliminates this normally working in people blockade of re-growth of lost body parts).
       The powder called "pixie dust" becomes increasingly more famous in the world. For example, on Wednesday, 21 April 2010, on the subject of it a sizeable documentary report was broadcasted in New Zealand television as part of the cyclical programme "60 minutes" from channel 3 of TVNZ at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. In turn, on totaliztic web pages that "pixie dust" is also discussed in (15) from item #F2 of the web page god_proof.htm and in (15) from item #F2 of the web page bible.htm.

#B5.2. Gradual extending of lives through the production of mechanical "spare body parts":

       In the article "Fifty active years after 50" from page B1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, is described a scientific program which started to be implemented in the United Kingdom. This program aims at allowing people to live to 100 years of age through the development and implementing mechanical "spare body parts" - which are to replace parts of body that most frequently fail (such as metal joints, plastic heart valves, back bones, etc.).

#B5.3. The immorality accomplished due to use of so-called "nanotechnology" and microscopic machines:

       Quite an interesting idea for accomplishing immortality was published in the article entitled "Immortality just 20 years away, claims US scientist", from page A11 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, September 24, 2009 (which was a summary of a similar article published in the British newspaper "Sun"). In this article are described claims of 61-years old American scientist who believes that immortality is to be brought by progress in so-called "nanotechnology" (i.e. in skill of constructing microscopic machines). According to his believes, after a good learning of functions of all components of human bodies, microscopic machines are to be build of the size of e.g. red blood cells or nerve cells, while these machines are to take over all functions of human bodies the fulfilment of which is to be refused by ageing cells of a given person. In this way, as people get older they are to gradually transform into mechanical "cyborgs" in which increasingly larger number of bodily functions is to be done by microscopic machines of the size of individual cells instead by the true cells of human body.
       In my opinion the above idea contains several unaddressed problems. For example, in order someone could live forever it is necessary to secure the continuity of his or her memory and the continuity of his or her self-awareness. The site for both these extremely vital life phenomena is the brain - which also is ageing, and which self-aware and memory functions in my opinion no machine can replace. Another problem is the huge number of these microscopic machines which are necessary for sustaining the work of body of just a single human. After all, if we replace with these machines just only selected cells in an ageing body, e.g. only red cells of blood, then still it would be necessary to build a huge factory which would produce nothing else apart these microscopic machines for the use by body of just a single person. After all, a body of every person contains astronomical numbers of individual cells. Another problem results from the imperfections of scientific acquisition of knowledge. Scientists have this tendency that they use simplification (or “taking out of context” - scientifically called “system approach”) in their process of learning, especially that they concentrate their interests on researching just a single aspect or a single role - at a cost of learning other aspects or other roles, and at a cost of learning mutual relationships between significances of these aspects or roles. On the other hand, if we create mechanical parts of human body which will implement only some aspects of their true functions, then a human provided into these parts will be just "a partially working person". Still another problem boils down to the supply such microscopic machines in energy. In order these machines could fulfil their functions, they need energy which is to be consumed by them by the entire period of their operation. Thus, in order to allow people to live forever, these machines would need to be supplied into infinitively large amount of energy. But the humanity does NOT know, nor it sees to be possible to get to know, a manner of supplying these microscopic machines into infinitive amounts of energy extended to infinitive lengths of time.

#B5.4. The immortality accomplished due to imprisoning human souls in so-called "cyborgs" - means in mechanical bodies:

       The idea of this kind of immortality originates from research done on people abducted to UFOs. The investigators who research these People, stubbornly keep coming across circumstantial evidence that UFOnauts supposedly intercept souls of dying people (especially souls of those who committed suicides). Then they imprison these souls forever in especially prepared for this purpose computerised control systems of their UFO vehicles. In this way their UFO vehicles in fact become kinds of flying "cyborgs" which have human souls (means also human memory and intelligence), but instead of bodies have mechanisms of entire flying vehicles. In turn UFOnauts that utilise this imprisoning of human souls obtain a kind of "artificial intelligence" for their UFO vehicles, which is equally perfect like human intelligence. More information on the subject of such imprisoning of human souls in computerised control systems of UFO vehicles is explained in second part of subsection U4.1 from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       With the elapse of time these information about the possibility of constructing "cyborgs" in which human soul (and thus also human memory and intelligence) is imprisoned in a kind of body-machine, leaked somehow from UFO investigators to creators of science-fiction movies. Thus, presently an increasingly higher number of films is recorded, in the style of "Robo-cop". In these films the idea of accomplishing "mechanical immortality" described here is being shown in various versions and interpretations. But generally it always boils down to imprisoning someone's memory and self-awareness in a mechanical body of some sort - which body can later be subjected to periodic repairs and regenerations, and thus which can keep this soul imprisoned for infinitively long period of time.

Part #C: The work of time and principles of technological travel through time:


#C1. What is "time" according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity gives us the following definition: time is the passage of execution control through natural programs of our lives and fate. In chapter N from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5] such a definition of time is described under the name of "software interpretation of time". Explaining this definition with our words, each one amongst us carries in his or her counter-material duplicate (i.e. in his or her "spirit") a special system of superior natural programs, which (the system) is called the "soul" by present religions. One amongst programs that are constituting this complex "soul", is an unique kind of natural program, which could be called the "program of life" or the "program of life and fate". This unique natural program is composed of a long sequence of elementary commands, the sequential execution of which causes our passage through the life. In turn this execution of subsequent commands from the "program of life and fate" is carried out by a special system of automatic "execution control". The stepping movement of this "execution control" from running one such elementary command, to running next such elementary command (in our "program of life and fate"), is perceived by us as the "elapse of time".
       Independently from this web page, the above "software interpretation of time" is discussed on several totaliztic web pages - e.g. in item #G4 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in item #C1 from the web page timevehicle.htm - about time, travelling through time, and about time vehicles, or in item #I1 from the web page evolution.htm - about the need for intentional fabrication by God of the body of evidence which supports the corner stones of atheistic views, e.g. "natural evolution" or the "big bang". In turn the software human "soul", together with the so-called "program of life and fate" that is contained in this soul, are described in items #C1 and #C4 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm - with compendium of physical and medical evidence, photographs, and experiments, which confirm the existence of immortal human souls.

#C2. The general principle of shifting back someone's time and the practical implementation of this principle by Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation:

       In item #C3 from this web page, and also in item #G4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is explained how exactly time works. (This explanation was briefly repeated in item #C1 above.) In turn item #D1 below from this web page describes the empirical proof which documents that time actually does elapse in jumps - means time elapses exactly in the manner as this is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So now it is turn to explain how time vehicles are going to shift this time back.
       It is explained more comprehensively in "part #I" of the totaliztic web page evolution.htm (about the need for intentional fabrication by God of the body of evidence which supports the corner stones of atheistic views, e.g. "natural evolution" or the "big bang"), that the carriers of natural "programs of lives and fate" for all living creatures are the double helixes from their genetic codes (DNA). It is the rhythmical stepping (staircase-like) one-after-one execution of individual commands from these "programs of lives and fate" stored in atoms of genetic codes, that living creatures perceive as the "elapse of time". It is also because of this stepping execution of this program, that the elapse of time has a discrete (jumping) character - which is documented by the empirical proof described in item #D1 below. Every atom and every molecule of genetic codes from living creatures contains and stores in itself a section of this "program of life and fate". Such a section defines how in a given moment of time the cell from the body of living creature that this program describes supposed to look like. Also the section of program links this cell from the body with a given layer of the "timespace". (What actually is this "timespace", also called "omniplan", it is explained comprehensively on a number of my publications - for example see item #C3 below on this web page, or see item #G4 from the totaliztic web page named dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or see item #B2.1 from the web page named timevehicle.htm - about time, travelling through time, and about time vehicles.) Each subsequent section of this "program of life and fate" is executed at the moment when the atom and molecule in which it is stored gets into a resonance with vibrations of the "timespace". Thus, the key to control over the elapse of someone's time, is the capability to induce a resonance of these atoms of genetic code of a given creature, which we want, instead of these atoms which resonate under the control of natural mechanisms of the "timespace". (More about the role of genetic codes is explained in "part #I" of the totaliztic web page evolution.htm - about the need for intentional fabrication by God of the body of evidence which supports the corner stones of atheistic views, e.g. "natural evolution" or the "big bang".)
       The device which is going to be able to execute practically the resonance of a selected atom and selected molecule of someone's genetic codes, is the so-called Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation. This is because such a chamber is able to generate extremely powerful magnetic field of an ideally constant value. Onto this ideally constant magnetic field this chamber is going to superimpose impulses of the required frequencies and the required course of curves that describe changes of the field. In this way the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation is going to excite the resonance of a selected atom and selected molecule of someone's genetic code. This in turn is going to cause, that such someone is to be shifted in time to the period in his or her life that is described by a section of the program of life and fate which is stored in this resonating atom and particle. If this resonating atom and particle are to be positioned below the atom and particle which are just resonating because of the action of natural mechanisms of "timespace", then such a creature is to be shifted back in time, e.g. to years of his or her youth.
       As the above reveals it, the general principle of shifting time back is relatively simple. In order to be able to shift time back it suffices to build the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation, and then surround ourselves with a powerful and correctly controlled magnetic field that is generated by this Oscillatory Chamber. According to a well-known (Polish) saying "to a cleaver head just one word is enough" (in the Polish language "mądrej głowie dość po słowie"), this general principle indicates the direction towards which should go the research effort of future builders of time vehicles. Of course, another (English) saying states that "devil is in details". So in order to build time vehicles, still many amongst these "details" need to be learned. It is a bit like with a general principle of atomic bomb - which is presently known to practically every child. (I.e. with the principle stating that "in order to build an atomic bomb it is enough to construct a device which several pieces of nuclear fuel of under-critical mass joins rapidly into a single piece of such fuel with over-critical mass.) After all, luckily for us it is just because of such "details" that even large countries which already have nuclear fuel and have the required level of technology, still are unable to construct such a bomb. Relating this to the requirements of building time vehicles, it is rather pity that so many people do everything in their powers to make impossible for me undertaking the construction of this miraculous machines. After all, the missing details which my creative mind could work out either theoretically, or learn empirically from research on UFOs of the third generation, or determine experimentally, within just several years, the future researchers may need to seek for hundreds of years or perhaps even for thousands of years. In the meantime all people from our civilization will still be forced to die, because the lack of time vehicles will NOT allow them to shift back in time to years of their youth after their arrival to an old age.
       The topic of practical implementation of principles of time vehicles is also presented in subsection N3.2 from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5] (disseminated free of charge via this web page), as well as in item #B6 from the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm.

#C3. How our time really works - means what is this "timespace" (called also "omniplan"):

Motto: "Only the immensely wise God was able to create the world so excellently as we see it around us - in turn so immensely wise God would NOT have created a world in which there would be something, e.g. time, that God would NOT be able to freely control so that it implements His superior intentions and goals."

       My theory of everything, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, explains the concept of our time and the work of our time (i.e. this time, which the new "totaliztic science" calls the "reversible software time" and thus mainly which is discussed on this web page) in a completely different way than did it the old, official, "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. that old, monopolistic, ignorant and arrogant science, which is described more broadly, amongst others, in items #C1 to #C6 from a different web page named telekinetics.htm, while which was summarised briefly in item #D8 from this web page). For example, according to my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, time is actually a kind of motionless "software landscape" formed from a special kind of program and data stored in the "counter-world" and called here the "omniplan" or "timespace", while our life depends on moving through this "landscape". (It is worth to remind here, that the old official science says just the opposite, namely that time "flows" around us - similarly like a stream flows around a stone, while we stand in one place - like that stone stands in a stream.) Due to the fact, that in reality "time is motionless while we travel through this time", God can freely rule over time, while for us people it is possible to build "time vehicles", which - similarly like our present vehicles, also allow us to move through time in all possible directions, i.e. to shift back in time, to accelerate time forward, to stop the elapse of our time, etc. In this item I am going to explain to the reader more precisely how the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes the work of our time, while more specifically, explain how works this "omniplan" ("timespace") - with which God actually controls time, while through which we can also accomplish various extraordinary capabilities, like to shift our time back (i.e. to become immortal), to skip forward in time (i.e. to visit the future), to stop the passage of time (means to live through whatever we like the most for as long as we wish), etc.
       Immensely wise God intentionally pre-programmed our physical world in so intelligent manner, that it gives Him a free reign over every possible parameter of the universe, including also reign over time, i.e. so that, for example, God freely is able to shift time back, move time forward, stop the passage of time, view, change, and adapt to His plans and goals everything that happens in any time (i.e. also in times that we consider to be the past or the future), etc. After all, such a free reign of God over all the parameters of the universe, including His control over time, allows Him to accurately govern over the physical world which He has created, and thus allows the precise achievement of His superior divine goals. God does NOT hide such pre-programming of our physical world, and informs us, e.g.: "So also will be the word that I speak - it will not fail to do what I plan for it; it will do everything I send it to do." (The Bible, Iaiah, 55:11) Of course, a kind of a by-product of this intelligent pre-programming of time by God, is that we can also benefit from it. After all, if we advance our knowledge to the level, that we learn how to control this "timespace" ("omniplan"), then we will also be able to execute our control over time. In other words, the fact that God reigns over time, means also that if we deserve it with the moral life and with the persistent learning of truths, then we also will be given a similar mastery over time. This in turn will give us the capability for immortal lives.
       Such a control over the time God has achieved through the wise formation of the physical world into a software structure, or a software entity, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the "timespace" or "omniplan". This "timespace" ("omniplan") in reality is a "natural control program" developed by God and stored in memory of the intelligent counter-matter, which program controls over everything that happens in the entire physical universe. Notice, that I introduced here both these names, i.e. "timespace" and "omniplan", so that depending on the situation being described, I can use either the name "timespace" - which illustrates how we move through time, or just use the word "omniplan" - which explains the role that the "timespace" fulfils in the intentions of God. Thus, both of these names, i.e. "timespace" and "omniplan", mean here exactly the same, while the meaning of both of them illustratively describes that God created this "software structure", or "software entity" which I have called with these names.
       In my busy life, filled with a variety of activities, already a long ago I got to know a similar (but created by people) "software structure", which actually is one amongst several developed by the human technology and simplified "models" or "imitations" of the divine "omniplan". This human "software structure" that I met quite a long ago, thus that lies at the foundations of my later understanding as to how works the software time pre-programmed by God, is the so-called "control program" for the numerically (computer) controlled machine tools. Due to learning in years of my youth, how exactly such "control programs" work in machine tools, and due to my understanding that for the numerically (computer) controlled machine tools, such "control programs" are exactly the same as for people is time, I was later able to NOT only understand myself how wise God pre-programmed the work of software time for us, but I was also able to explain this work of time to other people - which explanation I provide, amongst others, in this item. Later in my life, I also discovered that the "control programs" for machine tools are just one amongst many similar simplified "models" or "imitations" of the divine "omniplan". Some amongst these other "models" or "imitations" are even known more widely and more commonly than these "control programs" from machine tools. Therefore, they are even more suitable for the use in order to explain to readers how works this software time created by God. One amongst the most frequently used at the moment, and hence the most widely known such "models" or "imitations" of software passage of time, is an ordinary movie film (e.g. a feature film) stored in a computer's memory and played by someone on the screen of that computer.
       So in order to better understand what is that "omniplan", and how works this software "timespace" created by God for governing over time, I am introducing here quite a simple and primitive analogy of time to a movie film stored in a computer. This movie film is shown on a computer screen and viewed by a computer illiterate, i.e. viewed by a person who does NOT know computers well enough to be able to control them just by himself. For such an illiterate who is only viewing (although emotionally living through) the action of this movie film, the flow of the events from the film through a computer screen is an analogy to the flow of time in our lives. Namely, just like in our lives, on that computer screen also one can see the events that occur in sequence one after the other, one can see the objects and creatures involved in these events and affected by their consequences, also for the heroes of that film the development of events on the computer screen is like the development of real-life events in our lives, etc. Furthermore, just as it is with the passage of time, such a film displayed on the computer screen and viewed by a computer illiterate also flows in only one direction, namely only towards the future.
       However, unlike the illiterate viewers of this film from the computer screen, and also in contrast to the heroes of this film, the situation is quite a different one for programmers familiar with the principles of encoding videos in the computer memories. After all, this film from the screen of a computer, is actually a kind of program. Thus, such a programmer well familiar with the principles of movies' encoding in computers, can select in the computer memory any part of the program of that film, and then change this part in any manner that is suiting him or her the best. For example, if the bride of the hero from that film, dies in a park because onto her head falls with a thunderous noise a heavy branch broken off a tree - as this is described, for example, in the article [1#C3] entitled "NZ burial for woman killed by falling branch" from page A8 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Thursday, September 27, 2012), such a programmer can change that part of the film e.g. into a situation, that onto this bride falls a flower wreath thrown by a nearby bride who implements an old custom that it can be caught by a next miss which soon is to get married. As a result of such type of changes introduced by the programmer, this illiterate watching a movie film and symbolising here the audience (witnesses) of someone's real life, would see a completely new story-line that are experiencing the heroes of that film (which heroes are analogies to us in the described here "imitation" of time). Exactly on the same way works software time. Only that for time an equivalent to this film stored in the computer memory, is the described here software "timespace" (i.e. "omniplan") - stored in the memory of the intelligent counter-matter from the counter-world. Simultaneously, the equivalents of the heroes from that film, are ourselves, while the equivalent of that computer-illiterate watching a movie on a computer screen, are "witnesses" of our lives - that is, all other living creatures from the physical world, which together with us are watching and experiencing what is happening throughout the entire universe. I mean, neither we (nor these other creatures), are able to change anything significant in this supposed film, but we only are witnessing and reliving what in the universe is unveiling. But God is like the programmer from the above analogy - who pre-programmed the entire this film. So God can reprogram any portion from that film in the manner that suits Him. Only that this reprogramming God is carrying out in the other "counter-world", which is superior to our "physical world" in the same way as a computer's "processor" is superior to the "screen", and thus that this counter-world is managing everything that is going on in our physical world.
       The primitive analogy of time together with timespace (or omniplan) described above, to the software encoding of a film in the computer memory, perfectly explains the operation and features of time. To better realize this explanation, I am going to describe now the actual features and principles of operation of time - as these are described by my theory of everything, means by my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Here they are:
       1. Time is a kind of motionless "software landscape". This means that like a film placed in the computer's memory is simply a kind of fixed "landscape of bits and bytes", also time and programs that control it are just "software landscape stored in the memory of intelligent counter-matter". (This "landscape" I call here the "timespace" or "omniplan" - depending on which of these two names illustrates better a given part of a description.)
       2. The flow of time is a movement of the "execution control" over that "timespace" ("omniplan"). To view a video from the computer's memory, a kind of pointer, indicator or a "cursor", must be moved through this "landscape of bits and bytes" which stores the entire content of the film. This pointer (cursor) indicates the frame of the movie film that is about to be displayed. Such a process of moving the "cursor" and the work of computer caused by it, programmers call the "execution control". Similarly is with time. The current point in time from the "omniplan" that we just are living through, is indicated by the pointer of the "execution control" contained in our genes. In turn the elapse of time is simply the movement of this "execution control" through the "omniplan".
       3. Time elapses in short jumps - similarly like a movie film passes through a computer screen. This jumping passage of time is documented by the facts described in item #D1 below on this web page. The jumpy (i.e. NOT continuous) passage of time is in turn the empirical evidence, that time works exactly as it is described here. (After all, if time was as it is described by the old "atheistic orthodox science", then its passage would be continuous.)
       4. For creatures that still have NOT deserved to have time vehicles, time flows in only one direction, that is always only towards the future. Such creatures are therefore similar to that computer illiterate from the previous descriptions, who still does NOT know how to operate a computer, and thus who can see the movie film only once - when someone else displayed it to him. Our present civilization as a whole, as well as almost all of today's "atheistic orthodox scientists", are just equivalents to such computer illiterates. However, totalizts who get to know findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, no longer are similar to such complete illiterates like present professional scientists. In turn creatures that already know how to use time vehicles are like people who have learned to use computers. However, the highest level of human cognition is the ability to build time vehicles.
       5. The operation of time vehicles boils down to introduction of changes to the current position of the pointer in the "execution control" of the "omniplan" described here. In other words, just as a person who is capable of using a computer can repeat or skip through any parts of the movie film played on the computer screen, also creatures which use time vehicles cause that these time vehicles shift the "execution control" to other points in time from the "omniplan". Of course, it is mainly God who intentionally shifts the "execution control" whenever He decides so, while time vehicles are only able to duplicate some of God's actions.
       6. Time vehicles are NOT able to change anything from our past or the future, and they can only shift us to a different point in time, which we naturally have experienced in our previous life. So they are similar to a computer that is NOT able to change the plot of the movie film stored in its memory without the programmer's intervention. To make a change, in the new passage of time we ourselves must choose for ourselves a different path through the life, means we must enter onto a different path leading us through this divine "omniplan".
       7. God is the programmer of time, and thus He can change whatever He wants both from the events of the past as well as from events of the future. In other words, God is like the programmer from the previous analogy of a computer movie film, who not only can shift execution control in this film to any scene, but also who is able to "reprogram" the story-line of the entire film into a completely different one. In fact, God does so for each of us and He does it several times in our lives - to which changes God even admits in the Bible (as it is described in item #B4.1 from this web page). After all, if God shifts us back in time and at the same time He erases the appropriate portion of our memory, we do NOT have the slightest idea about the occurrence of this shifting us back in time - even though we sometimes wonder why certain life-situations seem familiar to us, as if we had already experienced them ("deja vu"). Due to these capabilities, God is able to accurately "pre-program" the life of each one of us in a manner that is consistent with the superior God's goals and intentions, and also with our knowledge, skills, and character traits, as well as with the fate for which each one of us individually deserved.
       8. The passage of "real time" which occurs in the counter-world, is of a different kind than the passage of "software time" in our physical world. In the previously introduced analogy of time to a film displayed on a computer screen, the "real time" that elapses in the counter-world can be compared to the time that elapses for the computer itself (i.e. that computer, in memory of which the film is stored), and also to the time that elapses for the programmer who operates the downloading and displaying of this film. However, the "software time" that elapses in our physical world, can be compared to the elapse of time which experience the characters (heroes) from that film displayed on the computer screen. Thus, for example, if the display of the movie film is interrupted, because the person watching it has e.g. do some other works, then for the characters from that film time is to stop in one place and stands still until when this person returns to watching the movie. On the other hand, if the watching of a film is shifted back to the beginning, the time of heroes from that film is also to shift back to the beginning and then re-start to run from the very beginning. The above illustrates that God and all spiritual beings from the counter-world live in the "real time", which could also be called the "absolute time" - because it is impossible to turn back. (Of course, for God and for spiritual beings this impossibility of reversing their "real time" actually does not matter, as God and these beings exist immortally - as it is explained comprehensively in item #C3 from the web page named soul_proof.htm.) However, due to the pre-programming of the physical world by God into the form of "omniplan", everything that exists in the physical world is living in a different "software time", which can be stopped, shifted backward, accelerated forward, as well as every event of which God can reprogram into a completely different event.
       9. God has a simultaneous insight into all times of the physical world (i.e. God see at the same time whatever for us is the past, as well as whatever for us is the present, and future). This is because the "timespace" pre-programmed by God already contains within itself all possible times, all objects, and all the events from the entire physical world - similarly as in the previous analogy to the film contained in the computer's memory, this computer has stored in itself the entire course of the film, NOT only a moment of time that just appears on the computer screen, and thus the situation of which moment just experiences the hero from the film. (Thus, for example, a programmer familiar with the encoding of that film in a computer, also has a simultaneous access to all of its plots, and if he wants he also may "fine tune" to each other, and change, events taking place in that film into events that are most suitable for him.) Due to this simultaneous insight into all times and all events from the physical world, God has the ability to "fine tune" to each other, all moments of time in which each event of the universe are occurring - so that their results were exactly in line with His superior plans and goals. That is why, if God wishes so, He can precisely fine-tune e.g. the moment of the collapse of a heavy tree-branch described in [1#C3] above, to the moment when a person passes under this tree-branch - which person e.g. is subjected to the principle of the "extinction of most immoral" described in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm. (Intriguingly, so far I came across as many as three almost identical cases, when someone's fiancé has died, killed by a tree-branch that with a great bang broke off from the tree when this girl walked right under it. The first of these cases affected Zbyszek ...... - i.e. my office colleague from the Technical University of Wrocław. At a description of another similar case I came across in a newspaper, but I have NOT written down the editorial data of it. However, when I came upon the third such a case, almost identical to two previous ones, I already wrote down the editorial data of it and then repeated these data in the article [1#C3] above. It is worth noting here that such a "scenario of killing a fiancé with a falling tree-branch" could NOT be re-played repeatedly so many times in the world in which prevails the time described incorrectly by the old "atheistic orthodox science".)
       There are various serious consequences of this fact that in the "omniplan" from the very beginning are already preprogrammed all times, all events, and all the objects of the physical world. One of these consequences is the co-existence of what is called the "destiny" with what we call the "free will" (this co-existence of both of them I am going to explain further on another occasion). Another consequence is that the duration of the physical world is limited, and thus that actually one day unexpectedly to people, still the "end of the world" announced in the Bible is to come. Only that, according to what I am explaining e.g. in items #N1 and #C2 from the web page named quake.htm, this "end of the world" is still very far away. Before it will happen, for example people first are to build "time vehicles" and overcome death with these vehicles - just as the Bible foretold. Yet another consequence of the pre-programming of physical world into the form of "omniplan", is that the storage of this "omniplan" in the memory of the counter-world must absorb the appropriately enormous "information capacity" of the counter-world. That "information capacity" can be compared here to a capacity of the computer's memory that stores the film from the previously-described analogy. After all, the longer is the film and the more characters and objects are in it, the more memory it takes when it is stored in a computer. In turn, the "information capacity" of the counter-world required for the storing of the entire "omniplan" which God created, decisively influences the relative proportion between the size of the elementary particles of counter-matter from the counter-world, and the size of any of the elementary particles of matter from the physical world. The point is, that every elementary particle of counter-matter can store in itself only a limited amount of information - similarly as in today's computers each unit of memory can store only a certain amount of the so-called "bits". So in order that to every elementary particle of matter (which a particle of matter is, however, a separate object in our physical world) is assigned in the counter-world the amount of memory which is able to accommodate all the information related to this particle and which is present in the "omniplan", it is necessary to assign to this particle of matter the large number of elementary particles of counter-matter. This number will also be the higher, for the longer passage of time God has pre-programmed our physical world. Thus, if we estimate the amount of information that these elementary particles of counter-matter must store on the subject of every elementary particle of matter from the physical world, and it still is multiplied by the amount of time the "omniplan" has been pre-programmed, then we must find out that the ratio of dimensions of a single elementary particle of counter-matter from the counter-world, to the dimensions of a single particle of matter from our physical world, must be enormous and probably it exceeds the ratio of size of one elementary particle from our physical world to the size of entire galaxies in space. In other words, we already consider ourselves (i.e. the human body) as giants in comparison, for example, to sizes of single cells from our bodies, not to mention comparing our size to the size of atoms and elementary particles. But our mind is NOT even able to comprehend how gigantic we are, if we compare ourselves to the size of individual elementary particles of counter-matter. Since, in spite of these enormous differences in sizes and in the required behaviours, God programmed this everything so precisely that it runs "like a Swiss watch", we can imagine how incredibly great are: the knowledge of God, His power, and the glory, respect, and obedience to Him, which He deserves from us. For me the breath is clogged up from the impression, when I think how vast and how wonderful is the knowledge of God, and how immensely creatively He designed our present physical world. And I do NOT forget the fact, that a long time ago, God said in the Bible, that the next world that He will create will be even grander and more perfect than our present one.
       The analogy to the movie film from our computer, that I introduced here to my descriptions of time to make them easier for understanding, is, of course, a very primitive and simplified one. In fact, instead of the "film" used in my above analogy, this divine "omniplan" is more similar to these "control programs" from the today's machine tools with numerical (computer) control - the programming of which I had dabbled in during my career as an "adiunkt" (i.e. assistant professor) at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland. (The reader may have already heard that once I even created my own language for programming machine tools with numerical control. This language is called JAP - for descriptions of it see for example my article "The automatic programming language for lathes with NUMEROBLOK 21 T01 control system" - in the original Polish language: "Język automatycznego programowania tokarek sterowanych numerycznie w układzie NUMEROBLOK 21 T01", Mechanik, No. 4/1973, pp. 175-178.) In addition, this divine "omniplan" is NOT pre-programmed in the "procedural" convention - as still commonly today are programmed control programs for machine tools. Rather, it is a kind of futuristic and more advanced version of what today's programmers call "OOP" (from "Object-Oriented Programming"). However, the above is explained here only in a marginal capacity, to realize to the reader that although the principle of the divine program of "omniplan" can be easily explained by the previously stated analogy to a film, the actual program of the "omniplan" is extremely complicated and precise. It will probably take centuries of most strenuous research by followers of my "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research, before people manage to learn precisely what is the structure and work of this divine "omniplan", and how the humanity can also use this "omniplan" in its own ventures. (Notice here also, that professional scientists practicing the old, wrong, arrogant and still monopolistic, the official so-called "atheistic orthodox science" with its "a posteriori" approach to research, practically never will be able to work out the design and operation of the "omniplan" described here - because of their philosophical limitations. Thus, if the humanity does NOT formally manages to establish quickly the competitive and new "totaliztic science" - as explained in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, then the building of time vehicles and conquering of death will remain for people only an unfulfilled dream.)

#C4. How God uses the reversible software time, controlled by the "omniplan" (also called the "timespace") , so that the life of each person is designed and differentiated individually and that the required characteristics of the "soldier of God" are developed in this person:

Motto: "Although the old official science has NO competence and knowledge to design and to carry out experiments which prove the existence of God, the new 'totaliztic science' has already indicated experiments showing that our world is ruled by the reversible software time - while only the intelligence and purposefulness of God are able to create a world ruled by such reversible software time."

       Those readers who thoroughly familiarised themselves with the previous item #C3 from this web page, already have learned the design and operation of the so-called "omniplan". So now they are able to define for themselves what is this "omniplan", and to explain how with the use of this "omniplan" God exerts the control over time. Thus, they know that in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the name "omniplan" is assigned to the superior software entity (i.e. to a type of natural program) which resides in the intelligent counter-matter and organizes operation of the entire physical world. In order to be able to organize the operation of the entire physical world, this "omniplan" is actually a kind of a "landscape" composed, among others, from the appropriately pre-programmed software definitions (i.e. from "souls") of all objects that ever existed, exist, or will exist in the entire physical world and in all times in which these objects are to exist. (It is just because of the necessity of continuous participation in this "omniplan" of the souls of all objects from the physical world, that God does NOT judge the soul of every person immediately after his or her death, but keeps this soul "asleep", and in constant readiness to be revived, until the "end of the world" described in item #N1 from the totaliztic web page named quake.htm.) Due to such a composing of the "omniplan" as a kind of "landscape" formed from all the objects and all times of the physical world, the life and passage through the time of each of these objects is reduced to its movements (in small jumps) through this landscape - similarly like the content of a movie film boils down to the jumpy movements of pictures of heroes of that film along the landscape created from various physical objects and from other characters of that film. In addition, such a composition of the "omniplan" allows also that, if necessary, any of its constituent objects can be taken away from a given place in the "landscape" and moved to other place or any other time.
       That software entity named "omniplan" allows God, amongst others, a strict control over time. As it is revealed to us precisely by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, while described for interested people on numerous totaliztic web pages and monographs, the "omniplan" transforms the order of events which in the reversible software time from our physical world occur sequentially one after the other, into events that the absolute (real) time from the counter-world are available simultaneously. The "omniplan" achieves this transformation of the order of events through defining the time NOT as a continuous passage, but as a sequence of miniature jumps of time. In each of these jumps of time, a next phase of changes of events from the physical world is defined. This phase is visible in there as a still image of the given phase, NOT as a moving change. So, due to this transformation of the order of events and due to turning moving sequences of events into sequences of their motionless phases, for God all the events and all times from our physical world are available simultaneously, and in the same absolute (real) time of the counter-world, and thus they are viewed by God as series of still images from the successive phases of the events progressing in the physical world. In other words, due to "omniplan" the progress of events in our physical world are viewed by God the same way as we can see subsequent still frames from a movie film. Thus, in that God’s virtual world (counter-world), the development of every single one amongst events of our physical world (i.e. the event that takes place in our reversible software time), God is able to see simultaneously as a series of still images - and this regardless of whether in our physical world this event is seen by us as if it occurred in the past, occurs now, or is about to occur in the future. Only the inertia of our eyes, gives later to these quickly flashing still images of individual phases of the changes, the nature of smooth movements and uniform conversions. However, experiments and devices, such as those described in items #D1 and #D2 from this web page, again reveal to our eyes, that what we perceive as a smooth movement and change, actually is a series of still images parading in short increments in front of our eyes (thus they experimentally prove the truth of findings of the new "totaliztic science" which are described here).
       The most important achievement, due to which starting from the time of the biblical Great Flood, God runs the lives of all physical beings in that reversible software time controlled by the "omniplan", is that this allows God to design accurately every detail of the events that affect humans. After all, the fact that due to the work of "omniplan", all events and all the times from our physical world, are seen by God simultaneously as series of still images, allows God to design precisely every detail from the developments of events taking place in our physical world, and to tune the course of each of these events to the course other events. For example, if God decides to eliminate someone from the further life by the collapse of a heavy tree branch on his or her head, then just suffices that in a sequence of still images of this someone walking under a tree, God so redesigns these images that they show fall of a branch and crushing the head of that person. So when the "program of life and fate" stored in DNA of that person, turns to implement this sequence of images, then in fact the branch is to fall on his or her head, and that person is to die.
       The pre-programming of the reversible time from our physical world in the form of such software "omniplan", brings also benefits for us, humans. This is because it allows people to build and to use "time vehicles" - such as these described on this web page.
       The described above design and implementation of the reversible software time in the form of the "omniplan" allows God to achieve all the goals which in His superior wisdom and purposefulness of action God set for Himself. Let us review now the most important out of these goals, along with explanations as to how due to the "omniplan" God accomplishes the completion of these goals. Here they are:
       1. Such individual upbringing of each person, that he or she fulfils the purpose of the creation (i.e. "pursues the knowledge"), and simultaneously acquires the required by God characteristics of the "soldier of God". Due to the "omniplan" God has an access to the software design of the entire life of each individual person. God is also able to freely redesign every part of this life, the accurately synchronizing the passage through this part with the events that take place in the surroundings of this person. In this way God is able to subject this person to such a selection of events affecting it, which has the highest chance of increasing the knowledge and of developing in this individual the traits and types of experiences that God wishes this person has acquired in order to most effectively carry out in the future its tasks as the "soldier of God" - to perform which tasks God is laboriously upbringing and training every person (as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm). But if it turns out, that a given selection of events did NOT manage to develop in this person the necessary knowledge and attributes required from a "soldier of God", then the principle of operation of the "omniplan" allows God to shift that person back to his or her years of childhood, then pass it again through a specially designed for him or her set of different events. As God confirms this in the Bible (see item #B4.1 above on this web page), every person is in this way repeatedly shifted back in time to the years of his or her childhood at least two or three times during the lifetime. This repetitive shifting back in time, is discontinued only when God judges that events to which He subjected this person make up in it all the qualities that God requires from it, or when God comes to the final conclusion that this particular person is unable to acquire the traits of character required by God, and thus that it must be eliminated from the further plans of God.
       2. Allowing God such changing of the fate of each person in relation to the fate of other people, that everyone who finishes the training for the "soldier of God" gathered in himself or herself the unique and very different pool of life experiences, than the pool of experiences gained by other "soldiers of God". The point of God is, that the increase in the diversity of life experiences which gathered individual "soldiers of God", multiplies the battle usefulness of the army that these soldiers are to make up. This is because the Army of God must be characterized, among others, by intelligence and by the ability to develop innovative manoeuvres. These in turn are only possible, if each of His soldiers accumulated a diverse body of experience in his or her life. So it is worth to notice here, that the approach of God to training of His troops, is quite the opposite to the approach of human rulers and politicians. After all, human rulers are trying to cause that all their soldiers went through the same training, as well as acted and thought in exactly the same way (preferably automatically and without thinking - like "robots"). Not surprisingly, that if such a "robotic" human army is to fight the "gangs of civilians" - as this was the case, for example, during wars in Vietnam or Afghanistan, then these "robots" are always beaten by civilians having in themselves accumulated a significantly wider variety of life experiences.
       3. Such a control over the course of life of every person, that it has both, the "free will" to choose its experience, and that it still fulfils its "destiny". Namely, only in our first passage through the life, each one of us has the total "free will" to do whatever he or she wants. But after this first passage through the life, God shifts us back in time to years of our youth and erases our memory - as explained in the biblical quotation from item #B4.1 of this web page. However, our most important achievements that we accomplished during that first passage through our life, are then inscribed on a permanent basis to our so-called "program of life and fate" stored in our DNA. Thus, from that time on, they become our "destiny". So every next passage through our life, we are repeating these achievements, while at the same time we additionally "improve" them - because God has already been preparing and training us for their accomplishing since our childhood. Therefore, in the next passages through the time and through our own lives, this our first passage through time and life is already becoming our "fate" and "destiny". On its basis in fact God individually redesigns the life of each one of us in such a way, that each one of us has fulfilled those initially programmed accomplishments of his or her "destiny", and that simultaneously obtained such kinds of knowledge and experience, and built in himself or herself such qualities of character, about which God cares the most. So it is NOT a very wise behaviour of many people, who refry as they can against their destiny and against these God efforts which are to impart the attributes which God requires from them.
       4. Gathering the history and the memory of a person's life in his or her software "soul", and the use of the physical body of that person only as a kind of "vehicle" which carries this "soul" and allows it to complete physical activities. The location of human life in the reversible software time which is controlled by the divine "omniplan", allows God to separate the software "soul" of every person, from the physical "body" of that person. That soul God turned into the carrier of self-awareness, character, memory and the history of life of every person. This in turn is to allow God to resurrect in the future the dead people and to give to them new (immortal) bodies - while their self-awareness, memory, knowledge, and character are to remain unchanged, similarly as they remain unchanged e.g. after a surgical transplant of a heart, kidney, or a limb. (More details about this resurrection is provided in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm.) In addition, turning the software soul into the carrier of our awareness, knowledge, memory, and history of life, also allows God to move a given soul to any other body still in the present physical life - if such a move turns out to be needed.
       5. Placing the soul of a given person in this body, which according to the knowledge of God, is best suited to fulfil the "destiny" of that person. As we know, what a person is able to do or to accomplish in his or her life, to a large extent depends on the parents and the family to which this person belongs, on the country and the city in which he or she was born and lives, on the support of influential friends with which this person went to the school or which managed to meet, etc. Therefore, if God discovers, that the "destiny" that someone had chosen and programmed with its first passage through the time and life, is NOT done best in the physical body that this person initially received, then God shifts that person to years of his or her childhood, and then transfers his or her soul to a more suitable body. Examples of evidence that proves the feasibility of such a transfer of souls, are reproduced near the end of this item - see in there a link to the paragraphs {3200} and {3230} from the Polish treatise [3b].
       6. The most educational elimination from the life and from the impact on other people, of individuals who, in spite of God's efforts, do NOT implement their destiny. Unfortunately, NOT with every person God is successful in achieving its destiny. For example, NOT every person is suitable for the upbringing into a "soldier of God". So if, after several repetitions of changes in the kind of events that affect a given person, God determines that this person stubbornly does NOT acquire the characteristics required by Him, then God classifies this person to the category of "disposable" people. In turn, according to the information provided in the Bible, such "disposable" people will NOT be resurrected to the immortal body and NO longer are to participate in the further plans of God, but only at the end of the current (initial) phase of raising the humanity, after the final judgment, their bodies and souls are to be irreversibly burned. However, in order to NOT waste completely the life of given person, God always gets rid of it in a manner that has the highest educational value for the rest of the people who learn about the fate of that person. Therefore, after the empirical finding that this person is totally unsuitable for the implementation of God's future plans, God shifts this person back to the time in his or her life which God selects as the most appropriate for the educational to others elimination of him or her from among the living, then He designs the manner in which this person is to leave our physical world. Thus, although for people who learn about the departure of a given person from among the living, that departure may look as if it was still e.g. in his or her youth, actually the reason for every premature human death is what a giver person has done as an adult in his or her previous passages through time and through the life. (This is why the philosophy of totalizm warns: "pay attention to what you do as an adult, because it will be deciding what fate you will meet during the years of your youth".) More details about sending off from this world such "disposable" people, is contained in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm, and in items #D1 to #D3 from the web page named god_exists.htm. It should be noted here, that the number of such "disposable" people overwhelmingly outnumber the people which God manages to raise into effective "soldiers of God" - that is, to rise into people who meet the Biblical definition of the so-called "righteous" explained in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm. For example, we already know from the information contained in verses 21:10-23 from the biblical "Book of Revelation", and explained more thoroughly in item #J3 of the web page named malbork_uk.htm, that at the end of the current (initial) phase of raising the humanity, all these "righteous" are to fit into a single flying city built in the form of Four-Propulsor Magnocraft type T12. Because we know already now the dimensions of that Magnocraft type T12, and also because we know approximately how many cubic metres of its interior is required to support a comfortable life of each one amongst these "righteous", already now it is possible to approximately estimate, for how many "righteous" God ultimately intends to give the immortal body and the eternal life. Hence, knowing an approximate number of people who have lived on the Earth since the time of creation, we can roughly estimate of what is the approximate "density" of these "righteous" amongst the human population. My estimates of this "density" seem to indicate that in average for every million of people who lived, or live now, on the Earth, fall NOT more than four people who fulfil the biblical definition of "righteous". What even more intriguing, independently from the abovementioned verses 21:10-23 from the biblical "Book of Revelation", approximately a similar number of finally saved "righteous" seems to also confirm verse 14:3 from that Revelation - which verse can be interpreted, that their number is to be a "hundred and forty-four thousand" (i.e. 144 000). (Notice here, that in order to reassure us about the correctness of most vital information, the Bible applies the principle of repeating this information in 3 different its places.) The justification why only such a small number of people is to be selected by Jesus to accompany Him in the flying city, stems from phenomena which appear in a community of imperfect humans that received an access to immortal life - especially from the phenomenon that under the name "everlasting hell" is described in item #H3 of this web page. Thus, NOT without a vital reason, in a whole range of places from the Bible, are provided warnings which suggest, that after the final judgment, to the eternal life God permits only those persons, who fulfil the biblical definition of "righteous". In other words, if during the final judgment God implement those biblical warnings with the severity, and results of my research of God seem to indicate that this is to be the case, then it is possible that after the "end of this world", resurrected to the eternal life is on average only one person in NOT less than every 250,000 of people previously living on the Earth. In turn all the remaining people perhaps may be resurrected only for being irreversibly burned after the final judgment - I hope I am wrong in these estimates and may God show us mercy. In the face of such meaningful premises, one should NOT be surprised, that in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, I am emphasizing that every present religion has been distorted so considerably, that for achieving a variety of benefits and political gains, in many enormously important matters it simply is lying to its followers.
       7. Such management of decisions, actions, and the fate of subsequent communities, cities, nations, and countries, that they form a social climate and the conditions, which are most favourable for the attainment of God's plans and intentions. In other words, the creation of such conditions and social climate in each human environment, which are needed by God, and NOT such which would suit, or serve, the people in the best manner possible. But because the God's goal is the upbringing of people into the tough and battle-hardened "soldiers of God" - as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, the use of "omniplan" allows God a daily implementation for every human being, a very effective, although rather unpleasant for people, the "principle of upbringing" which is described under the name of the "principle of reversals" in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm. Also, in spite that this educational "principle of reversals" is highly disliked by people, and that all the time people take various efforts to get rid of it somehow, the pre-programming of the "omniplan" allows God to maintain the implementation of this principle for people almost continuously for thousands of years.
       8. Such an "iterative" change of the fate of every nation and of the entire our civilization, that the fate of humanity exactly fulfilled the scenario of divine prophecies - which scenario God designed for Himself and for us soon after the introduction of the reversible software time during the Biblical Great Flood, while detailed descriptions of which God encrypted in the content of Bible. It just so happens that each of the events that God designed for upbringing a given individual person onto an unique "soldier of God", with its consequences also affects other people, and to some extent influenced the fate of entire our civilization. However, the principle of operation of the "omniplan" is so perfect, that after the introduction of any changes to the life of a given person, in other parts of the "omniplan" God immediately sees how this change has affected the lives of other people and the fate of the entire human civilization. In this way God can iteratively shift time of a given person and so improve the events that affect this person, that the impact of these events will NOT change the scenario of the divine plan which for thousands of years is prophesized in the holy books (e.g. in parts 9 and 12 from the "Book of Daniel" in the Bible). As a result, through the repetitive shifting back the life of selected people up to ages of their youths, and through the subsequent passing of these people by increasingly more refined by God types of experiences, on one hand God is able to improve the knowledge and character traits of these people, on the other hand, He still is able to maintain in force the announced in the Bible scenario of events that are to affect the entire humanity.
       9. The "omniplan" allows also God such realization of the "end of the world", that its coming will fulfil all the conditions and situations foretold in the Bible, while simultaneously it will not break any amongst God's promises that the Bible reveals to us. In the Bible is contained many details about the end of the world. For example, it explains that before the arrival of the end of the world, the official laws issued by governments are to openly run against the laws given to people by God - the beginning of which process can be seen already now (as it is reported e.g. in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm). The Bible also explains, that before the arrival of the end of the world the people who gained the knowledge of God and who will try to live morally, will be subjected to incredible persecution comparable to that which underwent Christians in the ancient Rome. So we can guess, that the old "atheistic orthodox science" (see item #D8 below for descriptions of that old science) will still continue to keep its absolute monopoly on the human knowledge and the control of human views, by using terror and by encouraging governments to lock in prisons people attempting to follow the findings of a new "totaliztic science", and also that governments are to prohibit NOT only reading, but even having, for example, the Bible. (Notice, that already now exist countries, in which ownership of a copy of Bible is forbidden by the authorities, while these people who are caught on having a copy of that holy book risk their lives. An information about one of such countries is contained in the article [1#C4(9)] entitled "Kim's ex shot dead over porn-report", from page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday, August 31, 2013), while additionally confirmed in the article [2#C4(9)] entitled "North forces public to watch executions", from page A24 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, November 13, 2013). In the Bible is also contained a lot of promises, which in order to NOT break, God must bring the end of the world in a strictly defined way. For example, in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm, I am pointing out the biblical promise of God, that He will NOT destroy with a cataclysm that He sends, any community amongst which lives at least 10 particularly moral people whom the Bible describes with the name "righteous". Since the end of the world will also be for the people a kind of cataclysm sent by God, this promise means, that before the arrival of it God must establish on the Earth such conditions, that on the entire planet will NOT be more than 9 persons living a highly moral life, which are to fulfil the biblical definition of "righteous". All of the above taken together mean practically, that the end of the world must be carefully prepared, and thus that it will not happen so soon. In item #N1 from my web page named quake.htm I interpreted verses 12:11-12 from the "Book of Daniel" in the Bible - which quite openly suggest when the end of this physical world is to come. According to my interpretation of this verse, the end is to NOT occur earlier than in the year 2656 AD, while it may occur even much later than in the year 2656 AD. Unfortunately, so far I am too busy to search through the Bible (and to objectively interpret on the basis of the findings of the new "totaliztic science"), the two further indications of the date of the end of the world contained in the Bible, in order to see whether they also point at the same year 2656 AD. After all, when authorizing the Bible, God has adopted a policy (which He also indicated for us in the Bible), that in order to avoid improper interpretations of the important information contained in the Bible, caused by imperfections of the human speech, each more important amongst such information, God expresses in the Bible in at least three different places and with the use of at least three different phrases or expressions. In turn the date of the end of present world belongs to such very important information. Therefore, if the year 2656 in fact is to be the year of actual end of the world, then at it should repeatedly point out the reliable and unbiased interpretations of at least three different prophecies encrypted in the Bible. It is worth to also emphasize at this point, that various dates of the end of world are continually indicated by people eager for fame, power, money, etc. Thus, for these dates, it is useful to learn the principle, which confirms what is the motivation of the person which announces it. Namely, the closer date of the "end of the world" is indicated by someone, the higher is the probability that with the use of it this person wants to gain some personal benefits; simultaneously the further this date lies beyond the scope of life of a given person, the greater is the certainty that this person provides it for the actual sense of moral duty and for the belief that this date is correct, and thus that the disclosure of it by this person represents a moral help to other people. At the same time, for the actual date of the end of the world is effective the foretold in the Bible principle, that in times when that date is approaching, the inhabitants of the Earth will NOT be aware of it. The year 2656 AD fulfils also this principle, because (as I already explained this above) before the arrival of that year, on the entire Earth people probably are to be officially punished just for having a copy of Bible and for the dissemination of the information contained in the Bible, while the findings of the new "totaliztic science" will then be persecuted so viciously as a kind of heresy the spread of which is treated in the same way as in medieval times was witchcraft treated. Already in present times we see the beginning of such inquisition-like oppression of findings of the new "totaliztic science". For the example of this oppression consider the kind of "welcome" which employees of the old official "atheistic orthodox science" has prepared for the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and for the philosophy of totalizm - although both these morally unique intellectual accomplishments of the humanity form the scientific and philosophical foundations for the new "totaliztic science" so desperately needed by present people.
       Examples of the most important goals achieved by God through the introduction of management system for the "reversible software time" (i.e. the system described here under the name of "omniplan"), reveal the vital truth missed by a majority of people, namely that due to making people's lives (and also lives of all other creatures) dependent on the "reversible software time", God gained an absolute control over everything that happens in the entire physical world. In turn, due to this absolute control, God is now able to precisely control literally everything, so that it is absolutely consistent with His intentions and plans. For example, items #C1 to #C9 from the web page god_exists.htm reveal, that God controls even the amount of pain and suffering that individual people must experience, in turn items #H1 to #H7 from the web page named prawda_uk.htm explain, that due to this "omniplan" God is presently able to control even the fate and history of every truth. In turn us, humans, due to living in the "reversible software time" gained the ability to build time vehicles and the chance to access technical version of immortality - which is to be open to us through building these time vehicles.
       Analysis of the content of Bible document, that the artificially pre-programmed by God "reversible software time" did NOT exist at the time of the physical world creation, and thus was NOT always used by God for running the lives of living creatures. In fact, many biblical descriptions suggests, that before the Great Flood, people (and all other creatures from the physical world) had physical bodies operating on completely different than currently principles, which implemented their lives in the "absolute time" in which God also lives and which time God is unable to reverse or control freely. These bodies were NOT susceptible to God's interventions, did NOT get older with the elapse of time, had the ability to extend their lives almost infinitively, while their deaths occurred only when they were deprived of a kind of "life energy" which they replenished through eating fruits from a special "tree of life". In turn, about the fact, that before the Great Flood and before the Noah's Ark, people (and all other living creatures) had such bodies working on different principles than our present bodies, which allowed them to live according to the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" (i.e. according to the same natural and irreversible time in which our God lives), certifies a number of facts discussed below in sub-item #C4.1. However, watching the results of His attempts to control of what was happening on the Earth then, God quickly realized that He had made a big mistake letting people to live in the absolute passage of time - over which He had no control. That is why God decided to destroy that world from before the Great Flood, while in the new world make dependent the people's lives and also lives of all other creatures that by His command Noah took to his ark, from the newly programmed by God, already" reversible software time" fully controlled with God's "omniplan". The moving of people (and all other creatures) from the life in "irreversible absolute time", to the life in "reversible software time", took place sometimes around the middle of the duration of the Great Flood, when all the living creatures of that time were inside of the Ark of Noah. This moving probably required the transfer of consciousness and memory (means the transfer of souls) of all the creatures present on the Noah's Ark, to their new and slightly modified bodies. But God knows the principle of such a transfer of "souls" to different bodies. After all, according to what was already stated previously, God quite commonly uses this transfer even now. For example, in present times such a transfer of human "souls" to other bodies, means the transfer of human consciousness and memory, as well as the separation of the "souls" from bodies, thus suspending the consciousnesses of people away from their physical bodies and allowing these consciousnesses to watch what was happening to their bodies, is relatively frequently demonstrated to UFO abductees - descriptions of one of them are even published in paragraphs {3200} and {3230} from the Polish treatise [3b]. In addition, many people experience such a separation of the soul from the body during so-called "NDE" means "Near Death Experience" - for example, during major medical procedures. A lot of descriptions of such NDEs is available in the literature.
       The above explanation of the most important aspects of the operation of divine "omniplan" try to realize to us several very important facts. For example, they remind us, that for our good and our moral development, God precisely designed and constantly monitor every detail of our lives, and thus that if we draw the appropriate lessons from even the most unpleasant for us experiences, then these also enrich the databank of our unique experience and useful knowledge. In addition, these explanations also enlightens us that God implements the designed in advance (and described in the Bible) plan of such fate of our entire civilization, that in the future will provide us with the kinds of historical memory that will prove most beneficial to the next phases of the completion of God's intentions (e.g. to this phase of the trained of people to be "soldiers of God", which after the resurrection of dead and after the creation of immortal bodies, will continue for the next 1000 years, and which will be implemented in a flying "city", i.e. in Magnocraft type T12, described in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm, as well as to the subsequent phase of testing of people in the role of already trained "soldiers of God", in which testing "soldiers of God" are to deal militarily with armed supporters of e.g. Antichrist). They also reassure us additionally about the fact described in items #C1 to #C5 from the web page named soul_proof.htm, that we are NOT just "bodies" having "souls", but rather that in reality God gave us the nature of the "souls", which to acquire the required traits of character and experience, are placed in the most suitable for us "bodies", then are passed in these bodies through types of experiences that are designed individually for each one of these souls. The above explanations are also trying to make clear for us, that each person has both, the "free will" to shape his or her life and his or her fate, as well as with own fate he or she fulfils the "destiny". In addition, these explanations also highlight very important to us fact, already described on many other totaliztic web pages, that whatever we experience in time of youth, stems directly from what we do in our adulthood. (This is so because in different passes through our time and life, God repeatedly shifts us back to years of our youth, so that, among others, we could improve whatever we do as adults